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Ozil hoping for Wenger deal as boss outlines his self-belief

Mesut Ozil is hoping Arsene Wenger commits his long-term future to the Gunners believing the Frenchman can take Arsenal’s squad to the next level.

Admitting that a talk with the 64-year-old was the defining factor in his decision to quit Real Madrid in favour of a move to the Emirates, the German international paid lip service to the esteem the boss is held by everyone in and around the club.

“Of course I want him to stay,” Ozil said in an interview on Friday.

“He’s the one who convinced me to come here, he’s a world-class manager and he can really push the team to its top level and players can develop under him.

“It’s not just for me but the club in general and the fans it’s important that he will extend his contract and he will be the manager here for a long time to come.”

Having dropped a hint in his pre-Fulham press conference that he has already made a decision on his future, with most predicting him to sign a new three-year deal, Wenger later told selected print media how harsh criticism of his methods had forced him to reflect on whether he could still cut it at the Gunners.

Exerting strong self-belief he remarked: “People were questioning whether I could deliver the quality. I said: ‘OK, I can listen to that and I want to make sure I can deliver. I am convinced I can.’ I was always convinced I can. But it has to be shown concretely by numbers.”

Given the numbers currently have us top of the league and confirm we amassed more points in the Premier League during 2013 than any rival it would suggest he’s right to stick to his guns.

Now all he’s got to do is win a trophy and grab that ‘magic hat’ of days gone by.

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One Arsene Wenger.

That is all.


Walking in a Wenger Wonderland


Sign da ting

Indonesian Gooner

I wonder whether Wenger’s contract situation was discussed during his conversation with Wenger before he signed for us? Seems to me now it wasn’t…anyways I have a feeling Wenger will announce his new contract deal soon..maybe before a big match to lift the spirit of the whole club?


He’s not going anywhere. He has spent the last 5 or more years with his hands tied behind his back financially, having to sell world class player after world class player. He stuck with us all through those hard times, determined to get us back on top. He’s now reaping the benefits of sticking with us through the thick of things and waiting for us to free up the money and watch the class from yesteryear mature and start hitting the levels he had for them. Not worried about it at all. He could have left us with a very… Read more »


ArsenevWenger is a living legend!


Great news regarding wenger’s new contract!

Gunner pundit

To me the best manager in the premier league


Eh you’re fucking damn right he is.

Mourinho is close but due to his 11 men behind the ball tactic he loses out by being a cunt.


Mourinho is nowhere near close. He took control of a team that had £200m invested in it the year before and over a couple of years, invested another £400m into it. He plays boring as fuck tactics that is so anti football, it’s coma inducing. Wenger whipped this league up into an athletic league, he revolutionised the league and made it what it was. He was the first foreign manager to win the league, despite the disrespect he got lumbered with from such a small minded bunch of twits. He turned us from a mid table team to a global… Read more »


mourinho won the Uefa champs league with inter and afew scudettos, won afew titles with porto and real madrid aswell. No matter how much money you pump into a club it still takes a manager to lead them to trophies, nothing mancini can say. so yeah mourinho is close to Wenger i hate the fuckwit cunt but no denying his ability to get things done.


Well said ,laid out an i agree with you 100%


So it takes a great manager to win the Premier League with a team that has invested more than £500m into it, a great manager to manage the best team in Italy and win the league and a great manager to manage Real Madrid, the most successful team in Europe, to win the Spanish league? His only achievement that is on par with things that Wenger has done, was to win the easiest CL in history after all the favourites had a mare and were knocked out by the quarter finals. Wenger has accomplishments like that, that stretch back to… Read more »


Per, bac and arsene are all going to sign new deals together.


Don’t forget Rosicky. They are just delaying announcements so the people at the club and gunners everywhere can save money by having one massive party rather than 4.


