Monday, August 8, 2022

Report: Sp*rs 0-1 Arsenal

Arsenal:  Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud

Subs:  Fabianski, Monreal, Vermaelen, Jenkinson, Flamini, Gnabry, Sanogo

Tomas Rosicky’s early strike was enough for Arsenal to secure a first Premier League win at White Hart Lane since 2007 and three points which reinvigorate their title challenge. The Czech midfielder smashed home a stunning winner inside two minutes before the Gunners soaked up long periods of home possession with a gritty defensive showing based on the solid foundations of the Koscielny-Mertesacker centre-back partnership.

After a confident opening minute of possession by the home side, Chamberlain, as it was in Munich, took the game by the scruff of the neck. Running from his own half he found Rosicky on the right wing, received the ball on the edge of the Spurs box, scrambed the ball back to the Czech who first time smashed a shot with his right foot high across Lloris into the top corner. It was a stunning, unstoppable finish. And the perfect start.

The ensuing 44 minutes were similarly frantic, a tale of Spurs possession and Arsenal breaks. On 15 minutes Chamberlain broke through a sea of white shirts to bear down on goal but in attempting to dink the ball over Lloris managed only to flick the ball out for a goal-kick. It was a woeful effort and the England international’s finishing wasn’t to get any better. On two further occasions he found himself lining up shots on the edge of the area only to scuff and blaze over respectively.

At the other end, Adebayor was dangerous. Finding space between Koscielny and Mertesacker he flashed one effort just past the post while constantly making darting runs. For all the Spurs possession Tim Sherwood’s men didn’t actually test Szczesny. Eriksen fired over from a free-kick, Chadli wafted a low effort wide but they lacked edge in the final third.

In defence Spurs continued to play a dangerous game, pushing high up the pitch they were caught time and again by balls behind their full-backs. Podolski fired into the side-netting from a tight angle after escaping Naughton, Giroud was just offside when a lofted ball saw him seeming free while Rosicky, as he did in the FA Cup 3rd round, hassled Danny Rose nonstop.

The Spurs left-back got the rough treatment from Sagna as well, the Frenchman booked for one lunge after miscontrolling, while Sandro picked up a yellow of his own for raking his studs down Tomas Rosicky’s Achilles.

A bystander in the first half, Szczesny had a nightmare 30 seconds at the start of the second. Having dropped one long ball under pressure from Adebayor he dropped a second cross soon after and with the goal gaping Chadli looked destined to score. Only an amazing block by Koscielny denied the Belgian international on the line.

Living dangerously Arsenal were thankful for further profligacy from Chadli, who five minutes later failed to make contact with a Townsend cross from a yard out, and Adebayor who headed wide just after the hour mark.

On 67 minutes both sides made substitutions. Sandro was replaced by Paulinho, Sigurdsson came on for Chadli while Flamini came on for goalscorer Rosicky. Chamberlain shifted from the centre to the right to make way for the Frenchman. Vertonghen went into the book for a foul on Cazorla and the Belgian defender then wrapped his arms around Koscielny when the ensuing free-kick came into the box. It should have been a penalty.

Arsene Wenger threw Monreal on for Podolski to shore up the left-flank. It was the defence that nearly doubled the Gunners lead. Koscielny and Mertesacker combining from another set piece into the box only for the German’s snap shot to be superbly saved by Lloris.

In the final ten minutes, Flamini got a booking. Naturally. Soldado came on for Soldado and Vermaelen replaced a tiring Chamberlain. On the touchline Tim Sherwood took it upon himself to argue with Sagna throwing the ball at the right-back as he looked to wind down the clock. Adebayor attempted a curler with 90 seconds remaining but Szczesny saved comfortably.

Four minutes injury-time rendered little more than a Spurs corner which Szczesny claimed with confidence. The win, our third against Spurs this season without conceding, takes the Gunners back to third place level on points with Liverpool, and closes the gap on leaders Chelsea to four points. We’ve also got a game in hand on the Blues. An interesting weekend.

