Sunday, December 3, 2023

Diaby not giving up on World Cup dream

Abou Diaby has told France Football that he’ll never give up on his dream of playing for France in this summer’s World Cup, despite the fact he hasn’t played this season.

The midfielder is said to be undertaking intensive training in the Alps in a last-ditch bid to feature for Arsenal this season in the hope of turning Didier Deschamps’ head.

Diaby suffered an ACL injury in training just under a year ago and has since endured a number of setbacks with Arsene Wenger casting doubts over the chances of the former Auxerre man featuring this term.

“I’ve never given up hope of going to the World Cup,” Diaby is quoted as saying. “Thinking of that has kept me going. Once I’m back on pitch, everything’s possible.”

There’s also a comment from the man charged with getting Diaby fightint fit: “9/10 players would’ve given up. People who say Diaby is fragile are wrong. He is Highlander.”

Arseblog News wishes Diaby the best of luck. He may have a body that let’s him down, but you’ve got to admire his mental strength.

He still has a year left on his contract at the Emirates so presumably Arsenal’s medical team will be urging caution despite his enthusiasm for a ‘swift’ comeback. 


Quotes and heads up courtesy of French football correspondent Matt Spiro – give him a follow. 

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santi's panties

Poor Abou 🙁


I’m pretty sure I could summon some ‘mental strength’ if I was on £50,000 a week. Shame he’s had such bad luck injury wise but let’s not be overly sympathetic, he’s banked millions of our pounds without really doing a great deal.

some fat bloke

There were rumours he refused his wages after the latest injury but I can’t find a source. However I did see on a BBC programme about muslims in football that he runs his own charity.

Not saying that makes it all okay, but at least we haven’t heard of him refusing to take a pay cut to go somewhere else. While spending his free time crashing/humping cars and hulk smashing swimming pool doors.

Also, he kicked John Terry in the face. That’s worth any amount.


Once he’s fully fit, he can go and kick Terry’s dad in the face too – the racist twat!


I can barely get myself back into shape once in a lifetime, let alone twice a year like Diaby has to after every injury. I really hope he makes his long overdue comeback

Gunner From Another Mother

Diaby to score the title clinching winner on the final day of the season…

I think my head would literally explode. And that would be ok.


What has how much money he earned go to to do with anything? I would love to play professionally, and would do everything in my power to play. I would take no comfort in the money, if i couldn’t get on the pitch, because of my body. Diaby should have been a great, instead he is an example.


I, on the other hand, would take huge, lashings of comfort from being a millionaire every 5 months. I’m not having a go at Diaby, it was our stupidity to give a footballer who in 8 years at the club hasn’t bagged 100 starts (second time lucky?!) a long term contract. He’s very lucky Wenger has been so supportive.

Daft Aider

Did he choose to be injured? – no,
did you choose to be a troll? – go sit beneath a bridge

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

When you have no money left at the end of the month or you work your arse off all year just so you can take the family on holiday to Bognor for a week, it’s easy to look at Diaby and think how lucky he is to be a millionaire. But think of it this way, his whole life he has dedicated Himself to being a top athlete. He’s made sacrifices and worked his arse off and fought of thousands to get to play at a club like Arsenal. He’s blessed with talent an genetics that millions would bite their… Read more »


Nicely put. There’s more to it than money.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I hate you rich bastards who can save up enough money to take an entire family on a holiday. Bloody frivolous waste of money. You should be ashamed of flaunting your wealth by talk of holidays to Bognor and only running short at the end of the month. Some people just don’t know how lucky they are. You don’t hear honest hardworking footballers like Wazza Rooney boasting about taking their family on a holiday to Bognor do you? Of course not. They understand the true meaning of poverty and are humbled by the fact that they can sometimes find a… Read more »

Had to respond

You sir, with all due respects, are a tragedy!


You seem to suggest that going out on the pitch and performing extremely well, only to succumb to a horrific injury, then deal with a grueling recovery process, while being so close to those who are living your dream, yet unable to participate, then to return after significant dedication and hard work, only to have a terribly disappointing injury setback, and have to repeat this process is simple. I would argue that having such clear talent, knowing that if your body could just keep fit for a sustained period of time, and you will be living your dream, but instead… Read more »


He just has to use his fellow teammates for inspiration.
He needs to look at Tomas Rosicky’s career as a prime example, as long as he is training hard, eventually (hopefully) he will over come his injury problems.

