Thursday, March 30, 2023

Report: Arsenal 2-0 Sp*rs

Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky, Gnabry, Cazorla, Walcott

Subs: Viviano, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Flamini, Ozil, Podolski, Ju-Young Park

Arsenal secured their passage into the 4th round of the FA Cup with a 2-0 North London derby win against Sp*s this afternoon.

Arsene Wenger made a number of changes to his starting line up. Lukasz Fabianski came in for Wojciech Szczesny, Thomas Vermaelen replaced Per Mertesacker, Tomas Rosicky was recalled in midfield in place of Mathieu Flamini and there was a place in the side for young German Serge Gnabry. Theo Walcott played up front in place of Lukas Podolski who dropped to the bench.

The game started at a frenetic pace with Sp*rs winning an early corner which saw Sagna block a Dembele shot, while at the other end Gnabry got to the byline and pulled a ball back for Walcott which was just behind the England man.

The visitors then had the first big chance of the game. A ball deflected behind the Arsenal defence into the path of Christian Eriksen but his shot to the near post was well saved by Fabianski. At the other end a swift Arsenal break saw Walcott shoot from distance and Lloris scrambled to push the ball around the post.

It was Walcott again as the Gunners piled on the pressure, this time a left footed effort curled just wide with the help of a deflection, and from the resulting corner Gnabry fizzed a shot just over the bar.

Thomas Vermaelen picked up an 18th minute yellow card for a foul on Dembele and there were hearts in mouths when he slid in on Soldado a few minutes later, but did win the ball. Santi Cazorla curled a shot a couple of feet wide before Theo Walcott had the best Arsenal chance thus far.

Gnabry showed great strength to hold off the Sp*rs defence and the home side worked the ball behind the last man. Walcott’s shot was saved as Lloris came out to narrow the angle, but perhaps if he’d looked up he’d have seen Monreal unmarked at the back post and a square ball would surely have set him up.

But a few minutes later Arsenal were ahead. Gnabry picked the ball up in midfield, drove towards the Sp*rs box and played the ball into the path of Santi Cazorla. The Spaniard smashed the ball past Lloris from angle to make it 1-0.

Arsenal were on top but failed to take advantage of some good positions, poor balls by Walcott and Rosicky might have been better, and Walcott’s snapshot from a half-cleared corner flew over the bar.

An obvious Sp*rs tactic was the rotational fouling on Jack Wilshere. Dembele got away with a backwards headbutt, and the lilywhite players took it in turns to foul the Arsenal midfielder. Soldado, in particular, was lucky to get away without a card.

Late in the half a Cazorla free kick almost found Sagna at the back post and Sp*rs did well to prevent the Spaniard getting on a bouncing ball in the box. Soldado shot wide just before the break and Arsenal took the 1-0 lead in with them.

Arsenal made a half-time change, bringing on Per Mertesacker for Thomas Vermaelen, the Belgian’s cut knee forcing the move. Sp*rs had a couple of early corners and Arsenal tried to get on top just as in the first half. Cazorla and Monreal combined well on a number of occasions, but they had their moments too.

Soldado shot wide again and Adebayor found some space in the box and looked to have turned Mertesacker but he fell over while making the shot. At the other end the impressive Gnabry fed Walcott who went around the keeper, but the angle was too tight for his shot which hit the side netting.

But in the 62nd minute the Gunners doubled the lead. Danny Rose had the ball in the centre circle. Rosicky put him under pressure, robbed the ball, ran the length of the half, into the Sp*rs box and dinked it over the keeper from close range. There were shades of Michael Thomas ‘Oh God, he’s held onto it too long!’, but the run and finish were top class.

Monreal and Walker traded penalty incidents at both ends with Mark Clattenburg, probably rightly, waving play on in either case, before Flamini came on to replace Wilshere. Cazorla tried a long range effort over Lloris which fell wide before Walcott shot just wide after careless Sp*rs play on the edge of their box.

Mesut Ozil replaced Arteta in the 75th minute and the filthy scummers were shouting for a penalty when the ball hit Cazorla’s arm but the referee rightly played on because they are filthy scummers.

Arsenal were forced to play the final 10 minutes with 10 men as Theo Walcott was stretchered off with what looked like a nasty knee injury. His studs got caught in the turf and he looked to wrench his knee. As he carried off he made a 2-0 gesture to the Sp*rs fans who pelted him with missiles, the filthy scummers.