A final word on Mertesacker and Koscielny. Heroic.

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koscielny and mertesacker are the best combo to ever exist.


AND…Thomas Roc King!


Win is always good. But there are problems have to be addressed. Giroud looks like super-sub. Probably start Sanogo, so Giroud can be motivated. He can only fall every time, and can’t dribble shit. Everytime he touched the ball, i knew we would lost possession. Either miss pass, dispossed, or fell. Giibs was poor going forward, but he just came back from injury, so it’s still acceptable. Apart from few shoots in the first half, we were poor, especially our possession in the second half.

Swede Goon

‘So it’s still acceptable’. Thank God that Gibbs has your approval.

Good Omens

A win. We won. There, at that place. Contextually great. Happy.

with the left and the right

from leading the line all season and being the top score to having a patch in the last few weeks where he’s come off the bench suddenly makes Giroud just a super-sub? Eyes and a brain, you have them so use them


Take a breath

Look at the injury list.

Look at the shit-hole in the pictures to remember there the game took place

Look at the scoreline.

Breathe out slowly.

Giroud thrives on having people around him to play off. Take: Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey and Özil away and he has less to work with. He was isolated today and that showed in his performance.

At least think about why before blaming him for not being something he is not.


Sadly have to agree. Giroud looks out of sorts in a big way and was waiting for AW to bring on Sayesgo.


Rufusstan agree he needs a different type around him. If they’re all injured don’t start him no?


Thanks God? It’s thanks Bergkamp, and you call yourself Arsenal fan?


Tommy Gun. — Then what do you do? Play Sanogo, who is younger, less experienced, and would play in exactly the same system? Change the system? Without the fit manpower to do so? Complain bitterly that he is not Suarez (who disappeared completely at the Emirates before Christmas in a similar situation), and isn’t the kind of striker that can create chances out of nothing? Or accept that we are really deep down the squad due to injuries, playing the enemy at their shithole, and got pressed deep because of those reasons. Then stop blaming our striker for doing the… Read more »


Bollocks: ‘don’t need’


Hats off for the derby lord “thomas rosicky” he just loves sticking it in their face!
Title chase back on track! Win game in hand and its one point! And oh! Terry and mourinho are massive cunts! North london is and will always be Red and White COYG!


I hit thumbs down by accident. I should be whipped, by rosicky please.

Gunner From Another Mother

Speaking of sticking it in their face, I liked seeing all the players celebrating and taking selfies on their pitch. Also Rosicky personally handing his shirt to the man in the wheelchair who made it to WHL (SHL) was class.


do the arse players take pictures of themselves after every victory ?


Beat Chelsea and we’re 1pt behind with a game in hand. Please I’m desperate to see Mourinho lose his shit

Arsene Nose

Fasten your sit belt boys.. Its that time of the year again, its not gonna be pretty, its not gonna be vintage arsenal.. Its just gonna be about the 3 points.. COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!

H. P Arsecraft

I like the new/old Arsenal. Arsene Graham rules!


So you just love Arsenal regardless of time. Join the club, dude. No pun intended

Remember the invincibles

I was listening to arsecast the other day and some guy was saying that Rosicky having a good shot is a myth. Well? Care to revise your opinion now?

Red Cannon

I missed that Arsecast, but there’s lots of evidence to the contrary.

…just to cite a few examples. The boy can shoot!

Red Cannon

I missed that Arsecast, but there’s lots of evidence to the contrary.

…just to cite a few examples. The boy can shoot!


have you got a stutter red cannon?


Good win but hardly convincing. Giroud totally anonymous again, we really need someone with pace up front. How many times did we try and counter, and OX/others didn’t even consider passing it to Giroud as he obviously couldn’t do anything with it. It always went left to Podolski.

Podolski Sklep

THAT is what you feel when we beat dig in deep and win an intense, battling contest at Sp*rs?

