Friday, December 8, 2023

Wenger ready for Bayern litmus test

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal face a stiff test against Per Pep Guardiola’s more adventurous Bayern Munich side after the two sides were paired in the Champions League for the second successive season.

Last season the Bundesliga champions ran riot at the Emirates securing a deserved 3-1 victory although their progress, eventually secured on the away goals rule, was nearly stunted by the Gunners impressive 2-0 win at the Allianz Arena.

Hoping to go one better against a side who’ve already expressed their dissatisfaction of drawing Arsenal again, Wenger spoke optimistically to Arsenal Player about the challenge ahead.

“We have to be one goal better this time instead of being one goal worse and I believe it’s an interesting challenge because we have an opportunity to show we have learned from it.

“We have all to win and nothing to lose. We can show that we have moved forward since last season.

“We are different and they are different,” said Wenger of the new style and swagger demonstrated by Guadiola’s Barcelona.

“How much different are they? I don’t know but they look to play a bit more adventurously and more going forward, and we do as well I must say.

“We certainly have more offensive potential with [Mesut] Ozil coming in and we have to find our defensive security back which we have lost over the weekend, but it will be a very interesting challenge.”

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Zim Gooner

I believe we could beat bayern, however a little strengthening in January would go a long way in making it more realistic. Our schedule round about that time is extremely demanding.

Up her own arse for no obvious reason

Just let Cazorla play and all will be fine.

Add Jack and Ozil, and you can mix up the rest – it will all work out the same.

Nr. 19 has to play for now on. In the middle.


Well we ‘could beat Bayern’ but I don’t think we will. Wenger’s had more ‘attempts’ at this trophy than all other Arsenal Managers combined. In fact he’s had more ‘attempts’ at European football than all the others put together. And he’s achieved how many trophies ? Now this point will doubtless prompt a zillion ‘squeals’ about how unfair it is to say this. And actually it is unfair, because the demands of ‘now’, are far harder than ‘twenty years back’. But so what ? It will probably be harder in’ twenty years time’ than’ now’. Wenger lacks :- 1/ The… Read more »


Hi Daniel Levy!

Parisian Weetabix

Because Arsene is unwilling to compromise his principles for silverware. He is of the school of thought that the team that wins the trophy must do so playing matches on their own terms, not on the terms of the opposition. When it doesn’t work, it’s frustrating. But it defines us as a club. He’s a far braver manager than Ferguson or Mourinho for doing it. He’s a purist. Fans will always see trophies as the ultimate goal, but I’m genuinely proud to support a club who’s manager knows that football is an art whose beauty doesn’t lie in trophies. Football… Read more »


No it’s not Art. It’s a competitive sport. FFS.

If you want art go to the Louvre. But have a weetabix first.

Clive Powell-Richards

Beautifully and succinctly put. I adore the way we play and our whole approach to the game. A trophy, which of course would be nice, is merely the cherry on top of a very, very lovely cake.


How many ‘quotation marks’ do you ‘need’ to ‘try’ and get your ‘point’ across?

If we beat Bayern over two legs we’ll deserve it, and if we don’t, so what.

I think we’ll destroy the precious cunts.

Parisian Weetabix

This Arsenal team has every chance of winning this fixture, but we need to be sensible. First off, place the emphasis on the defense. Get everyone back behind the ball and working hard to close down in our half. When we get the ball, play good one-touch football to work the ball up the pitch, OR look for Giroud or Walcott in space. Ensure we’re not all charging into the box when attacking, and be ready to charge back to start again when we do lose the ball. We are bursting with creativity, and if we are patient we will… Read more »


Arteta will be suspended for the first leg because that Napoli match referee was a cunt.


why do we put people down by comparing them to women’s genitals. childish, stupid, and misogynistic methinks.


Don’t be such a pussy…


The ref during the Napoli game was most certainly a dick. And an asshole.

Better? 😉


I for one absolutely love cunts and pussies. I also adore (female) assholes. What’s wrong with those body parts?


Come on mate. You really need to grow up.

Every hole’s a goal.


@arsenalista did i strike a nerve? or a cunt in this case

you’re the one to grow up.

Der Springer

I am not insulted by it. I think it is definitely something more pronounced in the Arseblog itself more than generally.
And I DO NOT mean that as a swipe at Blogs because down through the years I have been amused more times that I can count by slurs that involved that particular word. (Especially in the Arsecast) He just uses the word so damn well.
But I see your point.

