Koscielny could miss Swansea with fresh injury worry


Laurent Koscielny is a major doubt for Tuesday night’s game against Swansea after suffering a calf strain during the Chelsea defeat.

The Guardian is reporting the injury in tomorrow’s edition, and his absence would open the door for captain Thomas Vermaelen to make a return to the starting line-up.

It’s another injury worry that Arsenal could do without, however. With central defensive options limited, it leaves Arsene Wenger’s squad skating on defensive thin ice, although some will say they already fell through at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Koscielny, along with Per Mertesacker, has started 42 games for the Gunners this season, and was recently left out of the French team because of a hamstring complaint.

There may be worries that lack of rest, or being overplayed, is beginning to take its toll, and with the manager cancelling his regular pre-game press conference tomorrow, we’ll have to wait for the quotes provided by the Arsenal press office tomorrow regarding the fitness and availability of players for Tuesday.

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dont care if Viviano starts at center half, i want us to rip swansea to shreds.
A Merciless 5-0, no celebrations, pick the ball out of the net and go again.
Show everyone what the shirt means to you.


My good people, between now and May 17th, 2014, all that really needs to be said is:





One out so that must mean one in? Please let it be Ramsey.

non flying dutchman

since when have we been one out – one in this season?

New guy

or indeed any season?


“There may be worries that lack of rest, or being overplayed, is beginning to take its toll.”

Neil #2

Hadn’t realized that he’s played in 42 matches this season. 😮


This surely was the kind weekend you would leave on a pile of trash and burn it down.


When it rains it pours. Fuuuuuuuuuck!

Time for Captain Magnificent to shine!


Time for some competition around the squad now. Here’s hoping our captain rises to the occasion when his team really needs him and leaves Koscielny with a massive fight on his hands to get his place back in the team. We’ve spent enough time feeling sorry for those who don’t get a regular game, but when they had to step in to replace Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil et al they fell short. It’s about time we were as ruthless as the other top clubs, all of whom have multiple top-quality players on the bench for any given game. Let’s smash Swansea… Read more »


If you don’t buy players to strengthen the squad and play everyone to breaking point….then I’m afraid we deserve all the shit we are getting. As predictable as Monday follows Sunday……bored.


I wish Kos a speedy recovery!


Szcz dropped for Swansea
Fabianski recalled.
Verm in for Kozzer
Wenger told players he will leave at seasons end.

Neil #2

I certainly hope not (in terms of Wenger leaving)!

Android Gooner

I’m really curious to see how the Merteverminator would fare after a games playing together


Yawn. What’s an Arsenal season without a crippling injury in crunch time?


All my hopes are being crushed each game, where’s our Arsenal? 🙁

The Beast

The pressure is now on wigan coz they are the favourites in the FA cup.


Wow, this gets better and better. Just thinking about the Chelsea game with a little more thought and less rabble, what type of team would have lined up if they had no schurrie, no hazard, no oscar or matic and we had our magic 4 all fit. Let’s be honest, I reckon we would have battered them.


No…..No we wouldn’t have

Daft Aider

Given the performance yesterday we may as well just put the youth team in for a few games and give everyone still able to walk a fortnight off, maybe in Syria or Ukraine (not meant seriously)


TV5 time to deliver a true captain’s performance!!

Rocky Rocastle

Jeez! Another injury to a key player. What Else is New?

Neil #2

posting here since the other news stories have 100s of comments. This interview with Nigel Winterburn is worth a listen:



I blame Kieran Gibbs.


I think someone up yonder summed it up pretty well and I find it almost incredulous anybody is surprised or disagrees. We all said, each of us, that reinforcements were needed in January as at the start of the season a few key injuries would leave us shagged. Sure enough those few key injuries occurred and we’ve got the final run in to go and we are left shagged. I’m not naysaying now or doom mongering, i can’t be arsed with that to be blunt but the problems we have now are a direct consequence of naive or misconducted actions… Read more »

Calm di

Just be patient. Good things come to those who wait.


Mertesacker has already opened his mouth much likr he did when we lost vs Pool.

Something along lines of “we have to respond tuesday”

please Mert do have a seat and fucking shut up. I prefer they not talk at all….Ever! twats!


It’s a story in the Mirror so I don’t know how much is true but he apparently said:

“I don’t know why, but it looks like we don’t fancy early kick offs away….It looks like we are going to have to apply to the FA to not play at 12.45 away. That would help us a lot.”

I think we should keep with that media blackout indefinitely.


Is that so? i literally have struggle to find words for this. So lunchtime kickoffs is the reason giroud cant get his head out of his arse and knock a football in? HAHAHA or does the midday sun drain away our “defending?”

Media lockdown please forever please. Mert is embarassing himself.

Fatboy Gooney

There’s a rumour going about that,
Wenger has told the players that he is leaving at the end of the season,
Arsenal fc are trying to make him change his mind,
Hence the media black out.


Let’s not add to the rumour mill.
Let’s get behind the team, hope for the best & see how things play out for the rest of the season.

Fatboy Gooney

The 6nil humping has taken its toll.
wengers is jacking it in…

Fatboy Gooney

I don’t blame him,
Sad times,
Have just got worse… that’s if you like wenger,
Otherwise, you got what you wished for.


Heroldgoon… Any chance we can have you on a media lock down?!? God week after week I see your condensing comments on this and it’s tiresome.. I understand disappointment but geez support the squad and think positive! Mertz can say what he wants and just because it’s not dissapoinment it does not mean he is not upset about the losses… Shit happens everyone.. Were still better than 16 other teams in the BPL and atleast were not in sp*rs and man u’s spots…



So the other 16 teams should be AFC’s benchmark, as long as we are above them then all is well, (perspective: remember when we were 4points ahead????????) You’re those chaps who think 4th is trophy so we cannot have a conversation.


Shaddap you miserable git.


I hope that Koscielny is not injured and if he is that his injury is not serious.
Time for the squad to band together and make the most of the league games that are left and the FA Cup semi-final.

In steps Verminator to power us to the title.

The Mullet

6 weeks ago this would be a story that would cause concern. Fast forward to now and no one gives a fuck…..again.


The Mertesacker quotes are from an “in-house” interview, as are the Wenger quotes you’ll hear today, done because Arsenal have cancelled today’s press conference.

And I’m pretty sure the “apply to the FA that we don’t play at 12:45” thing was said as a ‘joke’ (for want of a better word), much like Thierry’s “I’ll ask the FA if we can always play on Fridays” after scoring 4 against Leeds the week after THAT Liverpool game (both played on a Friday)


You shouldn’t be surprised. He played 42 games. Wenger shouldn’t have known better. He had chances to rotate but he didn’t. He had chances to buy some cover, but he didn’t. It is not our medics fault that many of our players are injured. You overuse a car no matter how good it is, it will eventually break down. That’s a Fact!


*Wenger should have known better

why is my name required

Good God…for gods sakes. What the fuck is going on at this club? We never have this much injuries at Highbury. Useless medical staff..earning millions but can’t do shit to reduce injuries


So as Kos is injured is Gibbs gonna get treated for Kos’ injury?


Ander Marriner isn’t on our medical team mate.

chris b

Fucks sake, not another one. at least Ramsey will be back soon.


I give up..