Monday, July 4, 2022

Sky Sports to show ALL Arsenal’s April league games

Sky Sports have selected all four of Arsenal’s April Premier League fixtures for live broadcast in a move which could cause disruption for anyone who plans their life around football.

The games against Everton and West Ham have been moved from Saturday to Sunday, the match against Hull has been made a Saturday 5.30pm kick-off, while the showdown with Newcastle is now on a Monday.

Everton v Arsenal, Sunday 6 April, 1.30pm

Arsenal v West Ham United, Sunday 13 April, 12.00pm

Hull City v Arsenal, Saturday 19 April, 5.30pm

Arsenal v Newcastle United, Monday 28 April, 8.00pm

For those of you who watch all the games on TV it could be a bumper month if Arsenal also progress in the Champions League and FA Cup.

If you’re running the London Marathon (as my brother is) you’d better do it quickly as you’ll be hard pushed to make the Emirates for the midday kick-off with the Hammers. Your best bet is Arsenal making the FA Cup semi-final in which case the Hammers clash will have to be postponed.

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no more Owen’s commentaries!


He’s such an awful human.


That’s harsh on the rest of us to describe him as human


And I say it again, the comments sections of Arseblog News is as good as the articles. Well done, sir


Michael owen should chuck his face into a meat grinder and go and live in the woods… I wouldnt normally say this but if he was to get raped and i was watching i wouldnt feel a flicker of emotion… NO NO im joking thats not true id actually feel ANGRY that they wont killing him.


Well, that’s a bit extreme, and incorrect. Obviously, if anyone was engaging in sexual misconduct on television, it would be Owen.


cant believe this has dislikes as if people are taking this literally lol


Clearly none of u have a sense of humour for frankie boyle then… so funny!!


Owen was best described by Arseblog as a ‘Personality vacuum’
It literally had me in stiches at work, in fact, I laughed so hard I spilt tea on myself.

Canon Fodder

No, you are not literally in stitches, perhaps metaphorically or figuratively in stitches.


Nothing incorrect with what I said.
..apart from the fact I accidently misspelled ‘stitches’, yet.. not even your keen eye for incorrect grammar could spot that one.

It was simply a ‘slight turn of phrase..’ obviously it wasn’t meant to be interrupted literally you absolute blow job.

I also admire the irony that this situation has caused…

Me So Hornsey

Oh ok. So basically you’re saying you reading this while undergoing surgery on an open wound while at work and simultaneously drinking a cup of tea.

Jesus man, you have nerves of steel.



Its called exaggeration, chico.

That’s an unbelievable strike from a top striker. What a fantastic bit of play. He picks up the ball in the middle and drives into the box like a steam train. He’s left the defender for dead and then he’s picked his spot in the top corner. A magic goal from the man of the moment.

*gets gun*


He’s shown a lot of quality with that.

Mills (N7)

If anything, he’s hit that too well, Geoff.


Everyone wants to see the glorious failure.

Daft Aider

If you want to watch Sp*rs glorious failiure then go ahead but i’m not sure everyone else does


They are showing ASENAL’s games not sp*rs


Genuinely (and pleasantly) surprised they’ve chosen the West Ham and Hull matches too.


Who remembers that glorious winter (2004-2005 I think) where something like 14-15 Arsenal games were on TV in a row?

I’m so glad that was my first year of Uni.

Young Wenger, Massive Stud

I think I remember that.

the ghost of LANS

does this mean the games may be changed back if we get knocked out of champions league early?

i saw it get mentioned on the website that it was due to CL scheduling that it changed?


Good news for TV viewers, but what about the travelling fans who have made all arrangements?
So considerate of Sky.

Petit's Handbag

If you make your plans 3 months ahead expecting game to kick off at a time which it only has a 60% of doing youre silly.
For us recession bound Irish Gooners this is good news, no more Tony Gale commentary online with more pop ups than a lesbian porn site


You do know the travel costs increase as the fixture comes close, right?


