Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Gibbs and Oxlade-Chamberlain available for Swansea

The FA have confirmed that both Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are free to be selected by Arsenal for tomorrow’s game against Swansea.

Referee Andre Marriner mistakenly sent off the left-back after Oxlade-Chamberlain’s handball and after appealing both the wrongful dismissal and the red card itself, Arsene Wenger can call on both players tomorrow.

In a statement, the FA said:

An Independent Regulatory Commission today heard two claims from Arsenal, one of mistaken identity and the other of wrongful dismissal, both in relation to Saturday’s game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

The commission ruled that the dismissal of Kieran Gibbs was a case of mistaken identity and transferred this to his team-mate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Subsequent to deciding this matter, the commission then considered Arsenal’s claim for wrongful dismissal in relation to Oxlade-Chamberlain. This claim was upheld, meaning Oxlade-Chamberlain will not serve any suspension with the standard punishment withdrawn with immediate effect.

There’s still no explanation as to how Marriner came the decision he did, but we’re not holding our breath for that one, and instead we’ll be thankful our already depleted squad isn’t stretched any further.

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Thats awesome news, but they must explain how the ref made that decision.

Just A Gentleman

Most of the time stupidity has no explanation my friend.


No explanation is needed to know 4th official and serial cheat Anthony Taylor unsurprisingly advised on giving the penalty


Spot on. The main reason they’ve seen sense….is because they know they’ve made a massive bollox of this whole thing. They need to come out and explain/own up, that Taylor had a ‘word in the ear’ of the ancient Marriner. Completely getting it wrong…but also getting it wrong in an entirely new, and fresh, way.


They certainly had plenty of time before making the call to watch the replay on the stadium display.

remember the invincibles

Can’t believe it. The FA reversed a red card decision against us. They must really be feeling bad for us. Or they might have decided that they should make the right decision. Either way it’s quite unbelievable.


Or they didn’t want the scandal to spread any further and they took the most logical action to snuff it out…


Spot on. I was there. The ref did not see anything and pointed for a goal kick until Terry and gang appealed. He looked across to the assistant referee who was unable to assist him and the next thing I observed he is talking to someone on his headset. As the assistant referee’s lips were not moving he can only have been speaking to the fourth official, one Mr Taylor of Villa at home notoriety. As Moyes would have said, absolutely scandalous.

Mark The Spark

“The FA reversed a red card against us”
I think that’s a first. I can’t remember it happening before.
They’ll be a flying pig in a minute… lol


apparently andre mariner wanted to make sure chelsea win..he was the same fuckin ref who gave ramires dive a penalty …… this year refs have been aweful…looking back at the walcott tripped by willian..or mikel breaking arteta shin pad and not even given a yellow….fa just want chelsea or city to be champions for sure


It was a cracking save from the Ox


Even the F.A know we need all the men we can get. thats how terrible sunday was.

People are talking about city as if they come first before swansea. we have a football match to win tomorrow, if we dont win! I will……..


If not for this game, he’ll probably have to do some explaining after the Newcastle game that he is refereeing this weekend. Because…

Clock End Mike

But nothing can compensate us for having to play for an hour with only 10 men against the team currently at the top of the table, just because the ref doesn’t appear to know the rules. He doesn’t even get suspended.

Pfft. I’m just going to try and forget that Saturday ever happend.

Happy gooner

Happy days

The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse

Not sure how the Ox got away with this. But thank heavens for some good news.


Apparently it’s only a red card if he denied a goal scoring opportunity, but as it was wide it would’ve only been a yellow if seen properly.


They can’t retrospectively punish a player for an incident that was addressed on the field. They can rescind an incorrect decision though. If the ref had sent off the ox in the first place he would be suspended for Swansea. So in a bizarre way Marriner has done us a favour.


No it’s not that, there is a rule if the shot is going in target and the player is handling the ball it is a red card, if the shot is going wide like hazard shot and the player handling the ball it is a penalty and yellow card that it’s why ox is not suspended.

