West Ham 1-3 Arsenal: player ratings


It was a bit hairy for a little while there but in the end we got the goals and took the points.

Here’s how the players rated.

Wojciech Szczesny: 5/10 – Probably should have done better with the goal although the ball did swerve. Thankfully his mistake wasn’t fatal.

Bacary Sagna: 7/10 – Got forward really well, put in some good crosses, and after being left exposed against Jarvis early on, dealt with the West Ham winger well.

Per Mertesacker: 7/10 – Mr Reliable at the back. Although that would be a crap super power, being extra reliable instead of having X-Ray Vision, or a lightsaber cock, or something.

Thomas Vermaelen: 6/10 – Worked hard against Cole, another decent display, but suspect Koscielny will come back if he’s fit for Newcastle.

Kieran Gibbs: 7/10 – Like Sagna got forward well and put in some really good crosses from that side.

Mikel Arteta: 8/10 – Seems to be a thing to criticise the Spaniard, but 95% pass completion (79/83) and winning 4 out of 5 tackles (one which started the move for the equaliser) were just two reasons why he was integral to our performance.

Aaron Ramsey: 6/10 – Worked hard as always but the simple things don’t seem to be coming off. A difficult pass to Walcott should have seen Theo put us ahead in the first half, but he fell foul to fatigue in the second half, coming off injured. Hopefully it’s nothing serious, but we’re concerned.

Santi Cazorla: 7/10 – His best performance of the season, unlucky not to score and almost created a goal for Lukas Podolski. It’d be a good time for him to find some form.

Theo Walcott: 8/10 – Terrible miss in the first half, careless in the second to give them the ball back for their goal. And then he scores two hugely important goals. He’s an enigma wrapped in a wayward pass/mis-kick of a mystery.

Mesut Ozil: 6/10 – Some beautiful first half touches, but didn’t spark back into life today. Hopefully Newcastle away will be the time to do that.

Olivier Giroud: 5/10 – Another game where he was just half a yard off the pass and at this level it makes the difference. Got himself a nice assist for Poldi though and you can’t fault his work-rate.


Lukas Podolski: 8/10 – How much did he enjoy that goal? Great to see him back and with others out of form, he could be the man to make the difference.

Nicklas Bendtner: 6/10 – Didn’t have long but looked lively, almost got our 4th with a shot that deflected just wide.

Mathieu Flamini: 6/10 – Brought on to shore things up. Made 14/14 passes but, more importantly, 3/3 clearances as West Ham tried to get back into the game.

Bonus rating

Fat Walrus chewing his gum: disgusting land cow/10

Feel free to debate and discuss in the comments, but please read the comment policy first and don’t get angry with each other, or me, about imaginary points.

And watch out for something new and exciting coming to our player ratings in the next few weeks!


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Indonesian Gooner

Generous on Fat Sam


Hi mate, nice to see a gooner from some country

Indonesian Gooner

Cheers mate 🙂


He chew gum to hide the fact that all time he is breathing through his fat mouth and also regularly farts through his mouth aswell.


For a second there my mind replaced one of the gs with a c in “Fat Walrus chewing his gum”


Poldolski 10/10 #aha #poldi #lol…You just cant hate this guy


Did anyone see him throwing bits of paper(i thinks it was paper) on other players who were on the bench as well during the Chelsea match?

Renan Metsik Romeo

I saw, man I love him.


I fucking love Poldi

Bergkamp fan

Podolski should get a 9 IMO, not more that he could have done in that much space of time.

Granted, it would put him ahead of Arteta and Walcott, but a goal and an assist in 25 minutes deserves it.

Adam Richards

Likewise for Flamini. Blogs’ showing off his 100% stats for clearances and passes, but giving him a measley 6/10 (60% – showing off my A-Level maths right there) rating, seems a tad harsh……

Back on track for us though; and 77 mins into to City vs Suarez, no reason why we couldn’t hammer both of these displays to be honest.


that bonus rating : D lol


Giroud needs to watch one from the bench, methinks. Has been rather atrocious for about a month now.


