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Dick in Deutschland as Arsenal take Drax-tic action?

As the clock ticks down on the January transfer window it appears Arsenal are stepping up their interest in Schalke’s Julian Draxler.

According to various reports in the UK press the Gunners dispatched a ‘delegation’ to Germany this morning with the intention of thrashing out a deal for the midfielder in the next 24 hours.

Not one to beat about the bush, ‘Dick Law’ announced on Twitter:

Arsenal have been tracking Draxler for quite some time with the 20-year-old high on the club’s list of transfer targets as far back as the spring. In the summer, with local rivals Borussia Dortmund sniffing around, the player signed a new deal at the Veltins-Arena in which was included a €45 million buyout clause.

It remains to be seen whether Arsenal match such a hefty fee.

Arseblog News worked out earlier that if Draxler is literally worth his weight in 24 carat gold then we should be offering around £1.75m at current rates. Throw in a couple of airport-bought Toblerones and Ju-Young Park and we might just get our man.

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Emmanuel Eboue

Done deal then?


Schalke are under no pressure, except that coming from Draxler himself. And they know Arsenal’s need is urgent considering the injuries. I think they’ll still try to keep him til the summer. But Arsenal have been encouraged enough that they’re bringing in the fixer.


I’m somewhat encouraged by the way this one is tracking. Schalke might not be under pressure, but seeing as Drax is currently injured, they are paying him good money to sit on the treatment table, then work his way back from injury and hopefully not have any setbacks prior to the end of the season. As us Arsenal fans know all to well, a setback is quite possible. Thus Schalke may not see much advantage to keeping him now if they expect he will be off in the summer. Also, in the summer, it will be open game for anyone… Read more »


No, they wouldn’t want to sell him to Bayern but there’s surely no shortage of other destinations, some of whom would pay through the nose.

Bild report that Metzelder has ‘twittert’ that Holtby has arrived at Duesseldorf airport and is heading up the motorway, though where he will exit, Schalke or Dortmund, Metzelder don’t know. If the Holtby is Schalke’s Draxler replacement, it does surely make it more likely that Law has come up trumps?

Christoph Metzelder ✔ @CMetzelder
@LewisHoltby ist in Düsseldorf gelandet und nimmt die A40…unklar ist nur noch die Abfahrt! #BVB #s04


Erm he wasn’t at an airport in Germany Metzelder must have been pissed. He came on at Shite Fart lane with about ten minutes to go.


Why have we left it so late? If wanted him in this window, why not make a serious offer when it first opened and when Schalke were more willing to sell? Right now, with fourth place and CL money looking more assured and Draxler returning from injury, they’re not so anxious to cash in, especially given the possibility that he’ll shine at the World Cup which could bring in some big bids next July. Add to that, he’s not a striker as yet and will need months to grow into the role once he’s regained some match fitness. Add to… Read more »

Entre Dans La

Sorry but i dont know if you keep up with International soccer but Germany are quite stacked and i dont see Drax getting much minutes in this World Cup


Julien and Dick may strike a deal but we still need Anne, George and Timmy the dog to sign off on this.


Any chance Dick Law acted in Westerns before becoming The Arsenal’s fixer?
I’d love to watch them.


DL Gooner

I want Dick to go deep with this one, and if he can’t get the job done pull out and wipe himself on the curtains!


What does the Drax say!


I’ve just seen a video of Draxler on this site called the YouTube,we should sign him up ASAP!


I’ve just seen a video of a German with a ball in their mouth on this site called PornTube. We shouldn’t sign her up, she’d corrupt Theo.


This story seems so implausible to me. Would someone explain to me why Schalke would be interested in negotiating when:
a) They lose him for the rest of the season
b) Before a world cup where if he turns heads, would start a bidding war
c) Entertain an offer for a penny less than his release clause

In my opinion they would be absolutely mad to get rid. There’s nothing in it for them what so ever. Or am I missing something?


Yep….asset value risk due to potential extended injury, drop in form, hard cash banked now rather than in 6 months etc etc.