When he’s at his best he is often quoted as the missing link in our midfield, that power house which we’ve never been able to replace since Patrick left.
Just got to hope the guys at the club believe his career is still repairable, because he has been out injured for so long without any real change.


Really? Take comfort from Rosicky’s career? A player so blighted by constant injuries that at the tender age of 33 and 8 years at the club, he hasn’t bagged 100 starts.


Rosicky has started 144 games, sub in 68.


Read what I said. I said take – inspiration – not ‘take comfort’. Yes, as you pointed out about Rosicky a ..’player so blighted by constant injuries that at the tender age of 33 and 8 years at the club, he hasn’t bagged 100 starts’ …. He is still here, still dying to play for the Club, and he’s been playing a key role for us in this years campaign. So.. essentially he’s over come so much, and battled hard through his injuries which have plagued his career, but now he is fit and playing the best football of his… Read more »


I think the point he was trying to make is that Rosicky HAD been plagued by so many injuries but seems to have overcome now and is looking fresher than ever when he plays now even at the age of 33


you truly are a greek tragedy


I’ve got to stop making stats up. In other news, Thomas Eisfelt has seen over 150 pigeons.


Stop making stats up? That might be a good idea. Perhaps follow that with taking a deep breath and thinking about it before you have a go at players just because they’ve had shit luck. Especially two of the best attitudes to grace the badge.

Oh. Sorry, forgot this was the internet.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Have you considered Greek Comedy? It seems like you could make some of the money you crave by having people laugh at your opinions.


If not in the team, Diaby a place in my heart. Always.

Durham Gooner

For knocking John Terry out if nothing else. 😉


I was going to use this comment section to make a Highlander reference mocking Diaby.

But I just feel too sorry for him.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I’m glad you changed your mind, because if you mock Diaby (or mock Rosicky, like GreekTwattery does) then you are mocking every player who ever had the dream of playing for Arsenal.


Lovely to hear Diaby still fighting. Hopefully he doesn’t overdo it, but that’s your ‘mental strength’ right there..


A fit Diaby would be great to have for the final weeks of the season!


For any time of the season!

Momo (@MuhamLAD)



I think our injured IX is the best the league. Strength in hospital.

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce



Who the fuck is downvoting these comments?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Somebody forgot to spell it “Spers” so their troll patrol were drawn here and discovered our free for everybody thumbs. They come here, thumb every post down, go back to spersland and are given the traditional sperm welcome, the hero’s handjob. Wankers the lot of them.


Heh Park doesn’t even qualify for that team.

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Err… “IX” would be 9 and not eleven, no?

Tenacious Defence

First things first. Help out Arsenal!


Yeh…knowing Diaby, he will hit full fitness and peak form during the World Cup as France clean out all the teams they face and Diaby makes history winning all the individual honours. Then both his legs will fall off round 1 for Arsenal during the prematches handshakes.



actually lol’ed at that

Rocky Rocastle

Haha, to funny 🙂


It makes me ill whenever players like N’Zonzi this season say things like “…when you start kicking them a little bit, it gets harder for them. “They don’t like it, we know that. We don’t care.” Diaby, Aaron and Eduardo have all nearly had their careers ended because of this line of thinking.

Can’t wait to see Abou back on the pitch.

Dick Swiveller

Yet they can never connect that with the amount of injuries we get, especially the awful ones.

It’s always explained away by the fact that it’s bad luck as everyone makes those challenges and other teams get bad breaks too, they seem to ignore the statistical fact that it’s going to happen more, the more you do it.


this is a bit (just a bit) like the gun control debate in the US. does easier access to weapons make violent crime more likely to happen? which is sort of the equivalent of, does lack of protection from referees make serious injuries from dangerous tackles more likely to happen?
when you think about it, its not really much of a debate…

HP Brown Sauce

What incredible strength in his mentality, I don’t even feel sorry for him, just really moved by his desire.

Go on Diaby, remind us what you’re about!