(Shakes head and walks away in disgust)


Not at all! I’m over the moon that we beat them, and it was an excellent defensive performance and well deserved. The Giroud thing is just something I noticed in the game.

Dial Square Charity XI

I don’t think Giroud was anonymous… I saw him plenty of times sitting on his arse looking at the ref.


Giroud is our only weakness imo. This could have been 3,4 goals to the good as early as the first half. The rest of the 2nd half he spent chasing shadow and losing almost every possesion battle he was in. i dont want him to leave Arsenal or anything just be our second choice but if its the scandal he has thats gonna get him out of the xi/back to france then heck!.

Dick Swiveller

It’s so fucking ridiculous, all you ever heard for years was how we didn’t have some big CF who would hold the ball up and fight for it when we couldn’t slice teams apart, now all you fucking hear is how he isn’t doing anything when he’s doing exactly what people have wanted for years.

Some people are just fucking stupid.


Except he’s pretty shit at holding the ball up. But he always tries his best so I don’t criticize him often. We all know Arsenal need a better first choice striker anyway

Dick Swiveller

Well, it is only opinion and all that jazz but considering the job he has to do, I think he does it rather well.

Now, not having anyone a little different as backup…that’s a mistake but we were obviously trying to rectify it so I’ll give ’em the benefit of the doubt until we screw up the Summer transfer window.


In fairness I agree it should be about being happy that we just beat that shower of shit for the third time this season.
But in all honesty I’ve never heard anyone moan and whinge over the arsenal and say we need a big CF to hold the ball up.


Did Giroud hold the ball up today? I don’t think so. It’s a myth that he’s a hold-up player.

He’s a hard-working player, but very limited.

Dick Swiveller

Might have been my imagination, I coulda sworn I saw a tall man with 12 on his back fighting for the ball and keeping it up there but there was a blue haze of cursing in front of me whenever we looked like losing the ball so it might not have happened.


Well, the “limited player” has scored 18 goals for us so we might as well support him. I am not saying he is perfect or world class(he isnt) but he is what the team at the moment needs(a pivot for others to play off).


Just add his goals and assists, factor in what league he came from, international appearances since joining, length of time in the league, cost price etc.

Taking all into account, I feel his performances have been satisfactory, with room for improvement. Circa 35 goals and 20 assists in less than two seasons.

Players, under Arsene, generally tend to improve. Giroud’s numbers are already proving that to be the case. Watching THOSE team goals again, reaffirm my belief that he is an Arsenal player. As long as he is, he NEEDS our full support.



Very happy with what he has contributed, and with his work ethic. Just saying that we could use a striker of higher caliber in this team, and I don’t think anyone would say differently.


Thats the sort of win that when United used to grind it out — sorry, one sec, (wipes tears of laughter away), — its what they say made them champions. Listening to the commentators make excuses again and again for Spurs not scoring (tired, players not 100% fit, Sherwood), sums it all up. They cannot even beat a scratch Arsenal side at home. Put Ramsey, Wilshere, Özil and Theo back in our squad and we’d have destroyed them. Picking on any of our players after that is just wrong. We beat them at their place nothing else matters. — and… Read more »


C’mon dude we just beaten spurs ! and back in the race whats there to complain about !


And how is that not a penalty????? Cuntogen all over koscielny?? And he should have been off! Well its arsenal. Coyg

Dick Swiveller

Yeh, you’re still unlikely to get those though.

I’d like to see some clarification on it tbh, I just think that a little bit of a shirt tug or a bit of physicality is okay but once it is going on for a while or is a little more ‘grabby’ I think it deserves a penalty; pretty sure that’s not the UEFA ruling though!


Shhhhhhh! Mike Dean didn’t actually fuck us over for once, and we actually won on his watch. So don’t stress the little things.

(but ya, stonewall penalty).