He’s building another trophy winning squad, you can sense that. Even if we didn’t win the league this year he’s gonna do it before he retires with this group…

Canterbury Gooner

I’m in a crappy mood but news like this never fails to cheer me up hope he signs


“Mind and senses purified..” [mental strength]


Or, alternatively, it could be adapted to Chelsea with their dodgy fortune maker at the helm, cock-wandering club captain and torturous brand of football:

“Greed, fraud, desire
Mind and senses crucified..”


“Wenger OUT” (what I heard from knee-jerk assholes)

“Wenger KNOWS a hell of a lot more than me” said Tim Sherwood

Long may he be around, said Rochester


Tim sherwood is also delusional and funny.

After we mauled them 2-0 at the grove

Tim sherwood “We showed we belong with the best”…..no Tim you didn’t but i’ll take the compliment. Thanks

Az Ahmed

I can proudly say I was not one of those who said ‘Wenger Out’, because I know his abilities and that he must have been burning inside not being able to compete with the best. Rather, I was criticized by some so called fans because I was and am willing to be patient because every club goes through peaks and troughs. Who can possibly replace Wenger and play a similar brand of football? The list is very short, maybe 2 or 3 people long


No need to worry guys. Wenger will be here for at least a few more years. There’s no way Arsene will leave now right after he has navigated the club through the most difficult period in its history.

I’m sure he wants to win at least 2 more league titles (after we win this one) and at least one European cup. I’m sure he’s the person who desires more than anyone for us to be successful.


sign the thing 😀

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

Only a real prick would make a massive summer signing of one of the best players in all of Europe and then fuck off after one season, leaving his soulless team with a shit midfield and a couple of twats up front, to be supported by the world’s highest number of plastic fans…. Oh, wait, sorry, got distracted talking about someone else there. Wenger knows this is our best squad in years and he’s got a team who’re willing to give it all on the pitch for each other, him, and us. I would be absolutely shocked (and devastated, needless… Read more »

patrick ahern

I wud like wenger to buy coleman, then we wud have a defender,a right side mid, a winger, a guy that can cross a ball, a goal scorer, and a guy with above average assists. What a player


He will sign…. No doubts!




In Arsene we trust.


who the fuck would thumb that down?! seriously

Trex d' Gunner

Probably a spud troll.
And as always John Terry is a cunt


“Of course I want him to say,” Ozil said…

Blogs, i guess it must be typo.

Rubbing Van Cuntie

Ooohh Arsene Wenger’s magic
He wears a magic hat
And when he saw the double
He said “I’m having that”

Ooohh Arsene Wenger’s magic
Still wears a magic hat
And now he sees the treble
Says “I’ll be having that”

gooners n roses



Spurs are shit. Just felt like pointing that out.


John Terry is a cunt.

Trex d' Gunner

To that list of cunts you can add Agbonlawhore, Adebawhore, Chinless and Skunky.

John Terry is a racist spunk trumpet wife cheating cunt! Sorry felt that needed to be embelished a bit!

I do hope Mr W signs as a big supporter of his through the so called ‘barren’ period I think we are beginning to show the rest of them that patience pays off. And I think next season we can actually win a couple of trophies! Maybe even the big un!

Oh fuck. My original comment didn’t show and now it does so I look like a Billy two times type of cunt!

palace gunner



I agree absolutely, Wenger is going nowhere. He isn’t a chinless loveable grandad, he’s a hugely competitive, hugely intelligent, hugely passionate football man. As we all agree he has intelligently played the long game to build Arsenal into a top class competitive football club on a self sustaining model where reward comes from performance not the whim of a narcissistic oligarch/petro-garch owner. Wenger is ten years younger than red-nose, has looked after his health better and the one thing Rudolph showed was that managers improve with age and stability of club. Wenger loves Arsenal, he loves the players he has… Read more »


I believe “paid lip service” is a very bad choice of words. Ok I’ll take my pedant’s hat off now…


Quite likely the most intelligent man in the game. A VERY huge part of why I love, admire and follow the Arsenal! I hope he stays with us as long as he wants to (and I hope he wants to stay a mighty long time) and retires here. The best we’ve ever had, and the most important manager the EPL has ever had!

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