Monday, October 3, 2022

Wilshere facing 2 game ban

Jack Wilshere is facing a two-game ban from the FA for his gesture to Manchester City fans last weekend.

The club are still considering their options in the wake of the charge but the newly formed disciplinary panel at the FA are keen to crack down on offensive behaviour and gestures.

Therefore, they’re suggesting Wilshere will face a ban twice as long as Luis Suarez received for making the same one-fingered salute to Fulham fans in November 2011.

Under the new system, the panel can look at incidents that the referee has missed, but seem to be taking an arbitrary approach to what gets a second look.

While Wilshere can have no excuses for his behaviour – it’s right there on video after all – people may be wondering why Yaya Toure’s challenge on Olivier Giroud isn’t worth another look.

The new approach to reviewing incidents not seen by the officials is certainly welcome, but perhaps there needs to be a way for indiscretions to be brought to the panel’s attention. A citing system as in rugby, perhaps.

A decision is expected on the Wilshere charge later tonight or early tomorrow, but at this point he look set to miss both the Chelsea and West Ham games.

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Thank you FA ! As always, we never expect ‘1 game’


Well have the fuck does that work?

Double the ban that Suarez got, and a tackle that could have been career ending totally ignored.

The FA and football organisations general are fuckin pathetic.

Why is my name required

And Wilshere is English…that’s a surprise. Something is not right here. Someone in the FA hates Arsenal so much i can feel it.

Jim Jimminy

Good old FA. They always make the right decision.


Remember when suarez did this and got a 1 game ban plus a £20k fine. so why is wilshere getting a 2 game ban???

To say the F.A is a biased joke is an understatement.


A supporters organisation needs to be formed which polices the FA. When a player makes a mistake like Jack he retrospectively gets a ban. Why is the same thing not applied to these ridiculous challenges? Or the fuck ups refs make, week in week out. Likewise when Arteta got sent off against Napoli but nothing against Behrami? Whatever anyone tells you, football is about us, the fans & we should be heard. Everything pisses me off about that country, glad I don’t live there anymore.


Cuntch of Bunts


They gave him double that of the cannibal’s just to show that they’re tough against English players aswell.


Im really surprise how Giroud managed to survive that horrific, career-ending type of tackle & even continued to play. Another few centimetres or half a second earlier…we could be seeing another Ramsey-type incident repeated!! The most obvious question is why No card at all…it should have been a RED!! NO Doubt!! He was not even given anything….verbal warning or anything. NOTHING!! Now that the video is out, what those people in the FA gonna do about that?? NOTHING? Again?

mohamed aziz

it is a game between the rich and the poor oil money works in to FA pockets no doubt about that the officials had the game cut out for them with ORDERS stop arsenal by any means two goals not given one penalt 5 yards away from the ref.


They just hide behind the rule that if the ref saw it (he called a foul) then no further action can be taken.

I’d like to see video replays, give each team 3 chances to review an incident, but also let refs retroactively punish things like shirt pulling.


Commentary “Giroud collided with the bottom of Yaya Toure’s boot”

True, just like Ramsey collided with Shawcross’ Neanderthal boot, Eduardo obstructed Martin Taylor’s studs & Diaby ran into the foot of that call centre cunt from Sunderland.


THE F.A, just when i thought you couldn’t be more fickle, biased, pathetic no good for nothing bunch of cunts you again go and prove me wrong….HAHAHA WELL DONE!

Gooner Dave

Why are people complaining about the length of time? Giving fans the middle finger during a lunchtime televised game deserves more than a 1 match ban, regardless of previous bans for any other player. Jack’s a silly boy that should have been more upset with his and his teammates performance.

Yaya should have got a straight red for that challenge


Really? What are you making that assessment based on? Is there a table of penalties for disrespectful infractions that we don’t know about?

As a football supporter who must first-hand experience the agony of double-standard refereeing (always against Arsenal, of course) how can you fail to understand that justice is consistency, based on precedent or clear reasoning to distinguish certain cases from precedent, not some dreamt-up notion of what is an ‘appropriate’ penalty based purely on a myopic evaluation of ‘just this case’?

Denilson's back pass

He did what he did, so I understand the ban. Didn’t think he would get out of this one, being an Arsenal player and all.