The scummers tried to press with the extra man but because they are abject wankers they couldn’t take advantage. In fact, it was Arsenal who almost scored again, an Ozil shot tipped around the post by Lloris.

In the end, Arsenal held them at arms length and went into the 4th round of the cup. “We’ve only got 10 men”, sang the Gooners.

Better 10 men than 11 filthy useless scummers. Up the arse.

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theo our speedy gladiator, he who gets showered with arsenal scarf is always gnna be gooner don haha Fvk Sp*rs



It’s not the scarves, but the 2-0… I would love to see the scarves one again too.


\/ 0 (2-0), or how did Walcott do it again?


Really enjoyed Theo’s 2-0 gesture only 1-1 gesture would have topped it. Deserves a 10 on the ratings blogs.


There was one time, Gnarby gnabbed the ball out of spurs like a boss. He is one of our best wing defenders. His positioning and understanding of the game are amazing for his age.


Did a job at c.f didn’t always running in behind.

Also with some better decisions from him this would have been a cricket score.

And remember my equation of one in one out?

Ozil returns from injury, the injury god takes walcotts soul.


Hope ozil get back to his form soon. When he came on, he really distrupted our rhytem


We played with 10 men shortly after he came on.


filthy spurms shown where they belong….always in our shadows


gnabry-Remember that name


Rosicky- New contract NOW please!!!!

Gooner For LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFE

dont know what to be more happy about, Gnabry’s display, adebayor being at the bottom of Kosielny’s pocket, walcott’s 0-2, teaching united how its done, wilshere’s shere will power or just giving sp*rs a spanking!


Or the spuds spending almost £60m on two solid gold turds- Soldado (can’t seem to do anything except shank the ball at 90 degree angles and occasionally get a bit cross) and Lamela (can’t even get into their first team because the way is barred by ‘superstars’ such as Chadli and Bentaleb). It’s like a sort of footballing Greek cycle- as if the gods have decided to expose the wanton hubris of this country’s tired old pundits by making a total mockery of the prevailing narrative we had rammed down our throats in the summer. If nothing in the past… Read more »


Clattenburg was ok today but there needs to be retrospective bans for Dembele and Bentaleb for violent conduct. Classless, but typical of that club.


Wow! What a GNABRY!

German Gunner

Looks like a massive player for us


Who was the other commentator today with Stuart Robson? Honestly, the mug almost made Robson sound unbiased. Started responding to that 2-0 walcott gesture like an average chav on the dole queue. Never seen such unprofessional commentary. Superb game Gnabry and Rosicky. Even Wishere grew later on. Get In!

Good Omens

And I quote – Roy Keane, “Tottenham fans are idiots”. If even Roy Keane notices the incitement then you truly know the sky is mostly blue.


Best bit is 2-0 up, after 70th min, in total control, so we get a chance to give the £40+ mil midfielder a run out — the world class player we didn’t need to beat them.

With luck Theo is just precautionary, but also shows we didn’t even need 11 men, and gave Theo a chance to make the move of the game on a stretcher.

Oh, and the fans singing: ‘Tim Sherwood is a Gooner.’ 🙂


Forgot — they could keep replaying Adebayor’s air-shot all evening as far as I’m concerned




I know sp*rs are shit but they took it to another level today. WHAT ABSOLUTE SHIT!


After the game in August we kept hearing “Sp*rs just need time for their £100m worth of new players to click” … how much more time do they want?


They need fergie time :d


We truly cunted them in their bastards today.

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Congratulations Jagger. You just won the comments section. Bravo good Sir.


An erudite and eloquent quip sir well played


Thank you for the accolades, but they must be redirected towards our generous and illustrious host Mr Blogs, who did indeed coin the phrase (as far as I know).


Forever in our shadow! Arsenal <3


Adebayor’s a warrior, they said. £100m wisely spent, they said. Power shift, they said.

2-0, Walcott said.


Congratulations. You just took over the comments win from Jagger.

Sorry, Jagger, but this comment is just a bit better.


Top top quality comment. i think i’ll take it on loan


Would love to see the stats on W D L between Arsenal and the spuds since we fell into that awful downward spiral AVB spoke about. Can hear wengers words to AVB right after that comment – Get your C V son I will take over from here.

fecal smear

Especially that tosser Cuntaleb.


How can that get 4 reds?


The little mozart!!!


contract extension. please.