In the summer the release clause is activated. They wouldn’t like to sell to a German club but they’d have no choice if one of them bid his release clause and he wanted to go. Hence, they may want to offload him before that scenario occurs.


and he’s probably pushing hard for the move. as did suarez — word of caution


I think Schalke are in some financial trouble. Is that true? If so, that might explain why they’d be willing to negotiate. I’m all for Draxler signing, but I’m not sure what kind of impact he can have on our season. He’ll arrive injured, he’s very young, and will likely need time to acclimatize and return to fitness. I’m excited by his arrival, if what is claimed about his quality is true, but I’m tempering my expectations of impact. It’s strange that when we seem to need an injection of real quality and experience to get us over the line… Read more »


I don’t know, there’s something about that Dick Law tweet that doesn’t look quite right…


Looked genuine to me.. All arsenal execs have attended a charm course so that they new fans can relate to them
Craig Eastmond held the course.


Dick does not tweet – he ejacutweets


Some of the comedy articles on here fall short, but that tweet hit the right spot for me, funny shit.


is he doing a Drax-ula in that photo?


The new suarez


We are desperate, we have the money £37M won’t be a problem. Welcome Draxler.

shirt number?

Old Man Flam



18? cygunner – fish lipped – squid – can’t see it happen. we’ll probably reserve it just in case, djimi traore becomes available

VeryXerioz Gunner

37 then. To match how many goals plus assists we are gonna be scoring between his arrival and may

The man who would be bling

We need to score more than 37 goals…


If every game was won 1-0 wouldnt need 37 more goals. And I would be happy with that.


That £37m, is that including…… Draxes?
*grabs shoal*


Spend #stanschequebook or wagner out #lol #NoSuarezNoWagner


Wagner Love?

az ahmed

Get the Wagon Wheels out


because of this I just listened to the New Christy Minstrels sing “3 Wheels on My Wagon”. It was pretty racist.




Updated: Wenger has found a pence on the floor of the training ground; added it to offer immediately.

az ahmed

Pence is plural



Sorry; English born living in America. Not good with basic English currency 🙁


It’s alright, I’m not great with American sense either.


Thought you had pennies there too?

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

Don’t worry peeps, dick won’t fuck it up. No way. “We’ll give you 8 million and a further 3 million every time we win the quadruple”


When Dick law is involved I imagine him in a room with a round table in the middle, sitting with the other clubs representatives as he starts negotiations:

Dick: 30 million
Schalke: nein, buyout clause 40 million
Dick: 30 million + 1
Schalke: buyout clause 40 million, no games
Dick: 30 million + 2, final offer.
Schalke: Ok we are done here.
Dick: ok, ok fine. 25 million.

to which one of the Schalke guys throws the table in the air furiously and vows to never sell Draxler to Arsenal.



(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Dick Law – not so much hard-ball as confusing-ball


i don’t want us to sign someone who confuses football with cake


You don’t want to be doing that!

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

I’ve got this vision of dick flying into Heathrow tomorrow grinning like a Cheshire cat after clinching a deal for 80s track star Heike Drechsler by mistake. Doh!!

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Ridiculous! Everyone knows Heike Dreschler’s glory days were in the 90’s.


As much as this tranfer excites me, considering the kid’s obvious potential and talent, I am slightly worried as to how he will contribute to our pressing need for a (support) striker. Heard about Wenger’s ability to turn wingers into strikers, a process in which I have full faith, but not sure that transition ever took place instantly, especially considering our need is a lot more immediate, i.e. right now, and we are in the middle of a title scrap. Oh well, I am positive Wenger is more informed than me, so looking forward to seeing how he is used,… Read more »


Agreed, I don’t think Wenger would go for him now in this manner if he didn’t think he could contribute from the off

Arty's Art

He is out injured for three months…


no. he hopes to return to action in february


Somebody has been reading The Sun…

red or dead

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that he already started to play the striker role over there.


Kevin Prince Boateng played striker a few times, when Huntelaar and his backup were injured, but Draxler never did. Would be silly to put him there, since he is invaluable as a playmaker for Schalke (and he mostly scores from outside the box).