Nikhil Agarwal

Ha ha! Like the name Cuntogen! 😀 😀


And Rosicky made my weekend again! Mert and Kos impressive again. Moment of sublime beauty after the game when the players started throwing their shirts at the away fans and Rosicky calmly walked over and went looking for a kid in a wheelchair and stuffed his shirt inside the kid’s shirt.


and don’t forget how hard it is to beat the same team three times in a season. Definitely another example of a game Arsenal would have lost in seasons past.


Let’s leave off the Giroud bashing. We know what his strengths are and we know what his weaknesses are and the way we played today highlighted his limitations yes but you can’t fault his work ethic. You won’t find many strikers who would have put in the shift he did today.


I bet if you saw a £50 note lying in the street you’d complain about the amount of effort it took to bend over and pick it up.

We just beat sp*rs at their chicken tonite shack. Not a classic performance maybe but the boys got the job done, and its been a lovely sunny day into the bargain. Cheer up.


I’m happy now, but I also have memories of shitting my pants the entire game!


In the end, all stress for me ended after about an hour. It was just a case of waiting for it to be over.

By that point they’d shown they really didn’t know how to break us down (and no, firing cross after cross for Per and Kos to eat up doesn’t count). Their only real threat was our reject, and he was pretty safely secured in Mertescelny’s collective pockets.

The only interest was seeing if we could sneak a second on the break as they tired.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

That’s why we have Walcott and Ox. They supply the speed. He’s better when he plays with Walcott as they have started to get an understanding going. Not working so well with the Ox at the moment, but it will come eventually. Of course, we should have another striker by then, so who knows how it will all pan out. I’m not going to knock Giroud, and I wouldn’t want to lose him as he has some qualities the rest of the guys don’t. He’s not a great chaser of loose balls, and a fair number of our passes were… Read more »

Toby C

What are you talking about? The Ox has been outstanding the last few games!


He isn’t saying that – read it again. The ox has been fantastic, good lad as well, but not linked with HFB as well as V0 which is puzzling.


It seems that noone can make a single critical comment after a win, but after a defeat every critical comment is condoned with just as many likes. We were very defensively resilient for sure – but it was a situation of our own making and a team like Man City or Chelsea won’t have such profligacy in front of goal. We could not keep the ball today at all. Giroud is defensively suited to a game like this and in fairness he received little of the ball to his feet and crucially, no midfielders were making runs off of him… Read more »


we just won so shut the fuck up

Podolski Sklep

the negative spiral continues…!


0 – Sp*rs have scored against Arsenal in 270 minutes this season… Plus added time.


£100m – The amount that those 0 goals cost.


Well. There’s 89 minutes I don’t want to sit through again.


Really? I don’t recall a single moment where I was that concerned. It looked like Arsenal were fairly comprehensively keeping Sp*rs at an arm’s length today; they looked completely toothless. Ok, so we were a bit blunt up front as well, but we have Mozart’s symphonies to sustain us, while they have an Arsenal reject and a chap who only comes on to take penalties.


Where you not invited to szczesny’s ball-dropping-party?


We were not good at all. Compare this performance to the Everton one and you will have your answer.

One moment of brilliance and proper defending decided this game. that is all.


How is that not good?

Against Everton we had to work to win (they are actually a good side).

Today we win the game in 70 seconds and spend the rest of the game proving that they are still where they deserve eternally to be — in our shadow.

Dick Swiveller

We were good in the first half, controlled it well and but for some bad decision making and finishing would have been 2 or 3 up, we then sat back a bit too much but we were comfortable with it for all but 10 minutes.

I’d have liked the (for us) glut of goals we had against Everton but we were professional and solid which is ‘good’ as much as ripping teams apart is ‘good’, just a lot less exciting.


So when you score in the 1st minute abd spend the rest of the game misplacing passes and defending for your lives. that is not exactly vintage Arsenal now is it?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

“Not good at all” is when you crack under that sort of pressure and concede.