Gareth Murray

Arsenal appealed the “decision” as well as mistaken identidy as it wasn’t a clear goal scoring opportunity. It makes Ox’s decision to handle it even more bizarre.

Android Gooner

Didn’t help when we were 10 men down against chelsea


If history proves anything, the FA can really do whatever they want, regardless of the rules (they don’t really seem to have much of an understanding of the rules in the first place!). I sort of suspect they really just want to wash their hands of all of this and move on to something else. Suits me!


he got away with it because the shot was not on net. If it was on net, they would have given the red card to the Ox and a suspension. That’s been well stated on the InterWeb.

Either way, COYG!!! Let’s sink Swansea!

tanned arse

He gets away with it for the sensible reason that not only did he not deny a goal or goal scoring chance but actually presented one by giving them a penalty instead of us having a goal kick. Kind of crazy really not to be rescinded when his actions do the complete opposite for which the law is intended


Referee: “Gibbs, you’re off!” Ox: “But ref, it was me!” Ref: “be quiet Walcott, or you’ll be off as well”.

you copy reddit

hi i like reposting the top comment from reddit also and pretending it is my own. xD


Such a funny, original joke! You’re the first person I’ve seen post this.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Cracked me up when I first saw it, within an hour I hated it. The “Daft Punk – Get Lucky” of jokes


Was in a relatively good mood after a weekend of abject misery……… Now that fucking ‘joke’ has pushed me back into a pit of dispair.

Thanks numbnuts

Bendtner's Hair Band

About as funny as when Gibbs cheated on Cheryl.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

Fucking brilliant Bendtner’s. This is why I come to this site.

Made me laugh for first time in 3 days.


Bendtner’s?????? its clearly written Giroud there.

Messy Mesut

You’ve just won the game.


Good. Time for both of them to make it count.


Lets just dust ourselves and keep moving forward

Jack's Right Foot

I am surprised that Oxlade-Chamberlain got his suspension upheld, but I really couldn’t care less now. Good news, as long as he shows the form of 2-3 matches ago that is!



I’d rather see Monreal and Gnabry given a chance against Swansea. Both Gibbs and Oxlade-Chamberlain were poor and after a game like the last I think other players deserve a start.


ox wasnt suspended it was Gibbs who send off. the FA couldnt punish Ox as the ref didnt see it and gibbs got free pass as he wasnt him in the first place

For Gods Sake

Who has replaced the FA board. This is the correct decision/ thought they would normally red card the whole team


An apology would be nice.

The decision potentially cost us points (ok maybe not!), goal difference, injuries to other players e.g. Kos due to playing 10 men for so long.

They should come clean about who directed the ref to send Gibbs off and how that individual saw the incident, or was it just because the referee was bullied into it by the Cuntski players?

Gary Baldy

Well, it might have cost us points in that it was only 2-0 up until that decision. Arguably, we could have made a comeback.

But you are right, we were on the ropes. The manner in which we conceded those two goals gave no indication of a comeback and we were always looking at a re-run of the Liverpool game.

remember the invincibles

Come on it was a ridiculous idea to handle the ball. Really poor from Oxlade chamberlain. A clever head would’ve told him to let it go in(it wasn’t ) and play with 11 players


Or block it with any legal part of his body…

It's Up For Grabs Now!

That’s great news but can the team please explain why they were so shit?


and yet no punishment to marriner… he gives a red card without seeing the incident …what a disgrace


In hindsight things have worked out well. And people say the FA are biased against us..

Arsene Nose

Yeah yeah… Just win the damn game

I loathe Mourinho so much it hurts..

Gary Baldy

Good news !

Does this mean that God is a Gooner but only sometimes ?

Can you Read?

