Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Confirmed: Frimpong joins Barnsley

Barnsley have confirmed they have signed Emmanuel Frimpong  on a permanent basis.

The Ghanaian midfielder has been way down the midfield pecking order at the Emirates and despite Arsene Wenger having something of a mini-crisis in the centre of the park following Aaron Ramsey’s set-back and Mathieu Flamini’s three-game ban, the 22-year-old has not been deemed a solution.

An ‘excitable’ character, he was taken to heart by supporters when he broke into the first team as a teenager but two ACL injuries have really taken their toll on his progress. It’s obvious now that he needs regular playing time if he’s to deliver on his early promise.

The move to Oakwell comes after three loan spells in the last two years and is for an undisclosed sum. Strangely, the contract is only until this summer. Danny Wilson’s side could do with all the help they can get given they are currently languishing in the relegation zone.

We think we’re right in saying that Frimpong is the first Gunner to move to Barnsley since Don Vito spent a few months on loan there in 2006.

Quite how Dench he’s going to find life in Yorkshire remains to be seen, but good luck to him all the same.

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Podolski must be gutted


He looks thrilled.

Dick Law

Dench, may the force be with you.


Good for him and good luck, always a gooner at heart.


Best of luck Frimmy – you dench bastard


Can you just post highlights of transfers past throughout the day instead and act like it’s present news? Signings of Henry, Bergkamp etc. Would give Gooners something to smile about at least for the day. I can’t handle this prolonged stress!

Daft Aider

Arsenal FC are proud to announce the signing of mikael silvestre for a nominal fee from Man Utd

Daft Aider

Arsenal Football Club can confirm they have agreed to sign striker Ju Young Park from AS Monaco

Daft Aider

Arsenal have today confirmed the signing of “exciting young forward” Christopher Wreh from Monaco


Arsenal are absolutely delighted to announce that Mikel Silestre had finally fucked off.
He overstayed his welcome after thirty seconds.
Please don’t mention his name again, it gives me cold shivers, I get frightened and then i start do do irrational things.

Denilson's back pass

Who’s gonna slap N*sri now?

All the best Frimmers <3

DL Gooner

Don’t worry, there will always by somebody that wants to slap Nasri. All the best Frim, hopefully your career will become a bit more DENCH than BENCH now.

not a proffesional footballer

good luck to him and his career. 2 ACLs don’t really give any favour…


Oh and good luck Frimpong – your love of Arsenal was evident to all who use Twitter.

Toure Motors

Best of luck to him. Right time for him to move


Anybody seen the photo of him with the Barnsley shirt:,,,,,he looks so pleased joining them!


He’s ecstatic


Poor barnsley

the outside of rosicky's boot

stay dench


Passionate yes. Determined no.


Bruv why go to Barnsley, surely you could have found a better team for a man of you potential. Good luck anyway Bro.

roof attack

what i shame it didnt work out for him at the arse. i loved his mentalness. hopefully he will get stuck in oooop north and becomes the player his early promise…………promised.


hope they included a buy back clause, he could come good eventually if he overcomes his injury problems, maybe after two years


needs to cut out this dench nonsense and focus


Probably, but I liked a lot of his nonsense. His Twitter pic of Moyes trying to hitch a lift back to Goodison and his rant at Piers Morgan stand out.

Am sad he’s not going somewhere better. He was an energetic and skilful young player who with more luck and application might have had a decent career. I really hope this dismal move doesn’t depress him so much he loses heart and spends his next years messing around.


Good luck frimmers! you’ll always have love from the arsenal fans

clockend louis

great character, a bit unlucky with injuries i wish him all the best hopefully he can carve out a good career.

Merlin's Panini

Shame. If he wasn’t as mad as a box of frogs he could’ve been just what we need to back up Flamini:
Passionate, built like a brick shithouse, able to charge at the opposition at pace. Oh well, I hope he can kick on, change his attitude for the better, and maybe one day he can return to the club he loves able to make a difference.


May your hate for Sp*rs continue…..good luck!


Classic case of too much too young? Looked like he could have made it, and was very well regarded in his academy days, if I recall correctly. More time training and less time making crap tshirts would have done him better.


Frimpong those bastids! DEEEENCH!!!!

george purves



Clearing frump on for a new midfielder maybe?

Paul S

Shine on you crazy diamond.


That game vs city… Nasri never knew what hit him!

That boy had talent.


Dench! Dench!! Den…!!


Podi on instagram on the sale of Frimmer ‘Frimmy, all the best for your future. It is
good to know you. It was a great time bro! Good luck
in Barnsley, you’ll smash it there! Love you.
Aw…’ Love you Podi.

Gareth Murray

A character, a passionate gooner? Yes. A gifted footballer good enough for the Arsenal? No. Hope he makes it at Barnsley, at 22 years old, it’s the right time for him to move.


His goodbye tweet.. >>>>>>>>>
Gooner at heart!
Good luck mate!


Kim kalstrem? Wayyy left field. Was great at lyon, used to watch them a fair bit whrn juninho was there… havent seen much of him lately, but not really the tough tackler we need.


FANASTIC free kick from him. My 2nd favourite player in the swedish national team after Zlatan! Also, about how he is as a person: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/how-arsenal-target-kim-kallstrom-went-viral-after-comforting-an-eightyearold-boy-9098855.html


I’m backing Frimpong to become the “Balotelli of Barnsley” – can’t wait for his crazy antics such as…visiting the Barnsley Interchange?


I am a little surprised. Agreed, that he is not Arsenal quality but I seriously think he could’ve done much better than Barsley. I mean, he is not so bad to go to the club which is sitting at 23rd position in championship, and that also on a mere 6 month’s deal. Liked him always. Don’t know how he has been lately but always thought he would go to some middle to low ranked premier league team.


I’ll miss Frimpong. I always thought he had it in him to shine for us, but I guess the boss thought otherwise. Best of luck to him, and I hope he has a fine career.


Apparently now that Frimpong has left there is a vacancy for the Gunnersaurus job


It’s not been a great few years for Frimpong, with his injuries and Arsenal’s undeniably impressive and full midfield. If Frimpong stays injury free and focuses on his technique then I can see him becoming an impressive player. This move is exactly what he needs for his career to progress and he’s always had Arsenal in his heart so when he improves I’m sure he’ll be welcomed back. Unfortunately for now he just hasn’t been able to make it but I guarantee that one day he shall return. Good luck Frimmy and stay dench!


Sometimes he plays better mind game than mourningho.. love u bro. sad u left so soon.

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Sad to see him go, big character and always so pro-Arsenal it’s like trying to watch one if us trying to cut it.

Good luck you Dench mofo

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