We need to verify his age, we have heard stories of players reducing their age to be able to play for longer, but in his case, I suspect he was so talented at a very young age to the extend that they had to increase his age to allow him to play with adults.
He is a beast, and how he manages to run as much as he does for 90 minutes is beyond me.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He’s our Giggs (Only better, of course). Fergiue may have been a purple nosed dick, but he did show us what you do when you have a player (or two), who just keep on going and going at a top level and they want to play for you forever. Rosicky wants to reture a Gooner and a Winner and we would be stupid to let some other team have the next 7 years of his brilliance and non-stop running. He wants to stay. He wants a contract. Bloody well give him one. When our younger stars have off days and… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

As I get older I’m developing digital dyslexia. My fingers don’t go where my brain tells them to. Masturbation will be a challenge from now on, that’s for sure. “Oh, I’m sorry madam, I meant to fondle my own”


If you’re having a wank and suddenly discover that it isn’t your cock, then ‘sorry madam’ is probably not the correct response.


Oh, Danny Rose, the Czech, the Czech is lurking
You fucked it up, he nicked it round the side,
Your season’s gone, and your fans appalling,
It’s you, it’s you must go and we will bide.


Everyone hear his postmatch interview?

“Take us through the goal then.”

“That’s what I’m trying to do if I’m playing this position [No. 10?], put the opponent under pressure. And it paid off for me this time. I went there and [chuckles] took the ball and went straight for the goal.”

His laugh is priceless. Sign him up.

Arsene nose

That moment Rosicky told Gnabry what a good job he had done… What a Leader and Legend


He also went over to sagna after he had done well to deny rose a corner and gave him a pat on the head and they had afew words.

He loves this club, honestlh dont know whu anyone would think twice about handing him a contract.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Somebody better write a song we can sing to Wenger so he knows what to do. I can’t believe we haven’t done the business with Rosicky yet. He is not a man you should apply old player’s rules to.


i am fucking jumping of joy, this was so sweet. spurs really didjt have a chance. and rosisky, oh my god i love him. he deserves a trophy with arsenal.

Good Omens

“Are you Tottenham in disguise”?
Absolutely brilliant.


I am sorry but I am not from the UK and do not understand why such a mediocre side are considered our rivals. In a rivalry, shouldn’t matches be hard fought rather than strolls in the park?

I remember the match against that our rival who went on to win the champions league last season, it was 1-3 away and 0-2 with the home team losing in both matches. But this rivalry with some headless chicken club is beyond me


On the other hand, rivalries with local teams involve real passion while ‘rivalries’ in North America are just a media ploy to market games between otherwise unrelated teams.


Also fuck Sp*rs.


Ever heard of vikings vs packers? There’s some real passion in that game

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Vikings? Who the fuck are they? I’ve heard of the Packers, but seriously, how can you have a proper rivalry with a team whose fans wear cheese on their heads, and aren’t even an Association Football team? If it ain’t “soccer” it’s just a passtime.

Gutbukket Deffrolla



Everything is bigger in America, which means you can hate teams at much greater distances–they don’t just have to be up the road.

To wit: there’s some real, visceral hatred in a Packers-Bears game, much more than when they play the Vikings. Nearly a hundred years of hatred actually. Just last week the Packers fucked the Bears out of the division title and the playoffs in the last minute of the last game of the regular season, on their own patch. American “football” is pretty boring fare compared to football, but that was glorious.

H. P. Arsecraft

Ha ha well said sir.

He's a blatant diver, but good at it

Gutbukket, I appreciate your sentiments, but please don’t mention lack of rivalries in other sports in front of any Carlton / Collingwood fans. I mean, they are mostly dumb cunts, but you know how generally stupid and angry they are… angrier than Mundine, messier than Amphlett (rest her soul)

Good Omens

I guess the first part of the first sentence kind of sums up really why you don’t Bishop. I recall having to walk home from the 3-1 defeat to those toads at Wembley in ’91 all the way through Willesden getting utter crap and abuse all the way.. so when I tell you that beating Middlesex in the FA Cup or anytime for that matter is more than sweet, you’ll have to take ‘my’ ‘our’ word for it. The rivalry whilst always tense and with a bit of bite between the clubs is intense between the fans. One day perhaps… Read more »


I walked home to croydon after paying £110 for an Olympic Gallery seat outside, lot of dough in 91, and then finding out I was sitting with them!


Simply because if you could get to the roof of the Emirates you could almost see their shithole.

