Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Wenger still eyeing Sagna deal

Arsene Wenger has again reiterated his desire to extend Bacary Sagna’s contract but admits a deal is yet to be done with the experienced French international.

Free to talk to rival clubs about a transfer in the summer, the 30-year-old is believed to have a host of suitors with Manchester City the latest side rumoured to be monitoring Arsenal’s stuttering negotiations.

The rumour, which originated in the Daily Star before being taken for a steak dinner by the Metro, remains unsubstantiated although the suggestions we’ve only offered a two-year contract on the player’s current £60,000 a week deal do sound very ‘Arsenal’.

Quite why we’ve not offered him £300,000 a week, three unicorns and free Netflix for life is beyond us, but given Arsene played hard ball with the likes of Dennis, Bobby, Freddie and a host of other veterans it’s not unusual behaviour.

“We try to secure Sagna’s [deal] because he is a very important player,” said the boss this morning. “He is fully committed and will be as long as he stays here.”

Sagna has averaged just under 38 games a season since moving to the Emirates from Auxerre in 2007 and twice been named in the PFA Premier League Team of the Season. He is, for want of a better turn of phrase, a f**king warrior.

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Bacary “Samurai” Sagna..


Bacary “BEAST” Sagna


I dont get why arsene isnt looking at norwichs Steven Whittaker as a replacement for bacary if he leaves, hes a mean right back who reminds me of a young Cafu in his prime



Only other world class RBs in the league are Zabaleta, Coleman and Walker (but he’s a cunt).


Why would that post have thumbs down is beyond me. Zabaleta and Coleman are quality!




He put Walker’s name in, he’s rubbish.


Walker? Hahahahaha.


Walker has a face like an owl


One-legged Sagna > Walker


Walker….world class…..a world class c*nt

Igor Stepanov's career

How is Coleman world class?

He has had a decent 6 months but that doesn’t make you world class.

Cyril Washbrook

The perfect replacement for Sagna would be QPR’s Luke Young. At 34, he has plenty of experience, is a former England international, and has been tested in the Premier League. He hasn’t played a minute of competitive football since 2012 but that’s a bonus for us, because it makes it all the more likely that Redknapp will allow him to go.

I think we should also go and get Chris Samba to shore up the centre-back position. Only joined Dinamo Moscow a few months ago but I reckon a cheeky bid of £15-20 million or so should swing it.


Is this a joke?


Ya see this guy knows about the signings!


I never understood brackets in a quote. “We try to secure Sagna’s [deal]?”

Anyway, need to resign the bac. If you ask me the most consistent player of this season, it has to be Bac. Hasn’t put a foot wrong. Reliable. Isn’t he always?


implied meaning that wasn’t actually said


Also used very often when the subject speaks English as a second (or third) language.

Mesut Aussie

Is Sagna…. is Awesome!


Heard that Monaco have offered him £120,000 a week.

Not offering him an increase on £60,000 sounds a bit mad, but £120,000 is blooming insane in my opinion.

I would really hate to see him go, but we can’t offer him that money – and frankly as he is entering his thirties he would be mad to turn down that kind of moolah.


And then there’s the thing that in monaco it’s tax free… But honestly, they are shit and I can’t really imagine him going there.


I think he will also listen to his wife when making the decision. I have some weird fantasies about it


I thought the French FA were going to force Monaco to follow regulations other French clubs face. Not knowledgeable about Ligue 1 but I’m sure this idea gets a lot of traction from the dozen or so other clubs who don’t get to run off with free money.


That shouldn’t be an issue anymore as Monaco agreed a few days ago to make a one-off payment of €50 million for the right to keep participating in the French league while being exempt from the country’s tax laws.


Wenger likes a warrior/hard as nails right back (Sagna, Lauren). If Frimmers still has the knees i’d have been tipping him to be converted.

Jenko doesn’t look mean enough.


The guy has stuck around when Fab, Clichy, Nasri, skunk have all left. alittle bit of thanks for sticking around “£80k 2yr contract” wouldn’t hurt!.


I would say that a three year contract is more deserved. His attitude since arrival, and his continued performances this season despite the unsurety of his contract, has been of an absolute professional. So we know that even if his body starts failing him, he will never become “deadwood” simply because of his mental attitude. Furthermore, he hasn’t shown any of the signs of aging: still as quick as before, still as consistent as before (last year was a blip), hasn’t been injury prone at all this season and still has that “Fuck this shit, if you aint gonna score,… Read more »


I agree. He’s loyal, a hard worker and utterly reliable. Whenever he’s been out injured we’ve looked a little less secure. He’s been my favourite player for ages. But then so was Pires, so I’m not holding my breath on him being offered a good new deal.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Why would Man $hitty want Sagna when they already have Zabaleta who is arguably just as good?

They’re just trying to unsettle both the player and the team during this difficult situation… the cunts.


I thought it was obvious that manc had a hard on for any former gunners: ade, clichy, vieira, nasri, I csnt remember.


Them signing Trixi might mean they’ve now got the hots for Spain.

pauly bear

3year deal minimum . Get it sorted wenger


Not only is he one of the best right-backs, he’s also proved that he can play at CB if need be. Very important to tie him down for atleast 3 more years.


