Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Extraordinary Kallstrom injury story emerges

Via David Orstein comes the story of Kim Kallstrom’s injury problem. The BBC reporter has revealed that Kallstrom hurt his back playing beach football with Spartak Moscow on Tuesday.

He informed Arsenal of the problem when he arrived and underwent an MRI scan which showed no damage. A CT scan revealed the back injury.

The medical staff then informed Arsene Wenger of the prognosis – which appears to be that he’ll miss ‘at least’ 6 games – but the manager gave the go ahead to make the signing anyway.

It’s very difficult to understand the thinking on this. A 31 year old midfielder who could provide instant back-up makes sense, but to sign an injured player to provide cover for injured players … it’s just so odd.

We think we might have a drink to try and figure this one out. A pint of brandy should do it.

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This could get ugly….


Toxic. It would have been better had Arsene not tried to sign anyone. He reportedly wouldn’t spend a few extra million on Draxler but he’s more than happy to sign an injured player and pay his salary. My guess is he arrived and then told them of the injury. And out of pure desperation Arsene just said sign him up. Apparently, Arsenal were making loads of calls in the last few hours of the window. Abysmal planning. Beyond belief.


We’re signing injured players and loaning out healthy ones.


Totally agree. A case of very bad transfer window planning by Wenger.


I am a bit drunk, but nobody, f*cking nobody speaks ill of Monsieur Wenger. Period.


I am a bit drunk as well and if this story is true, Its a bollocks situation!

DL Gooner

It’s more a case of Spartak Moscow being cheeky bastards sending a man in an iron lung so we can pay his wages and fix him with our medical team. He’ll probably be fit just in time to return to Spartak. Those russians mush be laughing their holes off.

raron aamsey

You don’t actually know that about Draxler. The story that we wouldn’t pay the equivalent of his release clause comes from John Cross, who knows fuck all about the details and only wrote that to stir up shit because that’s what journalists have to do in the age of the internet. Another story come out today is that Schalke couldn’t find a replacement (note that the Holtby deal fell through) so refused to sell Draxler. That comes from Jan Aage Fjorfoft, who you should pay much more attention to than tabloid hacks. This story is definitely an odd one but… Read more »


Draxler aside, this makes no sense. Top, top logic with a handbrake.


According to Jan Aage Fjorfoft’s twitter:

“My view. Based on my information.

Bayern Munich managed to stop the Draxler-deal by saying “we take him in the summer”



Jan Aage Fjorfoft also tweeted earlier today that the Draxler deal fell through because Bayern came in and said keep him for now we’ll buy him in the summer, according to his sources, so…there you go…


Why is Fjortoft considered such a realiable source? He’s got pretty much everything wrong in the past 6 months.



Raekwon The Chef

Why are all our transfer windows so badly managed and last minute. Why can’t we just get our signings earlier in the month. Look at Everton, they secured their signings with Traore and Mcgeady earlier in the month. It’s not fucking rocket science.


I don’t know much about Traore, I’ve been watching Aiden McGeady his whole career, he will not improve a top half Premier League squad.

Alex Cutter

Not really the point, is it?


Actually, it is the point. Why would we rush to buy players, just for the sake of buying players so we could say we got our business done? TV’s right, McGeady won’t add anything to Everton and he certainly wouldn’t have improved us. We wouldn’t buy the quality we needed, so we didn’t buy anyhting at all. And that’s exactly the way it should be. We’ll open the bank book when, and only when, the right player becomes available.


*couldn’t*, not wouldn’t.


what was the point then? we could’ve done better. we lost.park, we SHOULD have signed the Hong Kong captain, Sam young Ho.
that would help us against ribery and later when we face benzema.


I’m sorry but this is up there with the Ali Dia signing. We’ll be a fucking laughing stock, if we’re not already!


Yep, we are a laughing stock, sitting 2nd in the league, still in the FA cup and in the champions league knockout phase. What a laughing stock of a club we are. Who would even want to support us. Get your head out of your fucking arse. Transfer window is over, let’s get over it and watch the football, which is the whole reason we support the Arsenal. Fuck I hate the transfer window. It’s not bloody football manager and we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Everybody just needs to stop guessing. Like any business, the company… Read more »


I was referring to our transfer policy, if you can call it that. Look at the comments above and get the general feeling of the guys. I think we’re slightly embarrassed. Clearly we’re in 2nd and vying for everything else and are gonna do well BUT this is at best odd. Simply: why sign an injured player?


Let’s talk about that in exactly 4 weeks time…….


Football is entertainment, in which we have moments of joy and sorrow, hope and fear, pride and embarrassment, beauty and Dowie.

Wenger has just provided a bit of farce in the half time interval. He is the consummate entertainer, a French version of the Chuckle Brothers.


