Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Wenger: 80% chance we’ll make a signing

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Arsenal are still looking to bring in one player before the end of the January transfer window hinting that he could strengthen his midfield options in light of Aaron Ramsey’s injury setback and Mathieu Flamini’s three game ban.

Speaking at his pre-Crystal Palace press conference the boss remarked: “We are open-minded and active, we look at the opportunities.

“We still try to bring at least one body because of Ramsey’s setback and Flamini’s suspension. A midfielder? It is one of the situations we look at it, yes.”

Asked how confident he is about making such a transfer, the boss was surprisingly optimistic stating: “I’m confident we will bring someone in today. It’s an 80% chance.”

Quite who the club are targeting remains to be seen, but it appears to be a last-ditch reactionary affair rather than a pre-planned addition. Or is it? Who knows. We don’t pretend to.

Arsenal won’t be signing Julian Draxler today though, that’s for sure. The boss says the German has been put in the headlines by the media not him, “The Draxler situation has been created by the newspapers, not by me. He will stay at Schalke.”

Naturally the transfer market isn’t like shopping at Tesco, there are all manner of complications and politics which lurk in the background, but at least we’ve not raised the white flag just yet.

Any updates on transfer news will be available via today’s LIVE BLOG. 


Quotes via @Arsenal, @James Olley & @JohnCrossMirror


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Piece of shit

Omg omg omg. Who izzit?

roof attack

the armenian u19’s 3rd choice keeper.

Fergie the Gooner

My money is on M’Vila, Melo or Kalou.

Flying Dutchman

My money is on Matuidi, and I would be very happy with it!

remember the invincibles

Paul Georges-ntep.
The name is different that Wenger has to have him.
NTEP. nightmare singing that name


Ntep was signed by Rennes days ago…..

remember the invincibles


The ghost of Peter Storey

Muzzy Izzit? I thought that he’d retured?


Returned or retired? Or perhaps both… returning to retire at Arsenal?

The ghost of Peter Storey

Typo – but could be either 🙂


It will be Grenier/Ntep/Grezmen/Mr. X PLUS Drax.

The Big boys are negotiating guys. He wont say “I want him soo much, please hike the price.”

Schalke says “He will be here”. Wenger says “Sure!”. Schalke Boss thinking: Oops, he didnt fell for it!!:O

“Hey Arsene, Buddy, we need to talk!”

Wenger is too experienced to let it all go waste for a few million. I am sure Drax is coming home!:)


Personally I’d rather he just played Podolski more often.


Please let it be an animal of a centre midfielder.

A Flamini/Kos lovechild


roof attack

Flacielny ? sounds like italian viagra!!


more like anti-viagra, sounding like flaccid

Arsene nose

Wenger you sly son of a gun..

Fergie the Gooner

That’s not the kind of statement we used to hearing from him this time of the year! Who are you and what have you done with the real Arsene?


I do hope we get a midfielder.

As much as focus is on the striker situation, Wilshere’s ankle, Ramsey’s setback, Arteta’s not exactly great form and with AOC with just a bunch of games in that position we do need someone in there.


Blaise Matuidi


Dunno why fans put themselves through the stress of believing everything they read on twitter or the newspaper. You do realise they can fabricate any story they please right? Like I said in September when people were worrying we won’t sign anyone, then he pulls out Özil – i’m sure Wenger has somebody.

Our run has been impressive considering all the injuries we’ve had, yet people are panicking for a reason I do not know.




if we don’t sign someone im gonna stab some cunts!!!


ease up gooners, its still funny 🙂


That thread was one of the more enjoyable ones I have been involved in.

cannon & ball

There can only be one explanation for this. This is an impostor!


80%-20%? We must be signing Pareto


I’m surprised so many people are keen on getting in another midfielder. I would much rather a striker or a second striker.


Actually, we will need a longterm replacement for Flamini and Arteta either now or summer.


Not really, both have several years left and wilshere/ramsey/AOC have that time to learn the trade from the experienced guys.


If ever all our players are fit there are going to be some unhappy bench-warmers

The man who would be bling

Just out of curiosity, as a ‘neutral’, do you also comment on other clubs pages?


