Thursday, August 18, 2022

Ozil confirms 2nd minute hamstring injury

Mesut Ozil has confirmed that the hamstring strain he suffered against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night happened in just the 2nd minute of the game.

Although Arsenal had a difficult 45 minutes against the Germans, Ozil was rounded on by sections of the media for his below-par performance, but playing with a strained hammy can’t have been easy.

He said on Facebook page, Ddear friends, now it’s clear: during the #ucl match against #FCBayern I suffered a muscle injury in the second minute. I tried to give my best and played until the end of the first half. Rest assured that I’ll be back even stronger!”

Earlier today Arsene Wenger confirmed that the club were still awaiting the full results of scans which would determine how long he’s going to be sidelined for.

Hopefully it’s not anything as close to the 6 weeks some are suggesting.

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Hope it didn’t aggravate the injury too much, but I love the fact he stayed on till half-time. Good effort.


loved that he tried. but he should’ve been taken off if he couldn’t move fully. he also could’ve of worsened the injury and we were effectively playing with 10 men for a while. been a tough couple months for ozil, but i’m sure he’ll come back well.


I think if a player feels he’s injured (don’t know if Özil knew it or not) he should go out. That’s the best for both the player and the rest of the team. – Everyone could see in the second half after Özil went out we played far better.


You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. Ask to be substituted after two minutes and be accused of bottling it, plough on until half-time and get grief for not coming off.

Fingers crossed on a speedy recovery, anyway.


and this is why players need to be coached to ignore those sorts of pressures. it’s difficult of course, but you shouldn’t risk injuring yourself further because of angry idiots on twitter and sky.


Angry idiots on twitter and sky rock


It was indeed a good effort, though a somewhat stupid decision in one sense, considering that he _might_ have aggravated it. It shows commitment though, and I really like Özil, while one of my flatmates (Who only watches Spanish and Norwegian football, so he’s not really an expert, is he?) accused Özil of being “lazy and arrogant”. This, obviously annoyed me, so I tried telling him that even though he’s had some performances that were under expectations, it wasn’t entirely his fault as there were no one to run in behind etc. Then I told him to watch the match… Read more »


He is going to be a big miss for the upcoming games.

It was a stupid of him to play on. But I can understand why he did – media pressure and playing in Germany (especially after being booed by his own national fans) forced him into a situation where he had something to prove.

On a positive note; Kallstrom is back. Personally, I’m kind of excited to see him play.


someone needs to coach these players about ignoring the media. you even have stars that are going on facebook to respond to idiot posts by angry fans. that’s not to say, they’re above the fans but simply that they need to learn to block out the noise.

Black Hei

I think Wenger should install a social media ban.

It wouldn’t be fun. We will miss guys like BFG, Podolski and others. But it will be good for the players overall. And I think for the industry.

Social media is a double edged sword. It empowers everybody. That unfortunately includes idiots as well.


Now who’s the clever sod who signed Kallstrom on loan? Just remind me….


…. balls


I wish he was subbed off. He will be missed in the upcoming big games. Jack also did the same. Come back soon. we almosthave as many injured players as the fit ones atm.


I always thought we were unlucky with injuries. But it’s happening for too damn long and to too many players. I think the should stop blaming bad luck and seriously consider a complete reshuffling of the medical staff. Something has to be done as injuries have been fucking with us for way too long


It’s Wenger. He refuses to build a big enough squad so the first team gets run into the ground and picks up injuries. Only one season out of the last eight have we not led the injury table by a long ways. Why Wenger doesn’t bring in a few more capable players and rotate the squad (it’s fatigue that causes most of these injuries) is gross negligence


Haven’t the Gunners been run on a somewhat tight budget since we moved to the Emirates though? As far as I understand, the costs of the stadium has been the reason that we haven’t had an immense spending power. I might be wrong though. Also, it’s kind of nice to show that we have some firepower without doing like Shitty and other clubs and just buying all the shiny looking footballers from everywhere.