Canon Fodder

Good post. I wish all of us could be less discriminatory and offensive in the language we choose to use. Saying that an official or player was totally ineffective or an ineffectual spare part is more dignified than a lot of what is written on this site


I mean what’s wrong with “dick” or “prick”? Calling a guy who missed a call a cunt is insulting to women (though hardly the biggest offense in the world). The intention is to malign the ref and so you call upon a term of abuse — in this case, cunt. I have no intention to censor anyone. I’m just pointing out that this use of the term is misogynistic.

And , by the way, how many of you saying you’re not offended are men?


Its time you shut up.


disagree with me if you want, but you have no right to tell anyone to shut up. it’s a comment page, a forum for different ideas and thoughts. if you disagree, say you disagree but respectfully and intelligently.


i have the utmost respect for women but i feel your getting ya undies in a bunch here for no reason at all. The word cunt has been used by our forefathers, foremothers even for that matter and i don’t see why i should stop using it now. sorry, bye.


Have some manners, you don’t get to tell people to shut up.

Read the bottom section of this:

That applies here too.


Meeeh, I feel like it is hypocritical to be okay with “dick” or “prick” yet not be cool with “cunt.” I feel like getting offended by its use is taking a victimized perspective on the matter. By embracing derogatory terms for male genitals as fair game for insults because the standard bearers for the status quo are generally men, and then getting offended when cunt is used in lieu is cheap and just feeding the machine. Even if the word is very much on a decline in ubiquity over here, and I myself don’t subscribe to its use, I just… Read more »


Those words are used so much as expletives that I don’t really think they connote their original definitions much anymore. Try not to take it personally.


I appreciate the sentiment and no, I’m not taking it personally nor am I offended. But why is it that men, most often white men, get to decide on the meaning and intent of words? If anyone objects then they’re accused of being overly sensitive — which in effect, reproduces male privilege. End of boring lecture.

Any news on Kos?


Arsenalista you’ve completely destroyed your argument with the comment “I mean what’s wrong with “dick” or “prick”?”. Are you fucking serious? You can call someone a cock, a ballsack, a knob, a dickhead or a bell end but not a cunt? Really? Where is your reasoning, here? Also whats with the white man comment? I’m a black man and wholeheartedly applaude the use of cunt to describe opposition managers, players, fans, incompetent refs, linesmen, crap pundits and lying jounalists. They’re all cunts to me and Arseblog’s use of the word e.g (some cunt off, some cunt on during the live… Read more »


I don’t need to tell a black man that words can wound. Language is an art, a from of communication, and it’s also an exercise in power. The point of my initial comment was to convey how senseless it is bring in women’s bodies when insulting a man — a ref, player, etc. Calling them a cunt is like saying — they’re not just dicks, they’re cunts. That’s how bad they are. They’re the lowest of the low. It’s needless sexism — that’s all. And blind partisanship — what makes sport fun after all — doesn’t require it. In other… Read more »



Dark Arts.

@arsenalista. Whilst as insult the expression may have been born of misogyny, it seems to me now largely metaphorically dead, and to have taken on unique connotation. I’m not sure the same could be said of many racially insulting terms. I sympathise with the inclination to want to reject language of dubious origin, though I suspect taken to extreme it plays more into the hands of a liberal elite who in fact have no moral depth.

Dark Arts.

@arsenalista. You raise a good point, so I’d like to try and explain my position a bit more. Language does indeed hold the sad relics of power relations, though since the connotation of ‘cunt’ has drifted sufficiently I’d use it to describe a cunt (though not now to name the vagina). Unfortunately the male/female power discrepancy has lingered, and I wouldn’t use the modern ‘bitches’ to generically characterise women, despite it’s not retaining the metaphorical association with a female dog. Likewise I wouldn’t be offended by antiquated insults relating to poverty that have drifted (despite being saddened they arose) though… Read more »


Thanks for your thoughts, Dark Arts.


All about keeping a clean sheet in the first game. Then I think we would have too much for them.


Any news on Kos’ injury?

joshua wallace

Arsenal.. c’mon gunners..we can do it!