That being said, fuck the FA anyway…


The fa could have had a positive impact on football but they bottle it every time! Toure should definitely get a ban for that tackle, no question, and the fa should introduce a punishment whereby the perpetrator gets a ban that links in with the amount of time the injured player is out of action! It would make players think twice about such scandalous behavior and make naff managers (like pulis) think twice about encouraging their players to be dangerous tacklers!


The FA, and UEFA or FIFA for that matter, make no positive impact on football whatsoever. Period.


Retrospective 3 or 5 game bans for players that dive (Ashley young comes to mind) would also be a welcome addition to the punishment regime! Ok rant over lol


remember when Celtic tried to sue arsenal for eduardo’s ‘dive’? no other club in the world would be subjected to such a ridiculous thing, but we are the arsenal after all.


AHA! Told ya! can we now tie them by their scrotums and take for a ride in the wild wild west?


I don’t think anyone is saying he shouldn’t be punished. I think what most complaints are based around is the complete and utter inconsistency that the FA excels in. I was watching the match on TV and didnt notice it. The fact that it was on TV and was televised is a non-argument anyway. Every match is televised and I don’t think Yaya Toure checked the time of day before he almost snapped Giroud in two….


Actually the fa could go some way to redeeming itself by banning toure for our home match against the cretins!

Harish P

A standard ban length should be served, not some make-a-point crap. That said, Wilshere could do with the break. Young, has a lot of potential to fulfil (and I believe he will!), and did remarkably poor in that last game.

The time out could make a difference, and the fresh legs in the thick of the fixture list will always be welcome.


I don’t really mind Jack getting 2 games, he’d been sulking for a little while over his loss of form. Incidentally, he behaved similarly in the West Brom match where he was playing poorly on the left wing, then switched flanks at half time and was brilliant…

The issue here is that we can’t really tell how the FA are making their decisions. It reminds me of the Eduardo situation (different disciplinary panel); it’s fine if you want to ban him for diving/feinting/exaggerating contact/whatever, IF and only if that treatment is extended to every incident from there on.

Gooner Dave

SJ1986: I’m assuming you were responding to me. You are right, all games are televised and everything is seen. Yes the F.A. are inconsistent with their punishments but, a lengthier ban than 1 game might make players think twice before doing it again. I also think the club should have some sort of punishment too.
As for Toure’s late, reckless challenge. These happen in almost every game. The ref/assistants should do their job at the time, if not, the F.A.. But you can’t compare a tackle with somebody being abusive to paying fans


Totally agree that what Jack did was wrong, but what isn’t right is the lack of balance there seems to be when the FA make a decision. There don’t seem to be set quidelines, and it’s almost like they just put their collective hand into a hat and pull out a punishment. I’d be much happier if reckless challenges were stamped down on(no pun intended). These make more of a difference to the actual outcomes of matches/outcomes of seasons, than a petulant flick of the finger.


I agree; honestly I don’t give a fuck fingers, biting, not shaking hands and other bullshit when they are happy to let someone get away with a horrific intended(!) tackle which, if made outside of the stadium, would send you straight to jail.

I’m not saying this Toure’s was intended, hard to say, but I would be difficult to complain about a straight red – e.g. compare with Giroud’s last year red… Fuck these double standards.


“But you can’t compare a tackle with somebody being abusive to paying fans.”

You’re right, you can’t. One might hurt a couple of people’s feelings, and the other can end a career.


This is the problem with the f.a. They are an inconsistent bunch of piss heads. I can’t understand the logic behind wilshere getting a two game ban while yaya gets off for reckless endangerment. I think there should be a panel that reviews each and every game, looking for incidents like this and dishing out the deserved punishment to all parties involved. This current system is pointless bullshit and only makes the f.a look bad.

Daft Aider

Rooney can swear and attack other players with impunity.
One match no problem – two matches when the last charge saw a one match ban indicates either bias or blatant idiocy


2 games ban for a finger, 3 for snapping players’ legs.

Seems legit.

Mills (the other one)

Well I guess he didn’t mean to snap his leg in 5 (read every bad tackle) so 3 seems fair … Its all about intention didn’t you know


No no, dont let the fa review that Giroud incident.. theyll rule Giroud 5 games for kicking toures stubs with his bones…..


