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Walcott: No regrets about taunting Sp*rs

Theo Walcott says he’s out of a leg brace and off crutches as he continues his rehabilitation from the cruciate ligament injury which has ruled him out for the rest of the season.

Trying to remain positive about his rehabilitation, despite the fact he is missing the Premier League climax and a World Cup in Brazil, the attacker said he’s currently focusing on the short-term and the prospect of becoming a father for the first time.

“The last two days have been good days, getting out of the brace and off the crutches,” Walcott told the Telegraph.

“I have been able to walk a bit easier. It has taken me a while to get the walking right, but it is nearly there.

“At the moment, I am taking it week by week and trying to hit targets. I can’t do much yet. I just walk in the swimming pool, getting the extension right. Extension in this injury is very important. Otherwise, I am trying to build muscle and become an absolute tank.

“There’s the baby due in May. In the space of a year, I have had three very big things happen – marriage, baby on the way and a major injury.

“My main concern is getting fit and playing well for Arsenal. I’ll obviously be supporting the [England] guys in the summer but my main concern will be my family, of course.”

The attacker also made clear he has no regrets about his taunting of Sp*rs fans when he was stretchered from the Emirates turf during the Gunners 2-0 FA Cup victory.

“Me and Tottenham, you always do that banter,” he told the Mirror. “They do it to me, I do it to them. It’s just a bit of fun really.

“I have seen some Tottenham fans since then and they have said if it was one of our players [making the scoreline gesture] I would have loved it. It’s all a bit of fun, that’s all it was.

“The stretcher guys were both Spurs fans and they actually said: ‘Theo can you stop now?’ I did stop eventually. I’ll buy them some cupcakes or something! As soon as I got to the Arsenal fans and they were throwing scarves. I stopped, yeah.”

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Toure Motors

Good work theeooo! Looking forward to you ripping the spuds a new one next season!


Absolutely loved that. Even though Theo was dishing it out (top banter, bantersaurus, banter claus) with the gesture, I still couldn’t believe that grown men could actually be reduced to hurling coins at a player on a stretcher.. at a football match. Then the soft minded simpletons were in up-roar when he didn’t get an FA ban. I remember when the Fabrice Muamba thing happened, and that Spurs and their fans were actually painted by the media to be ‘a nice friendly, caring’ group of supporters, because that time they kept their coins in their pockets.. But that horrific club… Read more »


what a hero, deserves a trophy with the club!

DL Gooner

I’ll buy them some cupcakes or something!


Please come back better than ever!


Nobody regrets taunting sp*rs.


Not getting boring after almost 53 years?



Fatboy Gooney

Goodluck Theo,
Get well soon.


Theo…for Pete’s sake…stop being so damn likable.


I like that theres sort of a bright light at the top of his head, sort of a halo. Meaning its never too much when sp*rs is involved.


That photo definitively proves that Theo is The Messiah.

Ryan tan

We need a statue of that outside the emirates ASAP


wait, why do the Arsenal stretcher crew support Spurs?


^this. Behind enemy lines. How can we allow a spud handle our injured players?


That gesture deserves a statute outside the Emirates tbh


Wow I was only thinking about Theo today and how he was getting on. Knowing you’re out for so long how do you stop yourself pigging out esp as you can’t do anything else. Hope it’s going well.

Infidel Castro

How in Gods name can anyone including those fans of opposition teams hate this guy? He’s as likeable as it gets.


Legend! Making a taunting gesture while being carried by fans of the team you’re taunting. After years of him being mocked by opposition fans, it’s great he can finally give something back. What a shame we have to wait 6 months until he can tear up defences again.


Guys everyone should check out

Some very encouraging news about Sagna where he basically says “Why leave?”


Oh how we miss you Theo, really sad that he ain’t geting to play in the run in for Arsenal best season for years. And miss the world cup ontop of that. Hope you’ll be back next season Theo, and destroying defenses as you use to do.


Ritual just before Arsenal matches.


Locked away in caves for 2days without food.
Whipped countless times across back, told not to look away as an orc mating video is played.
On release a cloth soaked in bone Marrow is passed across their ugly noses and gigantic gobs.

Guided to the stadium in chains before release.


What on earth are we doing letting sp*rs fans carry the stretcher????


Must have made a really fine job of cleaning the loo.

Nice of them to block most of the missiles for Theo.

Gary Ozil

“Otherwise, I am trying to build muscle and become an absolute tank.”

A potentially Pokemon-esque evolution for Walcott on the cards.

Gunner From Another Mother

Walcott evolved toooo, WALTORTLE!


Onto serious matters now but Walcott should borrows a leaf off Falcao. When youre determined anything is possible and right now Falcao looks fitter of two even though his injury came later than Walcott. He desperately wants to play in the W.C and i sincerely hope Walcott too is putting passionate work in. Rehabilitation and hardwork and who knows right?
Ultimately though i’d rather he doesn’t go beyond the demands of his body and do it slowly but surely….Eh whatever! you’ve been missed Wally is basically wha im saying, get well soon.

Rocky Rocastle

Still waiting for us to really smash someone this season with 6-7 goals. We usually have a couple of those each season. Against Stoke though im going to settle for a 1 goal victory as long as we get through the game without any injuries.

Rocky Rocastle


Get well soon Theo! Legend!


Was such a great atmosphere at that game and loved that moment. When I found out he’d be out for the season though I genuinely had such a shit day because of it!


Theo’s pace and improved finishing sorely missed in this squad. Hope we can see him tearing the league apart next season sooner rather than later!

nairobi's numero uno gunner

every word this guy says feels like a hug from a friggin gummy bear! he is extremely likeable and strong minded at the same time. how else would you have been able to take years of flak from pundits, opposition fans and sometimes, your own fans too? i love this guy!

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

I’ve been waiting for what seems like YEARS for Theo news… Its about time you likable asshole. Get well soon Theo.

Bendtner's Hair Band

Really glad things are going well with his family and that it’s his priority to take the ease off, even if only slightly, from missing the WC.

Top guy.

Naija Gunner

Blimey! Spud fans carring our stretcher?! Yuck…ewwwwww

Gazidi out.

Get well soon Theo.


Six months rehah for non elite at minimum plus another one to two months for Englishpremier level fitness -possible which is bad for both club as well as fans is concerned. Hope for the best but prepare from the worst and again not to mention he is such an ELITE. By the way m a sports physical therapist: gooners for 12yrs n counting


Not to be too pessimistic here but Wilshere built muscle to become an absolute tank and he can’t travel with the ball any longer. Take it easy on the weights Theo

Stewart Robson's therapist


Naija Fan

Really happy to know how theo is improving with the injury setback. I believe we leave spurs alone and concentrate on winning the league this term. I would like to see newcastle’s tiote in our midfield. He is a player like song, except we are bringing back song. We need a strong and intimidating mildfielder like tiote, toure, song with premiership expirience. We also need micah richard. Our team should be adaptable to all situation especially during injury crisis

gooner odst

Akinfenwa ain’t gonna have shit on Walcott when he gets back.

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