Thursday, July 7, 2022

FA charge fat bloke for stamp

The FA have charged Charlie Adam for his stamp on Olivier Giroud during Stoke’s 1-0 win over Arsenal at the weekend.

The corpulent clogger clearly brought his studs down on Giroud’s leg during the game, but claimed afterwards he had been aiming for the French striker’s nuts in an act of friendship so as to ensure he wouldn’t be involved in any further late-night scandals which might damage his career.

Much like his shooting, however, he missed.

Amazingly, despite there being video evidence of it, Stoke have said, “Charlie and the club are surprised and disappointed to learn of this and will appeal vigorously against the decision.”

To be fair, you can’t blame them when Yaya Toure got off scot-free when he booted some bloke in the spine, but then Stoke aren’t as flush as Man City and are unlikely to be given the same leeway from people who are about to enjoy an all expenses holiday in a luxury resort with a new watch and a slave and some gold bullion.

If banned Adam will have more time to eat Yorkies and chicken flavoured crisps washed down with cheap banana milk, as well as plotting a move to a low-level La Liga club so he can finally get around to breaking Gareth Bale’s ankles.

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He really is ‘that’ sort of player…


Most of them are.

Midwest Gooner

All of them are.

Illinois Gooner

I feel you, Midwest gooner.


Charlie Adam has always been a nasty piece of work mixing the skill he has of producing match winning shots and passes with the uncanny ability to tread on players,elbow players and generally involve in the dark skills when he hoped people weren’t looking.
He fits the Stoke mode perfectly and of course Mark Hughes never saw the stamp in front of him but clearly saw Koscielny deliberately hand the ball across the pitch . They deserve each other in the Championship next year …….hopefully

Runcorn Gooner

Charlie Adam and Mark Hughes .Do the words cheat and Hypocrite ring any bells?


When people say “not that sort of player,” it is implicit acknowledgement that there exists ‘that sort of player’. And the only candidates for who those players happen to be are the ones that make horrible fouls and break legs. So every time someone says “he’s not that sort of player,” they are indirectly telling us that they are ‘that sort of player’.

You with me?


Not much good it does us now.. Should’ve had 2 yellows, penalty was harsh, and was just one of those days when we played crap. Oh well.


Would be good if Adam’s absence eventually cost them relegation.
But I doubt he has this influence though.


That’s the thing with orcs, isn’t it? They travel in hordes.


There should be some way to benefit us. In the end, all it doe is hurt us and benefit our rivals when they play Stoke/.

Hope Stoke get relegated this year.

Daft Aider

I suppose it would benefit us if the entire Britannia stadium including fans and players of both teams were infected with terminal dysentary on the 26th of April 😉


If Stoke get relegated.. I think we genuinely all should have some sort of fuck off party to celebrate.

Like actually do it.. invite Rambo as the guest of honour.



It’s disturbing to read some of the comments on online match reports by Stoke fans, you see the most vile abuse being directed at players like Ramsey, and then (if its a Facebook comment) the commenter is often revealed to be old aged, female, or some demographic that you wouldn’t normal associate with online trolling or football “banter”. All ages and sexes in Stoke-on-trent are involved with this. It’s sociologically unexplainable. The same demographic that reads the Daily Mail and feels sorry that Helen Flanagan and that ex-footballer broke up, makes nonchalant quiffs about how Adam should have broken Giroud’s… Read more »


Yep. The horse has bolted and if you think about it, it actually doesn’t help us. Stoke could have a first choice player suspended for a while. What if he’s banned for games against teams around us in the table? See what I did there? No. Ban the dirty git for 5 or 6 games and replay the game from the moment he should’ve been sent off with Stoke down to ten men (minus Adam of course). It’s daft, but fair. Perhaps a new rule that the team loses all its points and the other team get awarded a goal… Read more »

Daft Aider

Stoke’s reply pretty much sums up their knowledge of football

Come on blogs, he’s not that sort of guy!


I hope this hobknocker-crap-wrestling-long-ball-shite of a club get relegated.


Charlie Adam suits Stoke down to the ground: Ugly, scummy, dirty, malicious.


i think stoke should not play football they are very good team for Rugby FA should bann them from football. They are football killers. Fuck Stoke city fucking boring team.


He actually didn’t miss…


Charlie Adams = Cunt.


I’d prefer if Giroud was given first dibs on doing him up the arse. That’d show him.

DL Gooner

I had no idea there was a cue to Do Charlie Adam up the arse. Does Giroud have a choice in this at all?




The dirty scumbags…I doubt even Leeds are this classless.

“surprised and disappointed” eh? well i suppose that’s what went through Giroud’s mind when he felt studs on his nuts


Giroud has nuts on his shins? No wonder every tackle hurts like hell. That is one brave bastard.