It wasn’t pretty and it was nerve wracking at times, but it was completely and utterly successful. Winning is everything, not winning pretty, just winning.

1-Nil to the Arsenal is fine because it means 3 points and humiliation for Spurs at home and in particuler for Mr “getting offside when you need to get offside” Adebuywhore. He never did know when to keep his fat mouth closed.


It wasn’t vintage Arsenal, and I have to say that I think the title is beyond us this season (I felt that after the Stoke game and I think it’s probably accurate-I hope not though) but today felt comfortable to me because of our very solid defensive partnership and the fact that Sp*rs looked completely toothless and never likely to score. Then again I have been drinking since 8 pm last night and that might have had a bearing on my capacity to feel pretty much anything today.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

This “not Vintage Arsenal” will be shown for years to come on TV. Only the goal, mind you, but that’s all you need to remember about this game. It was won by a superb goal and Spurs were beaten at home.

We Won. We did it without cheating. We did it with a thunderbasatard. That’s all that matters.

Dick Swiveller

Not vintage, no.

But that doesn’t make it bad.

We created a fair few chances after that goal, we didn’t take them which was a damn shame and I’d be as pissed off as anyone if it had cost us but we did well in everything else, I know goals are the flashy part of the game but when you do everything else pretty well it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Toby C

Everton are a better side than Spurs.


We were playing attack VS defense today.

Our turn lasted 70 seconds; theirs 88 minutes (+extra time). in those 88 minutes they got 2 shots on target.


Title … fight


In fairness to Sp*rs the atmosphere was….. Ah no I can’t do it, fuck the spuds their fans are shit!

Just A Gentleman

The atmosphere was amazing. Due to the Away Arsenal fans of course.


Time for an early St Totteringham’s Day celebration?

H. P Arsecraft

We are lucky spuds are complete and utter shite.


In retrospect I can now laugh my ass off at the chadli’s open goal miss. Credit to arsene, how many players have we lost and replaced? Sp*rs lost bale and blew a 100 million pounds on absolute and utter horse shiet!


Spuds are lucky we didn’t take further advantage of their suicidal high line in the first half, they could have shipped 2-3 more..


One minute of brilliance and 89 minutes of medication.


I think the word you were looking for was mediocrity?

Here’s some more information about it.

the quality or state of being mediocre.
“heroes rising above the mediocrity that surrounds them”

I will also use it in a sentence to help clarify the word-
“Your comment illustrates the mediocrity commonly associated with fickle fans”


I was talking about me. BP and heart palpitations



Dial Square Charity XI

pre·ten·tious [pri-ten-shuhs]
characterized by assumption of dignity or importance, especially when exaggerated or undeserved: a pretentious, self-important waiter.
making an exaggerated outward show; ostentatious.
full of pretense or pretension.


The word I’m looking for is condescending and I don’t intend to include a dictionary excerpt. For most of us (those who really care) it wasn’t a game of 2 halves it was a game of two UNequal time periods. The Rosicky scored my the whole damn neigbourhood heard my YES!!!! And then cos I’m a gooner I was on tenterhooks for the next 92 minutes (not including half time) cos I was sure that ref was going to stitch us up. But he didn’t and we beat the sp*rs how farkin amazing is that???

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Bollocks. It was 1 minute of perfect attacking (we scored) and 89 minutes of perfect defending (we didn’t concede).

It doesn’t matter how heart-stopping and stressful or ugly a win is. A win is a win. You congratulate yourselves on the win, and then you look at ways to make the next win easier.

Job done. Nothing to moan about.


If you’re going to try to be clever at least get the basics right. It’s mē-dĭ-ŏ’-crĭ-ty

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

1. What a game by the back four. Magnificent
2. Sagna made some sweet old love to Rose that first half.
3. That was second best goal this season (Wilshere)
4. Sherwood can go fuck himself.
5. Nice to see Mike Dean to not fuck us over for once.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Nice seeing Pat Rice in the stance too.