New guy

Although it feels like he has been around (and gone) forever, he’s only 27. We have had a couple of players who were lost to injury for a long, long time and came back in their late 20s to be pretty good… Feels unlikely but I’d love to see him alongside Rambo in the middle of the park for years to come.

Thierry Wright

This is probably a mistranslation, more likely he said ‘I would like to play in a world cup for France’.


Still remember how he was pivotal in turning Liverpool over at Anfield last year.

One of those ‘if only’s’.



Edu's Braces

When you compare his behaviour to TGSTEL you really have to sympathise with abou. He must actually hate bendtner, actually no, he seems too innocent for hate 🙁


Feel sorry for the guy…if only we could sign someone like Paul Pogba to be his replacement

Dick Swiveller

A disruptive twat?

Probably not a great idea, get another German instead!

Injured Gooner South Africa

I would not say NO to a Pogba signing, Fergi messed up that one for sure. Pogba, Ox, Ramsy, Jack being interchanged between games a few years down the line.. Not a bad idea.


He will be fit one day. He has to do it. He really tries.


hopefully he will be fit for more than that one day too

teddy salad

Anyone follow him on twitter?

Daft Aider

My biggest fear for Diaby is that if these injuries continue at some point he’s going to be past repair,
undergoing “intensive” training just sounds worrying for me with Diaby,
fingers crossed for him

Big Chief from Antarctica

I’ve got to feel for Diaby. Class act on and off the pitch. I’ve always felt to defend him against some of us Gooners and the most cunts outside the Goonerdom. Somehow, as the next season will be his last on current terms, I sincerely hope that he will catch his form again. His Liverpool performance last season was reminiscent of Rosicky’s cameos the last few years. I do hope that the comparison of two will come true, and the two will leave their (long-term) injuries behind them. They each bring something different that can change a game.


“I’ve never given up hope of going to the World Cup,”
And I’ve never given up hope of a blowjob off Angelina Jolie but let’s see who gets lucky first.




I like his passion and desire but to include him in the world cup if he somehow returns to fitness would be a risk coz essentially you will be going a man less moreover unfair to the player he was to replace (who in restrospect has been staying fit and playing for club).

He should concertrate on getting back with us first then if there is a snowballs chance in hell that he does make the W.C then best of luck.


Agreed, but he was asked by France Football, so context and the question asked are rather important.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Um, I think that is the point of what he said. He kind of understands that he needs to impress with Arsenal if he wants to go to the World Cup. He said so. It was in the article. It doesn’t matter if he replaces somebody else if he is the form player of the two. That is how they choose who to take.

Anyway, there is always the chance that if he did come storming back for us before the season ends that he would be chosen to take Nasri the Cunt’s place. You’d like that wouldn’t you?


most complete player we have on both sides of the ball…..incredible skill,technique and drilling ability…..that liverpool performance was the best midfield display I have ever seen by an arsenal player…Get well soon


You haven’t been watching Arsenal very long have you?


U were in desperate need of “Thumps Up” right??


How can people thumb that down… ?
its about opinions and it was a pretty awesome display..


Diaby Flamini Ramsey

Ozil Cazorla Rosicky


(Hell, we can play with a back 3.)


I don’t think he is even in our top 5 midfielders anymore. Santi Ozil Rambo Jack Ox etc

Springbank 1965

If he ever came back no one has the slightest idea what he’d be like.

Fulfilling his potential he’d certainly be up there.

How many people thought Rosicky would turn out the way he has?

Daft Aider

It takes a long time for him to reach peak game time but at his best, yes top 5 of our midfielders easily


Pmsl. That’s like Beckham saying he’s not given up on being in the England squad for the World Cup. Let’s be honest people Diaby won’t make the French squad and neither are we likely to see him back playing for us this season. He’s great when he has played for us but I think he is just one of those poor injury prone players that will continue to break down everytime he gets a knock. Thank you Sunderland and that cunt who’s name I won’t mention for ruining his career. I’d love to see him back but in all honesty… Read more »


a fit diaby is in any team,


Poor guy. I really hope he does make it!


The next Rosicky?

teddy salad



Whatever keeps him going I guess but what about the Arsenal? The club that pay your massive wages. Next season is his last year with us and if he’s actually fit then he should (but won’t) decline any international call ups. Its the very least he could do considering the patience and faith Wenger has always shown him.