True, but we do have squad & youth players around that could supplement the first team at times. It’s that Wenger rarely rotates his team, relying on the starters almost exclusively. The more the play, the more likely they’ll strain and come up with injuries, IMO.

Could be the players he would consider ‘worthy’ of playing in at least some of the games can’t be found at a reasonable price, and he’s not willing to sacrifice quality to preserve stamina/avoid injury.


Here’s what I don’t get: how is it possible for a footballer to recover from a ruptured ACL inside six months (i.e. The Ox), but a hamstring is a long-term injury? For AFL football players, an ACL is a 12-month injury every time; a hamstring not requiring surgery is a standard 21 days of rehab to full recovery. I would be grateful for any insight that could be provided, because to me it doesn’t make sense (fair enough, I am Australian).


From reports at the time I think the Ox didn’t fully rupture his ACL, when meant he didn’t need surgery and thereby reducing his recovery period significantly. I’d imagine Ozil’s injury will not be too bad, more of a fatigue type injury rather than his hamstring tearing like poldi’s, as he didn’t pull up and go to ground immediately. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.


yup. hope it’s a mild strain


What part of Australia you from ?


Perth. Watching the Bayern match on Wednesday morning (kick-off at 3.30am) required sleeping on the couch and resulted in a sub-par performance at work that day, but at least I have my priorities in order.

Thanks for the insight, I feel smarter. Hopefully both Ozil and Jack are back in action very soon, they’re both great to watch. AFL and EPL are 100% the same in one specific way: it sucks when terrific players sit out through injury.


For me, Ozzie Rules is the most brilliant sport in the world! Too bad I was born a Seppo (at least I’m a felllow IC and not a POME 😉 😉 ) with never a chance to move to Oz. I always favored Essendon, they appear these days to be very mid-tier.

We’ve got a club here in Denver, The Denver Bulldogs, but I’m too old to join 🙂

Cheers and Good Luck.


Chambo injured his Posterior Cruciate Ligament, not the Anterior. Plus it was a strain, rather than a rupture, which I suppose means ‘torn’.


Yes he should have come off and got treatment straight away. Now we could lose him for a large part of the remainder of the season. Stupid decision by more than one person, sadly.


At the other end of that picture robben was pulling on something else. His scuba suit.


I can imagine a new sport surfacing based on Robben’s diving. It’d be like curling, only with a 90 year old Dutch cunt instead of a rock, and that you only have to look at it for it to dive.


Hope this stops the “nicking a living” crap coming from some corners of the media. Doubt it though.

The Ox is a fox

they don’t need reasons to say what they say.

so, there’s no reason to stop them saying what they are going to say




Personally I’d prefer a player to act intelligently and responsibly.


“Ozil Dreams Up Pathetic Excuse For Piss Poor Performance Against Bayern”

Have that one on me Trashton, you cunt.


last week we were chastising Wiltshire for playing on with an obvious injury “youthness and wanting to carry on and not let his body do the talking” now a experienced international ignores it too no wonder we truley Fooked tut tut tut

Sterling Archer

It might not be as big as other squads in the league, but I have to say even with all our injuries I’m not bricking my pants as much as I have done in previous injury hit seasons.
Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere are all big losses but I’m comfortable with our other players. Looks like Oxlade is coming into a good bit of form at just the right time for us too.


effectively until ramsey comes back we’re down to two attacking midfielders. not ideal at all. that said, i’m hoping against hope that ramsey isn’t rushed (and then isn’t overplayed).


By the way, was he booed off playing for Germany, or was it a reaction to him being subbed? I thought he had an assist in that game?

Smacks of “Arshavin booed by own fans”, when it was more a reaction to the Ox getting hoiked.


i guess now we’re seeing why le boss went after draxler. really encouraged by the ox though.

