Thursday, September 29, 2022

Arsenal 4-1 Everton: player ratings

A bad week put to bed with a most enjoyable 4-1 win over Everton at the Emirates today.

Here’s how we thought the players rated. Remember, you can add your own ratings on the system and leave comments below.

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Ozil was pure class today. Man of the match for me.

Gary Ozil

Him and Oxlade-Chamberlain were our standout players I think, good performance from all the team though.


Nobody deserves this trophy more than us! We have dumped out 3 of the competitions heavy weight, Spuds, Pool and now everton! Bring on man city lets play the finals in the semis! COYBBG!


we didn’t deserve this trophy in 2005 but we somehow embarrassingly won it


To be fair, Spuds are more obese than heavy weights.


Before you knock our 2005 FA Cup win, remember what happened in 2001!

Gunner From Another Mother

We really have needed to fight past some good opponents to get this far. Would be nice to meet and beat City in the next round and then have a final match against one of Sheffield, Charlton, Sunderland, Hull or Wigan and really batter them


With Özil on the wings and carzola in the middle, you get the best of both world. Also great nerves shown by the lego man in taking the penalty kicks.


Spot on mate! Arteta was fantastic with both penalties even though the ref decided only one was worth a goal! Actually I think the initial penalty was so well taken that it left the ref in awe and he decided he wants to watch a replay! LOL. COYBBG.

Oh! And yes! John terry is a massive cunt!


I feel so happy when i see cunt and terry in the same sentence !! its just one o those things !


My biggest regret from today is that the stadium announcer didn’t announce his motm award (I don’t know if we usually do at home) as it would have been great for him to hear that and the cheer after having a slightly rough time recently, including apparently getting some stick from the fans when on national duty in midweek. He had an absolute cracker today.


He didn’t get stick from fans during the internationals. He played very well. The jeers were for the management for taking Ozil off, but of course with this anti Arsenal bias all over the media, they reported it as if he was getting booed. He was one of the best players on the night and got an assist!


Fair enough, it did seem odd to me that the German fans would boo him after assisting the only goals of the game. Stupid press. I should have learned not to pay attention but they still catch me out…

jack jack jack

He was their best player but the boos were most definitely directed at him. From what I heard from some Germans it was partly because they were frustrated that Germany played badly, and partly because he’s Turkish and recently said something like he feels more Turkish than German or something. Basically the Germans are a little bit racist towards the Turks, so when it doesn’t go well they’re quick to blame Ozil.

He did have an excellent game for them though.




And I would rather watch him and our side than the Russian’s Pet Project who I am watching a the moment. They’re playing the Sp*ds, at home, but are like the fucking away team. You can keep both of them and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. So there!




I loved Ozil today . Everyones else been praised here too but i think Rosicky was great too when he came on , provided 2 pre-assists , thats what he does best :). Wembllleeyyyyyyyyyyyess


Pre-assists. Love it. Gunners would lead the league.
Opta, we need a new stat!


“And Opta did hear Mpls’ cries and verily did send the key pass into the world. And opta looked upon the key pass and saw that it was good, but there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when the people found that it was FUCKING CHELSEA OF ALL PEOPLE who led the league in key passes”

Opta 3:16


Oh for Fuck’s Sake. Not Mou’s Little Pony.



Dick Law

and remember Ozil is still getting used to premier league. class is forever. period. also with hair like that, Arteta should have been in The Lego Movie.

A fine thing

Not impressed by sanogo. Poor first touches, poor passing, bad ball control, bad positioning…
Seriously, why ya’ll hype him up is beyond me. He’s big. Thats all.

And GIROUD. Check that shit out, Oli-bashers.

Gunner From Another Mother

Really? I thought he had a solid, if underwhelming, game. He didn’t do anything spectacular, but he didn’t really make many mistakes either. He provided decent link up in midfield to keep us moving forward while our midfielders were all shining. This performance, combined with what I’ve seen from him previously, makes me feel more at ease knowing he is the back up to Ollie G so long as our midfielders play like they did today. He’ll get his first goal soon enough.