Getting yourself suspended for the games near Christmas, well played jack well played…


He rests when he wants

Naija Gunner

Hmmm…the fa and football equals “horror movie” cunts.

mohamed aziz



I’m just about convinced EVERY football governing body is corrupt.


The FA is apathetic and ineffective. It is more tied up with bureaucracy, tradition and status quo than the Buckingham Palace. It is filled with old have beens trying to futilely sustain the impression that they matter. What else could explain the lethargic way they approached technology in aiding referees? Although they introduced goal line technology this year with much fanfare and publicity, what percentage of contentious decisions do such goal line events represent? While there are mountains ahead to be leveled, they congratulate themselves for having stepped on an ant hill. The broadcasting systems are improved upon year by… Read more »


Did Wenger mention the tackle in the post-match interview?


I hope that tackle on Giroud is not some sort of warning or omen of things to come. This is why we need another striker. A few minuscule things different and that tackle would have broken his leg, ended his season and maybe his career. Thank Bergkamp he is okay!


This is actually the FA being smart for once, and acting in Arsenal’s favor. A one game ban means he misses Chelsea. It’s a fair punishment and gives us no grounds to appeal. But Arsenal Chelsea is a big game, and the powers that be want the big players available. Advertisement for the PL, you see. So by giving a 2 game ban, in a situation where there is a precedent for a 1 game ban (Suarez), they leave it open for us to appeal – inviting us to appeal, even. If we do, it will no doubt be reduced… Read more »

Perry S.

Can this logic be true? Is there really that much time between an appeal and the actual match?


Not really. Jack is obviously guilty as charged, and if we appeal it the appeal will be ruled frivolous, and he’ll miss three matches instead of two.


To be honest I’m not too bothered about the ban. As I’ve said before, I don’t think Wilshere is worth a place in the team right now: he is hopelessly out of form and probably unfit too. A break would give both him and the club time to reassess his situation and allow him to get his mojo back. We have plenty of midfield quality, anyway, so there’s plenty of other options. The really important issue now is whether or not we can bring in a quality striker in the transfer window: that could be the difference between us winning… Read more »

Perry S.

I don’t understand why you got thumbs down for this commment. It’s logical in every sense. I know you have a bad rap and all here, but regardless, this is a good comment.

Igor Stepanov's career

Jack has had plenty of rest over the last 2 years so I don’t know where that logic comes into play.


Yaya deserves the red as much as the FA deserves to run into a couple of fists with their faces.


Jack is Not the Messiah He’s a Very Naughty Boy… Joking aside, the FA, UEFA, and FIFA need to get some standerdisation when it comes to bans and fines. Remember these are the organisations who banned TGSTEL for showing a logo of Paddy Power, a 1 game ban if i remember. Sadly in England its a worse crime to swear at people who have been calling you a cunt for an hour, than snapping peoples legs. Forget Shawcross, Taylor, and Dan Smith. Look at Kevin Muscat. Broke the upper leg of a guy, who was lucky enough to have his… Read more »


As it was only one finger, it should only be a one-game ban.

Black Hei

Interestingly, if he gave 2 fingers he wouldn’t get banned at all!

King Henry

If Yaya’s challenge had a bit more weight on it, we’re looking at a couple of years out for Giroud.
Forget bout cards and suspensions…
you fucktwats FA try to keep the game safe a fucking finger doesnt matter.

Daft Aider

Make sure to share the tackle on your facebook guys, not that the FA are likely to do anything about it


Oh well. You know they won’t do anything at all about the Toure-Giroud thing… Best just to move on from that game. People need to trust ze Boss on Wilshere though, he’s having the year Ramsey had last year–but he’ll come good.

In other news, Mourinho claims Chelsea’s latest wobble is going to force him to change tactics, so expect them to park a big fucking bus in front of their goal on Monday.


That’s not a change in tactics.

Perry S.