There are going to be a lot of families in North London (and elsewhere), where half of them will be celebrating tonight, and the other half crying into their beer. Its bot a rivalry between big and second rate sides, but one that splits communities.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So guys, this wasn’t a subtle mix of irony and sarcasm intended to further belittle our poor sad rivals then?


At least someone got it.

He's a blatant diver, but good at it

I liked the bit where Bish said “headless chicken club”.


Another 3 points still on top 😉


1.No it is not another 3 points.

2.It was a routine victory against cunts that takes us to the next round.

3. What is wrong with you?


FA Cup buddy.


Good to know humour is not missed!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Apparently you can’t miss what you never had a sense of in the first place.






Performances like this and in the NLD of all games make me love Arsenal even more. I can only dream what the atmosphere must have been like. I had the pleasure of traveling to the emirates for the Fenerbace game in august all the way from Oregon, north west corner of the states. It was the one of the highlights of my life, can’t wait to return one day! As for the game, all around phenomenal performance from the boys. Made the spuds look like the shit team they are. Gnabry was a beast, very composed, willing to tackle and… Read more »

Igor Stepanov's career

Rosicky was MOM, Cazorla gave the ball away a lot

i am sure you mean Wilshere or you must have been watching a different game.


Agree Rosicky man of the match. Cazorla was immense aswell.


Class is permanent! Sp*rs are really a pack of cunts. Rosiscky two words for him – New Deal.

YouTube Graduate

Gotten yourself a time machine have you?

Btw, that looked easy.


Yes, certainly from a spectator’s point of view that seemed easier than most games we’ve played this season. Both their strikers were in Koscielny/Vermaelen’s pockets, and their only dangerous moments came when Eriksen/Dembele charged through from midfield early in the first half. They did not have enough men in midfield and were defensively idiotic. We could have had a couple more if Theo and Gnabry had a little luck. Honeymoon period over for Sherwood, he’ll be sacked in May alright!


Bow down Tim Sherwood, bow down! Cracking game


Tim Sherwood is a Gooner, Tim Sherwood is a Gooner!

I did hear that right?

jack jack jack

Haha. Poor cunts.

Parisian Weetabix



Is this what sp*rs meant by bridging the gap between them and us? Seems like expanding the gap – to think that they spent ~£100M in the summer…


Dembele in English means cunt




Pink ball in!


Tim Sherwood: “Arsenal will look at our team-sheet for Adebayor, like we did at Man Utd for Rooney.”

So glad he made an appearance on the team sheet and forgot to make it to the pitch.

with the left and the right

perfect how the match ended with Adebayor knocking the ball out of play. just sums up sp*rs


Arsenal *did* look at the team sheet for Adebayor – and quickly moved him from there and into Kosc’s pocket.


That’s almost as good as AVB’s “downward spiral” comment. We’re what, 32-5-6 in all competitions since then? Can’t wait til we turn it around and start on an upward spiral.


I walked home to croydon after paying £110 for an Olympic Gallery seat outside, lot of dough in 91, and then finding out I was sitting with them!


I have a man crush on Serge Gnabry.


Vermaelen true legend for turning the Spurs crest around before the match!

H. P. Arsecraft

Ha ha ha look at the linesman!!


That is being played in reverse.


I absolutely loved that – true captain material there!


Walcott you legend! Amazing how quick blogs published this article!


Theo on the strecher class


an 18 year old came and gnabed his chance.


Thumbs down for Sp*ds


Great match, probably the best perfoamce this season. Passing was quick and sharp, and we played more directly ( Walcott’s influence? ) .

Gnabry played very well, we always seemed dangerous with his pace combined with Rosicky and co.

Great to see Rosicky score, sign him up Wenger.



Best performance so far this year, but not season. Napoli at home?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I had a strange lack of nerves for this one. Watched it right the way through without worrying. Strange, because before the match started I must admit I was a little worried that Spurs might be on a resurgence.
For a moment I thought Spurs might be about to swamp the PL with superior play like a tidal wave, but after a few minutes of watching the game I realised that all Sherwood has actually managed to do is splash the toilet seat.


Love the scorers.


Well played. Lucky we drew a small team at this stage. Also doesn’t Gnabry look very good!


Up the Shyte Hart Lane lol


ignore the commentators. Well done Theo!

clueless rooster

Still clueless roosters


This is sweet. We weren’t even playing at 60% I feel.


