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BFG talks debt collecting and praises Vermaelen

Per Mertesacker says he enjoys his role as Arsenal’s debt collector but has stressed that the current squad don’t owe him much cash at the moment.

The German international was uncovered as Arsene Wenger’s changing-room moneyman during the course of last season and has finally gone public on the responsibility having been selected for the role by club captain Thomas Vermaelen and deputy Mikel Arteta.

Speaking to the official Arsenal Magazine, the 29-year-old reflected: “Thomas and Mikel chose me for that job – perhaps because Germans are well known for their strictness, their honesty and being able to handle an economy!

“So it’s my job to collect the fines, but I have to say that we have a very good squad on that side, and I don’t have to fine a lot of players.

“Most of the players are on time each day – there is not one player who owes me much money at the moment!”

With 27 starts under his belt in all competitions already this season, Mertesacker has been the bedrock of an impressive Arsenal defence which is currently the stingiest in the Premier League.

Aware that he and regular partner Laurent Koscielny have garnered most of the plaudits, the German also took a moment to praise club captain Thomas Vermaelen for his attitude despite the Belgian’s recent lack of game time.

“Laurent, Thomas and myself I think we push each other to good form. At the moment it is linked to me and Laurent, but I have to say that Thomas is a role model for everyone here.

“Not just because he is the skipper, but in the way he communicates, handles his situation when he’s not playing. People always speak about those who are in the team, but you have to mention the players who are not involved in the starting XI, but who have the right influence on the rest of the team.”

“We are good centre backs,” he continued on the subject of Arsenal’s defensive improvement.

“It takes some time to get used to each other on the pitch, and feel comfortable with the situation on the pitch. At the moment we know each other well, and how we behave on the pitch. We know how to cover each other, we know how our partner will handle the key moments.

“You have to learn that, especially against a team like Liverpool, because their world-class players – you can’t handle them on your own. You always need someone beside you who is always aware and covering you.

“When you have that in your mind, that your partner is there for you if there is a problem, it makes it much easier. Overall, though, I think the whole team is defending much better than last season. Dangerous situations can come from everywhere, so if you are well protected from long balls by the midfield, that has an influence as well.”

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Considering how angry he got at Mesut (and his subsequent apology to the fans) – I guess no one wants to mess with BFG.


I’d say some of most playes fines just get paid in advance – just to keep the BFG a smiley BFG


Or rather – I’d say some playes fines just get paid in advance – just to keep the BFG a smiley BFG


Yeah he wasn’t yelling at Ozil about the fans. He just wanted his money 😛


He’s humble though. He had a reason to get angry, because Mesut didn’t thank the fans, so the end justifies the means I guess. Per is one of the humblest souls I’ve ever seen, with a foundation for charity etc.
Basically a top lad!


The Arsenal defence from Gallas to BFG .. what a transformation !

Trex d' Gunner

Yep ! What an amazing transformation. So where is the mohawk loving, cry baby this days?

Bould's Eyeliner

The Big Fucking Tax Collector!


Pursuing another career once he hung up his boots? I’ll bet tax fraudster will think twice before they risk a visit from Per :•)

Parisian Weetabix


You missed a trick there 😉


Got to love him, on and off the pitch he is a true leader! World class player too, all the ingredients to become a club legend

Gunner From Another Mother

And how nice was his facebook note to his little buddy Theo? Not to mention that piggy back picture of the two is an absolute gem!


Ha – he said “a team like Liverpool, because their world-class players”
players… players haha

as if they have more than one.


they have at least two – Suarez and Coutinho

Kanu's Olympic Medal

I’m not sure I’d call Coutinho “world class.” Depending on the definition you’re going with, maybe Suarez and Gerrard?


Big Fucking German! Love Per. Such a good character, footballing-wise as well as outside.

Plus there’s this:


The Mertebacker!


Just brilliant. Or should I say… Per-illiant 🙂

Parisian Weetabix

That was a bit des-per-ate.


Per-haps youre right.

He's a blatant diver, but good at it

The further these threads go, the sillier they become….as Per usual.

dink arnold

By far one of my favourite football moves of all time.

