Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Walcott escapes FA punishment. Gets letter

Theo Walcott won’t face disciplinary action from the FA for reminding Sp*rs fans that their side are pants.

The England international was caught on camera brazenly taunting supporters of our shadow-living neighbours about the scoreline as he was stretchered from the field of play, all the while gurning like he’d lunched on a bag of molly.

It was, let’s be honest, bloody funny. Even more so because it was Theo and he’s such a ruddy play-it-by-the-book-goody-two-shoes.

Despite being hilarious, some sensitive souls felt the ‘issue’ was worthy of a meeting at Wembley, the result of which is a letter to Theo which will be winging it’s way to our number 14 courtesy of a first class stamp. It says, don’t do it again.

The head honchos at both Arsenal and Tottenham will also be receiving letters kindly asking them to identify those numpties who decided to throw coins at Walcott as the incident unfolded. Unconfirmed reports suggest Daniel Levy is on the verge of dobbing in Tim Sherwood on the off chance any ensuing banning order will magically undo his latest coaching appointment.

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Will you be receiving a letter from the FA too??

Bergkamp fan

He probably will, along with the man that was operating the scoreboard and several writers that mentioned the scoreline.

H. P. Arsecraft

Walcott is out for 6 months. Its a fucking disaster for him and the team.


Theo out for 6 months!! somebody hold me!


Bale did it last year not a single Arsenal fan gave a fuck, football’s becoming boring, and if we’re not allowed banter & provocations…


Soon the chants are gonna be taken away from us. this is truly ridiculous.

i see players scoring a hattrick and showing it to the fans, Adebayor scored against the mancs then went straight to their fans and saluted yet nothing is made from it

But when you’re on a stretcher and wearing an arsenal shirt. its a different story.


And what about that chicken that tried to take a stamp on Monreal?

Did he get a letter too?
Everyone wasting time on the non-event of Theo reminding Spurs of their place but somehow that stamp wouldn’t be something more important. It’s a mad media world.

Yoyo Sanogoals

Why was this even brought up to the FA? Didn’t Bale show Arsenal fans score line last season? Did Arsenal fans throw coins on him. No. If anything those Spud fans should face some sort of punishment, one of the medics carrying Theo was hit by a coin in the face. P.S what will the FA do about Bentaleb?

Mildly Amusing Name



Social worker: Show me on the doll where he touched you.

Cunt: *points to the heart*

Social worker: Man up, you cunt!

Mildly Amusing Name

Sp*rs fans have hearts?


yes but they are made out of chickens


just like their emblem no?

Rambo sambo

Mikel Arteta almost gets his shin snapped in half by a Chelsea player – no action by FA.

Theo Walcott reminds Sp*rs fans what the score is – gets a ‘warning’.

The FAs priorities are truly messed up.


What does Bentelab get for trying to smash Monreal’s fingers with his boot?


I would assume that Bentaleb will get more hours on the training pitch with a ball and an empty net, where he can try and hit the target 😉


The FA is biased. You did not know? How many Arsenal penalties have not been given and how many times do they give us useless schedules that are inhumane. The FA is stupid that is why I hate the FA cup. Cunts!


What about the punishment for the spurs fans throwing metal coins at players? What if a 1p landed in Walcott’s eye and blinded him? No punishment because “Arsenal don’t like it up ’em”? The FA can fuck off and carry on praising Wimbledon and Stoke as the true English footballing model and watch this country never get to a World Cup final again.


Perhaps the FA should write a letter to whoever operates the big scoreboard in the stadium and to the ref for blowing his whistle to award the goals, both blatant examples of provocation.


Ridiculous by The FA but correct me if I’m wrong, given Walcott’s apparent injury even if he had gotten a short ban it would have passed when he wasn’t going to play anyway!


A letter? Who sends fuckin letters these days? Bunch of dinosaur cunts.

Still, I’ve drafted up a reply, as it’s only polite:

Dear FA,

Thank you for your letter.

Fuck off. You cunts.

Yours faithfully,
The Arsenal.


There are not enough likes I can bestow upon your comment sir!!!


*Contents of letter*

After no more than what we consider was telling the silly sp*rs fans the scoreline, we have determined that we are such massive cocks for trying to make something out of nothing….much like we do everytime.


yours. F.A

the only sam is nelson

No need for the FA to do anything, Michel Platini called them to say that UEFA are going to ban Wenger for 1,000 games instead. For, er… Smiling provocatively when we won. Yes.


Now its 2-0 off the pitch too. First , theo taunts Sp*rs . Second, FA lets Theo go.


Sorry mate but “letting Theo go” would mean he actually did something to deserve punishment. He didn’t.

Oor Wullie

I think he was wrong to do it for the simple reason that it means the use of the word “banter” everywhere. I hope that’s what the letter is all about.


Sounds like the FA will do Arsenal for the scarf throwers too.