If you at our rivals in the title race… Just look at what Chelsea did in the window (Zouma!, Salah, Matic) and the ridiculous squad Man City have… Arsenal have missed an opportunity to strengthen the squad, to give the club the depth and lift needed in an attritional title challenge. Our 1st team out and out strikers are : Giroud (1st choice), Bendtner (2ND CHOICE!! fuuuuuck), and bloody Yaya Sanogo who has played what 2or3 games? We loaned out Afobe, Park and Akpom too! The only transfer made in summer window is an injured 31 year old past his… Read more »


Or, Kallstrom could be the next Ljungberg. For fucks sakes, wait until he’s played a game before you slag him off.


This is quickly becoming one of the more bizarre signings we’ve made…


I’m not gonna even try to figure this one out. I’m having that drink (or two, if you know what I mean) and we’ll see tomorrow. Just get the points to shut everybody up FFS

Android Gooner

Can someone say Squid 2!

cannon & ball

Not bizzare at all. The medical department at Arsenal run a strictly one in one out policy. Means we’re gonna get one back without risking any of the fit first teamers. Obvious really. Arsene is Cunning!


It is certainly up there with the Park transfer. Crazy.

Tzar Nicklas

Wenger knows best

Why is my name required

Ohh Arsene, he prefers on the cheap or loan
but what he gets is an injury prone.


IT seems blogs wasn’t the only one drunk yesterday #leboss 😉


It’s not really surprising, Arsenals transfer dealing have reeked of incompetence for many, many windows. Forget about Ozil, they were probably just very lucky to pull it off. I don’t know why any club waits for the last days of the transfer window, and certainly not Arsenal, who you’d think might have learned from previous experiences. Nevermind the excuses Wenger will be (and has been) rolling out because that is just what they are, excuses. In the Blog, Arseblogger asked who we could have signed that any other club signed (on the last day, but throughout the window seems also… Read more »


Koscielny, giroud, mertesacker, arteta, flamini, ramsey, cazorla, podolski, eduardo, sagna.

Reeking of incompetence right there. Compare that to what Liverpool supporters are used to, or even manu.

We do not have the financial resources to refresh our squad every year.

Its a fucking transfer window. No one knows whether the Draxler deal was even actually happening or not. Why get your hopes dashed by (for all intents and purposes) an illusion and then use that as a beating stick to bash the manager? Fuck you guys, enjoy the football.


I don’t care about the Drawler deal, I care about reactive buying, leaving it late, not buying anyone when the club clearly needs certain players. Wenger’s done a fantastic job at Arsenal, but too many transfer windows go by where they try to do something, and try, and try, then fail with comedy bids. If they were willing to pay 43M for Ozil, they should have offered 50M for Suarez. Can you imagine Arsenal with a player of Suarez quality up front?

If Arsene only buys that rare special player, how come he found two of them at cash-starved Malaga?


Bullshit we don’t have the financial resources!

We are only behind Bayern in the Deloitte rich league! 6th richest club in the world.

People trying to make out that Arsenal are in the same financial class as Fulham are mental and delusional!

We aren’t Real Madrid, or Chelski or City. But the Arsenal are much wealthier than Liverpool for example, or Everton. There are only 3 teams in the league with more financial resources than ourselves.


No, by the tone of you, you are looking forward to be proving right.
That way, you’ll tell the whole world how incompetent the club and manager were.

By the way, Zouma won’t play for Chelsea now because he
was loan back to the selling club until Summer.

jack jack jack

Le Boss works in mysterious ways.


I’m not a U2 fan, but for some reason, I sang-read this post…..


Wow that didn’t take long.

To pass medical you must first fail it.

Wenger have you been reading arseblog? hahaha this is all too funny


Why do you sound so happy about it? You sound like you’ve been waiting for a chance to gloat. Oh wait…you’ve been doing that for some time. Come on mate, get behind the team and the manager like a proper Gooner I know you are


Park 2.0-story?


Followed by ‘Park Returns’, due out summer 2014.


Hey give park some credit. he didn’t sign injured! and he’s a war veteran!


raron aamsey

He’s here to provide great mental strength


Just got back from flight from Sydney. Missed deadline day excitement. Lucky we signed what we needed up front and at CB cover though eh, given this fuck up.

*checks internet*


Stuart Steele

Sigh. Life.

the only sam is nelson



Bizarre! Simply can’t understand the logic behind it.


don’t even try mate!
its top top top logic!


logic with a handbrake


lol yeah

A Yank


It’s February and it’s Arsenal.


Fucking ridiculous. This is indefensible. He basically just signed a dummy to appease the fans


How would this signing appease the fans? If he knew he was injured, the backlash would obviously be far greater than if we’d signed nobody. I’m sure there’s a logical, reasonable explanation for the signing. Now excuse me while I clutch these straws a little tighter.