I’m also guessing wilsheres ankles were reconstructed with pieces of his scrotum




Appalling human being! And this after his protestations that he would never try to hurt a fellow professional


Disgusting that Adams and Stoke FC even want to appeal this. I really do hope that human-sized arse cancer footballing career ends in very violent and premature way. It’s a miracle he hasn’t ended many a player’s careers himself with his deliberate and violent tackles.


I’m glad they’re appealing. Don’t you get a harsher punishment if you lose an appeal?


they don’t talk about appealing. they just said ” vigorously fight ” who knows what they’re up to, stamping on people on and off the field?

Remember this is stoke they claim to be a football club so who knows what else they can lie about.


let the record show that liverpool payed almost 7 million pounds for this scum

Springbank 1965

Lying, thuggish, fuckwit, scumbag.

Or as he’s known in Stoke … nothing out of the ordinary.


Too bad Pubis isn’t still there. Would’ve liked to see his mewly face spitting and sputtering about the charge….Mark Hughes deserves no less though. Hopefully he’ll say something derogatory towards the FA and get his own charge too. Cunts. All of em.

Daft Aider

If ever there were an equally odious little turd of a manager to Pubis then it’s Mark Hughes

Hoosier Gunner

Although it’s nice to see a dastardly player like Adam in a dastardly club like Stoke get a retrospective ban, I’m afraid they are of no use. The damage has already been done.

Owing to the growing incompetence of the referees and with progressing times, we really should have quick video replays made available so incidents can be punished right then and there. Just like in tennis, it would be nice if each team gets three calls a game to contend dubious decisions.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

Or ban Adam for his next two games that he’s eligible to play against arsenal?

Does seem kind of ridiculous that the sinned against get no retribution.


Or (and yes I know this is a pipe dream) order Adam sent off and the match replayed from the point he was sent off, plus a three-game ban for the red card. Impossible to do, of course, but certainly the fairest thing.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

What’s happened to the Arsenalist guy? Has he taken a week off in protest at our non showing in Mordor?

Come on you Canadian git, I haven’t seen the stamp yet and need to feel even more justification for hating those backward ferret botherering twats.

Just A Gentleman

Another gooner was born, that’s why he was away. 😀


And he’s trying to use that as an excuse! After all that we pay him to do his stuff…


Congratulations to him and his missus, by the way.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie


Priorities man!

But no, that’s fucking ace. Good on him.


Haha Blogs! You’re in top form here… 😀

Jap's Eye

And way above where he should be. Most former Bhoys are lucky to get in the starting XI of League One bottom scrapers…

Look at Leigh Griffiths. in and out of Wolves but a fucking star turn at Celtic…


Three match ban on the way for the fat fucker and if they appeal give him an extra match for good measure!!

Midwest Gooner

Must have been an Orc troll that thumbed down your post. I canceled it out for you.


Did u all read what Nzonzi said abt kicking Arsenal bcos our players are soft? Dat’s d more reason Flamini shld ve played on’s even a challenge to all the players that a fellow man like you calls you soft..I wld ve kicked their players too if I were in their shoes to tell them off that we re not as soft as you think


While I’d love to see Flamini ‘level the field’ I don’t think we can afford another ban with the matches approaching. And you just know that referee would have shown red for the first Arsenal riposte.

If not for that, totally agree.


Yeah I understand why Giroud didn’t really stand up for himself – the way things were going it’s obvious he would have been the one to get carded.

Midwest Gooner

I would have loved to have seen Flamini kick ass too, but it was clear, to borrow a quote from a popular movie, the odds were not in our favor in regards to the refs.

m a gunner

Just shows what a poor ref we had on sat, Adams should be sent off , game changer ! Same should have happened with mikel earlier in the season !!


Earlier in this very game with the studs-in aerial challenge by Adam.


I hope the FA take Nzonzi’s public statement that they “don’t care and will continue to Kick them” into consideration.

Adam should’ve been off the pitch -twice- and Pieters with him. They would have made Sh*wcr**ss look like a decent chap if such a thing were possible. The entire team is that kind of player.


but…but this is england……they should man up and accept it …isnt this what our fans say ?

why change english football for the better..?..we want our bangers and mash ..kcuf wenger and his continental football…we play like neanderthals here and and we love it cause we are shit technical-wise, its all we can do on a football pitch…… if he dont like it he can eff off back to france …..



Unfortunately many do say that a surprising amount, yet are hoping for great things in the future from Walcott (unfortunately not this year), Wilshere, Gibbs and Ox playing for England – because of that very same pacy, technical non-thug style of play they are criticizing.