He’s 20, we’ve only seen him play VS the 2 scouse sides and Munich, and he’s being written off?

That is really sad.


Gotta love a good win – and all of our goals were quality today. Well done Arsenal.


Definitely not lazy/10 – Ozil’s work ethic today


He’s such a hard worker. I never really understood the criticism. His defensive anticipation isn’t the best, perhaps, but on the other end he often holds off (with trickery, mostly, but also sometimes strength) 2-3 opposition players while he waits for his teammates to arrive upfield on the counterattacks. I think he’s still adjusting to everyone, and they’re still adjusting to him.

Bergkamp's Flight TickeT

So one super hot girl sat next to me at the pub, way out of my league, couldn’t find the guts to start a conversation.. When Giroud scored his first the overwhelming joy made us jump.. Next thing I knew, we kissed and it felt like heaven.. Think Arsenal just got me a new Girlfriend.. Lovely day Today

Atletico Islington

‘Next thing I knew, we kissed and it felt like heaven..’

Steady on mate


Ahhhh, the old magic of Giroud 😉


i was there and guess what after giroud’s second i asked her for night out and she agreed!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So what are you doing on here then? Shouldn’t you be getting ready?

Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

Cheers buddy!


Are you sure you both had eyes for each other and not the overly handsome French Monsieur who led to the kiss? 😉


Best post of the day. Or as the kids would say: BPOTD! Good luck.


Just a shame Giroud himself then stole her from you and will be shagging her all night…


I think we’d struggled to defend against Evertons attacking threat with Wilshere on the pitch tbh. That said, it’s never good to have a player injured. Can’t wait for Ramsey’s world class tackling and runs in the box.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Of course we would. Jack would be hobbling about on crutches after Agger clobbered him.


It’s not Jack missing that enabled us to cope better. It was Flamini playing & Arteta pushing forward into a position his talents are suited to rather than being exposed again as our dm. (as he was horribly the last time Everton came to town)
Flamini needs to be one of the first names on the teamsheet – we are simply a much, much better team when he plays.


Chambo motm for me! Much more in the game. Kickass defending, attacking, shooting and running, just Love him.


Arteta was superb!
Love his runs behind the defenders.
I would love to see more of that from him.
Ox is the MOTM for me.
I believe we are always at our best when flame and lego hair in the middle


Yeah, I would like to see us proceed with this lineup… Arteta’s always been a very useful, creative player when he’s allowed further up the pitch.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I really thought he was losing his rag and might do something silly before the penalty was given, but he was so calm when he took it, especially the second time after Giroud got booked. Quite impressive self-control.

Arteta's hair

I would drag my balls over miles of broken glass, just to see Santi smile.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)



If your balls are as stiff as your name, that shouldn’t be a problem.


Come on Arsenal you have been knocking on the door for 8 years and now is your moment…


My Arsenal;u tease.


Ozil needs a song. Any suggestions?

Merlin's Panini

O-zil to the Arsenal?


I think we should just tweak the old Bergkamp classic. Simple yet powerful, for two similarly groundbreaking signings by the club.

“We’ve got Mesut Özil, we’ve got Mesut Özil!”


Arteta the unsung hero for me. Ozil and Ox were the eye-catching performances, but Arteta was at the heart of everything. Adapted to having to be the more adventurous of the central duo really well. And scoring two penalties in a minute is no small feat.


Also the thing I’d note about Sanogo is that he doesn’t seem confident enough to make runs which demand the ball and his teammates aren’t confident enough in him to give it to him when there are other (sideways) options. Just makes us less fluid than with Giroud. Giroud usually at least makes himself available and the others think that he won’t lose it most of the time when the pass in is good. I mean, this is the sort of thing that naturally improves with experience, but for now he’s not a genuine alternative for Giroud in my opinion.… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Actually, I think it’s good that he is being played against quality teams. Gives him a sense of worth to the team. He’ll know he needs to get a couple of goals under his belt, but it’s a great learning experience. I’m sure Giroud enjoyed getting two goals in his cameo, and that has to have done him some good too.