If February games goes the usual way like the past 8 years, there should be no acceptable excuse from AW. It’s beginning to look like he’s totally lost it with this signing.


A player signed on a six month loan deal ostensibly brought in to provide immediate cover for a stretched position is out injured for 6 weeks, and was knowingly bought in this state.

I am confused.


So this dude is out for six weeks and Ramsey is out for six weeks. Sweet!


Kallstrom is out for 6 games not 6 wks.


And that is some good news? What a fucking relief!


Realistically, I think we will have to wait until closer to the time to get a more definite idea on the extent of the injury and the return (how many times has ‘two weeks’ before three, four, etc.

It’s tragic, I know, but you almost have to laugh at the fact that it’s not impossible we find Ramsey back in action before Kallstrom.


Typical stingy Wenger. He’s killing this club if this story is fucking true!


So bizarre, almost as bizarre as the Park signing

Rad Carrot

We have no idea what we’re doing.


Hard to argue. We’ve brought him in for cover in midfield, seemingly ignoring the need to provide cover for Giroud and (as Blogs has repeatedly said) at centreback. One, relatively unknown signing, and now it emerges we’ve done it with a player who offers cover for nowt?? Absolutely bizarre and honestly very disappointing. I’d rather we’d have signed no one than to take up a squad spot with a player who won’t play for some time.


I think Arsene has forgotten what to do in the transfer window.


i think this was his weird way of protesting the existence of the jan window.


Surely the very definition of “failing a medical”.

Also, where’s the logic in an injured player providing cover for injured players? By the time he returns, Flamini will be unsuspended, Wilshere might be back, Chamberlain will have found match fitness. Bizarre rationale. This club, eh.

paa tommy

turned out to be flamini, Ramsey n wilshere providing cover for him rather

i don't comment here often

We do seem to have an avant-garde approach to transfers these days.


Brandy knows best.


say no more…


Mansion House Brandy for you! Cheers from India. Kick up a Kall-storm!! 😛


A panic buy in it’s finest form, can’t believe what I’m reading.

Virginia Goon

Right, this went from just being stale, to bloody rotten. Shame really, but hey we watch, we support, we hope. It ain’t over till it’s over, and as someone mentioned this team has fight. Per, Jack, Sags, Tomas, Flamini, Özil will come, see Cardiff. We just have to buckle down, and clean up the mistakes we’ve made in games lost, and won. We can do this COYG.


What a circus. In truth, you have to wonder about our exec’s time management – surely the transfer window could have been managed more effectively. Reminds me of the time Dick Law spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica chasing around Joel Campbell.


Smoking top notch cigars with some fine Mezcala and probably a stunning dark haired woman who had some large bags of the neighbours highest rated powdery produce. Dick Law, I salute you!

emir of emirates

Hahaha..his Dick took Laws into hiss hands…haha, something obviously needs to. change


Wenger must be thinking about the final quarter of the season rather than the immediate future. If he thinks the lads we have can get us through February and then Kallstrom comes back and keeps the squad going till the end of the season.


Right. After we negotiate two months of fixture hell. Then the reinforcements come in.

the only sam is nelson

Perhaps Park was only allowed to go to Watford on loan once Arsenal had confirmed Kallstrom as their weird “WTF” signing. Clearly it’s in the rules that we have to have a squad member that baffles the fuck out of everyone as to what was going on when they were signed.


No words.


That was two words actually


Smoking top notch cigars with some fine Mezcala and probably a stunning dark haired woman who had some large bags of the neighbours highest rated powdery produce. Dick Law, I salute you!


Da fuck is going on?

Surely there was another experienced midfielder way past his prime out there to pick up as cover.

I’ll bring the pitchforks.


If he misses just 6 games, then it’s not a big deal. He’s a loan signing, and the reckoning probably was having him available to play some games is better than nothing. It’s all a bit underwhelming, but not as remarkable are some are making it out to be.

wembley gooner

Only AFC could do this to us fans….

YouTube Graduate

That’s literally true…

Mr Eko!

This is all Arsene’s fault in my opinion.
This makes him look foolish.


I will be damned,so why the hell did we sign him? we’ve been had guys!!!

biafran arse

Why was he signed? Why was giruod signed? even jenkenison, cos they re handsome..period


Think I might follow piers Morgans for the next few days

Captain's Armband

Never, ever follow that guy.


Clearly this news has upset people enough to be suicidal


Well hardly surprising, this is BOLLOCKS!


Try following @shitfaced_redassed_tossing_baboon on twitter instead. You’re more likely to get a more coherent and logical argument from the baboon than Morgan.


You think we are going to get a coherent and logical explanation for this?