Yoahan Gourcouf ,


Competition is a good thing. Doesnt change the fact we need a striker.

roof attack

ive got a strange feeling in my brain tank that we will sign Telekinesis, the PAOK Athen central midfielder. something tells me that its a done deal.


‘not a pre-planned addition’ i knew it that he aw wont spend a dime this transfer window and i’ll surprised if he does today..typical AW

Rosicky's sprints...

I’d also prefer sum striker then a mid…

Infidel Castro

Wenger 80% sure? He must be trolling the media and the so called knowitalls out there because everyone is scratching their heads/nuts thinking who the frick have we got lined up.


He’ll probably go back to a centre mid he’s previously targeted like Bender


To take a guess

cabaye will play at psg. Veratti wants a move to juventus, it wont happen this window so we take veratti on loan for the rest of season and compete with juve for his signature in the summer

Steve Morrow's broken bones

There was talk of yohan gourcrouf (spelling?) On a loan deal. This was on Twitter the other day, make of it as you will.

Robbie Rotten

I am personally glad he isn’t going to spunk the best part of £40m on a 20yr old who may or may not be the next RVP, when that money would be much more useful in the summer.

pirate hunter

Just when we thought we need a striker the most


Am pissed off already with wenger he probably wont sign anyone,when we need atlest 2 players especially a striker,i bet hell be like there was no top top quality,just but drexlar will ya its not your money ……a really pissed off fan

Ronald McBootysmacker

Typical Arsenal transfer window. Ozil may never have happened too — people overlook how close to the wire that was and at the time that was the last position we wanted. I love Ozil though, but still. Just saying this seems rather too familiar. Oh well, Arsene, just roll over and skimp a little and haggle to the last minute while Man City steamroller through. If I was Arsenal manager I would have absolutely given everything to sign a proven striker — Klose maybe, Berbatov second — as well as a Premier League centreback, it could be fucking Hangeland for… Read more »


This annoys me in a way because we have needed a striker since before the summer and now, with a day left, AW has decided a midfielder is the priority because our plethora of midfielders are either injured or suspended. At the end of the day we may need both, but a striker should be the absolute priority. If we don’t get one, a very good one, we’ll run out of steam and not win a trophy. I said 3 years ago that I’d be happy with another 5 years of no trophies if we became financially secure. I stand… Read more »




toni kroos anyone?


Unfortunately its looking like Kallstrom..on loan. Seriously this is a total head wrecker, he is 31, honestly what can he contribute. Wengers loan signings are always rubbish. At this stage I would take Vela back, he has an eye for the goal and we have an option of a buy back. Its not great but this is our chance to win something and Kallstrom who did not play last year is not the answer apart for Yossi our loans never work out or baptista for one or two games. I wonder is the Ozil deal papering over the cracks because… Read more »

The ghost of Peter Storey

It’s Juan Mata. He’s taken one look at David Moyes and realised what a shit manager he is with a shit squad in a shit club.


As bizarre as this might sounds, I think signing a robust midfielder in the Yaya Toure mold will be best for this team at this point in time. As much as I like our current DM tag team, I think we need another DM who combines Arteta’s positional and technical awareness with Flamini’s aggressive play style, the kind of player who can drive the team forward like Ramsey did at the beginning of the season. This doesn’t mean we do not need a clinical striker but bearing in mind that most of our goals have been coming from midfielders, reinforcing… Read more »


Paul Pogba anyone?
He confessed he’d like to play for Arsrnal, Juve in a bit of cash flow problem.

The man who would be bling

He would cost an absolute fortune. Awesome player but also seems like his ego would not fit into the Emirates Stadium, let alone some of the smaller places we would need to go.


Im gonna be pissed off if we bring in kalou….another santos or squillaci. Id rather bring in no one than shite that drains the wages


DREXLAR and RODRIGEZ from benfica and while you at it get ZOUMA its not asking for much is it?

The lost sleeves of Mathieu Flamini

Kim Källström?!?! This year’s Mikael Silvestre signing.

The ghost of Peter Storey

Slightly insulting for someone who has 108 international caps.


For Sweden. Sweden only has one good player these days, and he happens to be top notch.

