Sunday, January 16, 2022

Szczesny hails ‘smashing’ back four

Despite a string of impressive performances, marked with some szczensational saves, Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny has said the men in front of him are responsible for the team’s defensive improvement this season.

The big Pole has now kept 5 clean sheets in his last 6 games and is the in form keeper in the league, but he says playing week in, week out behind the same defence is a big help to him.

Suggesting that one of Laurent Koscielny or Per Mertesacker should be in the running for player of the month, Szczesny continued about the back four as a unit, “We have conceded one goal in November. We have been great and playing behind them is a pleasure for me.

“I have been working hard myself but the defence have helped me massively. It is smashing to play behind the same back four every week. You don’t know how important that is.

“Yes I am keeping clean sheets but I have not had many saves to make.”

When the likes of Thomas Vermaelen and Nacho Monreal have spent most of the season on the bench, it’s a measure of how well the defence has been performing and obviously Szczesny feels the benefit of that as much as anyone.

Still, while he might be keen to play down his own part in it, his modesty shouldn’t preclude the fact he’s been pretty important himself.

Keep it up chaps.

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I love this dude!


Nebuchadnezzer is a top goalie isn’t he?

shouts to his midfield duo (Aaron and Matthew ) too, also a quality


He said it was ‘smashing’. Who says smashing anymore?…crazy poles.

Cyril Washbrook

I dare say that one would not be leading oneself astray if one surmised that our dear old glove butler Sir Albert Sesley, like many a fine chap, has been having a jolly good time reading the Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review.

Also, if he keeps up his current form, he can speak in Cockney rhyming slang for all I care.


“Gor blimey guvnor” (said the cheeky cockney stereotype) its a rum old do and no mistake when our Chesney as to use them blinkin new words….this geezer’s àvin a LARF


It’s one for all, and all for one!


Wojtek is the Man. COYG!

Edu's fake passport



Per-ferct reading of the game by the BFG, alertness and agility of Kos and czczcsesetional saves by the big Pole. These are good times indeed!!

Jay ozil

Stronger than the berlin wall

Özil Gummidge

Would be great if we could comment through the wonderful mobile app on all articles, even if just to comment that it would be great not having to log in via the website to comment on the blog.

Keep up the good work.

Also, Sheherzczernehay seems to be becoming the keeper we all hoped.

Loop A Hole

Love Opta Joe. “Polished”.


He signed a Terry stat with ‘Leader.’ yesterday…

the only sam is nelson

funny mis-spelling of “cunt”, that.

Joey Sixpack

Its not just the back four Mr Tex. Its the back five. You too have been immense this season and we are all glad you signed a new contract. Come May, you will be lifting the first of your many titles. I have spoken!


TV5 should be playing more, at least in this busy period. He’s proved enough in the man utd game to deserve more chances….

Brian Mendoza

Right from the article, and I quote the Big Pole:

It is smashing to play behind the same back four every week. You don’t know how important that is.

Chopping and changing the back four just to keep Verm happy isn’t a good idea. If it ain’t broke and all that.


exactly, look at liverpool!


The first thing you learn in football is that you need players that are used to each other if you want to be successful. We have a good defense atm and we have to be happy that we have Nacho and Thommy as a backup. I don’t think they like their situation very much although Nacho is coming from the bench often. We should have good backups on every position. In my eyes there are 3 positions that have to get one more backup with high quality. Right back, central defender and a striker. I think Jenko is not strong… Read more »

suker 4 punishment

He’s a simple pole in a complex plane

suker 4 punishment

…on the subject of calculus puns..

poles and zeros!! this is exactly what we need

ori e wa n be

don’t tinker with the winning combo though i’m not doubting TV5&Monreal but why changing a partnership that has worked thus far


Mert and kozzer are playing with their man toys and having a right old giddy.

Vermaelen: Can i play?? (puppy eyes)
Arsene approaches and pulls Vermaelen away from from the two.

bacary's right leg

But they will need rest in this busy time. So Verm getting a game wouldn’t be a bad thing.


November was supposed to be our difficult month, The month were it would show who we are and if we had what it takes. We conceded one goal, yes just ONE goal in the whole month of November and have received ZERO credit from the pundits. And while many will say our real test will now be December with City and Chelsea, I say it’ll be just a big a test for them as well.

Woolwich Peripatetic

So long as we’re able to field our big-game midfield of Arteta, Flamini and Ramsey, in front of the first choice defence, we have a good chance playing any team right now.

shereWil power

Off topic:
Did anyone hear the commentators talk about Mertesacker? I forget who they were but one of them said “Big Flying German! Is that what they call him?”

Harish P

I like calling Mertesacker “Daddy long legs”


szczensational indeed! Can’t believe I haven’t thought of that!


Agree with Pavan. In this period of fixture congestion it would be nuts not to give tv5 a few games.

Goon Goon Goon

Having a smashing time being a fan at the moment aswell. COYG!


Hope we sign Sagna soon to keep the back 4 together for longer.

It’s great for Gibbs as well.

It’s a tough one for TV5. Hope AW finds a way to play him without affecting the solidity of our defense – maybe while giving Giroud a break 🙂


So you’re suggesting playing Vermaelen as a lone striker? Not convinced about that, although he could probably do the hold-up-and-lay-off stuff just as well as Giroud.

mamadou sow

I like

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