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Bayern Munich 1-1 Arsenal: The Guff

After the 1-1 draw with Bayern Munich last night, here’s some of the reaction from the media and the blogosphere.

The hope has to be that the positives gleaned, chief among them the performances of the central defenders Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker, together with that of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in midfield, can serve to fire them for the more realistic challenges ahead. There remains plenty to play for, not least the FA Cup. Win that and finish well in the Premier League and the season is a success. Anything less might not be so clever. – Daniel Taylor, Guardian.

Arsenal were far from disgraced in Germany, and realistically, had nothing to lose. Last season’s match at the same venue provided a springboard for a very good run of results that the team need to replicate now to keep their interest in the title race alive. They will play Tottenham on Sunday, most likely facing a very different starting eleven from Spurs’ Europa League match on Thursday. So the Gunners are likely to suffer more from fatigue, and covered a lot of ground last night to prevent Bayern running riot. – Online Gooner.

In short, Ozil was bitterly ­disappointing again. Ozil was never going to be a grafter but here he didn’t even flatter. He just deceived. He came off with a hamstring problem that will keep him out for a few weeks – a knock that made manager Arsene Wenger’s decision much easier. But even that injury cannot excuse such a lacklustre display. – John Cross, Mirror.

At £42.5m Mesut Ozil is the most expensive export in the history of German football. After his performance in Munich you wouldn’t pay two-bob for him. Ozil, the highest-paid player in the history of Arsenal, is nicking a living. So what if he scored the first of four goals in an FA Cup quarter-final at home to Everton at the weekend? That’s a sticking plaster. – Neil Ashton, Daily Mail (not linking).

Oxlade-Chamberlain was the only player who got Bayern’s backs up. Some of his first-half rampages were reminiscent of an 18-year-old Wayne Rooney, but there can be no denying his total game has come on. He will surely be in Brazil, and should play a key role in the Premier League run-in. – Miguel Delaney, ESPN.

In my unicorn-populated world of magical European fantasy, Arsenal beat Bayern by two clear goals in Munich and advanced to the Champions League quarter finals where they will now be drawn against Utd’s conqueror’s Olympiacos. In reality, chasing a two-goal win was probably a fool’s errand. And in our quixotic pursuit of progression, we have paid a heavy price. – Yankee Gunner, Arse2Mouse.

Follow the links for most post-game reading.

Disclaimer: Arseblog News is not responsible for the content of other sites or any of the stuff they might say in the bits that we haven’t picked out that you might not agree with. Especially Neil Trashton, but we just felt his ripe stupidity deserved as wide an audience as possible today. Also, please don’t go clicking on the Daily Mail to read the rest of it. It’s really not worth it (we’ve taken that pain for you) –and the Mail is a bottom-feeding, hit-whoring den of scumbaggery and only serves to highlight the very worst aspects of the human race. Which is why Trashton has a job there, we guess. Birds of a feather and all that.

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Bergkamp's statue

its a pity i stumbld on the daily mail piece before reading this…it made me cry. if we hapen to b all square with totenham after 15 minutes….they will be the 1st to roll out d ‘arsenal miss ozil’ line


As usual the papers focusing on Ozil’s performance, repeatedly stating his transfer fee and wages in case anyone was unaware of it at this stage in the year. No focus on the commanding display and effort everyone put in to keep us level with Bayern at the Allianz Arena, just the same story of picking a scapegoat and trying to destroy them. Absolutely disgusting.

Bobby the beast

Its disheartening when the english media, one of the worst sports medias around, attack their own teams and that teams players and nothing about the disgusting diving used against that team by a team that has ‘so much quality’ you’d imagine they wouldn’t have to resort to cheating.

John Terry/Arjen Robben/Neil Thraston is a cunt.


The Daily Mail, please, I get more informed opinion from the inside of my 2 months old shitty nappy in the morning.


Why on earth have you kept it that long? 2 months! I’d have thrown it out the day it got shat in… 😀


Its still a better read than the Mail even all dried out and crusty


I can’t argue with that.


Elements of the British press a fuckin disgrace. There’s always an underlying current of racism to their garbage. So Bale gets booked half a dozen times in one season for cheating and he’s the greatest player ever to have graced the game. A Pires or an Eduardo take a tumble and they are branded cheats for the rest of their days. Martin Taylor, Ryan Shawcross and others maim and almost destroy players’ careers, but they’re “not that type of player”. Vieira on the other hand, was dirty. A great player, but dirty. The underlying narrative is appalling, and it always… Read more »


Well said sir. And yet there are idiots in this country who insist that racism doesn’t exist in this country. It does exist, but in a very insidious and under-handed way.