Arsenals biggest issue is not limits in physicality, technique or speed. But the mental strength to honestly believe and trust in our quality in the big games against the top opposition. Last years away win was a crack in that final hurdle for the team to overcome…Now it is time to bust that dam! COYG!!!


that and not being able to retain possession. it’s been a problem for a while now. we struggle massively against high-tempo pressing. hopefully walcott’s ability to stretch defenses will help.

Dr Baptiste

We are doing far better this season due to relinquishing some of the possession. Having 70/80% has done us no favours in recent years and now we’re at an average of 54%, we’re top of the league and have qualified from the hardest group in the CL this year.

Yes Walcott will help but only in our counterattacking, as this is how we play best, fast and direct on the break.

palace gunner

March fixtures are also alot of tough matches like last & this month with the right strength, players & no injuries in key players especially who play in the team in key roles, the team can have a battle with the best because bayern, chavs now man. city are tough opponents coyg


Err… its Guardiola’s Bayern these days…


The last 2 results also the Everton game worries me because when we play against Hull and other teams prior we seemed to be pressing them and allowed them no space but the last 3 games, We became sloppy, can’t finish our chances (Giroud), and we give our opponents “free goals” (man city). I hope its just fatigue because against Chelsea we have to play our pressing game and finish our chances or else we are in for a long evening, Wenger please sort it out. COYG!


Weeks away before that we need to get back on a good run of wins.

Bobby the beast

I have a feeling Mourinho is going to be saying after the game, “I don’t like my players”.

Bobby the beast

The chelsea game I meant. Silly me.

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Mou at arsenal vs chelsea post match press briefing: i hate torres, i hate ram, i don’t like oscar either and i fu*cking hate john terry. And i must say this, with the mentality of this team, i don’t think we’ll be able to win the title in another 10 years.


The League One title


He’s already saying he doesn’t like his players, after getting knocked out of the Mickey Mouse cup by Sunderland this afternoon. Went to extra time, too, so hopefully there’ll be some tired(er) legs out there for Chelski next Monday.


If u ask me john terry always looks like he’s been drained of all body fluids all the time. it will be hard to tell the difference tbh…


Yeah. He’s not one known for being able to keep it in his pants.


I doubt many of the players who played tonight will play Monday.

By The Eyes of Özil

HA! Per Guardiola… Don’t worry Blogs I usually have The BFG on my mind too.. Anyway, what ever the task at hand, I beleive The Mighty Arsenal can beat them Bayern Boys!! Come the 19th of Feb. we will find out.


Cross you dicks we will beat them


I like Ozils attitude to be honest we need more people to be angry and upset when we lose not just think they were better than us , rather think that we did not play as hard as we could have. i think we have some players do not have the mental strength that Wenger talks about even though we could easily beat any team in the world some of our players do not have that believe. I am also in love with Wenger this season he is being more harsh on his players cause he knows this is our… Read more »


and i liked per’s as well. both reactions were justified.


After his ciggarate gaffe i thought he would light it up in the coming games but he instead got smoked by the F.A….


The starting ling-up for the Bayern games last season were Home – Wojciech Szczesny, Bacary Sagna, Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny, Thomas Vermaelen, Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski, Theo Walcott Away – Lukasz Fabianski, Carl Jenkinson, Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny, Kieran Gibbs, Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud, Santi Cazorla I don’t think either of the sides that played Bayern were our strongest staring line-ups. Considering we have strengthened since then (and the possibility of more in the Jan transfer window), we have a very good chance. Bayern has got stronger since… Read more »


Speaking of strengthening in January, apparently we sent a scout to watch Diego Costa, who has a 32 million euro buyout clause. What do you think of that?


Ok Wenger but do you have the biscuit to beat bayern. I don’t think you do because the biscuit is mine and not for share with anyone. but if you want to borrow biscuit call me and we can work something out


I don’t know why every one of your posts is about biscuits.


Maybe he just really likes biscuits.

jack jack jack

I really like biscuits Blogger but I don’t feel the need to shout about it. Except in the case of Hob Nobs of course. Hob Nobs are severely underrated.


Biscuits are underrated.


Your mum’s biscuit is underrated.


Please someone tell me why the hell not?

x He’s been in scintillating form this year.
x We need to help Giroud.
x He guarantees goals.
x Larson went to UTD 6 months shy of the age of 36 and helped them to glory; Thierry is just 36 and and an athlete.
x Henry is no slower than Giroud.

Please let this happen. The man can take us to glory.

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