Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Mertesacker and Sagna deals announced ‘soon’

Arsene Wenger has revealed he’s hopeful that the club can announce new deals for Bacary Sagna and Per Mertesacker ‘soon’.

The Frenchman is out of contract this summer and although negotiations have been ongoing, he is now in a position to sign for another club if he so chooses.

Meanwhile, the BFG is heading towards the final 12 months of his contract and tying him down to a new long-term deal is of huge importance given his influence on the team.

Speaking at his press conference today, the manager said, “We hope to announce something soon.”

It would be fantastic news to have both players commit their futures to the club. It would also be a real boost for morale and confidence at this crucial part of the season.

Fingers crossed we get that announcement soon.

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Finsbury Park Gooner

Quite possibly the two most consistent players we have?! Will be massive if we can get them both to sign up.


That will be some Big Fucking Announcement I would love to hear.

Fergie the Gooner

I would go as far as to say it would be Sagntastic or even Merterrific!

Are there any other players whose deals are running low? The club seem to be doing a good job wrapping up the loose ends if these two are nearly in the bag.


Vermaelen and Arteta have contract till summer ’15

damien joyce

For many years, even whilst we were winning trophies, I along with quite a few others felt we were losing good experienced players too soon due to age concerns (probably the excessive cost of contract as opposed to ageism). We need to be keeping these men around to keep the boys in line, that’s just life. Experience is worth so much and only now are we beginning to see the benefits after so long. Players I would have liked to stay longer:- (not necessarily as 1st choice) Lehmann Lauren Toure Gilberto Pires Vieira Henry Wiltord (he did have a knack… Read more »

Alan Sunderland's Afro

I was gutted when Edu left.

The man who would be bling

Don’t get it. Many of those guys were past their best by long way. Kolo, as much as I loved him, was a little past his best, not due to age, just wasn’t going to get any better (same with Clichy). Lehmann I agree, he was a fine keeper and an even better guy to have around. Henry for the same reasons but it’s difficult to have a guy of his profile and wage in this role, especially when he wanted to leave. And I know every Gooner is going to freak out when I say this, but Henry, Vieira… Read more »


Don’t want to speak to soon, but if AW says this he is obviously confident they will stay. This is even better news than any new signing.


Wasn’t it in the last Jan transfer window that AW signed up Wilshere, Rambo, Gibbs, Ox and Jenkinson up to new long-term deals? The importance of those guys in the squad has become more and more apparent over the last 12 months and given the established players that have been allowed to leave over the years, it’s good to see some solidity in the camp. This is doubly-so for Per and Bac, so SIGN DA TINGS!!!

devil's advocate

Big ntep forward for the club.

Oor Wullie

Rosicky as well please.


brilliant news. Along with Wenger’s comments on Rosicky’s contract, that’s all great news. Now all I need is to see the sun and my day’s complete.
What about Arteta though? Isn’t his contract up for renewal next year? He’s one of those players that you don’t quite get just how important he is to the team until you watch us play live. He’s our hub.


Arteta is one of the best in the league, nay, the world, at what he does as a DM. Breaking up play, helping the defense, and his beautiful distribution of the ball. He’s the real link between the defence and midfield. And he’s a natural leader. He’s probably up there with Pirlo, only handsomer. And the good thing is his job is one of the less physically demanding, so he has some years left in him. So definitely, sign him up. But Wenger also needs to start looking for his replacement, players who do what he does are not easy… Read more »

The man who would be bling

‘ He’s probably up there with Pirlo, only handsomer.’ Heh heh, better hair for sure, although can’t picture him with a Chuck Norris beard.

Mr Eko!

I hope that announcement also includes a shiny new signing. #FingersCrossed

Kenyan Claudio

Best news today. Then sign the Drax and we are dominating English football for atleast 5 years…

The Ox is a fox

Just win the league this season. That’s all I want.


And the FA Cup. And the Champions League. I want more than you.


Oh no but we not necessarily dominating english football is good news in my opinion. Keep everything competitive and the suspense will always be there. See, man u may have won many titles but they were shit at cup torneys, whereas bayern munich has a stranglehold on their national cup, the spanish cup locked on madrid or barca, but England? Fuck, wigan? Wow thats amazing isnt it? Thats what the epl is about, let’s not try to ‘dominate’ it shall we? A trophy’s enough though 😉


shit this would be an amazing lift for the squad and the fans if these two guys committed.

Ronald McBootysmacker

Ominous for our rivals if this is true.

Stick it up your holes Man Shitteh and Chelshit. We’re coming for you.

The only Olivier is Giroud

Sign da ting, Baccary! I’m much more relaxed about the BFG, I mean the Özil bollocking and the Santi thrashing at Eastlands and now Villa Park shows he really cares for the team. Not doubting Bac’s commitment, but if there’s anyone who would be tempted by a swansong elsewhere it’d probably be him.


We need the BFG. He typifies everything that is good about our club.
So fucking proud to have him playing for our club.


love him even more with the armband on… oh the nostalgia of having an angry captain at the back


LAN Tony Adams. Without the alcoholism and car crashes.

The Ox is a fox

You’re right. His lack of pace (some people are so dreaded about) typifies our transfer activities!


If he carries on displaying the passion he’s shown for the club so far I want a statue of him outside the Emirates next.


Mert was always gonna get a new and perhaps improved one. it was Sagna that worried me because looking past Sagna you find Jenkinson who despite how good he is, he is nowhere near ready to offer the consistency that Sagna provides in that department.