Problem is: Draxler is no winger. I have seen every – and I literally mean “every” – official match he played and he is a lot better when placed in the central midfield. (He also constantly said that this is his favourite position. Unsuprisingly, since he prefers short over long passes.) @topic: I still don’t think that these rumours a true. The clause is not “active” yet, so there is no need for Schalke to sell him (and Draxler also won’t leave if there is no replacement for him). However it is possible, if Spu*s return Holtby to Schalke. The… Read more »

az ahmed

Who is this troll dislikiing peoples’ comments? There are 10,20 even 100 likes and there is always one muppet pressing the dislike button. Why have you disliked Zane’s comment Mr. or Ms.Troll(ette)

White Russian

Looks like there’s more than one


There can be only one… opinion on Arseblog


It doesn’t matter whether he plays straight away or not. Signing him will give the squad a huge lift going into the difficult fixtures. Any inferiority complex that may linger in the minds of some players will get swept away. They are at a club that is buying the best players in the world and if they are in the team then they absolutely deserve to be thjere


With Walcott out, podolski still not fully fit, and ox more likable to be used in central midfield because of a little crisis there, it’s not like we are completely sorted out on the wings either. Plus, it may be just that Wenger simply thinks that since he wants draxler in any case, the sooner he buys him, the better.

Davy Jones

If the reports are true of Fulham in talks to sign Mitroglou for 12.5 mill, then i hope Wenger joins the chase. Mitroglou is scoring when he wants atm, and is a 2 footed striker whom is lethal with both feet and his head, and he is tall and strong. And at 12.5mill it would be a real coup imo. Would be a perfect competitor or partner for Giroud’s top spot.


Apparently fee agreed with Fulham. Hope that don’t mean we are signing the worlds most bone idle striker from Fulham.


Yeah, I’m surprised Wenger didn’t go for Griezmann again instead, had a bid rejected for like £15m earlier didn’t we? He’s been banging them in lately

Perry S.

That honestly cannot be his real account, can it?


It is


Are you playing with us Mr Bloggs? That Twitter account only has that one tweet and isn’t following anyone.

Great player, would make ANY team better imo. But hope he’s not as injured as some people say “back next month…”

We need to give the squad some kind of boost, as I fear we may be joining the chasing pack if City beat that lot down the road.


ah I see… ‘Dick Law’… sorry. I’m slow this afternoon!





Would be a great signing, but on top of the time its going to take to convert him to a Henry Mk2, I believe he will not be able to kick a ball for 4 more weeks at least because of an injury. In four weeks time our season could have welll and truly been defined for us.


Whats with the thumbs down FFS?


Loki joins his brother Podolski i mean Thor. Get the Cape ready.


you’ve meant ‘get your coat ready’.


Easy on the puns, blogs. They’re not punny anymore.

Merde Bag

I watched the hunger games the other night, Thomas Eisfeld is in it.


Hope the ‘delegation’ includes Ozil, Poldi, Mert and Gnabry!!

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Yippee ki-yay motherfucker!


Prefer Alan Rickman to Cryhard Willis any day


I agree that we might be paying over the odds for Draxler
But we cannot afford to lose out on him

Mata, Hazard are top players that we missed due to our reluctance of not paying over the top

I would prefer Arsenal to take the risk of buying Draxler instead of seeing him go to another sugar daddy club


It would be great if we sign Draxler. Hope our medical team don’t get hold of him if he is injured or we won’t be seeing him until next season.

Guy gadbois

Better take home santos instead. Kinda miss the gay.


We finally get a biter–I’m glad it’s not Suarez. I just hope Schalke don’t see that tweet.


The Draxman cometh?


Draxler. eats balls, shits goals.

Soldado. sucks balls, shit team

das pauly bear

I cant relax thinking about this deal. And I know I should chill till its official


We have bid £24.7 Million apparantly


if you believe the papers, you’ll also note that we have not bid anything, or 30 million, or it is all just an illusion.


draxler is fine as long as podolski that guy.. #ahammer


I hope we get Draxler, and not shares in Drax power station.



always a possibility


i guess


I’ve just pinned a tenner on Draxler to still be at Schalke on 1st Feb at 5/1 …so either I’ll be £60 up on saturday or enjoying the Draxler signing afterglow.. win/win!


