Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sanogo starts: Arsenal v Liverpool teams

Arsenal: Fabianski; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal; Arteta, Flamini; Chamberlain, Ozil, Podolski; Sanogo

Subs: Viviano, Sagna, Gibbs, Wilshere, Cazorla, Gnabry, Giroud

Liverpool: Jones, Flanagan, Skrtel, Agger, Cissokho, Gerrard, Allen, Coutinho, Suarez, Sterling, Sturridge

Subs: Mignolet, Toure, Moses, Henderson, Kelly, Aspas, Teixeira

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Wake me up, Yaya Sanogo


Wilshere understands fan pressure but wenger clearly couldn’t be arsed!


One thing that can be said, this is a very direct team, with Ozil the touch of subtlety. Only x factor for me is Sanogo, let’s see how he does.
I’m actually keen to see how we do, this team will play fewer triangles and perhaps there might even be a run in behind or two.


Idk, Arteta Flamini in mc should be enough to control the midfield defensively and it gives us a chance to see sanogo in action = much needed break for giroud the gk swap around is pretty much fine fabianski aint a bad keeper and finally fucking poldi is on the pitch, enough of the team are trying to impress here i make it a 2-1 win, flamini had better organise the fucking set pieces




Wenger takes some gamble that surprises everyone and even himself i reckon. Did’nt he see chelsea and citeh put their strong teams just yesterday regardless of the impending UCL? If he wants to win the F A cup the wednesday team is the one you put but if you’re gambling for a win then this is the team you start. Lets see…..


Not too confident about the fullbacks… Glad Poldi starts!


Also, I’m not a fan of Arteta – Flamini


They were good against Napoli in the fall.


I think, against Liverpool, Jenkinson’s pace could be very useful


Nice to see sanogo get a sniff!


Well nevermind. On to the next one.

aussie gooner

pretty much, why rest cazorla? when we are clearly not good enough to beat bayern? i know, i know 3-3 aggregate last year and all that, but clearly won’t happen again. so now we are gonna get smashed by bayern and get knocked out of the fa cup in the space of a week.

what a spit in the face of the fans


Yep, onto Everton it is.


I hope you guys have the grace to be bit embarrassed now. But you probably don’t.


Arrrrgh, why Monreal???!!!


I agree – bad move starting Monreal.

afolabi ademakinwa

Whr is Bendt?

Özil with a Grudge

ahmmm, Jenkinson with Monreal … Someone get me some smelling salts

gooner odst

4-3-3? or 4-4-2. Anyway whatever it is, Sanogo has a chance to make a name for himself here.


This is a weak team. Movement in midfield will be close to zero. Result can be predicted.

Dr Öö

Not by you


A couple of Jenko chants:

Jenkinson, superstar!
The reason why we sold Fabregas. (Tom Hark)

Feed the woooooorld, let them know it’s Jenko time!…

Petit's Handbag

Cazorla is now fit apparently……
This next week is gonna be tough but stick with it lads…I’m saying that because I know today won’t end well


Oh boy

I miss Bergkamp

Well our A-/B+ team vs their full strength squad. I guess Wenger isn’t taking the FA Cup that seriously this year either. While that is a good thing, this was an opportunity to right a humiliation, I hope the kids are up to it.
Not sold on the Flamini-Arteta pairing. One needs to get more offensive and provide an outlet in the final third which I haven’t seen either do much in their Arsenal careers. At least it should provide more of an (armored) screen in front of the back line.

Der Springer

Our A+ team got slaughtered by Liverpool last week and was less than inspiring mid-week so I don’t see how a major retooling is evidence of not respecting the Cup.


And our so-called B+ team just won through to the quarterfinals. Honestly, the negativity in this thread just stuns me.


Arteta and Flamini starting together again? I will start Flamini and Ox and leave out Arteta. I will start Gnabry on the flank.


Well you are not Arsene Wenger. Stop playing manager and get behind the team.


riiight so your willing to remove a good passer and disciplined defensive mid in Arteta before throwing gnabry to the wolves in right midfield with JENKINSON behind him? brilliant tactical plan in the making here, whats next? Ox? ok so he did well and hes a talent, but we just got mauled by this team and your proposing to put our less centrally experienced midfield in? id say Arsene has got it about right for the players we have fit, Ramsey and walcott are out and this is about our best ‘solid’ 11 we can field fit, I second the… Read more »


I think that line up caught most of us by surprise. Bendtner isn’t even on the bench? Is he injured? I must admit, I’m a tad worried about that line up


wenger is saving bendtner for bayern munich


Good job Arsenal have lots of strikers to replace Giroud is his head is all over the place.


DOo you mean an unproven striker?

lady nina

wheres bendtner!