Hoosier Gunner

Poor Mesut was in a lose-lose situation in that game. He was slagged off for apparently not putting in the effort in the prior weeks but then when he attempts to play through the pain barrier to put in the said effort, knob heads like Neil “two-bob” Ashton nick a living selling papers for writing crap. He was doomed if he did, doomed if he didn’t.

I for one, empathize with you, Mesut. Get well soon! We need you back as soon as possible.


Like the fans booing arsene after the first game against villa. It was the ref and villa that were gettin booed. Not our manager or players.


regarding spurs: itv4 or itv5 tonight, anyone who knows?


Anyone who cares?

Stuart Steele

With Kallstrom back, alongside Flamini, Arteta can always move into an advanced role. We have Ox, Rosicky, Santi, Lukas, even Gnabry can put in a shift. We have more than enough quality to get by. #thinkpositive


You hear that TrAshton? Imbetard!


The great Kall will score from 40 yards and Tim Sherwood will commit harakiri in front of Miyaichi

Thierry Bergkamp

If it was John Terry that played on while injured, the press would hail him as a national hero.
When it happens to Ozil, he’s a bottler, useless etc etc


Why does the media hate Arsenal so much? we are not in anyones way. we havent won anything in a while so technically we are not in any ones way. you would think the hate will go away when we finally win us alittle something or even a treble in the coming year but i reckon the hate will persist. city have spent abillion euros over the past few years which is no where equivalent to how they should be performing in europe or domestically. but all that is water under the bridge when a £42.5 million arsenal man is… Read more »


because some of our fans are manipulated sheep who allow the dirty side of the english football & media culture to mess with their psychology and minds and to attack our team manager and players. liverpool fans would have burnt the daily mail offices to the ground by now, not to mention ashton durham and co would have moved to alaska out of fear of getting lynched whenever they came out their homes here….. but you see…the arsenal fans only know how to demonstrate outside the ground yelling like drunken lunatics “where does the money go?” ignoring a 450m stadium… Read more »


Think it’s a bit of a different situation than with Jack, with no great pain and seeming unable to go on. In fact most people watching the game had no idea he was injured at all – I noticed him running a bit slow and stretching his leg a bit after 20 minutes, but read that he has no real experience of hamstring injuries like this and so like a minor strain or small tweak thought he could run it off. Seems understandable to me, you can’t always tell with these things without proper experience of them. Unfortunate perhaps, but… Read more »

Belfast Gooner

hmastring injuries are usually graded from 1-3

Grade 1 is damage to a few of the muscle fibres and may not be felt until the next day after the injury happened

Grade 2 is damage to a more extenisve number of muscle fibres

Grade 3 is a complete rupture of the muscle and may result in the individual being able to walk.

Ive had a grade 2 pull and it took me 5 weeks before i was back playing again so that sounds like Ozils injury. I am assuming then that Poldi’s was a grade 3.


we have enougth depth in midfield IMO it’s our weak strikeforce that could possibly cost us this season

Drink your milk or the big bad Wenga will come and SACK YOU

VENGA Sell OZIL to Spurs and Ramsey to Man UTD they’re both rubbish.

Lol.. And send you to Amazulu fc

Wow. Are you a troll or just really fucking stupid?

thats really funny well done


I dont want to be petty and single out the physio team here but at some point we must ask why we seem to get more leg injuries than most PL teams. are we not stretching properly or what? injured after 2 mins? Podolski was injured almost immediately after halftime when he was hurt. just weird


What about diary? Any word on him? Would be perfect timing for him to come back.



Momo (@MuhamLAD)

He didn’t even play badly, he was marked so tightly that he couldn’t affect the game anyway, similar case with Giroud. Arteta had an off game but no one comments on that.

The media is genuinely bullying Ozil

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

To add on to this: Arsenal fans need to start boycotting the Daily Mail. The less hits they get, the less hits our players get (heh).

It’s worth trying to spread the word.