That’s a solid bet. After all, Wenger said “Honestly no, we’re not after him.”

Podolski Sklep

He’s the Draxman… Woooah oh he’s the… Drax-maaaan!!


How about:

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid,
Join the Arsenal, and forget Schalke.
The minute, you step out onto the pitch,
Then you’ll begin, to be our striker.


All thumbs down… I’m crushed. So, to borrow from my comment above, you’re basically saying:


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Puma's technozip

How about throwing out some Spandau Ballet? I can see two options: 1. True Dra-dra-dra-Draaaaaxler, I know this much is true, He-plays-for-Arsenal, He’ll dink the ball past – YOU! 2. Gold Drax-ler!!, Dribbles it past any player, Defenders don’t know where to go, He plays for Arsenal, Yes, Draxler’s a gooner. And no, I don’t have delusions of this actually being sung in the stands. That said, I’d love to see someone (with a lot more talent) get some Spandau songs going as they’re proper Arsenal. Think Tony Hadley has played for our ex players and celebs side, but might… Read more »

Toure Motors

Unless he signs for someone else. then it’ll be lose lose


True. By now though, most bookies have stopped taking bets and the only one that still is have us to sign him at 1/10, with the nearest others (United, Chelsea, Munich etc) at 33/1.. would be a pretty major shock!


Isn’t this pretty much the third time the media have reported an Arsenal team despatch for the Draxler deal?

I hope it’s true however, that we are in negotiation.


if we get draxula ill have to change my name to bleughbleughbleugh


I hope Dick knows Germany better then he knows Spain. Don’t want him getting lost again.


He knows Spain (and Germans) enough to seal Ozil.


“Sometimes you eat the ball, and sometimes the ball eats you….”


I wonder when the next update will be? Either way I have my doubts about this, as he is looking for an immediate impact straight away and from what ive seen from the schalke website etc. hes out till February!! Still tho I cant stop thinking of a frontline of Ozil Cazorla Giroud Ramsey Draxler


We really need something different up top. We get too lazy at times and have only one approach reliant on Giroud’s hold up play. We were pumping balls to him against Soton to no avail. We need a tricky player preferably with pace who can work the gaps. I’m not sure Draxler will be able to modify his game to back to goal sufficiently quickly for our needs. To me he is more a long term Rosicky replacement (and if I were to extend a contract I’d much rather add a year Sagna is asking for then keep Rosicky TBH)… Read more »


I hope something happens but this might be another case of us chasing shadows (much like Suarez) His release clause is 37m and Schalke (unless they are in financial miasma) are under no pressure to sell. There will be plenty of suitors willing to pay the price in the summer. We apparently tabled an offer for 24m (plus add ons) which is reasonable for a player with immense potential (much like Jovetic) but as yet is not proven. That’s a bit of a gap to close. If we do get him, he will need time to settle not least recover… Read more »


C’mon, Wenger is always thinking five or six moves ahead. Pressing need for a central defender? Buy Arshavin. Apparent lack of a solid goalkeeper? Keep the faith in Almunia and buy a cheap prospect. Potentially short a deep-lying midfielder and a second striker option? Buy a prospect that we’ve tracked for a long time who could possibly become our Hazard or Gotze.


Reports in Germany that this is not going to happen. Schalke are stubborn and well aware of the player’s value. They will by no means sell for less than the buy-out clause.


Which is why I feel like Suarez, we are chasing a shadow again.


It will likely happen. More a matter of how the 30+ million will be paid out. He won’t be up to game speed for another couple weeks though.

Davy Jones

I see Fulham linked with Kostas Mitrouglou from Olympiakos for the ridicoulously low fee of 12.5mill. Wenger here is our chance for a 2 footed striker whom is lethal from any angle including his head, whom also produces bucketloads of goals and he is available at a bargain price. 17 goals in 19 games this season.

Im pretty sure he would prefer Arsenal over Fulham. He is also tall and strong, and about the same height of Giroud, though not as handsome :p would offer decent competition for Giroud over the striker position.

Sign him up!