I still get a semi when I think of the absolute clinic he put on against the mugsmashers in 2012.


Poor diaby and theo feel sorry for them

Zip Watcher

There can be only one

(someone had to do it)


He’s better off aiming for the euros in France, hopefully he can find some fitness and maybe for arsenal but more likely somewhere else get his career going again


We should give him another contract just for the fact he kicked John Terry in the face in the 2007 Carling Cup Final.

Humble Gooner

He’s still just the player we need in deep-lying/defensive midfield and missing since Vieira; it’s just that we’ve been saying that for years now. I still hold out hope for next season. Add a stronger CF in the summer who can move along the line (a different option to a typically static pivot like Giroud), and Diaby as a strong deep-lying mid, and we’re in business.


Bought mine six months ago. They’re also available on Amazon UK.

Rocky Rocastle

Perhaps Diaby, injury Prone as he is, should look for a team with a better injury record than ours and a slightly more gentle league to apply his trade. When you are injury Prone you should not want to play for the most injury exposed team in the toughest league in the world. Hehe

Perhaps Ligue 1 might be what he needs to rejuvenate his career. And it would be interesting to see if he could remain fit in a team with a good injury record and in a gentler league than the BPL.


He is cut from the same cloth as a Yaya Toure. Ill go as far as to say he could have been a better player than him. Toure relies more on his strength whereas at times Diaby is as slippery on the ball as a 5’5 spanish midfielder.

Gooner by Tribe

TR7 ‘s taught me all hope can’t be lost. Something inside of me just wants him back, for good, taking over from Arteta and with a lot to prove right and wrong, could just be the catalyst for success. I wish him full and permanent recovery. Come On You Diaby!


You want him back? You want him back? You want him back for good?


What Diaby needs is a complete pre -season during which he stays injury free and can focus on helping us defend our Premier League title next season.
To talk so prematurely about the world cup THIS year is total tosh.



Diaby is about 19 or so in footballing age

When all of his pistons are running, he’s like a big powerful GT car. Very smooth long gear ratio, lots of torque and power across the board.

I’d get him in silver or a nice British racing green. Maybe with the diamond quilted upholstery, not sure yet, I’ll have to ask my wife’s opinion…

Sorry, took my car analogy too far.


Does insurance cover his wages? Can he re-sign on a pay as you play? Sometimes he ambles, but a really skilled player with some power. Maybe he can have two good seasons for us in the next few years.
Got to say, he keeps working to get back, even given what has happened each time he came back.


If he could sign on a pay as you play, i would keep him after his contract. When fit, he is a top midfielder, however, 20 appearances in 3 years goes against him. Rosicky had 18 months out, but has bounced back, but almost 3 years? Sadly he may not be back. Good luck to him.

palace gunner

Injuries is ruining the team, diaby obviously is putting an alert out to tell us he wants to play, coyg


I’ve got a theory that all these ‘setbacks’ to other injured players aren’t setbacks at all, it’s just the players wanting to keep Diaby company in the physio room.


I have no doubt whatsoever of his dedication to the club and Arsenal as a priority. The interview was for Football France, so I imagine in a World Cup year there just might have been a question or two about the French national team and the World Cup. And it’s not like he’s going to say, “nah, that’s alright. I don’t think I would be interested. That doesn’t sound like any fun at all.” I would be so happy to see him finish a season. For himself as a reward for staying positive, and for Wenger and the club for… Read more »

99problems but being a GOONER aint one

Dan Smith is a CUNT. Literally ended Diabys career.


@Penis, fkin classic mate. Laughed out loud at your comment.


My favorite player of all time! Great to hear that he’s still staying so strong mentally, I have always had this strange feeling that he will one day be healthy and realize his potential… let’s hope for his, Arsenal’s and France’s sake that it happens,


One thing is for sure, the scumbag gave him the injury that started all of this, Dan Smith, is a cunt.


I think he will see out the last season with us.

He is unlikely to be sold on. Who would want his injury record.

Could still feature big for us in that last season, or spend more time in the injury ward of course.

I would really love it if he comes good with fitness for once.


Thanks Abou for inspiring me, I will as well not give up on Megan Good.

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