Andy Mack

‘Vieira on the other hand, was dirty. A great player, but dirty.’

A good comparison would be Paul Scholes.
Like Ramirez at chavski, scholes didn’t know how to make a fair tackle so every single tackle he made was a foul and usually a dirty one at that. Unfortunately he played for the premier league referees club (who look to have moved their affections to chavski at the moment!) and played for England so he was a hero…..

Mills (the other one)

Paul Scholes – “I didn’t always do it on purpose, some of it was just bad timing, I suppose”

And yet the go to line was for all media was “That’s just how he tackles”

Perry Groves

Did anyone else notice Saint Pep blatantly applauding a cynical professional foul during the second half?

Surely the Best Team in the World ™ managed by the Greatest Manager that Ever Lived ™ wouldn’t dream of doing such mundane things as cheating?…


Well said.

If you have ever watched Sunday Supplement on Sky then when you see these guys, it explains a lot.


don’t we want top talent from other countries in England? I mean it’s bad enough that Bale left the league. The discrimination against any player not British has been going on in this league for years. Remember the nonsense Wenger had to put up with when he first came in to manage?

Mean Lean

I’m so late but I am standing and applauding that comment. Well said.


I’m not convinced its racism but maybe xenophobic. Notice the players you cite as dirty, divers, etc. are all foreigners and the plaudits all go to the English players. Just a thought.


At some point in the game I thought the bayern players were in the pool! Seems they do have time for some free diving classes, lectured by pep guardiola! An absolute disgrace to football!

Mills (the other one)

To be fair they did split their time between the pool and occasionally the rugby field on the off chance Ox had the ball

Arsene's zip

Was I watching the wrong channel last night or something?


I would have preferred we score before Bayern (Duh) but still an away draw was hardly a bad result. I think we need to understand what “journalists” online have noticed how quick we are to react to what they say. We always react, even though we know that they’re talking bullshit, e.g Neil Ashton. Abuse isn’t the way to deal with them, just ignore them. They’re nobodies whose opinions do not matter.

Virginia Goon

Who gives a hoot what these media junkies write. It’s all trash, all for the clicks. Can’t let the stuff get under your skin my friends. After all, the players consistently overcome the nonsense, and there the ones it’s directed at. Sunday, well all know we love a Sunday. The family, the footy, the Sunday roast, and most importantly a nice dollop of Mashed Spuds on the side. Perk up….we left Bavaria with pride intact, and an opportunity to almost completely forget about it after a massive Sunday feast.


Decent performance by the Gunners. Anyone who differs is under a chronic affliction of prejudice.

Bergkamp's statue

After giving it a serious thought, i have come to the conclusion that the british press are still agitated over that embarassing incident that occured 4 years ago in south africa when Germany lined up against england. Seeing that mesuit ozil was at the centre of the debacle, they have decided to take their revenge on the poor lad.


If neil ahston comes to my house to ask for biscuit I tell him fuck you ashton.

you get no cheyu biscuit because

1 – you are shit journalist who writes for shit establisment


2 – demi moore not deserve what you did on her

Fuck you ashton


Neil Ashton is cunter than Owen.

Andy Mack

He must be really bad then!


Papers like the Daily Mail depend on clicks to generate money. With Arsenal fans being the most numerous and visible online it makes for easy clicks to write something negative about Arsenal for fans to outrage over. What you did here in not linking is the correct thing, in fact why not try and organize a boycott? I know it’ll be hard to implement and all of that, but nothing ventured nothing gained and all of that.


I have no clue why I said and all of that that often.

Flip Flop

I choose to ignore the English press and spend my time making up my own mind. Arsenal went to probably the best club side in the world currently for a second time in a year and again didn’t get beaten. They were missing perhaps 2 of their best players in Mr’s Walcott and Ramsey as well as 2 left backs and still left with a draw. I am not suggesting for a single second that we would have definitely won with them but it would have surely helped, we would have been able to name a full squad for a… Read more »

Andy Mack

The one that really got me was the express yesterday. Mick Dennis (Who did he play for/manage?) saying that if we only win the FA cup then it’s a sign that our standards have dropped from when AW first joined…

If we only win the FA Cup (fingers crossed) it stops arseholes like M Dennis coming up with the silverware – 8 what ever years bull. Plus it’s better than last year and getting better isn’t lowering standards, it’s regaining them…

Mark The Spark

Oh, don’t worry, next year it’ll be Arsenal have only one cup in 10 years…. tossas.
You’ll never win against them.


As I suspect they’re dimly but painfully aware, not being them is actually winning against them.