I understand the dislikes on ^this particular comment^ but we should be realistic… As much as we love Giroud, he truly has been horribly ineffective in front of goal, even when he gets the few chances that he does… And I repeat we ALL love him! But why not give Poldi a chance against Newcastle… Effectiveness before personal feelings methinks…

Wenger's Glasses

Well, god bless our squad depth then, cos I think it’s just a matter of form cycle.

Giroud & Ramsey have been great in the earlier of the season (both really took their chances brilliantly in front of goal back then didn’t they), now when both of them are having an off form, Walcott, Poldi & Santi steps in.

Great things ahead!



Adam Richards

Agreed, but when we had one striker and only one midfielder who the opposition needed to take out of the game offensively (slightly sweeping statement I know), it suddenly got easy for the opposition.

We do have depth, even up front really, and now some important injured players are back in the game, we shouldn’t be so predictable to play against.

Until the 22nd March, on paper, we shouldn’t drop points………….


Ozil also needs to sit out a game too.. Playing around this time of the year will be a bit odd for him. Cazorla was more effective when he moved into the middle, so shouldn’t be a problem.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

My concern is what happens to the shape of the team if Giroud isn’t there doing Giroud stuff in the middle. We would have to change our style of play without him as we don’t have anybody else who performs the same service.


Giroud is shit atm, should put a bid in for remy


Remy is on loan at Newcastle until the end of the year. Even if we bought him in January he could not join us until the summer.


Well, not exactly. Although it would be complicated (as well as more expensive) we could bid a higher price than what he’s worth to QPR in January, enough for them to pay Newcastle a compensation for cancelling his loan midseason, then they’d be able to sell him to us. Doubt Arsene would go for it because it’d be kind of a cunt move and as we know “we like to do things in an amicable way (re: Suarez saga;) but it is a possibility.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Anyway, who says he wants to come here? All this wishful thinking tends to ignore the practical side of a thing I like to call “real life”.


You are always too hard on Walcott and too easy on Giroud… Either in your ratings or comments, your tweets too. Giroud was a lot more than just off the pace… And Walcott is not an “enigma”, he’s a fucking fantastic player, your dislike of the guy is getting old.

Anyway, good win and let’s kick on from here


I think that’s harsh on Walcott, after we conceded he was excellent. Even in the first half, he was the most likely to score/create a chance and west ham simply couldn’t deal with him. Meanwhile Giroud simply missed too many chances…


Quite simply Walcott hides in plain sight far too often, taking up positions where quite simply he can’t be given the ball. It’s great that he scored two today, though like the first vs Citeh, lord only knows how that first one went in, but it doesn’t hide the fact that more often than not when he plays it’s like we’re playing with 10 men, so poor is his choice of run and general control.


I thought Walcott got more involved today, which was a good sign -he really needs to take on defenders but that takes confidence. He’s been scoring some lucky goals and hopefully that will up his game. So what if he missed a sitter? he’s just coming back. What about the Ramsey argument?, that we need to be patient and he will come good, you always hear that when Jack has a bad game but when Walcott is out for 3 months he gets no slack.

good assassin

Off topic, but I really missed the liveblog today, good sir. I had to make do with the Mirror’s god-awful live updates. And they didn’t even have the courtesy of calling anyone a thundercunt. The horror, I say.


For some reason I read that in ArsenalGent’s (imagined) tone.

good assassin

No need to apologise. You deserve a break once in a while too. The “re-fattening” is exactly why your wit and style of writing is so enjoyable.


I think it is really. I agree with the rating but Walcott was doing a very good job of tormenting their left back and left centre back and pushing them right back., as he so often does. Wasn’t good for the WHam goal but i have seen people piling the blame on him, when plenty of people give the ball away in a game and most of the time there aren’t several worse errors in the following attack leading to the goal Maybe it’s the weird obsession from last season with how many touches players have, maybe it’s still going… Read more »


spot on

Adam Richards

Let’s not be too quick to forget what Giroud has given the club in the past 9 months; but that said I’m the number 1 supporter of a world class striker in Jan and only starting Giroud when it suits his game. He seems a fighter and a been a pretty tough schedule for the frog! Sexy frog.