I resent the implication that I read the Daily Mail…


arteta has been horrible all season. when your career highlight is a transfer from everton to arsenal you cant expect this guy to beat shweinsteiger and/or players of chelsea or united who have won champions leagues and titles galore. good player. thats it. not a leader and certainly not a lion character to impose his personality on opponents or on the game.


does anyone think part of the agenda could be the fact that ozil is one of germany’s best players and anything the english media can do to disturb his game before the world cup is going to help england’s chances, or at least hinder germany’s? maybe a bit too much of a conspiracy theory, but the daily mail are pretty jingoistic, to say the least…


…The Revolution starts now….Daily Mail versus The. Gunners…..letz burn them to the ground….


it seems really odd to me the amount of minor muscle injuries arsenal players seem to get. i can’t understand how a properly prepared and warmed up athlete can pull a hamstring so early in a game when jogging around. feel sorry for ozil. even though we was obviously hobbled he looked dangerous when he got the ball. let’s hope he can make a quick recovery and be part of the run-in. winning the next 5 games looks essential for us but is gonna be bloody tough without ramsey/walcott/ozil!!


It isn’t just an arsenal issue though.


Like how John cross is trying to cover himself on his recent criticism of Ozil on the ESPN website. Put it this way, where would we be this season without his 8 assists and 4 goals? More to come surely from someone in his first season but his quality of play has a transformational effect on the players around him, elevating theirs in the process. This is not so easily quantifiable by goals scored or assists. We’ve had a mix bag with regard injuries this season. Where the midfield attrition has been brutal in certain areas, we have been extremely… Read more »


Not entirely sure how Kallstrom will be deployed. I suspect he will cover the deeper role and afford likely Arteta license to be deployed more offensively.


..and yeah that should read 10 not 910 must win league games.

Let’s make it a bit more achievable.


But surely we can win 910 games in a row!


When a player is signed for a massive fee he will come under close scrutiny, that’s just how football is. Having said that it’s not fair to judge Ozil on what he has done so far this season: even the best players need time to adjust to a new club and country. Last season everybody was slagging off Mert; look at how well he has been this term. To get the best out of Ozil we need quality runners like Walcott and the Ox making those runs for him to pick out; a pacy striker next season would help too.… Read more »


Have to agree. he should have been taken off immediately but likely he was a bit reckless working through the pain and did not indicate to the bench the severity of it. Like Jack, the adrenalin could be a factor.


Yeah, I was wondering about the pressure of playing at Bayern affecting Poldi (who played there) and Ozil who may or may not have been booed while playing an international, but is nevertheless under threat of losing a starting place in the German team and playing in his native country. first half it did look like the pressure was getting to Poldi, but he came good. Maybe it also affected Ozil’s judgment on coming off or staying on.

the only sam is nelson

In “Stillness and Speed” the Lord himself talks about the time it took for team-mates to get onto his wavelength, and vice-versa. The Romford Pele confirmed it, too.

Same thing, but 18 years later.

God, is it really 18 years? *weeps salty bitter tears*


We can do a little bit of Gandalf on ozil to speed up his recovery


Totally of topic but, fuck me , Tottenham are shit.


Yes they are mate. Fucking shit. They just got battered at White Shite Lane 3-1 by Benfica too.

@ALLCAPSGOONER, your name made me laugh buddy so I up voted your comment


Spurms gave up four shots on goal against Chelski and lost 0-4, gave up three shots on goal against Benfica and lost 1-3. All we gotta do is get the ball on the net! Eight or ten shots on goal Sunday would do me just fine. Smash the fuckers.

Black Hei

I will be very honest, and I need to be since this is Spurs and there is every reason to laugh at them.
But, the team wasn’t set up badly against Chelsea. I think they got the better of them in the first half.
Will not be wise of us to underestimate them.


“thursday night football you are having a laugh, thursday night football you are having a laugh”

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