Did everyone just conveniently forget how Ozil played against Everton or does it not count now? Now Neville saying he should have been given a rest and it’s all Wenger’s fault… but I thought that’s exactly what happened, in fact he had two little breaks didn’t he?

John Terry is a cunt, and these guys love him (and his best mate and swimming buddy Robben, I can just see them floating around together with armbands on…)

Me So Hornsey

If we win the FA cup the only thing it will change for the cunts who write is ‘9 years – only one trophy’ or ’10 years since a title’, it won’t stop. Because they’re cunts.


We are all aware how the media works in this country. I was watching my club fight last night yet after reading what the so called journo’s have written about özil, it’s clear that they are jealous because they are not worth a penny and özil is worth 42.5 million. Jealous that England’s golden boy Rooney is too ugly to play for Madrid and özil set the la Liga on fire. And ofcourse that world cup 2010 where özil made England look embarrassing. And ya it is well documented that these idiots and some so called english pundits dislike our… Read more »

Ben Y

I feel sorry for you…

For all the shit you talk you’re bound to spend your next life as a sp*rs fan.

Raekwon The Chef

The thing that pisses me off most is the 2nd goal we conceded at home. We did so well holding them off and that lapse of concentration at the end game gave them the away goal that truly won it for them. There would have been huge pressure on them not to concede if we went into Munich 0-1, especially at the end of the game they would have sat back allowing us to push forward and trouble them. But oh well, on to the premier league and FA cup. The future is bright.

m a gunner

What do they want ozil to perform surgery on his hamstring recover n be the best player on the pitch ! If he’s injured then he’s injured ! My only concern is if he’s only 50/ fit why did he start ?


John Cross and Neil Ashton can eat a bag of dicks. Pair of odious cunts.


I’m all for defending players that deserve it but Ozil really lacks any passion or conviction sometimes. I give you 3 examples: – early in the game there’s a header to be won on the edge of our own box, he doesn’t even jump – poor control by the touchline let’s the ball slowly and lamely run out of play, seems to make no attempt to keep it in. – tries a trick by touchline and the balls slowly and lamely goes out of play again. See above We all know Ozil’s talents and when we’re on top he’s one… Read more »


I’m going to defend Ozil as I have all season some counter points for you. One he is and probably was injured so that is bound to effect his game. Two Pep stated the day before his number one goal was to keep Ozil out of the game suppose you could say mission accomplished. Three we never really had the ball yesterday in the first half so what can he do. Oh and we had to graft hard against Everton to get a result one of our harder grafters that day Mesut Ozil.


Oh and Neil Ashton is a fucking tosser.


Now that we know he was playing on during the first half with a pulled hamstring, I’m more inclined to think that Ozil does give a shit, and does want to do things for the Arsenal. That is very painful, and that is not something someone who lacks any passion or conviction does.

Just because he isn’t dropping PR fueled Arsenal mantra playing the media game and rabidly kissing the badge it doesn’t mean he isn’t giving his all for the club. In fact I respect him more for it.


It’s not about kissing the badge, it’s about making a tackle every now and then, or maybe trying to compete for header occasionally.

Sure he puts in the running, but he never gets within a yard of anyone or if he does they waltz past him.

He looks like he is scared of getting hurt, if so he’s in the wrong league. Better off in La Liga.


One more thing to add… Giroud is not good enough. Simple as that. I’ve said it from day one and I stand by that today, he’ll never be the top class striker we need if we are going to compete at the top level… Mr. Wenger please don’t forget where you put your chequebook after Ozil signed!!


I wonder how many days ahead of the match Delaney had that piece mostly written?

It's all a conspiracy

Looking for similar bile ridden attacks on man city after their unceremonious dumping out of the champs League? Well, you won’t find any–only fluff pieces on the proliferation of hamstring injuries (aguero) and the ‘shocking’ red card non decision, with a sprinkling of “man city’s time will come” bullshit (kompany).
So typical of the English media.


congratulations for the disclaimer ! finally you are picking up the message. still work to be done. they dont like us…and they aint ashamed to show it and pursue our destruction please keep that in mind everytime any of you feels like “critisising” the squad, our policies, the manager, the players, the transfers they want us ruined and wenger ousted and they are manipulating fan sentiment to get fans to do the job for them. add to that an usmanov campaign to make current board look stupid and inadequate…be careful bloggers…home or abroad….. protect our club any way you can,… Read more »

Injured Gooner South Africa

Just came back from viewing the top goal scorer charts, LOVING how Giroud has outscored you know who thus far this season. LOL!!

joe adi agun jos

please please stop disturbing ozil. he is still very good.all players have their season of up and down, that he is down now does not make him a bad player.since he is an emotional person we need provide him with a psychology to work on him and get the best out of this great football magician.

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