As long as he stays here…. that sounds ominous – don’t want to lose him but he needs to do what he feels is right. I wish we would value our seasoned players more.


sagna out carbajal in

Bergkamp fan

Rakesh out, any human in.


Why restrict it to humans? Rakesh out, any living creature in the universe in.


This is down to the player, not the club. I’m not one to defend the club but in this instance I think sagna wants away for the money simple as that.
We can’t offer the type of money he will get from a signing on fee plus wages.
At 30 he will probably go to city. Arsenal fans in particular need to get over the fact that most players are mercenaries and sagna will be no different.


Seamus Coleman is the answer. Sign him. SIGN HIM !!

Igor Stepanov's career

Everton will demand £20m, I think only Man Utd are desperate enough to pay that.


Praying he signs again. Hes been a constant purveyor of quality to our team and I find it hard to think of anyone good enough to fill his boots.


i honestly don’t like the lad

gunner for ever

ohhhhhh what a controversy!!! Sagna has been a real fighter for us and i am not sure how he will respond if those crazy clubs with unlimited pocket give him a huge salary plus 3 or 4 years contract.i think salary and contract length wise,we can not compete with this mega rich clubs. I REALLY WANT sagna to extend his contract and play for us while sharing his experience for other members of the squad but when i see that he is in a position to negotiate his final lucrative contract in a big league,the chance of him staying with… Read more »


Wow what a controversy, maybe we should sack someone, it’s a scandal.


Bould out!


as over inflated as player salaries are – lets be realistic here – Sagna is a key key player, and more importantly one who would be extremely difficult and expensive to replace. £60k week in the context of the modern football contract is a surprisingly low amount to be offering one of our best and most consistent performers for many years now who is showing no signs of slowing down (albeit with a slightly longer recovery time from injuries)

gooners n roses

If there are other clubs offering more than 100k per week with atleast 2 year contract, its hard to think he’ll stay. Loyalty aside, he has given all he can and if we fail to win major trophies this year, he’ll be probably off. I really hope it wont turn out that way.


Duncan Castles was reporting we’d offered a three year deal on 80k which, if true, would be cocking marvellous. Couldn’t see where he’d got his facts from mind…

If we lost him it’d be a real blow as a replacement of his quality would cost, er, lots.


I hope he stays, but if he is (understandably) lured elsewhere for his last contract Sebastian Corchia at Sochaux is the bollocks (and only 2.5m!)1


Most players are not mercenaries…they are just doing what is right for them and their family. If I had the opportunity to double my salary and play for another prestigious club (albeit not the oney heart is at) I would do it too. He’s a class player and we need to respect him in that sense. Should he leave – I for one would be gutted – but I will also wish him the very best. Will he regret leaving if he does? Most likely – I still hold hope for him to sign – but kudos to him for… Read more »


I know it’s a Wenger/Arsenal thing with players over 30, but I think we got rid of Bobby a season or two early so I hope we don’t make the same mistake again with the Bac.

He’s a tough one to replace

bacary's right leg

But in the context of reality 60k a week a fuck ton of money. So it’s not like he is strapped for cash and needs a pay rise.


This. I hate it when pundits/media say about ‘their last contract’ as if they have been on minimum wage for 20 years!

They earn more in three years than most people will earn in a lifetime.


Ah, so thats what the brackets are for…it makes some of the things people interviewed said look pretty strange…

Anyway, renew with Bacary [Solid] Sagna! (See what I did there)..
Most solid right back in the world [in my opinion].


All this talk of RBs makes me wonder what Lauren’s up to. He’d bring a quiet dignity (borne of a successful career) that fits well with our current coaching bigwigs. Him + Bould = never concede another goal.

murray's whale ale

He deserves a bumper new contract just based on that hair alone


For me no player in the squad deserves a trophy to his name more than Sagna, Mr. Consistent on the pitch over the last 7 years.

Sagna is one of those players you know will not let you down, when I see a forward up against him the outcome is simple, Sagna wins.

I can understand the Club not wanting to pay astronomical wages but surely he’s worth more than 60K a week? We will definitely get 2 more seasons from him too, he’s in great physical condition and hasn’t lost any pace it would seem…Please make this fucking happen!


Him and Tomas Rosicky. Loyal as anything and endlessly hard workers. Stuck with us through the difficult years and deserve to stay long enough to have their loyalty repaid in the currency of trophies, medals and praise.

sam k

One of only a handful of players I can honestly say I’d wish the best of luck if he decided to leave. Genuine, hard working reliable defender. He has probably run more miles in an Arsenal shirt than most players in their careers.

Desperately hope he stays

Thin Gooner

Dont you just love La Sagna

Die Hard Gunner



Bac is the only solution for the right back at this time & still has alot to offer the club.


Can we start a letter writing campaign on behalf of Bacary to the club? If so, is there an email we should use and is there a letter template we could folllow?


online petition?


Does Sagna have his own chant from the stands? If he doesn’t, he needs one.


Hope he stays still one of the best RB’s in world football. Won’t be happy if he joins fucking man shitty.


No way, would he do a nasri? Hope he signs.


free netflix for life lolz

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