It doesn’t help that he was hurt for so long. In an ideal world, he’d have played in the League Cup games and maybe come off the bench against a couple of lower (relatively speaking) difficulty teams (think Hull or WHU). He looks to be willing to work hard, though, which helps, and he should develop a better rapport with his teammates as he learns to play alongside them. I personally prefer Sanogo to Bendtner, but that’s just me.


Simply Awesome. Next!


Good performance all around. Very impressed with Ozil. He was full of running (offensively and defensively). The early well taken goal certainly helped his confidence. Unfortunately Sanogo had a poor game. I thought he made all the wrong choices and was “hiding” most of the time running with a clutch of defenders. Hopefully he will learn and get better. Props to Fabianski for a good take from a Barkley shot (I think) when Lukaku was lurking hoping for a tap-in. Ox was brilliant but slightly careless in the first half when he gave the ball away in dangerous position. But… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Funny, I thought the clutch of defenders were running with Sanogo.

Henry! Chance! Goal!!

I hope sp*rs beat Chelsea today. I just vomited at the thought of that. But hey, a man has to do what he has to do to win the title


Surely a high injury and red card ridden draw is ideal?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Bloodbath at the Field of Potholes.

master pires

Rule no.1 – Never put any faith in sp*rs, it’s not worth it.


So Ozil is getting back to form, Giroud has started getting goals, Ramsey is coming back…
We are getting set for the end of season tussle lads! COYG!


Great stuff. I’m so happy. I’m stroking our cat. She’s happy. I wish I could stroke your dog Mr Bloggs. I hope Per comes around to yours tonight and watches some DVS’s with you and you swap CD’s and phone numbers.
Ozil can tear Bayern a new one midweek. Then some Spud mashing and I may actually be the first person to die of smiling too much.

Being ’em on. Bring ’em all on. They can bring their fackin dinners. We’ll have them too. Only one Arsenal. Everyone else can jump under a bus.


‘Stroking the cat’….. Is that a euphemism ?

Hey , whatever keeps the good mood going, bro.



hopefully Ozil and the rest of the squad can continue to play like this and stop being so inconsistent

Rami Shaaban

Valid point


Oh for heavens sake, can’t you just enjoy a big win? Sheesh. Glad I’m not your kid.

Oliviers 6pack

Ox is a proper fucking jet.


Both Ox and Ozil were in for a shout for MOTM imo. Rosicky looked great off the bench as well. One step at a time. Wembley here we come!


All these comments about slagging Wilshere please read the title of the article before commenting. Thank You. And enjoy the win.

Pin Finish

Great day out at the Emirates today. Beautiful spring day and a really positive result. Ox and Ozil stood out today. Lots of post game love for our BFG as well. Well done lads, let’s get ready to go again against Bayern!

monkey knees

Umm “all these comments slagging wilshere”?! Whaaaaat?! One too many pale ales, son?


Class from Mesut. OG 12 did well to apologise to Mikel. And twice !


Ramsey is back next week too. (and king Kallstrom) …. Splendid


The midfield was awesome today. If Ozil and Santi can keep that form going for the rest of the season it could be a great end to the season. The Ox outstanding and has to play every match from on his pace is vital.


Fantastic display of football. For me, one brain-fart of a back-pass aside (after which he busted his ass to make amends), The Ox was MOTM. His pace and positiveness gives the team a different feel, has to start every game during the run-in. Personally think he is even more dangerous in the middle and would love to see that energy matched with Gnabry on the right, but seems churlish to mention after a performance like today. As others have said, Ozil was pure class, but also saw just a hint of fire in his eyes as well, that is truly… Read more »

Virginia Goon

Well put, boss. Well put.