Santi and Arteta were superb today. Top marks for them. Land Cow, just briliant


Decent overall performance.

Arteta was very good.
Good to have #Aha Back.

Ozil created quite a few good chances, we just didn’t finish them.




3 points, top o’ the league! And fucking brilliant that both liverpool and city lost today! (I know, i know – just trying to mess with their confidence)


Arteta is literally our heart, not only is he a great player he’s also a great man and leader. Really think he’s been one of the smartest signings we’ve had in a while. Rather Szczesny made a mistake today and we ended up winning than against a bigger/tougher opponent where we would’ve had less opportunity to come back and win the game (not saying it’s ok but rather get it out of his system now). Overall, okay performance but these gritty hard fought wins are what separates us from the Arsenals of (recent)years past.

Runcorn Gooner

Arteta did play very well but his error led to their goal (although Chessers should have done better)
Always good when mistakes do not mar a very good performance.We could have scored at least 8 and
I am sure Giroud will score soon.Bring on Pardieu


Blogs, By The Numbers?


Santi’s performance today was truly exceptional. IMO playing through the middle suits him better than coming in from the left wing…was a great gritty win from the lads! Proud to be a Gunner!

Igor Stepanov's career

Yes he was fantastic when he went more central, he needs to stay there.

Gooner Dave

Santiago motm for me, he was back to his best.

Been a great 35 mins at the Etihad so far.. hopefully no more goals


Santi MOTM in my opinion; always looking to create/be a difference-maker. Theo 4/10 first 46 minutes; 8/10 thereafter. HFB really struggling, so great to see Poldi back. Its going to take a more sustained efforts from the lads on Sunday to keep this run going.

Özil Gummidge

Özip created far too many chances to only get 6/10



The twitter was full of stats of chances created today in PL and Özil was top with 8! Its a bit harsh considering ..upfront we had a little bit jadded niggle?


Watching the MOTD highlights, the majority of our chances came from Ozil…. For a player who has just moved to a completely different league, never mind club, he has consistently created chances and everyone has raised their standard.

Gibbs did a bit of skill late in the game where he let it roll across his body, could almost see him mimicking Ozil!


So boxing day falls on sp*rs’ favourite day (thursday) and still nothing?? HAHAHA.

Özil Gummidge

Özil, even


Lukas Podolski: #aha/10

First half were somewhat unfocused in my opinion, though we had a few chances. The second half, especially the latter part of the match where we dominated, were much more authentic Arsenal. Loved the comeback, and Poldi scoring was just the icing on the cake and a well earned “welcome back”-gift for our beloved crazy german!

Tom Thumb

Could be looking back at the end of the season at how important those three points were today.Great display after going a goal down.So glad to see poldi score,he should take some of the pressure off giroud with a well deserved rest,looks tired but still made a nuisance of him self today


Seems there is a hint of sentiment for Ramsey with a bonus rating. Strictly on merit, it’s a 5 like Giroud.


Gutted not to watch this one – vital result. How bad was Ramsey’s injury?

Sounds like Santi, Poldi, and Walcott all were main attackers, and that worked pretty well last term.


What impressed me most about Walcott today was his drive when on the ball and willingness to shoot, especially in the second half. We have missed that directness. Great performances by Cazorla and Gibbs too.

sol (not campbell) eid

A bit harsh on ches, he started a few of our counter attacks and made a couple of great saves, unlucky not to get a clean sheet, here’s hoping his 10th (I think) in the league comes against newcastle.
Brilliant pressure in our attack when we were a goal down though, never let them breathe, perfect way to respond


I hope Westham get relegated soley coz their fans are really the scum of the earth. Sang some b/s today though. Real classy!


The agenda against Verm continues. He’s been great since he’s been back.