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

i hate stoke, those rugby team/ wannabes football team/ pricks/ aarom ramsey haters/ fucking stampers.

A well deserved charge to charlie adam, that wanker.


Hang the fat cunt.

Vermaelen's Death Stare

Hahahaha Stoke what a joke. Adam unfortunately does not have the talent to play in any other manner


Sadly no use to us. There should be video replays at the time, so there is no excuse of “not seeing it”


Stoke wrestling club should be demolished!

Freeman Thia

Those who does not know how to play football resort to ungentlemanly conduct when they are playing against intelligent,skillful and talented players like we have at Arsenal fc

Midwest Gooner

May the Orc cunt get what he deserves.


I hope Charlie Adam breaks Hazard’s leg and does him up the arse.


I hate you Stoke, and if I was Gandalf you’d be staff-whipped back into your cave along with enough pig shit and fish puke to drown you.

Abhorrent cunts.

Midwest Gooner

Feed them to Shelob!

Rocky Rocastle

Dissapointed Giroud never fought back and took a beating throughout the game, and all he could reply with was crying to the ref. For a guy his size, he does not appear gery strong. He is to easily knocked around imo. Perhaps he should bulk up abit and play more to his strenght and size advntage like Benteke or Carrol, and not try to play so much like Neymar.

The Chef Who Poisoned the Spuds Lasagne

Time to poison his lasagne


Calling Stoke, with ‘players’ like this fat fecker and a sly thug for manager, a ‘rugby team’ is an insult to rugby (both codes). That said, we won’t win the title as long as we wind up talking about their approach to the beautiful game. We need to be able to just beat the wasters and move on.


This is all nonsense dont blame Stoke for playing their game.. im not being funny but there just wasnt any fight from our team…
Imagine Stoke trying to kick man u about seasons ago.. the man utd players would kick them back show grit get in their place.. the players would confront the player and referee in numbers…

We as a team are just light weight we are far to soft.. why isnt Wenger influancing the referee, imagine Mouringo and Ferguson just sitting in his chare just watching? both of them would b screaming at the assistant referee..


Not place i mean face….

You use every trick in the book to win thats my point… dont just carry on passing it like nothing happened and allow yourself to stamped and kicked about the pitch…. we need fire in our bellys.

Gunning from Denmark

Uuh, yes blame Stoke for breaking the rules of the game.
I never minded a good fight and going all in, and yes sometimes tackles are mistimed by accident and that is not always a matter of unfair play. But this is not playing “their game” – this is not even playing “the game”. Football does not and should not allow for these kinds of things, and even remotely entertaining the idea that it should be tollerated is complete nonsense and sure to ruin the game if continued.


You seem to forget that every time Wenger opens his mouth the FA bans or fines him. It’s their second favorite thing to do behind laughing when an Orc kicks a Gunner.

terry payne

Typical stoke = thugs!!!

The Aussie Gooner

Really unfair comment on your blog. Banana milk is not cheap.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Quite right, Banana milk is bloody expensive. I mean, you try milking a banana.

Viva Vivas

“That kind of player”
“That kind of team”
“That kind of football club”
I hope we don’t turn up to the next groin kicking contest with our balls hanging out!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

We need balls of steel. They’d break their fucking toes on them.

Gunning from Denmark

Here’s an idea: How about taking away Stokes points? Or at least reduce 3 to 2 or 1? Don’t necessarily mean Arsenal should get the points, but this is SO obviously a situation were Stoke should have been reduced to 10, and it is only fair to assume that this would have impacted their chances of winning. Hence, what is most fair? To lend a helping hand to the teams facing Stoke in upcoming fixtures? Or to punish Stoke directly in the place were they got the unfair advantage – ie. the Arsenal game and points? I am pretty sure… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

“If banned Adam will have more time to eat Yorkies and chicken flavoured crisps washed down with cheap banana milk”

He’s definitely a chicken flavour type of guy isn’t he. Probably wears a string vest too.


Having calmed down a few things are clear. 1. We were shite and deserved nothing from the game. 2. Stoke went too far. Stamping is the act of a coward. 3. The ref needs a ban. Adam will get one (just seen interview with ex ref Dermot Gallagher who said three coaches have already informed the FA that Adam meant it and will almost certainly get a ban now). Adam’s ban may actually hinder us. The rules need looking at regarding these types of incidents. 4. If we even attempted to get physical with them, we would get a card.… Read more »


Two stamps ha just enough to send him and his shit team down a league id hope.


Why not allow Charlie to get rid of those f**ki*ng legs of lazy go6d for nothing useless effortless misfit & misfiring attacter Giroud. This is exactly the same reason his coach in academy told him football is not him. He has no brain for it

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