Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Gnabry brushes off Dortmund link

Serge Gnabry has taken to social media to brush off suggestions he could be tempted by a move to Borussia Dortmund.

Rumours appeared in the German press last week that Jurgen Klopp wants to steal the 18-year-old away to the Westfalenstadion at the end of the season but the young winger, who has earned plaudits for his first team breakthrough at the Emirates, has made clear he’s happy at the Emirates.

On his official Facebook page he posted:


If this is Serge’s happy face you can’t help but wonder what he looks like when he’s a bit miffed.

Anyway, why wouldn’t he be enjoying life at Das Emirates? He penned a new contract at the tail end of last year and with lunchtimes at London Colney increasingly resembling those mega tents at Oktoberfest it’s an exciting time to be young and German in London.

Well, unless you’re Lewis Holtby…

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The fool of a Took

Fuck off BVB, leave our prodigy’s alone!!

If they are trying to act like asshole Barcelona, I will lose all my respect for that team, including Klopp).


Klopp is a good man, he is exactly what wenger is to arsenal as he is to bvb. He mentions these kinds of things rather jokingly and tongue-in-cheek, he of all people especially should know the pain of seeing loved players making it at rivals…


Actually, he was at BVB till he was 16 .
We bought him here in winter window 2011.. So I must say, not EXACTLY our prodigy.


We bought him from Stuttgart not BVB.

Dr Baptiste

Maybe the VfB confused him….


Or he is confusing him with Eisfield who is the only player in arsenal now who was bought from BVB, apart from Rosicky

Dr Baptiste

Technically, we signed him from VfB Stuttgart for £100k when he was 15 but we had to wait for him to turn 16 before he could legally move. So we actually bought him in 2010 but had to wait. Fun fact


Fun fact. On this day in 1999 we signed Kanu.

Dr Baptiste

Now that is a fun fact


Okay. I’ll get my coat.

Dr Baptiste

Hey, that’s a nice coat…. leave the coat


Gotta keep him but bvb is doing nothing different than what we did for serge, cesc, Anelka, etc

Dr Baptiste

Difference is he’s now in our first team and is back up for the right wing while we signed players that were still in their respective youth teams


Good on Gnab, he’s impressed and been rewarded with more game time. Holtby jibe made me laugh 🙂


Sp*rs to lewis.

Hey lewis, halt-bye!


Well, unless you’re Lewis Holtby… Well, understandable.
Well computer geeks, see what went down in the EPL stack over a period of three days:
Node* temp;
temp = new Node;
temp->link = NULL;
Node->data = “CHELSEA”;
root = temp;

Node* temp;
temp = new Node;
temp->data = “MANCHESTER CITY”;
temp->link = root;
root = temp;

Node* temp;
temp = new Node;
temp->data = “ARSENAL”;
temp->link = root;
root = temp;

Cöngrats to node Arsenal

Dr Baptiste

That’s not even for computer geeks. You need to get out more bud


See yourself Dr. Am sure pple like you thumb it down just because you didn’t completely understand it. By the way it is “bug” nd nt “bud”

Dr Baptiste

Oh I understood it, I just didn’t find it funny. Also, it’s bud as in buddy.

P.S. I didn’t thumb it down, i merely commented but if that upsets you then maybe this isn’t the place for you. No one who comments regularly actually cares about the thumb system.

Productive Gooner

Top of the heap! 😀


Thats not a heap .. [in CS terms].


If you want to write geeky humor it has to be < 3 lines of code.


I don’t get it


Spurs are idiots…which works well for us I suppose. But they are looking to sell Holtby? He is one of the VERY few half decent players they have. If we weren’t already stacked in midfield, he is probably the only Spud I wouldn’t mind having in our team.


No matter if they are new signing or their academy product, I FUCKING HATE THEM ALL.


So You probably also HATE Sol Campbell? heh


Sol Campbell, do you hate him too? Holtby is a good player, really.


Holtby is average mate and wouldn’t get any game time.


He looks average playing for Spurs, honestly. They can make Ronaldinho look like shit. I’ve seen Holtby before his time with Spurs, honestly think he would’ve been a good utility player for us, Flamini-esque.

Toby C

What about Sol? Or Pat Jennings?



Sol Campbell ?
Pat Jennings ?
Terry Neil ?

Taking a Spud player and showing them what success looks like is often so much sweeter…

Ones that go Arse to Spud obviously deserve all the derision they get

Mr. Dhoan

There are several decent players there, for example I could imagine Lloris, Holtby, Capoue, Vertonghen or Paulinho in Arsenal kit.