I hope we get oil city in the semifinal

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I hope we get Wigan.


I must say how gutted I am today and how I really didn’t rate the OX but I thought he was IMMENSE today
I want to wish you the best for the final rounds as I am Arteta’s greatest fan and ever a player .in my opinion deserved some recognition it is him

GOOD LUCK (Everton fan)


Everton certainly gave it their all. End-to-end stuff. While that would be what neutrals expect from two top teams, I much prefer a 89% Arsenal possession, 100% aerial duel accuracy kind of game. Defending a one-goal lead, as we were for some parts of the game, is too much for my fragile heart. *lets out dry sob* On a different note, it was lovely to see Özil contribute both offensively and defensively. Him and the Ox were the standouts, though the entire team looked well up for it. This is the Arsenal I want to see from now until the… Read more »

palace gunner

Ozil goal was gd, when giroud & tomas came on the game upper level, ox was quick, flamini & arteta battled hard, sanogo was in right places at times pers sagna gibbs & verm had class 2nd half, santi gd efforts ox was pace & helped defence good win
today fab was gd.



Great cup game even better result n a complete team performance. C’mon u gooners

Özil's Song

Why dont we just try Meeeesssuuuttt, Meeeeesssuuttt like the chant barca sing for messi????


coz der cunts?

By The Eyes of Özil,


What a great day, I love it when a plan comes together… #SeeyouatWembley

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

we’re going to wembley, we’re going to wembley, Arsenal is going to the Wembley stadium!COYG!


great performance from the lads,ozil and the ox were great and arteta showed balls of steel with the penalties,also nice to see giroud getting the goals great player whos over all play often gets unrecognised,ON THE ROAD TO WEMBLEY COYG


How good is that young Ox??

Rami Shaaban

I really think they need to play the semi finals elsewhere, devalues the point of getting to the final.

the millennium stadium should host the semi’s.


Was hoping to see Kallstrom but apparently he’s not ready yet. Would have been a good game for him to introdce himself. Maybe against Bayern then.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If it takes time for new players to gel with the team then are you sure Bayern is the best game to introduce Kallstrom for the first time?


No I don’t which is why I was hoping to see him today. Maybe as substitute towards the end or next Sunday against Sp*ds. Regardless of what game I’m hoping he’ll get to prove his detractors wrong.

m a gunner

Well done Mr wenger good starting team great subs ! Perfect management


Thought we were shaky today, conceded again and only scored 4.

Ozil was poor, Ox ineffectual, Cazorla looked disinterested and the fans quiet as mice.

Wenger out!


Ozil was great today. Let’s hope he’s now come through the dip in form.


Sanogo is developing but he needs to stop the hissy fits when he makes a shit pass. If your frustrated chase it down. Shame his opportunity to set up santi was fluffed


Oh goodness, what comedy gold from the spuds, but do we expect anything less from that lot?


Media are all quiet about them. Weren’t they favorites not too long ago under the genius AVB?


Ox was a total beast down that right wing eh? his ability to pop up on the left wing and torment his opposers with pace is also what we’ve been badly missing. Now just wait till Rambo returns, Ozil will shine even more and our attack will look badass.

Glad for Vermaelen aswell. after that long amount of time out he did candidly well

lady June

Great game, OX had a good game. Where would Arsenal be on the log with Theo? Miss him


jenks played right back when he came on, and fab probably won’t be playing in munich? great display from ozil, great display from the team ass a unit. for me however one player lit up this game – our future superstar alex oxlade chamberlain. what an incredible young player. i love watching him play. his attitude is faultless. i’m gonna make an assumption and say he is the player we hoped walcott was gonna be. he has that extra element to his game that we hoped walcott would develop. i love theo too, but i think its a fair thing… Read more »


Fab will most definetly play at Munich because Szczesny is suspended.


Haha jesus yeah. I was in denial I guess.


Fab will be playing in Munich, Woj is suspended due to his red card.

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