The Buffalo stance.

Just A Gentleman

3rd best*
Rosicky’s goal vs Sunderland was better IMO, although this was absolute class.


Rosicky’s goals are always world class for some reason, they’re never a lucky scramble or anything

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Rosicky. He scores World Class Goals when he wants.

RVP. Fuck the old over the hill has-been.


Take you pick…

Rocky’s one –
Ramsey’s one against the Bin Raiders –


I’ll take the 3 points thank you very much.


Arsenal FC- Making you piss your pants since 1886..

Just A Gentleman

London – our city since 1886.


It’s back on!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Pity United didn’t do their bit and slow Liverpool down. I’d have liked second spot this evening.


nice to see united lose, nevertheless

gooner odst

Tiiiiiim Sherwood’s a gooner! x3

Burn Baby Burn

He was more pissed about Ox miss-hitting that shot than anyone in the stadium


We didn’t half make it hard for ourselves but damn dat mertscielny and rosicky goal <3

Tony Hall

I don’t give a crap how badly we may have played or how poor individual players may have been. WE WON, we kept a clean sheet, we moved up the table and all the doom-mongers can go fuck themselves!

Tony Hall

And I don’t care if we do the same next weekend if we win 1:0 and Maureen spontaneously combusts 😉


I am so, so pleased that the odious Ramires is suspended for that match.

Tony Hall

Is Maureen suspended as well after he got sent off? Are we that lucky 🙂


Don’t think you can get red carded as a manager per se, just sent to the stands. If he’s banned for the game against us (and for any after) it’ll be because the FA have thrown the book at him at a disciplinary hearing.

Good Omens

Votes for McCringleberry to throw the book at Maureen, that will give the odious hobgoblin something to truly whine about. BANG ! And the dirt is gone.

Good Omens

*I wish we could edit comments, I hadn’t spotted Bunburyist had used the word odious. Feel like such a copycat now, or a copybun to be more accurate, sighs.


Loved how Podolski was signalling to Rosicky to look at the camera after the final whistle blew!
Great character shown by the side, COYG!


Why does Giroud always try to strangle the goal-scorer when he’s trying to celebrate? Rosicky wanted to do his own thing, but Giroud had his arm round his neck and dragged him off to the side.

Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

Rosicky- The superlative form of the word ‘Legend’


Thanks for magic Tomas!


We were woeful.
Mike dean charge

But We still won, Thanks to the man. That legend. ToMas Super Tom!

Rad Carrot

Victory. Victory at any cost.


Kicking some spud arse is the ultimate hangover cure!

La Defense



COYG!!! BFG and Kos are the best two centre half’s in Europe on this form! #brickfuckingwall


Sometimes you win with flowing football and goals galore. Sometimes you win ugly with the desire to not conceed or lose. It may not have been the greatest game, but I will take the 3 points all day long! Thank you very much Rosicky for that monster of a goal! COYG


One-nil to the Arsenal! Super Tom, what a player, what a goal!!


Big ups to Flamini for finally getting to wear his short sleeves. One of the feel good stories of the year


Outside of Mertesacker and Kos being absolute slabs of granite, Little Mozart pulling out a wonder goal, and Ox with flashes of brilliance, we were anything but convincing. Thank God Spurs are so shit.


Away at Chelsea, home to Man City.. the gloves are off!


Ah yes, the ‘ol 5-4-1 formation

Kaba Diawara

good played


best defensive partnership ever!!..koscielny man of d match for me.#COYG


Hahaha Sp*rs can’t hit the broadside of a barn

Gunner pundit

Gooners dont worry too much we might still win the league

50 shades of gandalf the grey

There is only one lord in North London, and the reds do not share power.

Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

Power is never shared with shadow-dwelling people.

Stuart Steele

Who cares about convincing? It’s all about points now, and those 3 are huge. #coyg

Jack's Right Foot

Arsenal winning with less possession and the most solid defensive display you’ll ever see after a 33 year old Rosicky smashes home a volley in the first minute.