Why are we so excited for beating a small team? We still have bigger teams like Bolton to potentially play against

The only olivier is Giroud

Where’s that genius saying Rosicky offers us nothing now? (Can’t find the link to the article the bloke commented on now, started looking for it the second he scored). Come on you beautiful GUNNERS!!

Parisian Weetabix

I heard the asylum managed to track him down. He should be back in his straitjacket by now.


His name is John and he knows nothing about football!


No Scezesny, Mert, Gibbs, Ramsey, Ozil or Giroud in the starting line-up and we wiped the floor with them. So superior.


On paper, risky team selection by Wenger, but it sure paid off in the end!

Hope the Walcott injury isn’t too serious…he looks good when he’s been in this season.

Oh yes.

Danny Rose, man of the match, lol.


Looked like torn knee ligaments for Walcott… Hopefully no ACL tear…
If so, Gnabry will be vital and he looks up for it, true talent

jack jack jack

No way mate, surely he would have been in agony. He looked pretty jolly on the stretcher if I remember correctly.


My thoughts too. It looked ligamental tbf before that though so perhaps there was some minimal tear. Pretty unlikely this would have happened had Spurs put the ball out of play a minute before when he was on the ground for so long. Pricks.


missed that part… hope you’re right!

Silent Stans Content Mustache

Arsenal B team 1, cunts 0


slight correction there – Arsenal B team 2 Cunts 0

clueless rooster

When monreal got his revenge ..still clueless roosters

Yoyo Sanogoals

2-0 against the Spuds, we should really be scoring more goals against these small teams 😉

99 problems but being a gooner aint one

Spuds get the f**k outta the Emirates and take that cunt Adebayor with you.

Played the cunts off the park with what looked like little effort.

Gnabry well done, very positive game.


around the 20th min mark we were singing some popular chant that i’ve heard before but couldnt figure out the lyrics. Somebody help. It was when tv showed some gooners mocking them with bale celebration…

Naija Gunner

Fuck spurs.

Rosickey man of the match for me.


Brilliant celebration too, he loves the club!


the flightless poultry have come back to earth.

Neil #2

Sign Sagna and Rosicky for contract extensions now, please. As for Theo….get well soon, hope that it’s not long term.


Thoughts… 1. I think it is safe to say that Serge Gnabry is now a legitimate 1st team option going forward in midfield. Excellent. 2. Sp*rs are worthless assclowns. 3. Theo really put in a shift today. Hope he is ok. 9 days rest will do good for the lad, along with the rest of the lot. 4. Sp*rs suck…out loud. 5. Koscielny the best center half in England? 6. Rosicky still has one hell of an engine in him…. 7. Walker and Dembele are truly arseholes of the highest order. 8. I was surprised Ozil came on instead of… Read more »


11. The old Wilshere is back!!!

Igor Stepanov's career

Realistically Koscielny is probably second to Kompany but we definitely have the best CB partnership.


Kompany does have a better finish… but in the wrong goal…


8. I was surprised Ozil came on instead of Jenks and move Sagna to center half.

Why should he? We weren’t in any kind of pressure, we wren’t try to shore things up, we were trying to score more goals!


I would turn gay for Thomas Rosicky .. All jokes aside, FOYS!!!


Fantastic game but the Walcott injury at the end was more than a little worrying. Though the 2-0 gesture he did against the pack of scum behind the goal was the highlight of 2014 so far

Nei Meng Gooner

Theo has just become a bona fide Gooner legend for that tonight! The scarves being thrown at him by Gooners as he was carried off, after the shit the scum threw at him, were like victory wreaths to a victor in the colloseum!

Well done, son.


lets see what action is taken against dembele headbutt and their teenage midfielders stamp on Monreal. No class.

Igor Stepanov's career

I bet nothing but I bet Theo will get a ban for his 2-0 sign.

FA tossers

Arsene's jacket

They throw coins at walcott, but when someone throws a soft Banana at Gareth Bale, that fan gets banned? Thanks a lot FA


Gnabry is well on his way to being the best wing in the world.

And another fantastic game from Rosicky. Come on Wenger, what are you waiting for, give him a 3 year contract at least. After all, Man United’s best midfielder is a WW2 veteran.

Hopefully Walcott’s injury isn’t too bad. He did well at CF.


The funny part was when they spent 100m and got shitter….


Shittier (comparative) shit….shittier…shittiest…..Sp*rs(superlative)

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