Friday, December 8, 2023

Bendtner’s agent plays down move talk

After speculation which suggested Lazio were interested in taking Nicklas Bendtner on loan, the Dane’s agent has played down any talk of him moving in January.

TGSTEL has recovered from his ankle injury and could well play against Coventry in the FA Cup on Friday night. His agent, Tom Brooks, told the Danish press that he was unaware of any interest in the player, and that his focus was purely on Arsenal.

“You’ve got to ask Arsene Wenger about that,” said Brooks.

“We have not been in touch with Arsenal about it. We might discuss it with Arsenal later in case it is necessary. Nicklas is focused on Arsenal and regaining his fitness.”

Even if Arsenal do make a January move, it seems likely that Arsene Wenger will hold on to Bendtner until the summer. Indeed, with his contract expiring, he’ll have a much better choice of clubs at that point, and Arsenal would prefer to have the security of a deeper squad as the race for the title hots up.

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Personally, I welcome any rumors suggesting Bendtner could leave/be loaned out this January. That can only mean we are actively looking for strikers in the market.


regardless, the hold value for bendtner is probably $2-3m tops. There’s no way we’d take that money – the cost of depth, regardless of how many strikers we may have, is far higher.

The bigger problem is finding a striker in January. There’s a reason Chelsea, despite all their money, are finding it hard.

Indonesian Gooner

The only person lazier than Bendtner in this world is probably his agent.

Edu's Braces

2 starts 2 goals. Keep him till the summer. No idea how many matches he has actually started 😉


If u think about it, Bendtner staying put is best for everybody

Gunner From Another Mother

The man’s got a real chance to contribute to our title challenge in the 2nd half of the season.

Side Note: Manonne’s stellar performance at Old Trafford helps send the mancs home in tears! Atta boy Vito! Now if he can just upset that other lot at Wembley


What a change of tune from the camp of TGSTEL!


How can you say that IndonesiaGooner, Bendtner always has four/five clubs chasing him, so he’s agent must be really busy.
(Sarcasm font needed for this)


maybe we really do need a sarcasm font!

biafran arse

Personally,selling him to get another giruod ll be a massive problem to our attacking midfielders,I ll elect disposing giruod to anybody that needs a model,and get an attacking striker

True Red

You don’t watch much football, do you

Dr Baptiste

Did you sneeze and hit random keys then press post?


I’m just glad you think Giroud can be a model aswell, Apart from being a good footballer that is.


I sense jealousy. Not everyone can come to terms with being uglier than the HFB.

And I’d guess there’s a mighty wide gap here.


he is not that bad a striker :giroud !! and the level of enthusiasm he puts in , is truly remarkable !! but we do need a world class striker , thats a fact !


Erm… What?

kelvin malvin

selling him if we ar nt getting a replacement base on how things are now i prefer him to giroud.


What about the Podolski plus cash for Draxler rumors. Souds quite sh*te to me. Pretty big in Germany today. Really don’t want to see Poldi go. Got the feeling he can give an awful lot to this team. Really hope this is some trash journalism!


makes sense, but it is probably made up anyway.

if Draxler comes I don’t think Poldi is going to play very much, he hardly plays now and Draxler is likely to play in Poldi’s preferred left-sided attack position.


Your use of the phrase “trash journalism” is redundant.

True Red

While you can criticise Nik for the effort he’s put in previously, the goals against Hull and Cardiff were crucial.

I’m not saying he’s the answer, just lets cut the guy a bit of slack while he’s making a positive contribution


Good news, he’s still a decent player and it’s good to see the fans appreciating the effort he has put in recently. I would love to see a medal around his neck at the end of the season.


Honestly he’s the last one I’m happy for when we win it (behind all those annoying fans full of negativity who are still saying we have no chance at all). Pretty hard to tell if he’s even deserved it to leave with a title. But if we win it I wont fu**in’ care! Let’s try to support him as much as possible and hope that he deliveres in the hopefully very few cases we will need him!