Who cares, we won’t need him for West Ham and he’ll come back recharged thereafter. Consider this a blessing in disguise.


as much as Jack is a role model for young kids, young kids (like every single other group of people in england) have the right to free speech. giving someone the bird is not necessarily classy or ‘gentelmanly’, but it is not illegal. I would be well within my rights to give my employer the finger and walk out of my job, but try stamping on your boss’ leg and see what happens. this is like in america, where it is ‘obscene’ for a woman to breast feed her child, but totally normal for victoria’s secret models to strut around… Read more »


Hopefully Wilshere learns a lesson from this (he has learned a few this season). He just needs to get his head down and focus on playing. He is going through the same phase Ramsey was last season. I am sure Arsene will make things work out. Jack will have a real breakthrough season next season. By the start of the 2015-16 season Ramsey will be 24 and Wilshere 23. Those two will drive the Arsenal midfield machine for a whole decade. Two brilliant attacking players who also have great stamina and engines…..Very bright future ahead.


It’s obvious the FA n the pgmol r against arsenal … All will b done 2 make sire arsenal don’t win the league … N I think it’s been happening since arsene first won the league … Wot can b done???


Some amazing comments here. And glad to see some revolutionary thinking about the FA and football governing bodies in general. The idea about a supporters watchdog would be awesome. Power to the people and all… we’re the ones that make it happen! What do they actually do other than set ludicrous challenges for the sport. I’d be happy to get involved if others did too. It might mean working alongside sp*rs fans, but that’s something I actually quite enjoy! “Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaa!! You’re shit and you know you are!… PS, F.A.?… Frimpong and Flamini are here. They want a word about… Read more »


I can understand why matches cannot be “re-refereed” from a W/LD perspective as it cannot be determined with 100% certainty whether or not an event had a direct impact on the final result. However, there is such a gross inconsistency with red cards and suspensions, due in large part to reasonable human error by officials, that post match bans need to be enforced with more rigor. As mentioned before in this thread, I cannot for the life of me fathom how the Toure and Balotelli scythes are not acted upon while Giroud’s tackle against Fulham was an automatic red and… Read more »


I put in my complaint to this supposed independent ombudsman and attached the GIF. I reckon at this stage that’s the best you could. I’d encourage other readers to do the same – who knows if it actually brings some justice to the tackle.

Daft Aider

Hi, can you look into the disgusting and reckless tackle by Yaya Toure on Olivier Giroud on the 14th of December as it is very “strange” that the FA have ignored this whilst opening procedures against an offensive gestured

Copy and paste if need be……..

Daft Aider

although you may want to delete the “d” from the end 🙂


Hey blogs, I think “Panel can take a look at incidents the referee has missed” was the older system. Under that if the referee had seen and acted on an incident it could not be punished retrospectively. But for an incident that was not a part of match report, FA could study the footage and take the action they saw fit. Thus Wilshere’s action were punishable under the older system too. But under the new system (brought after that Wigan guy broke Newcastle player’s kneecap and was only shown a yellow), a panel can examine incidents that were seen by… Read more »


Its not only the fa that are idiots lol Muppet Owen reckons ozil is inconsistent and lacking in class! Like he would know what class is lol he played for liverdross and manure – the twanky!


Well Owen is very consistent at talking rubbish.

Daft Aider

The only class Owen knows anything about is diving class

Merlin's Panini

That “tackle” by Toure on Giroud was disgusting. The fat fuck could have easily snapped his leg in two if HFB weren’t such a rugged and handsome man. Still, as stupidly harsh a decision the two game ban is, it might do Jack some good to have a couple of weeks to think about what an idiotic mistake that was to make and how he needs to up his game. He was really poor against City, he looked totally out of sync with the rest of the game, bar that tasty shot he had from range. He’s not a moron… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

The best thing to come out of the last game is that we fucked up Aguero for two months.


Gerard deofleu and sergio Aguero had to score against us before they went out injured 6 weeks and 2 months respectively. it just had to be after our matches eh?


I realy can not in the world think of a better joke of an organisation than the English FA. History has them been too lenient to English players but not when they play at that classy club, arsenal. Terry (i’m so sorry) did same thing as Suarez (racial abuse) worse to an English man (i’ve had of black American or African American and it’s not offensive in anyway but not a Black brit) Suarez got 8 match ban and the scum got 4. Suarez gave the ‘finger’ to the Fulham fans and bagged a 1 match ban and £20000, another… Read more »

Black Hei

According to the FA, they can’t do anything about Yaya Toure as the match officials saw the incident and reported it. Along the lines of Giroud attempting to foul Yaya’s studs with his shin but the referee generously decided to overlook it since Giroud was in pain. What angels these refs.

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