So can I.
I can also see the wall, the blindfolds and the firing squad.


Seriously don’t rate any of them five players better than what we have.

Mr. Dhoan

None said that, but they are not bad players and they would fit into our squad in my opinion.

Dr Baptiste

So are you saying they would be good enough for backups while weakening Sp*rs even further? That sounds like a good plan.


I’d take Vertonghen in a heartbeat. Although he had remarkably poor judgment when we were in for him and he chose Sp*rs. Pass on the others.

Dr. Gooner

I doubt he really had the choice, but who knows. I just don’t like how things like that are accepted into footballing lore without anyone ever knowing the truth. Could be AFC snubbed him, or were never interested and it was all his agent driving it. We are fed versions of truth and we sometimes accept versions that are consistent with past narratives too easily.

Mallu Gooner

I think he chose Spuds coz of regular football. He would have had 4 CBs in front of him at Arsenal, then.

Das Gooner

Someone tell him that he earns lots of money to play football, I think he may need a smile. Or spend more time with Poldi, he’ll help put a smile on that dial.


I think he’s got the money bit down mate



If Dortmund get him, (they won’t anyway). He’ll only end up at Bayern.


W th the money beginning to come in from the new Emirates deal and about to come in from the New kit deal, whoever it is signed with, we are in a completely different place financially to where we have been since 2006 and the stadium move. No club now will be able to bully us and tempt players away. Well, assuming the powers that be are even half serious about implementing FFP in any kind of meaningful form. Sorts be honest, Nasri, RVP, Cesc and others all went because they could get far more money elsewhere, despite the pr… Read more »


Not completely true. Cesc actually took a pay cut to join Barca.




Actually Fabregas took a pay cut to join Barca because he wanted to go home, I understand that, no ill feeling or hate for Cesc only well wishes, unlike with those other two c***ts


I understand your point regarding Cesc but I couldn’t really forgive him for abandoning The Arsenal who gave him the opportunity to shine and be relevant in the football world.

Julian Draxler

Best eye brow in the squad !!!

German Gooner

Blogs – I’m not too reassured that this is his official facebook page. Usually, if a page is an official one there is a blue arrow next to the name which verifies the account. Following that page for some months, the English used on there is usually below average and Serge never said, that he has a facebook page while his instagram and Twitter-account are both official. Therefore I wouldn’t count anything on there as authorized by the player himself.

Red Grass

Cese went to Barcelona for LESSER money. Please don’t group him with the rest of those pricks.


Well it’s not like he’s going to say “Hell fucking yeah! Dortmund? Sign me up bitches!” Or whatever a young German would say. Anyway, I’m guessing we have more German internationals than Dortmund, and we could possibly be adding another [ 😉 ] so nyeh nyeh ne nyeh nyeh.

Merlin's Panini

but he could’ve equally said nothing for ages and kept us hanging like that slimey butthole RVP.
I much prefer when people are honest. Silence is telling.


I suppose you’re right. What I mean is we shouldn’t read too much into such comments. It’s not unheard of that some players will say they’re happy at the club, throw their shirt into the crowd, kiss the badge for the cameras, then bugger off to the first club that offers them more money


This is a non starter. He’s happy and developing under a great manager with a side on the rise. Next thing we will hear is that Dortmund are going to cash in on 2 of there best players because they really want to play channel five football with Manure next season. Yeah right!


What makes you think Man Ure are going to qualify for the Europa League next season?


Yeah silly me mid table at best.


With the increased bucks we are getting from our sponsorship deals, I guess we should more concentrate more on retaining our young players than signing new ones. Yes, the new signings are needed at perfect positions and if he is of ‘top top quality’. But I think we should also let others lure our youngsters away.

We have lost several good players in the past few years, just biggest they looked for bigger pockets. Only cesc was an exception whose departure can be justified.


Hey Gnabry, grammar nazi here.
It’s actually i’m happy at Arsenal


Mesut Ozil just tipped Rosicky as one of the best MF’s in the league (i also think in the world). That’s it, new fat contract for our mozart!

Merlin's Panini

It’s good to see a statement of commitment (and shown so quickly too!) from a young player. It would suck if Dortmund had Gnabbed him from us.


As far as i know this is not his official fb page.


this is not an official facebook page of Serge. He often tweets in German but never on facebook.

when he uploads photos on facebook they are always the same from twitter but delayed. nonsense post. check your facts


It would actually have to be “die Emirates,” not “das.”


Don’t care. For the uninitiated it looks like die (as in – not live any more). The same uninitiated, however,’might’ recognise ‘das’ as German. I think ‘Das Emirates’ sounds like a fortress.


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