Very, very strange. He might as well of taken a gamble on promoting one of the kids. Paying the wages for an injured player for the next 6 months is a weird one

michael carmichael

Perhaps just a lot of optimism from arsene for Kim to regain fitness quickly and slot right in, or could be too much pressure to bring someone in after he couldn’t land his other targets.

Either way, we can’t miss something we’ve never had so lets just get on with this season and hope we continue pushing for the title.


Weird, but there there should be some method to this madness. Does this mean Ramseys injury issue is much worse than we have been told and by the time Kallstrom’s injury was discovered, it was too late for another replacement?
Or may be Arsene just playing Mother Theresa… god knows….


I think that’s what happened. BBC reported that Arsenal were making loads of calls near the very end of the window. All of January and then this. Highest ticket prices in the league.

paa tommy

I keep calling him calcium in my head..damn it


Well I keep calling him Kim Kadarshian.. worse…


He probably has a calcium deposit in his back or something.


The only thing that makes sense to me is that we’re harvesting him for parts. Powerful left foot and healthy left ankle for Wilshere, right ankle for Diaby, knee ligaments for Walcott, hair for Steve Bould…

German Gunner

Brain for AW


Diaby needed friends


he’s a top, top loner.

Captain's Armband

He’s already got Sanogo.


well that lasted long….

Trevor Peoples

Venger is taking the piss out of us dedicated Gooners.
Fulham sign Mitroglu.
Hull sign Shane Long.
Benteke was there to buy.
we buy a washed up injured 31 year old.
give me a fucking break.
he may as well just deliver the trophy to Man City himself.
so disappointed

jack jack jack

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if we’d have bought Chris Samba we would be European Champions by now. And what do we get? Mesut bleedin’ Özil. Pathetic. He’s not nearly tall enough to be good at football.


Jack you are pathetic with your jokes… Samba and Ozil issue its past,now we got another problem we did not resolve this in right way! Arseblog,do you really think that Kallstrom is better solution than Long? You never see him playing with guys like Arsenal team,cant be sure how it could work. My dream (which never come true) is Le Fondre join us! I think its natural talent and really admire him. Better than Sanogo? I dont know, but not injury-pron, so you can used him! That’s a lot better than f…. hospital… Gervinho,Park, Chamakh, everyone got his favorites… deliver… Read more »

dink arnold

Some things I laugh at way more than I should. This was one of those things,

Shane Long..


I laugh at you arnold.


Everyone has their opinion, from what I’ve seen of Shane Long he is the closest thing to Giroud in the PL. A big strong CF who makes life difficult for the opposition CBs and would likely make a good foil for our goalscoring midfielders to play off. He scored today.

but we all know what opinions are like…


Where fire us Kim Kallstrom to?
just ask

dink arnold

That’s a great Yoda impression


Yoda thanks arnold
Any football impressions from you? no? I knew. Guys like you use football to hate other people only thats all.
I spend sometime in England,and i have been abused just because I’m Arsenal fan by cunts who even didint know names of players of the team they support…. It doest mean all English are idiots,that’s mean you are one of that cunts.


That last sentence is a keeper

Desert Fox

Anyone else read this in a really angry, high-pitched voice?


time of month?




recall coquelin or aneke from their loans..thats the best we can do right now..preferably coquelin.


Coquelin is injured last time I checked…


Can’t. Djourou, Coquelin, and Campbell don’t have the requisite clauses in their loan contracts. And I think emergency loans only work when it’s within the same FA.


well aneke seems to be doin good at crewe..recall him..we need someone asap..thats our only real plausible option right now.


Rosicky has played in a deeper role for Wenger in the past, specifically in that more aggressive box-to-box role that Ramsey and Wilshere have mainly filled this year.

Desert Fox

Player does well at Crewe – 2 divisions below the Prem – and you want to bring him back to fire us to glory?

Fuck me. All for being optimistic, but transfer windows really brings out the worse in people.


Last time Arsene had taken such a risk was with Bischoff , well that lad wentoff after the season got over.
Storm passing by?




I’ve defended this signing since it was made but this is just.. WHAT!?

Perry S.

I hate the Internet.


maybe we may all understand at the end of our glass


oh well, you no what they say, he who laughs last gathers no moss.


and a bird in the hand will crap in your palm

Özil Gummidge

You can’t win anything without a Swede.

jack jack jack

United got in Henrik Larsson in 2007, we get in Kallstrom. Before Kallstrom there was Freddie, before Freddie there was Limpar. You can’t win anything without a Swede.


this would be tragicomedy of the finest grade

Thierry Bergkamp

This makes no sense! I could understand it if it was Messi.. when he is finally fit, he probably won’t play because players are back


Ok then. Sooooooooooooo………..


Kallstrom was signed to make up for the loss of Park. We need one singular player in the squad at all times.

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