Wouldn’t have believed that a few years ago!


finally arsenal winning dirty!


we won by first minute goals in both league meetings against them..and our little mozart scores against them home and away(fa cup and today)…..coyg. we’ve done the treble over spursssss


If I remember right it took 22 minutes before we netted against them at the Emirates 🙂

Yoyo Sanogoals

Can we sell Giroud please in the summer?


Get. In. That is all.


I called 1 nil. Well done boys. Now for chelsea


I LOVE Tomas Rosicky.


Brilliant result! Always great to beat the
Spuds, well done lads!

Oh and Sherwood is a massive cunt, I’d be embarrassed if he was the manager of my club.

Come on you reds!


wenger is also a cunt when the arse lose a game he is off down the tunnel like a shot ignoring the opposition bench sack him I say

Giroud's abs

Merticsielny kept the Sp*rs players in all pockets. I wonder if they’re still there.
Amazing defensive performance, but a bit worrying in terms of losing possession in the middle of the park.
Lovely goal by Tomas. Had me jumping up and down. Totally deserves that contact!

Bitter Pill

That’s a big win guys. Good stuff. Right back in the title race. I was holding my breath the last 4minutes. Did anyone else have his heart in his mouth when Sagna went into that crunching challenge on Rose in the 1st half? Kudos to Rose for not making a meal of it. That punk Robben would have possibly done a half pike somersault and a dozen rolls. Idiot

Dick Swiveller

Less kudos for the couple of times he flopped down with very little contact.

Is there a negative kudos?

Thin Gooner

Spiral of decline


Giroud is lazy sometimes, Ox has that ability to kill teams going forward, we should have made it two when ox tried chipping Lloris, he’ll learn still inexperienced, but great effort by our.centre half’s, 3 points was a must.Going into Stamford bridge hopefully we show up. Coyg


Always great to beat the Spuds but the lack of possession in midfield is worrying. The midfield players need to work on making themselves available to receive a pass with the right kind of movement. Too many times today the man on the ball didn’t seem to have any clear cut pass options.

And Kos and Per are possibly the best CB combination in the world.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

They were passing to players in decent positions but the passes were rushed and going astray. It was the hassling on the ball that was the problem for us as Spurs were playing right up at us. It was desperate stuff, I admit, but we did the job and that’s all that counts in the record books. Just a little bit more calm and solidity needed in midfield. Ramsey and Flamini would be nice for next week, if Ramsey recovers in time.


Giroud was absolutely woeful just because we won doesn’t mean his performance will paper over the cracks. Gibbs was clearly rushed back and it showed. Podolski despite his Arsenal wrist band was anonymous, Cazorla looked out of place and bad passes everywhere.Arteta slow as fuck.

Mertesacker and Kozzer were our best players. esp Mert with his towering headers when we came under pressure. Special mention for our derby winner and now total legend super TOM!

Clock End Mike

Giroud may have seemed “woeful”, but he had absolutely no service, and when he did get the ball, he rarely had anyone in a good position to lay it off to. Not his fault today.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Are you one of those fans whose team changes because he follows one player? It’s nice you like Rosicky, but you seem determined to run down the rest of the team on a day when we played away to our rivals and won there for the first time in 7 years. We would have thumped Spurs if Ox had his shooting boots on the right feet today, and at even 2-0 Spurs would have changed their mode of play and Giroud would have come into the game more as we would have been able to move the ball out of… Read more »


You are blind. I critisized Cazorla poldi etc. When super TOM has his bad day (rarely does) I will be constructively critical. As for Giroud ive always said im not entirely convinced by him as I would imagine many of us are. This was his season to prove he can be our no.1 over the next few years, he has failed albeit not terribly. we need better next season.


Thanks to a Rosicky Rocket Arsenal have a cracking 3 points in the bag. My new favourite ice cream is Aston Vanilla,yummy.

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