Mourihno really is a slimy cunt. Wouldn’t let us have ba but sells Mata to utd. He must truly hate arsene (or maybe he’s just a cunt).


No.. he just said he wont sell players to title contenders 😉


Could be a master stroke by the twatish one. Sells Mata , a fringe player for Chelsea to Utd at inflated price which strengthens them enough to potentially beat your closest rivals namely us and City.

He IS a cunt though.

Von Biggles

Well United aren’t rivals for the title anymore.


He obviously wants that Premiership medal before he leaves.

Harish P

Arsenal has become football’s Tesco: every little helps.


Can’t reply on iPhone but regarding the Mata to united comment, but it really is pretty brilliant from the chosen happy cunt. Looking like the teams from 6-7 down aren’t going to take any points off the top 3 based on current form…

And Chelsea don’t have to play united again this season but we and other rivals do. 40m pound or whatever they’re asking for is just a bonus when you factor in they might take points off us or city if this goes through.

Farfetched but brilliant


Xavi has revealed that he wants to end his career at a club that does not play in Europe. Man Utd leading the race to sign him in summer.


Congratulations, Vito Mannone! Hope you beat the Arab Oilmen in the final.

Can you believe how completely and utterly shit Man United have become? How did we lose to them?

Dr Baptiste

Illness and missing Mertesacker


Manu lost again? haha

Here’s Juan Mata turning round on his way back to london.


High point of my evening, Welbeck and Jones’ penalties. How low must Valencia’s confidence be that CB’s are taking pens before him. RVP, missing the Grove much?


Apparently this is the devastation Jones’ penalty has caused


I understand the fans’ desire to buy a Striker. To be honest, we actually don’t need a Striker. As long as Bendtner stays fit until the end of the season, he provides a heathy competition for Giroud.

I will not be surprised to see a defensive signing or another attacking midfielder. Why did we sign Sanogo when we have Afobe? Same age. Probably same ability.

With the system we play lately, any tall player with good passing ability and skills to hold defenders back to goal can play as ST for us.


And now it would appear they’ve banged 38m on Mata. I would like Mata, but glad we went super size for only 4.5m more and brought in the best passer of the ball in the world.

Dr Baptiste

Bendtner wasn’t 4.5m more.

Henry! Chance! Goal!!

It will be foolish to let Bentner leave now. Whatever you think of Wenger, he is not a foolish man. With Bentner, Wenger knows what he has. He knows the English game and knows the arsenal system. Bringing anyone in now will require an adjustment period and that could be very costly.

If anyone comes in, it will be to add depth and not to replace anyone in the squard.


Biggest buzz of the season for me…Bendtner scoring the winner against Cardiff. We went totally fucking mental…And it felt great. Thanks Nick.


By the numbers, how many times blogs are about bendtner in 2013,+ 14……..1,000,777…. Bring on the slots $$$

Henry! Chance! Goal!!


It is hard to believe how shit United have become. Last year the “analysts” were talking about how we are getting left behind by the Manchester duo. It’s fun not being the crisis team for once

Dr Baptiste

Shhhh, don’t you know we’re in constant crisis. You’re going to spoil it…



Yeah, and how about that defence, shambles!


Lol, after all the times we’ve tried to sell him, you telling me a club is TRYING to sign Bendtner? Guffawwahahahaha…hahaha…haaaa…

The Playmaker

Don’t think Lazio would have been able to spend 150£ million anyway.


Can we all agree that the twatish one’s decision to sell mata to united was no ‘master stroke’, or anything else other than him being a dirty cunt resorting to off field tactics again. Between this sale and their abuse of the loan system they have not only strengthened their own team, but also strengthen other teams apart from when they’re playing chelsea. if he really is the master tactician the media talk him up to be why doesnt he have a go at winning it on the pitch for once? He’s not the great one happy one or anything… Read more »

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