Wenga boy

Sweden’s still manages to beat England eight times out of ten though, and Kallstrom is better than you’d think. Perhaps a little slow, but he’s got a good footballing head on him and a left cannon to match even Goldi Poldi. youtube the highlights from Swedens brilliant comeback against germany in the WC qualifiers, he’s very much a part of turning 4-0 down to a 4-4 draw. In Gerrmany.
Experienced, technically competent and very much the kind of loan deal Arsenal should be looking at this window, if you ask me.

Swede Goon

I would say we have only one great player, Ibrahimovic. But we also have some good players, like Kallstrom, Rasmus Elm and Toivanen. Not to sound hyper sensitive, but defining a player by their national sides’ weaknesses is not very wise. And 108 caps is pretty impressive even if it’s ‘For Sweden’. : )

The ghost of Peter Storey

He’s their equivalent of Gerrard or Lampard.


I’ve seen a lot of Sweden games actually. You’re deluded if you think this guy is a Lampard or Gerrard. He’s going out on loan because he’s hardly getting any game time in Spartak Moscow, a club far below Arsenal. He was half decent a few years ago, but now he hasn’t got a chance of competing against our current crop of central midfielders.

Ah well, I assume he’s simply a last resort kind of thing, if we get any more injuries or some such thing.

mug man

Unbeleivable, arsenal is signing, Elsharaawy and Sergio busquet, arsenal Fans will be suprised tonight. OMG!!!!!!. I have to go and celebrate cos we just won d premier league

The lost sleeves of Mathieu Flamini



Miroslav Klose

Thierry Bergkamp

With the midfield we have, it’s gotta be either a loan signing, or a special player that would fight for a place if everyone is fit. There’s no point in buying an average player to get us through this injury/suspension crisis we have


Definately should be a loan signing, can’t forget about Diaby!

If we don’t get anyone will wenger stop Frimpong leaving like Bendtner? :p


Lots of attacking mids being suggested… definately require a more defensive option! Players like Gonalons or fernando.

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

80% you say?
We may still get Draxl

clockend louis

i hope its not all a killstrom in a teacup


80% of the time, he signs every time.

Uba Ngenegbo

Its Kallstrom. The oracle Davin Ornstein has tweeted it.
How underwhelming


I believe it’s the swede too not to get too excited wenger quote “draxler staying with “shalke” we need goals mr wenger too much is put on giroud shoulders with no Ramsey Walcott the goal threat is not as good as it would be if them in squad very tough month ahead !!!


A.S (Alex Song) on his way back. Just hold bk cos of little clearance.

Rdent gunner

Reports in the US seem to confirm Dick never made it to Deutchland. He was seen leaving a Carolina hospital this morning, after recovering from a fried meat and white gravy induced coma. Apparently suffered during meetings with McCringleberry’s representatives. He has therefore been unable to perform any other transfer business. Our ‘20%’ chance of signings relies heavily on him getting to the airport without stopping for some ribs.


Didn’t Hulk land at Heathrow yesterday? Possible!


It’s kim killstrom


80% chance of signing the worst midfielder we possibly could get..
And here I was hoping for a huge buy, so we could win the treble 🙂
Well well :/

Swede Goon

Kim Kallstrom is an excellent player, not a bad one. He is technically gifted and has a good left foot. He would probably just be a loan anyway, at 31 he would not be a long term signing.


You are living in 2006.

Swede Goon

No I’m not. You lose only speed over 30, and he was never fast, so why is he not a good signing, considering I have watched him play most of his games for Sweden and think he is a good player, as much so now as he was then. Although, I must say 2006 was a good year, not for football reasons though, it was the year I burned a cabin down north of Uppsala when I was drunk while my girlfriend and I had to walk to a village with no clothes (we do not sleep with pajamas). :… Read more »

Chris Ode ( Unsigned gunner)

Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy? Must we wait till the last day of the window before we get someone. Can’t take the pressure anymore. Omg my heart. Someone pls help me………..beep,beep,beeeeeeeeee………….


As your doctor i advise you to roll up a fat one and smoke it. All of it.

Petit Emanuel

Hi guy. We need more a thread in attact such as Ronaldo, Messi, Iza. We need to score. Remember when RVP was here our defence was not good. Now this is sorted but not scoring enough. Just imagine our squad with Suarez up front.


Yes, I’m sure Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, and Suarez are all available for peanuts this window and it’s just up to us to pick which one we want to sign.

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