Mitrogolou…not good enough. That is the Greek league, may as well call back our loanee Campbell. He will incur opportunity cost as we will be saddled with his salary making it less likely for Wenger to purchase a really top end striker should he come available in the summer. + Crucially, he is cup tied. Similarly whilst not cup tied and cheap, Berbatov is old and will want a permanent move which again will saddle us with his salary for possibly 3 seasons. You may think we can afford to pay salary for someone to mostly sit on the bench… Read more »

Davy Jones

I dont think what league the player comes from determine his quality. Plenty of great players that came from small leagues. Our own Giroud for instance played in the lower french divisions not so many years ago. Cavani came from Danubio FC in Uruguay. Mandzukic came from dinamo Zagreb, same with Luca Modric. Solskjaer from Norwegian league, Suarez from dutch league. There is probably an endliss list of great players from small leagues. Giroud is often pushed off his prefered foot making him miss the target. while the Fact that Mitroglou is 2 footed make him impossible to push over… Read more »


“Mitroglou, not good enough” why?? because he plays in the greek league? well you’ve got to start somewhere don’t you? do you want him to prove himself in every other of the top 4 league before he becomes good enough for Arsenal. People make me wonder sometimes. they will want Ntep the 19 yr old french player in DIVISION 2! (for about the same money) but when Mitroglou; the more experienced of the 2, with more goals and on a consistent basis playing in a champions league club and a better one than Auxxerre he becomes NOT GOOD ENOUGH. And… Read more »


We don’t want someone who is alright cos we already went through Chamakh if you remember (and Park and bendtner) We need to remember that Wenger likely extrapolates 6 months to a year down in the market where our own concerns as fans tend to be more immediate. he is looking at what could come available in the summer. thereby if you take on mitrogolou and he doesn’t work out you then have to rid yourself of bendtner, Park, and Mitrogolou. this has bearing to our wage structure and ability to add a player (quality striker) should he come on… Read more »


Just seen Sky Sports News!!!……

…and there’s nothing new to report regarding the Drax rumours


Has noone else noticed that Dick Laws tweet comes from a user that has just 1 tweet and does not have the genuine tick to say that they are who they are?

This tweet is not real, its a fake account which is there to start rumours


the news is real the tweet account is a joke from arseblog


Oh shit really? I thought Dick Law was in it for the lulz!


Santori, are you Pato’s agent?
You keep mentioning him.



Worth a loan with an option to buy is all I’m saying.

Plenty of up side at 24, minimum exposure to risk for us, club wants to sell.

Pacy, tricky, good at set pieces, ticks all the boxes for me. I’ll even cut my commission.


After the Costa Rica affair Dick will have this warped 2 games int
o next season

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Spurs are shit.

Can we have some decent local rivals please?

Dr Baptiste

HA! Chelsea and Tottenham forever in our shadow


Seems shitty are the new united… they are getting a lot of calls in their favor. Spurs were useless as usual but that penalty wasn’t a penalty or the red card


Yeah that’s 4 games now that linesman have done them big favours. Corrupt fuckers. Still nice to see fat walrus getting under whinging cunt Maureen’s skin.


Anyone just a bit intimidated by City?


Intimidated by the decisions they are getting to many bad calls going there way now.


Aguero might be out for another month or so with a recurrence of his calf problem. Although, on the other hand, they have Negrado and Dzeko as backups instead of Nicklas Bendtner.


Wow, I just watched some clips of this kid and I can’t figure out what foot is his favoured. Impressive skills. If he thickens out a bit, I could see him leading the line.


It’s obvious now that the Premier League, the FA, FIFA and every other cunt wants City to win the league.

Another game, another shit piece of refereeing in their favour. Dawson’s goal was on-side; then Rose gets sent of and a penalty awarded for a perfectly good tackle.

It’s becoming a fucking joke now.


Said it before and I will say it again.. money talks.. City have oil rich owners do you really think these referee’s have never been slipped a few extra to swing the result in the favour of a certain team.. City spend loads on training academy, players and have set up huge sponsorship deals, so let be honest bribing a referee before a game doesn’t take much. Chelsea are just as bad they have been shit this year. Should of been a man down against us and should of lost their home unbeaten record with Mourinho if the referee didn’t… Read more »


‘A team that cannot score at home’….boring boring chelsea

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