Great news, now where’s that Rosicky bloke?

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

How good is Jenkinson? Could you quantify it? I’m earnestly expectant of an objective reply because I think the age excuse has not applied to other teams’ youngsters in the same age bracket (Rafael, Coleman??). I honestly think he’ll not be good enough for us. You can’t even compare him to Eboue.

Challah baker player spy

Time will tell if Jenkinson is good enough, but he’s 5 years younger than Coleman, so he needs time. 5 years ago I doubt Coleman was rated very highly, since he came from Irish football for very little money. And I can compare him to Eboue; gets beaten too easily in 1v1 situations, quick and a good crosser, yet not reliable enough (yet) to be 1st choice).


Was Sagna trying to find out the contract length of Mertescaker’s new deal offer in that pic?


Haha. From what I can tell its four years but he doesn’t look too sure.


Those two are straight up warriors, I hope they sign. It is their maturity that helps the rest of the team.


Great news if it happens. BFG has proven why Wenger signed him and why he has almost 100 caps for Germany. Sagna has been back to his best this season. Last season he was awful at times but he’s back to his usual self this season and he’s definitely in the top 3 right backs in the world. Get em both signed up ASAP.

Challah baker player spy

I think he has been, with the exception of his error-prone 12/13 gave the less talented Zabaleta the title, the best right-back in the PL since he came to Arsenal in 2007. I honestly think any other PL fan must agree, because he’s very consistent. I would not swap him for any right-back in the PL. The only other RB who is as consistent is Philip Lahm, since Maicon is not the player he was and Dani Alves is shite at defending.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Here’s an mouthwatering image of the future:

Santi Cazorla hoisting the Barclays Premier League trophy high over his head.

The BFG hoisting Santa Cazorla up on to his broad shoulders.

Bacary Sagna standing next to them, laughing his arse off.


That would be glorious to see!


And judging by the pictures posted on Arsenal’s facebook page, Rosicky wouldn’t be too far away laughing at Cazorla. Love those two..


The silence about Arteta’s situation probably means there was more to those Bender rumours than I initially thought. Signing Big Mert and Bac Sag along with Tom Rosy would be a big step forward though.. It would be a shame for us to sign the Draxlers of this world only to have them in the same situation that Cesc and The Toddlers had when they were left in the deep end after losing a lot of the leadership and guidance in the team in a ridiculously short space of time. Every Özil needs a BFG to show him how to… Read more »


and happiness!

The Ox is a fox

Based on the efforts we have put in and the results we have achieved so far this season, please just give every single player a pay rise and one year contract extension.

Done to the subject.

Now focus on Foolham.


Mmmmm, I’m getting hungry, Mertesagna!

Red Grass

BFG is like the mouthpiece of Arsenal, luring players to Arsenal (Ozil and now Draxler) while continue to being important on the field. He is like our Xavi/Ramos, less the cuntiness.


much less cuntiness!

Challah baker player spy

Xavi is what I expect a poison dart frog would like if he wished to become a Spanish footballer. He kinda looks like he’d leave a slime trail. Great passer though…


What a great change of fortune for this club if it’s true 🙂
From regularly loosing our best players we now got into a position were everyone wants to stay, we’re adding top class signings like Özil and others like Draxler would probably love to come to the Emirates..
And when you think that it will be Sagna’s last big paycheck and he probably could earn a lot more at PSG, Monaco or something like that, it’s clear that these players really care for the club.


I really hope they do sign new deals. Both Per and Sagna are fantastic players and i hope they are at the club for a long time!


Grammatically and temporally challenged article title Blogs

Daft Aider

I remember him saying the same about Judas and Flamini so we’ll have to wait with crossed fingers

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay



Oh what agreat news.if these guys remains with arsenal for next 2 seasons,we will surely go to places.wenger should place work on the forward as we are having one of the best midfield and defence in europe right now.


I wish we would somehow name Mertesacker our first Captain. This is taking nothing away from Verm Arteta. I simply just love the passion Mertesacker has for the team. When he shook his massive finger at Ozil and when he yelled a bellowing cry out after the Benteke goal… He just seems like the Per-fect leader.


Give Sagna a little extra money – the warrior deserves it and it’s cheaper than finding a replacement. Sagna has good years left in his career and can cover at CB.


Brilliant news. Can’t wait to these these guys lifting trophy after trophy. Things really are looking up for the Arsenal now, and we ar set to reap the rewards of running our club IN THE RIGHT WAY for the last decade. Chel$ski, Man Ure, Man $chitty, Liverpoo, and especially Tottenscum can eat their fucking hearts out!


Wenger has rehabilitated Metersecker’s career. He was in danger of dropping out of the German squad but he is now very much in the frame. Of cousre there were those if we remember who said he was ‘too slow’.

Sagna’s fitness is superb. He should be more than ample to go on for another 3 seasons in top form at very least which gives sufficient time to develop/weigh Jenkinson and (more promising IMO) Bellerin.

igor stepanovs

but alan hansen said mertesacker is slow.

Challah baker player spy

Yeah, and he’s German slow, which is much slower than English slow or Scottish slow.

Enormous Dave

Thats rich coming from Hansen who is mentally slow 🙂

Enormous Dave

Sign on the line boys 🙂

Die Hard Gunner

MerteSagna, please SIGN DA TING


I surprised why Mr winger always make us confuse other side of contract while we want to make new contract such dexler and welknown striker. Plz Arsenal needs to get trophy so do what we expect from you otherwise be out.

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