Blogs, is Nicky ill or juat left out mgrs decision?

VeryXerioz Gunner

This squad is filled with too many young players. Lets hope we dont get punished for trying to instill confidence in them. Am sure le Prof knows what he is doing tho. Gunners for FA cup finals


What about Bedtner? Not even on the subs. Is Wenger Readying him for the big game on Wed?

Cornish Gooner

Where’s Bendtner? Anyone know? Surely he should be starting ahead of Yaya. Looking at the lineups I’m struggling to think we’ll gain much confidence from this game!


Oh…..Lord……please give us the strength to not let this turn into an American Football game score.


If we lose today…We HAVE to win on Wednesday


Deja Vu.


If we win today…we are going to want to do that anyway


calm down gunners…its a tatical masterstroke put up by wenger. we are winning this one. coyg!!!!


Interested to see how Sanogo plays. It could be a good thing as for all we know he could be a play-on-the-shoulder type striker, making runs in behind, therefore giving Ozil the chance to shine putting balls through for him. COYG!

baba ijebu

get behind the team lads and quit moaning


If we’re going to rotate why not give Ozil a rest? I thought he looked exhausted towards the end of the Manchester United game.


The Specialist In Failure has just thrown away the FA Cup with that line-up.


Go rim Mourinho.


Did you come up with that one all by yourself?


You think?


Great prediction, Danny. What team do you support, now?


Where’s Rosicky?


Where’s Rosicky?


Interesting selections to say the least, but perfectly understandable. A few Shitty ‘non-regulars’ played yesterday and have given Pellegrini something to think about because they played well. It is a chance for some of ours to do the same for our manager. COYG!


Somewhat doubtful on the Monreal-starter, but VERY glad to see Podolski start again. Sanogo might make a good name for himself too, so this might be interesting.


Really Wenger? Chelsea, Manu, Spurs, are all out of this cup this represented a great opportunity to go for it but with that line-up will be very hard. As much as struggled last week, why Monreal is starting is beyond me specially when Liverpool is putting their best team out there.


Liverpool are not playing Bayern Munich this Wednesday! Get behind the team!


Have you heard the phrase that includes the words ‘eat humble pie’? Don’t care if you have or have not: get feeding!


Really am neutral on this game. Feels like when we used to play the kids in the Carling Cup games a few years back.

After the mauling last weekend, I’m just hoping for a respectable scoreline . Lose and it’s less fixtures , win and well, you never know.

Interesting to see what Sanogo can offer……

So let the game begin.


Feels good doesn’t it!

Sanogo got better as the game wore on. I like him.


Would have rather seen Ox next to Flamini, and Gnabry on the right. Really not keen on Flam – Arteta…
But anyway, lets be positive and hope they’re all up for the best! Good luck Sanogo! Come on you Gunnersss, im cheering for u!


What the what?!? Worried abou Arteta- Flamini. Monreal clearly couldn’t handle Liverpool last time. Sanogo Poldi does make sense though.

Der Springer

I’m happy with this line-up. Not sure how well it will do but it is certainly a shake up to an offense that looked devoid of imagination lately.
Cross fingers.


Go Sanogo!

At least we’ll get to see what he’s all about. Wenger is a bit hit and miss with strikers. When he hits, he hits big time.

Let’s hope he’s the new Pele.


Really looking forward to seeing what Yaya is capable of. Come on you reds!


Stop moaning guys.. Let’s hope will do our best to crash down that team with that cunt up front with the stupidest goal celebration I’ve ever seen.. What a bollock he is.. C’mon Kos.. Put him in your pocket man.. You owe it to him..


Where is Rosicky?


To Blur’s ‘Coffe and TV’

So give me Yaya and Poldi…easily
Seems like we are 6-0 up
This is so bloo-deee ee-asy!

I’ll get my coat.


We’ve got Everton at home in the next round if we get through


Glad that Giroud is out but Carzola! We will be whipped!


If we win we be at home to everton


and you be at home listening to beyonce getting beaten up by Shawn.
One game at a time.


Whinge whinge whinge. I think this is a pretty strong lineup, and I hope Sanogo grabs his chance. COYG!

Mrs. Brown

We have this in the bag. Next round match against Everton. COYG!


I think it’s a good line up.

Too many fucking moaners.


moaners is right, acting like we lost before the game began. Come on you mighty red and white fucks, fuck the mugsmashers right up the arsenal.
Next cup, decaf.

VeryXerioz Gunner

Ya!Ya!! iS-a-goal!!!

Ok I’ll go grab my coat


this game should have taken priority over the bayern game. we are not winning the CL, and the FAC is, rather was, our most likely source of silver.


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