Czech mates. Rosicky gets international blessing from Wenger


New Czech national team coach, Pavel Vrba, has confirmed that Tomas Rosicky will continue to represent his country as he begins preparations for their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign later this year.

Vrba travelled to London Colney last week for a meeting with both Rosicky and Arsene Wenger to ascertain the 33-year-old’s aims for the future and appears to have received the blessing of the Frenchman who described his midfielder in glowing terms.

Vrba, who also held chats with Chelsea’s Petr Cech and Tomas Kalas and Watford’s Daniel Pudil, told Czech press that the trip had proved successful even though Rosicky didn’t feature in Arsenal’s win over Fulham.

“The program was very busy and I am glad that I met with four players. It was an important period and we learned everything we needed.

“The only small blot is that Tomas Rosicky did not play against Fulham on Saturday due to a broken nose.

“We explained certain things and it was enlightening for both parties,” Vrba explained of his meeting with the Gunners.

“Wenger said that Tomas has one of the best guys he’s worked with during his time at Arsenal.

“We talked about the future and how we see it going. Tomas has a huge interest in further representing his country.

“I sensed that the national team means a lot [to both Rosicky and Cech], which comes as a great encouragement for us. It’s exactly what I wanted to hear when I travelled to London. Assuming nothing unforeseen happens both Tomas and Petr will be selected for the game against Norway in March.”

Arsene Wenger made clear last week that Rosicky will sign a new deal keeping him at Arsenal for at least one more year although official confirmation of the contract extension is still pending.

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Gunnersaurus Rex

No I think he should retire and that would add more years to his arsenal career. He has given a lot to Arsenal, he deserves more from arsenal. These stupid internationals!!


Internationals,what a load of old bollox!


stop nationalism!

Touched Your Mother

Good for him, hopefully he doesn’t pick up any injuries on international duty though, which seems to be a trend as of late.


I’d rather he didn’t (that picture looks like he’s getting injured, I’m taking it as a Ba omen) but hey, if he feels he still can perform for his national team then who are we to argue.

In other news….”what do you think of Tottenham?” Haha. Add that to Sczcsney’s piano playing and Theo’s “offensive” gesture (was it offensive because he was showing how good we had been in our attacking?), its good to see sp*rs being put in their place.

Zebra Umbrella

Man, if anything the other guy is about to get it! I don’t like people complaining about Rosicky playing for his country; that’s his buisness, even if we suffer for it. He’s a hardworking guy who doesn’t owe anybody ‘his time’, and can continue to play at the highest level for a couple more years.


*Bad omen, nothing to do with Demba!


Love this bloke. Cant wait to see him come out in his mask on Friday. Our rosicky rockstar


I will get the *cape*

Dane Morrison

Not exactly sure how I feel about this, but Rosicky is a class act and a fantastic player… I wish his injury problems didn’t blight his career with us, however I feel he still has more than enough left in his tank for a solid 2-3 more years with us, and hopefully will remain injury free playing for the national team.


good luck to the guy, a great pro. never complains. deserves to play as many games as he can in what is left of his career


Pires-esque hair!


Why do you reject the lovely neologism ‘piresque’?


I feel glad for Tomas to still be selected for his country but can’t help feeling more than a little apprehensive about him being away.
Please stay injury free Little Mozart…..WE NEED YOU !!


I know what he’s thinking in that pic. It’s “Czech me out” isn’t it?

I’ll get my own coat, thank you very much.

Naija Pikin!

Rosicky is 33 now & he can barely play 3 consecutive games for Arsenal. yet he wants to play Euro 2016 which means he’ll probably be 35 or 36 by then. I don’t think that’s a good idea Tomas.


He’s a person, not a car thats got a rusty engine and dialled 400km. The Czech team will welcome his experience and talent with open arms.


Arseblog, Am I allowed to tell this guy to fuck off?


No, you can disagree with his point of view without doing that, surely?


Its amazing, the guy is one of the oldest players we have in our squad now if not the oldest and yet his behaviour is that of an excitable 21 year old. He keeps a cool head, never lashes out in anger or frustration and always shows a mentoring hand on pitch and likely off pitch too. The best thing for us both is to see him enjoy a successful retirement in a place he loves, if not necessarily arsenal it wouldnt matter, he has shown us his sheer maximum everytime.


“He’s one of the best he’s ever worked with”

Nuff said. pure professionalism and class that Mozart.


It is bad science to suggest that his years on the sidelines suggest he has a ‘football age’ of 28-29 but I can’t remember the last time Wenger so readily renewed a contract for a non defender/keeper who was in his mid thirties since Dennis.


While I fear he may pick up injuries, I can’t help but feel happy for him. He obviously wants to play for the national team, and after playing excellent he’s now back in the national side. He deserves it. He also seems to be getting a new contract (soon I hope), which is not only well earned, but about time!

Juan Cornetto

That picture is amazing.


Naija, it doesn’t say he wants to play in Euro 2016, it just says he’ll be playing in their qualifiers.

Indonesian Gooner

He should retire from internationals.. and play a few more years with us. Who knows, maybe he can get a testimonial?


Czech Republic is a small nation, when they produce great players like Rosicky it’s understandable that they try to prolong that player’s international career for as long as possible. If anything they need Tomas more than we do, they don’t have the players we have coming through. It’s been frustrating as hell seeing The Hobbit picking up injuries on international duty when our squad has been stretched thin enough these last few years, but we’re now accelerating into a position where Rosicky is more of a valuable luxury than an absolute necesssity in the squad. So I’m glad to see… Read more »


As long as he doesn’t play in the friendlies. Waste of time when they already know he’ll be playing in any qualifiers.

Trex d' Gunner

In other words:
Everybody loves Tomas Rosicky


Love that photo.

Is Tommy doing a massive fart on the poor lad?

Give him a big payrise just for that. Legend.

Purple crumb

What’s all this hate about internationals? It really annoys me that people keep saying ‘Why doesn’t he just retire from internationals’ etc etc. NO NO NO! I’m as much an Arsenal fan as any one else but as a proud Englishman I want my country to do as well as possible. If that means having some of Arsenal’s talent scooped into the national team then fine; indeed, it makes me happy to see that Arsenal players are their country’s best players. I’m sure the players feel the same way. We talk about club loyalty and how it no longer exists.… Read more »


I remember seeing the same pic in arseblog news report after he was injured in EURO. The captioned was ‘Pictured here killing a man’


yeah – what is that picture from? Is it before or after kicking the guy in the face? It looks like after. And how high up is he? I say if he can still leg kick someone in the face while diving at them then he should play where ever he wants. He is certainly more flexible than me. Mind you so are most people. I just imagine kicking people in the head…