OG Mike

Yeah he’s played well, and I’m sure there will be plenty of minutes for him even if Koscielny displaces him in the short term. Personally I feel that when alongside Mertesacker both Koscielny and Vermaelen have to play similarly, and Koscielny offers just a little more pace and slidey-ness. Although I’m sure at some point Vermaelen’s positioning will improve (or you could probably argue that he’s just paying a heavy price for an untimely dip in form, with our subsequent defensive improvement making him look more culpable in hindsight than he actually was) as I think he often tries to… Read more »


Don’t know why Ozil keeps getting starts ahead of Wilshere and Rosicky even after consistently performing poorly. This feeling of immunity that he has in the first team is the reason that he isn’t getting any better at the competitive and physical aspect of English football. If he was benched chronically, maybe he would have the solid incentive to up his game. Now let’s not get sensational…he still possesses the 43mil worth or Arsenal in him, but he just cannot keep getting away with one poor performance after another. There are players in the squad who would be more than… Read more »


Watch the game again, he is very important to our play. There is reason why Wenger starts him every game even if probably needs a rest.


It’s because the more he plays, the more he’ll get used to the rigors of this league. Players like him may not be involved in every play but when they get the ball, they are able to provide a moment of real quality that could change the game. Ozil is still finding his feet in the English game but he has too much talent not to be starting. I agree that he’s looked jaded at times but the only reason why he should be on the bench in some games is because he needs to rest and recover. Let’s not… Read more »


You would drop Özil for Bendtner?


#whatmatters: TOP of the League at Christmas… And Liverpool is reeling. Good Times.


Bit harsh on Ozil created some good chances. The big man up front needs a break and bring him back raring to go against the spuds.


You keep cutting Giroud some slack, telling us of how he has a very good work rate. Good work rates don’t win teams the league, scoring goals does. He needs to score goals, that’s all we wan’t from him.

Adam Richards

Good point well made Arsenizer. Suarez didn’t score tonight, and did very little to be fair (3 mins to go mind you) maybe we get him on a free in 96 hours?


He did lay it on a plate for Sterling, who Gervinho-ed it. I was so rooting for a draw in the City game, ended up cursing Gerv again.


“Kieran Gibbs: 7/10 – Like Sagna got forward well “- especially when he knew poldi is back. #PerfectCOMBO


The Best Comment Of The Day Goes To “ChronicGunner” … Simple,Precise,Fact,Nicely Observed and Fu*king TRUE!!!! …nd ur prize is “3 Points Against NewCastleUTD” CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!


Santi MOTM all day long. At his best when he’s in the thick of it, switching the play in a split second. If HFB was as clinical as Podolski we’d have a hell of a striker one on our hands. Gotta admire his attitude though, his hold up play and lay offs were great today


I don’t know that if its stupidity, ignorance, the general lack of understanding of the game or a combination of all or some of it. There are many ways of killing a cat and GIROUD is no Suarez. I dont get this useless hate from some of our fair weather fans.They have similar styles. Yes he was shit today but that arsenal third goal should tell you what he brings to the game,even when u think he had a stinker. What he does is not that flashy but he is what we have and it works with a mobile scoring… Read more »

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

“……but he is what we have and it works with a mobile scoring midfield”. I agree with the first bit, he really is what we have. But to say “it works with a mobile scoring midfield”? Are you serious? How many other strikers with different styles have been tried in that position with the same midfield other than Giroud? Even Bendtner is beginning to look a better option whenever he’s come on, that should tell you something, if not a lot. You know how many balls have gone begging to be pelted or stabbed home in most of our matches?… Read more »

golly gosh

Clearly you spent a while on this but wow it is utter shite. Particularly

“we couldn’t have been worse off with any one of these leading the line for Arsenal (Benteke, Berbatov, Sagbo, Remy, Lambert, Sessegnon, Adebayor (Yes, they’re a smaller team), Bony, Cisse, Taarabt, Lukaku, Odemwingie, even Carlton Cole today).”

Lukaku, okay. Remy, maybe. The rest, do you watch football. Serious question. You’d have Cisse who scored his first league goal since April today over Giroud? Shola Ameobi starts ahead of him pal.