You know what, fuck them all. 2-0.


He was just providing a simple public service announcement to those Sp*rs troglodytes that couldn’t read the scoreboard!!


Poxy dinosaurs. Shame they aint all laptops we could just update or delete.
These sp*rs scum need their away support banned for 6 mths from any ground. Maybe thatll help the turd eaters to learn how to behave. And yea that Bentaleb was a joke.. wonder if his attempted stamp on Nacho will even be looked at and dembeles headbutt on jack.


Hope they dont do the scarf throwers, they were just providing props for the hero’s exit, not exactly the same as chucking coins!


“All the while gurning like he’d lunched on a bag of molly”…

Ha Ha Ha! Classic!


Her name is Mandy, not Molly. This is not America, we don’t listen to EDM. Wilshire’s right though, Theo is fast becoming a legend.


at least can we spell our players names correctly?????

Just Sayin'

His name is Wilshere, not Wilshire. This is Arsenal, he’s one of our players.


Tell Spurs fans Arsenal will return any coin thrown to their rightful owner they just have to send a stamped addressed envelope to the club.


Tim Sherwood’s a gooner


Doesn’t surprise me that Sp*rs threw away their coins.
After all, they did that fairly successfully in the summer.


That picture will live in fucking infamy 😉


Isnt it strange there’s been no mention of the benteleb stamp and the other cunt trying to headbutt Jack?

Actually, given its the F.A its not that strange at all.

No mind the gap jokes please

I don’t know why they was throwing coins anyway! Haven’t they wasted sp*rs wasted enough money this year already?


Theo made one big mistake. He should have shown his two fingers the other way to the scum. That would have been more appropriate.


I think the FA are just trying to show them a bit of sympathy as, lets face it, the number 2 is quite a sensitive one to sp*rs as its the amount of times we’ve won the league at their place, the amount of times we’ve beaten them 5-2, the amount of times we’ve nicked a champions league place from them, what they smell like etc, etc, the list goes on!


He’d have got off if charged anyway, as he could have conjured up an obvious cast-iron defence.

Simply claim that he had been taught to sign his own name by that geezer at the Mandela funeral, and was just taking the time to demonstrate, and you’ll find that Boob’s Your Ankle.


Well, in that way they’d have to ban Giroud every game. HFB in shorts is pretty provocative for half the stadium, aint it?


I have never understood why a club with chicken on its logo talks about daring to do.


The return at Shite Hart Lane should be spicy.


just saw this on the arsenal website. Theo is out for the season and also the world cup. bad news.

For Gods Sake

Arsenal.com saying out for at least 6mths


Ahhh shite…
I’m blaming those coin throwing sock cookers

Tony Hall

Wenger will have to splash the cash now on a world class striker!


He is out for 6 months 🙁


What came first?… The chicken or the egg?…

….the egg.

Because the chicken was too busy getting bent over and fucked by the Arse.


Oh….. 6 months?!?

Fuck sake…


Unbelievable.. Such a shame for him, more than anything, rules him out of World Cup and would be shit if we did go on and win something for him not to be involved.

Dr jack

Theo out for at least 6 months !!!! That’s the worst news I’ve received so far this year. Am so heartbroken right now.

Merlin's Panini

Fucking hell. Not another cruciate injury, and to a player who really does something no one else can for us. Shit. I just hope it doesn’t affect his pace.
Get well soon Theo.

I wonder what that means now for January.


Theo out for 6 months! What the fark is up with this bollocks??!


nooooooooo 6 months just when he was getting back to his best.

that’s it wenger should throw the whole chequebook for a Costa etc. we can’t afford to let this chance of a title slip through our fingers because we tried to save a few million for the summer window.

thank god Gnabry is ready to step up and the Ox is only weeks away.

bet Bayern are breathing a sigh of relief.


On a more cheery note…

“Özil is a goooooner, Özil is a goooooner, la laa la la, la laa la la!”

Dennis Asiimwe

Just seem the ESPN article about Wally; ACL tear. Six months… I am gutted, I am. We will need to be ruthless on the window to survive this. He was a potent weapon with that pace of this. Wenger is going to need to react, I am afraid.


Fcuk thats bad news for theo. he was maturing into a very good player this year. important that we do not implode like before. strong mental attitude required from all at arsenal. not dis-similar to the response after bobby pires injury some years back. top strikers not easy to come by in jan. anyone think jelevic is worth a pop from everton.


Yet Anelka’s neo-Nazi salute still goes without punishment…


Next time we face spurs I wish to see every arsenal fan get up and show spurs the “2-0” apparently you can’t punish spurs fans for mocking and throwing shite at Walcott – so a more “meaningful” but kind gesture is in order!!!!


I though it would be 5pur2, But then it was 2p0rs.


Seems like the story’s become Theo showing them the scoreline.

At the time I thought he was taunting them about different numbers of fingers on each hand.

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