@Jacks Right Foot. The FA upheld the claim by Arsenal that it was a wrongful dismissal, ie shouldn’t have been a red card at all. He’s not suspended. Neither of then are. Read


that’s good news


Hopefully Gibbs will concentrate on his defending now


Great news! We really don’t need any less players at this time of the season.
When it comes to Marriner’s decision, I feel that there’s not really a rush to exactly _why_ it happened because it’s in the past. I still think we need to know why, but it’s not really a top priority, is it?


Lucky escape but now we have to use that luck to blow Swansea away tomorrow night otherwise it’s all for nothing again. For gods sake why can’t we ever make anything easy for ourselves EVER!! We are on the cusp of FA cup victory if we beat Everton… Please don’t do a self destruct against whoever like we did against the brums. A trophy will be a good season.

Gary Baldy

Blow Swansea away and use that as a warm up for Man City.

To make any kind of statement we actually need to beat Man City, not so much for the points and the title, just to make a point.

remember the invincibles

We need to have a great game against City. Unfortunately that will suit Chelsea just fine.

Neil #2

Excellent news.
Title still not lost. Chelski still have to play Liverpool. I think we can handle City — Ramsey and Flams in midfield for that one please. COYG


There’s some positivity right there.

Completely mental but I like your style fella.

Don Cazorleone

the Flamsey axis?


The Ramini Axis – UTA!


Ox is an England international, he can do what he wants without any danger of punishment.


Good point. Maybe Ox threatened to play “The Shearer Card” and the FA capitulated like the venal, corrupt halfwits they are.




Just wake me up when ramseys back


Great news the tide could be turning!!


Wow, the FA actually did the right thing. I honestly expected them to simply give the card to Ox and then ignore the second complaint. Given his rather poor performance against Chelsea, I doubt Ox will be starting tomorrow, but more good players available is always excellent.


I suspect he’ll be starting on the right.


Shame we don’t get to replay the game. Was it still a penalty? You can come back from 2-0 down with 70 minutes to play. 3-0 down with 10 men for 70+ minutes is completely different.


…but this decision negates the fact that the red card changed the final outcome of the game. That’s absolutely unacceptable


Neil #2 you are correct. Title still not lost. We CAN still win the title this season so long as we don’t mess up anymore and so long as Chelsea and city don’t win remaining games. I know it’s all what ifs and maybes but mathematically we aren’t out of it yet. This time last year we wasn’t this close and we went on an massive unbeaten run. Repeat that this year and the title could be ours. Imagine that? 9 years of hurt and we win the double. I would be ecstatic if that happened. COME ON THE ARSENAL

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

You on drugs mate?


Pass me your bong……

Injured Gooner South Africa

He has a point you know, it’s not over till the fat lady sings, etc. Chel$ lost against Villa, some other teams fighting the relegation battle with their backs against the wall, could be very dangerous as well. All he’s saying is that it is not over till it’s over. No sense in berating the players for lack of mental strength, then as fans start asking each other to pass the bong, when we see a bit of positivity going around. Quite silly actually.


Ok, a welcome turn of news. Back on the wing please. We need some freaking pace and direct running at defenders up there.


Oh yes.
If Arsenal play with power, pace and precision and a robust defence, they will win.
Go for a win, not a draw.


to be fair he was so shit vs Chav i hope he get drop and gnabry get a chance instead


Hard to argue with. Unfortunately in the pace + take on defenders + shooting department we’re in sorry shape. Perhaps Gnabry, but Ox can self-inflict less damage on the wing.


Can someone explain WHY we haven’t asked for a replay? I understand we were down 2-0 at that point (Maybe three with the penalty kick), but it was an awful decision that absolutely changed the course of the game. How is that not worth talking about?


We were getting destroyed…it didn’t change the course of the game at all.


It hurts even more than the 6-3 spanking at the ethiad
and the 5 we let in at anfeild combined! I think it’s because it’s that smug little portugese cunt and wengers troops let him down on what should have been one of his most celabrated games in a long sucessful and well respected arsenal career!!!


Hoping that the team wins against Swansea tomorrow. Play with power, pace & precision and victory is Arsenal’s.

