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Szczesny wants trophies in 2014

Wojciech Szczesny says that he’s determined to win a trophy in 2014 after describing 2013 the best year of his professional life.

The Pole was given something of a kick in the arse by Arsene Wenger when he was dropped for compatriot Lukasz Fabianski, but when injury presented him with a chance to regain his position, he took it with both hands.

A string of fantastic displays at the tail end of last season has been backed up by a strong campaign thus far, and Szczesny is hoping that his, and the club’s, ambitions can be fulfilled at the business end of the season.

“I believe last year was by far the best of my career, on and off the pitch,” he said.

“What I am trying to do now is make sure that 2014 will be even better and that I can finally get my hands on a trophy. That’s something that has been missing, not just for me but for nearly all the players at Arsenal.

“When you play for such a big club, personal ambitions don’t really matter because you want to deliver for the fans and for the club.

“And that is definitely the aim for all of us this season.”

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I love Chez. He is clearly the lovechild of Lehmann and Pat Rice

lady nina

one of the best keeper in the league, if not already so. let’s hope for more brilliant years from szcz

Brian Mendoza

So do we Woj, so do we.


I love to Woj him play


Personally, I’d like to Woj him lift a trophy with Arsenal


Keep those clean sheets piling up shezza

No mind the gap jokes please!

I think it’s safe to say Szcz is a gooner!!!!!


Whats arsenal clean sheet record? How is he and the defence comparing to them blogs?

Adam Richards

Without having the stats, I think they are doing pretty well. Check the league table once in a while.

Dr Baptiste

Well we have the best defence in the league but you’d have known that if you actually did some research. This thing you’re using is called the internet and is filled with information….. and pictures of cats

It took me all of 3 seconds to find that we have conceded just 18 goals all season (6 at home and 12 away). There you go, I’ve just done half the work for you

Gunner pundit

Shezza best keeper in the prem in 2013.

Gunner pundit

Shezza best keeper in the prem in 2013 hands down

Adam Richards

I’d argue hands up and to both sides as well!


2013/14 season – Yes!

2013, not so much.

Trex d' Gunner

Word is bond. You and the team should continue to translate ur performances on pitch, then we’ll definately see some silverware come may. COYG


In the beginning was the word, and the word was with Bond, James Bond, and the word was Bond, James Bond.


I wouldn’t say that it’s just the players that want some silverware now, but rather everyone that’s affiliated with the team; supporters and players alike. I firmly believe that if we can stay consistent, we will have a good chance of lifting the trophy in the end of the season.
Now let’s get some silverware!


let’s try and get a better central striker than the options we have currently and the premier league will be ours in May.


Perfect words from our top notch Goalie! The feeling is mutual both from the Board, Manager, Players and Fans alike. Everyone is hungry for silverware. Let the players be cautious of complacency. I’m certain we’Ll lift a trophy this season.

Daniel Mapulanga

If only we stop losing to hopeless teams like Man U, Chelsea and Man City, that dream will be achieved!

Dr Baptiste

You mean like the 0-0 loss to Chelsea……. good lord.

You don’t need to beat the teams directly around you to win it, it’s beating everyone else. United (i know, i know) won the, i think, 08/09 season despite only winning 1 point against the other “top 4” teams but they beat everyone else.


no one wants trophies more than arsene wenger. and no one deserves them more than him.


Make it happen Wojciech! Another 25 clean sheets should do it..


So in 2013 in the back of his mind he knew we couldn’t win.

well that mentality is what kills success.


Why is it when everyone is positive about a story on here ,your negative.Then when everyone is giving out,your slating them,strange.Probably better of supporting monkey boy and the rest of the galaticos you love so much!

Dr Baptiste

You mean the second half of the 12/13 season when we were already too far behind but needed good form to get 4th? Or do you mean the first half of the 13/14 season? If so, then no we couldn’t win anything yet as no trophies are won in the first half of the season that we could enter.

If you’re going to be negative at least put some thought into it.


I rest my case.


The 1st of two Poles that mind our goal! …he receives lots of back passes, a thing of the back 5 I think. His clearances have improved. The juggling he does (even with that little thing while in Asia) might have helped.


At long last we have a SPINE to the team with Szczesny at the base of it , running through , Mertesacker and Koscielny , Flamini or Arteta and Giroud at the top. We’ve not had this for years and years and it’s the reason why we are now GENUINE TITLE CONTENDERS.

pauly bear

A spine ? The lad is average . His stats look good because teams are being kept out of the box for the most part. When the team get cut open he is found wanting eg dortmand at home city away

Really shez 6 goals ?

I get it he slags spurs we all love him but he is not the best keeper in the league


I wholeheartedly endorse every thing this man says or does!

Dr Baptiste

His stats look good because he’s a good ‘keeper. Would you say Valdez is better than him? He’s only won trophies because of his other team mates. Have you ever actually played football and been in goal? It doesn’t sound like it…

I was brought up playing football with the notion that the goalkeeper should be able to sit down with a cup of tea if the team does it’s job properly.


Some one around here doesn’t get football is a team sports. Listen yer cunts!Keeper on form gives confidence to defenders and viceversa. That goes all the way up to the strikers and midfielders. So stop slagging your players.


Name me a better keeper in the epl you negative numpty


People tend to forget how young he is, yet such a good keeper. World class. He’ll have many years of great szcuccesz with the club he clearly loves.


A-B-C-D-E-F-G We cant fucking spell Szczesny

Eric Tony Abidal

Wojciech “Super Save” Szczesny…..aka
Wojciech “Steel Arms” Szczesny

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

I heard Theo call him “Tek” in an interview and thought it was quite charming in a schoolboy-nickname kind of way, like a couple of 12 year olds conspiring to start calling each other something “cool.”

Anyway, I know he has his moments, but he’s become so much more comfortable, and he’s a big reason why our corner defending doesn’t terrify me anymore. He’s got room to improve, but I really think he’s our guy.


I am agog, I am aghast… is Chu Young Park in love at last? Some wine and say what’s going on…?


And after all that i still dont know the answer. Better ask google an this internet thing. Il no doubt experience less cuntishness.

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