It’s right up there with this from Arshavin

And this one of Rosicky at Dortmund that was posted on here recently :


I love this Big Fuckin German. Even more so after the touching message he send Theo.


I am so proud of having this guy at the club! such a role model!


Per collects debts, Kos collects strikers.

Seems like a fair allocation of responsibilities.


If i have a son i will name him per mertesacker. no doubt
only one BFG!!


He can keep my little Thierry, Arsene and Gunnersaurus company!

Parisian Weetabix

I made the mistake of naming my son William Gallas. He just sits on the floor crying and slagging people off.


I love you Per. We’re so lucky to have him, Kos Sagna Flamini and SZCZ in the team.


All legends


Favourite player at the club at the moment. Seems to embody the ethos of the club, and seems a genuinely likeable man.


Per just becomes more and more likeable day by day. I’m really liking all the Germans in the team, well really everyone in the team.


We had so many doubts about him when he first came. Another example of fans needing to have some patience and give a guy a chance to adjust to a new league and a new team. Our history is littered with guys who didn’t light it up in the first season, but went on to become vital cogs in the wheel. Pires is the classic case for me, but more recently, Kos, Mert and Giroud have blossomed in the second season. Hopefully Ozil will play a big big role in the next five months, but it’s important we give him… Read more »

The only Olivier is Giroud

“At the moment we don’t have that many people who owe me fines… because those who did owe me are sleeping with the fishes. I read of this deadwood clearout on ze internet… it was more like a creditor clearance. Denilson, ah I remember him… some people do blead a lot” (I took this a tad far, I know)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mertesacker is the most important player in the team without a doubt. He’s the one we’d miss the most if he was out injured long term. Love the BFG!

Opus Fluke

Love this guy. He’s a great defender, a great professional and seems like a really great person. I would rather this Arsenal team won a major trophy than any I can remember, because they deserve it more on the basis of their character and hard work. I can’t picture Ramsey, Per, Kos, Arteta or Giroud complaining like Nasri or RVP that the club is not matching their expectations (not that I’m picking on those guys, it’s in the past now). Less egos, more spirit: good combo.


I agree. They just purely seem like a nice bunch of people who you want to do well. Especially compared to the scum at City, Chelsea and United etc. Simple really.


He’s exactly what we need representing this great club… The BFG is crucial to our success in so many ways. UP THE GUNNERS!


Per-fect guy in the team.. Love ur attitude Mert


Akka Wakka,
Mertesacker moo!

Appa yakka,
Ikka akka, ooo

Hum dum,
Agga pang,
Ing, ang, ooo

Akka wakka,
Mertesacker moo


What the fuck?


In the night garden….

dink arnold

You just reminded me of the Alf theme song. Damn you! Now I’m gonna go eat a cat.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

I ran into The Verminator in the Sainsbury car park in Golders Green last month and honestly, he looked a bit gloomy. Glad he got a run of games of late and hope he stays at the Arsenal.

Theo’s injury came after a run of four games in 10 days.

Our schedule in January is relatively light but that’ll change in Febuary/March.. Even if everyone’s healthy in January, it would be nice to see Vermalen playing 2 or 3 games this month so that Kos and Mert can both get their ‘winter break’.


Maybe he just suffers from SAD?


Still remember the majority saying he was too slow.

They’ll be hoping he is too slow with the tax collection but I suspect his positioning will be immaculate. Shut the locker room door and there he is. Pay up. 😉

Kenyan Gooner

‘Do we all love Per? I don’t want to comment on individual players. Per is top top player!’


In the future it’s going to cost a fortune for the BFG,s statue .I just think he is a classic example of a player becoming an essential part of our club and to nobody fucks with the BFG


Yep, one reason (among many 😉 that I support Arsenal is that our players all seem to be pretty decent human beings, …unlike the arrogant cheating twats some other teams seem to tolerate.

99 problems but being a gooner aint one

The fact that he is slow makes him THAT much better..His reading of the game is superb.


Per is a true definition of Leadership…up the gunners

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