The showdown against Man City will be interesting. Proper preparation, tactics and a fighting spirit will give us a chance. They are not invincible – Arsenal can defeat them.


Everyone saying how could ref had made that stupid decision….you’re looking at this the wrong way.

Be extremely thankful BOTH are available for the Swansea game when only 1 should be. Don’t kick a hornets nest that is now at rest….

N21 Tone

That shit face cunt John Terry got the pen and the sending off done. No doubt.


I would like to see this team tomorrow


It’s time for a change giroud was awful for the last 4-5 games even his best strengths of his game as holding up the play and bringing others to play didn’t work put poldi upfront we all now that if poldi had that chance against chelsea he would score and rest arteta his is out of pace at the moment and can’t play holding midfilder on his own.


i would prefer gnabry over ox this time. fabianski as gk. poldi cant play alone upfront. we have to play 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 then.


I’d rather see wholesale changes made, the players need to be shown that if you play badly you get dropped.


Excellent news, allowing me to mentally re categorise that game as “would have had points except for Marriner’s cock up”. Don’t disabuse me of this notion.

Rocky Rocastle

Good News. Now lets get our head’s straight and finish strong. Personally i think we need proffesional mental coaches. I looked through our staff and could not see we had any pure sports psychology consultants in our staff. Many international teams cooperate with their countrys Olympic organization and are granted access to their Mental coaches. We know how important and Even Vital Mental coaches are in individual sports, so dont see why it should be any different in a team game like football. Especially when we are constantly crumbling under pressure due to losing their head. Wenger talks alot about… Read more »


Are you referring to completely mental coaches or something slightly mental?

Gunsen Gunner

God must really love Arsenal fans.He sure makes them suffer.

Mr. Gunnerman … SHABBA!

Happy news. Ox, make up for it mate.


1.Ox should play on the wing where his pace can do some damage.
2.Sanogo should be given a chance over Girioud
3. Flamini needs to start
4.Kallstrom need to make a debut and provide something different


Surprised we didn’t get a longer ban with our luck with the FA 😉

COYG!!! This is when the true fans stick with the team. Swansea have nothing to play for so they are relaxed and can be dangerous. Get that first goal and set the tempo early!


@Rocky, Tim Sherwood is a mental coach, surely you’re not suggesting we bring him in? 😉

Bendtner's hair

Let me flop around out there tomorrow!


As long as you’re just his hair.


Sorry Arjen, you don’t play for us.

I’m here all night, folks.

Canuck Gooner

It was the right decision to not suspend either player. But I disagree with those that think we could have come back from 3-0 down if we had 11 players (the ok was a correct call). The guys were playing terribly. But that is in the past and we still have lots to play for. COYG!!

Canuck Gooner

^^PK not ok.
damn autocorrect


I’d still hope for Kim to start in the midfield on Tuesday instead of the ox. His confidence must be shattered right now, and maybe a return to a wide position will help.

chris b

if the ref had sent Ox off in the first place, then I’d doubt very much that he would have had his ban lifted… so it’s kind of good that he got it wrong and sent off Gibbs. Ox dodged a bullet!


Ah, it’s good to see a bit of the humor returning.

What I like second most* about these little positive happenings is that 90% of the cave dwellers that do nothing but spew bilious anger don’t show up.

What I like first most, of course, is that it’s good for the Arsenal. COYG.


The F.A should ban Giroud for being non-Arsenal standard.


Touché. Had you in mind when I specified 90%, HG.


Thought so too. I’m glad you took a minute out of your sorry life to post about me.


Aw, shucks.


Actually I give credit that you don’t just wait for the posts about things gone wrong. You bring it all the time. It’s that consistency Wenger is always on about.



Wenger: “An accident has happened, that doesn’t mean that you’re not a good driver. We have played about 40 games this season.”

If I had three accidents every 40 journeys, I’m pretty sure my insurance premiums would go up.

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