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

It’s your opinion. I have mine. Giroud would struggle the same way if he were in that team. In hindsight, even Adebayor looked better than this guy when he was with us. He bagged 30 in a season and we thought he could have easily scored forty! Don’t let your sentiments blind you. Just look at how disappointed his team mates are whenever they put a shift in to present him with a golden chance and you can almost tell he would bottle it. The look on Gibbs’ face said it all yesterday, “just fucking slide it in!”…. Ozil, Sagna,… Read more »

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

I noticed you haven’t answered my question so I’ll help you again: do you see Giroud as the long-term solution to our striking problem? Answer that honestly.

Arteta's hair

I would give both Golden Gibbo and The Sweet Smiling Santi 8/10 as well.

Some Dude

6 for Özil? He kept us moving and holding possession today and created 8 chances.


I was just asking my friend if Theo was still playing then he goes and scores two goals. Classic Walchart..


Ozil played well enough for 8/10. He created at least a handful of chances that weren’t taken. Too many crosses flashed across goal with no one to take advantage. It’s not like he can provide the assist and score at the same time.


Well Santi did it against the scousers ;D

Tommy Gun

Hahah Santi is fucking awesome


First half was heart-attack inducing and the second started just the same but oh what an ending. Better than watching Mrs Brown’s boys. “Look at me ma….top of the world”


I think Ozil, Ramsey and Giroud all need some rest, especially the midfield pair, they looked jaded today. It is critical that Walcott and Podiski will ‘explode’ at some point of this winter to life the team up back to the top, which was what they just did in the this game.


When ramsey went off. Things started to look good. We scored 3.
Maybe he need time on bench with hfb

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Funny how the facts are seen differently if you have an axe to grind, eh? Things started to look good when Poldi came on rather than when Ramsey went off, and when West Ham started their own substitutions. Poldi changed the angle of our attacks by coming in on the left, and the rest of the guys adjusted to take that into account. When a player gets substituted and the team improves it doesn’t always mean that player was rubbish. Sometimes it means we changed our tactics. You don’t ALWAYS have to find a villain to be blamed.


how good does it feel to finally have a bench that can change a game in an instant? very, that’s how good.


It was strange watching the game without the liveblog on.. just not the same.


to watch the game….


Absolutely no bias in the descriptive of player performance. Incredulous.

A good and timely win and where people fail to point out I will. That’s 4 for Theo now in what? 3 games? Come on the Arsenal.


Where was Chu Young Park?! Where?!?! I have had enough of this madness from Wenger… not even giving Chu Young ‘Goals’ Park a run out for the Under 11s? I’ve heard rumours about Le Prof losing his wits but this a step too far…

pauly bear

Id let giroud sit one out along with chez . Bentner has looked good when called up this year nice kick up the ass if giroud missed one.

Chez ! Were do I start wit chez he is going to cost us this league if something is not done. He needs to be dropped for his mistake today. It done him good getting dropped last year away to byaren

Gutbukket Deffrolla

One mistake and you want him dropped? That is not what I would call good man management. You’d destroy his confidence if he started worrying he’d be dropped at the first mistake. Thank Goodness you’re not in charge of my team.

Toby C

Did Arteta only make 5 tackles???

Class of 70

Bit harsh on the player ratings? I thought as team we never looked like we didn’t believe we were not going to score, heads didn’t drop at any point. Ozil was double teamed for much of the game but still made an impact. BFG was awesome. The whole team worked hard for this win.


I no longer worry about us attacking all out, knowing that there is a BFG back in our half. He just knows what to do when, despite his lack of pace.

St Stay strong

Thought Arteta (tartlets in predictive text) and santi were the ones driving the team forward today. Great games both. Defense solid. Shud have been out of sight by half time west ham were that poor. Great fight back after a wobble let them back in. Start bendtner at toon, give giroud a break – poldi and Walcott have goals in em. Time to rotate

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Tartlets and Santa were good, Walnut scored two very different goals, while Cheesy had a single blip, but I was glad to see Flamingo and Podiatrist brought on, and even Bendigo was OK. I really missed Wishlist though.

Did you know my predictive text actually puts in God whenever I try to type God. Oops, see what I mean? I mean B-E-R-G-K-A-M-P of course. ….It’s flashing G-O-D-? at me now.