I’m guessing this is when sky will be anticipating our “downward spiral”

AN Other

If we beat Everton in fa cup then west ham game is bound to move further. But I am glad all these games are on tv. Atleast, we can watch our beloved arsenal week in week out.


Arsenal fans now need to see the game through the lens of an Arsenal fan, not that of a biased pundit who dont know what it is like to have supported and followed this team through the past 10 years. It is our time to help the team push forward and over the line. It is a good team and we can help our club grow from strength to strength over the next few years. COYG!

Canon Fodder

No, you are not literally in stitches, perhaps metaphorically or figuratively in stitches.


Enough with the stitches!

In vain.

For the love of God stop saying that to everyone.


We”re going to win them all.

Up the reds!


The way it should be. Who wants to watch boring Chelski scrape 1-0 victories or boring draws? Plus people are getting a little bit bored and it’s to much energy to laugh at Man United every weekend. People want to see the sexy Arsenal type football that we all enjoy. 😀


Actually, SSN are showing four Chelsea games as well.

'desi'gner gooner

Well there are people in this world who have ‘bad taste’ when it comes to football…That’s why the chelsea games

Dark Stein

Bout time Sky Sports gave us Gooners our monies worth. They’ve been screening too many sp*rs games of late for my liking


The Stoke cunts are planning to hold a minutes silence on the 67th minute this weekend apparently, as that is when Ramsey broke his leg. I really f’in hope we score in that minute.


And then I hope the whole team does the ‘shush’ celebration!


With any luck we’ll have silenced them well before the 67th minute.

Michael Malmö

So if Arsenal make it to the CL semi, there at risk to play on the 28’th and 29’th ???


No, in that case the fixture will be moved again.

Petit's Handbag

To Anil above….you do realise fixtures are subject to change…right?
And I take it you won’t be going to see this glorious failure as you put it??

Arsene Around

Heading for the away day at Everton. Im driving and booked a refundable premier inn a month ago for the Saturday night, now it’s been moved to the Sunday I just cancelled the room and booked an even cheaper premier inn for the Sunday night (as the grand national is on the Saturday) – happy days. I do feel for people coming over from Ireland for games as booking flights is an issue and prices go up quickly- people don’t realise how many people come over and attend games in the premier league generally #greengunners sort it out sky.

Macho Ron Neal

Really looking forward to this run of games. Real potential for some spankings to up the goals tally. But I fear that only 12/12 points will keep us amongst Chelsea & City… & he’s no Le Bob, but Olivier in High Def.. *Swoon*


I think the Arsenal bias from the media is rediculous they should be behind us cause if we dont stand up to these money rich clubs, who will?

Certainly not Man U and finacially Liverpool still cant compete.. what i will say tho is thir giving it a very good go..


Feel for people coming from America. I’m going to go insane if I don’t book the trip for around September instead of around my birthday in March.


The thing that worries me is the early kick offs against Everton and WHU. We already had a couple of horror performances at early kick offs.


Getting used to booking trains early and having to deal with matchday changes train disruption or not getting home without an expensive cab journey after the last train has gone.Its all worth it though. COYG


Thanks for this info,Arseblog.The clubs fixture e-mail appears to have gone awol for a few weeks now.Nice to see Sky have considered the travelling fans when switching the Newcastle (h) and Hull (a) matches!!!


In the US we can get every game, free, on NBC Sports Network.When I got here 11 years ago there would be a game on every few months on an obscure channel.


Here in Canada we’ve been able to watch every Arsenal match live for a number of years. We’ve got Sportsnet, with seven channels, and TSN, with two channels, and between the lot of them they show almost every PL match live.

That said, I can understand how moving the matches from one day to another causes a lot of grief. I travel to England to watch the Arsenal once or twice a season, and I have no choice but to buy my ticket ten to twelve weeks in advance. Having a match moved to Monday would be a disaster.


If we progress in the FA CUP the Hammers match will be postponed right?

Does anyone have an idea on what date that fixture would take place? I have two tickets for the match and I need to book flights from Germany. Obviously I would like to do that as soon as possible 🙂

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