Monday, August 8, 2022

Szczesny eyes strong finish

Buoyed by Arsenal’s battling draw against Manchester City, Wojciech Szczesny says the Gunners are now aiming for victory in  all their remaining games as they look to consolidate a Champions League finish and win the FA Cup.

After a traumatic week during which he and his teammates all but surrendered their chances of winning the title, the Pole admitted that they owed the supporters a performance against Manuel Pellegrini’s side.

“We owe it to the manager, the fans and everyone at the club,” he told Arsenal Player. “Ourselves as well because you want to do yourselves proud as well. We lost 6-0 [against Chelsea] and that’s embarrassing for players who represent this club.

“We’ve not had a great time in the last couple of games but it’s all about responding well and that’s what we did. Of course it was difficult times but we knew if we stuck together and carried on working properly then a result would come.

“Hopefully, from now we can start getting wins. We didn’t get a win but it was a half-positive result and now we can kick on from that.

“We’ve still got a lot to play for. The FA Cup, we’re in a decent position – not as good a position as we’d like – in the league but we’ve got it all to play for so we’ll be on our toes and at our very best to go on and win all the games.

“You have seen this season that we can step up. We’ve been very unlucky with injuries. I think if you look at the players that have been out, it’s probably five or six players who are guaranteed in the starting line-up. We’ve been really unlucky.”

While out fitness problems have obviously played a part in the way we’ve run out of steam, there’s simply no time for self-pity at this stage. Fifth placed Everton have closed the gap on us to four points and while our destiny is still in our hands it won’t be if we lose at Goodison Park on Sunday.

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Naija Gunner

Is it only me?…I still believe we can win the league trophy.

Look at what happened to the chavs, it could happen to any of our enemy(as Sagna will put it) in the top three. Looser pool are gonna run out of steam, manshity too and chelshit are starting to knock their engine. And from the past few seasons we do play very well in the final part.
I’d love for everyone to keep calm and believe, then say COYG!!!

Bendtner's Hair Band

I’d love for you to shut up, keep calm, and remain deluded in silence.

Drink your milk or the big bad Wenga will come and SACK YOU

And same goes to all those who thumbed you down. They are usually the first to call for Arsene’s head, and blame the players when something goes wrong.

No perspective whatsoever.


Yes, because only angry, unhappy people who don’t believe in their team are allowed to voice their OPINIONS around here. Is that how it is Lord BHB? Grow up. Deluded or not, that’s just a shitty, immature response.


I mean we can still win it of course, as we are in still in it mathematically..
We’re obviously relying on Chelsea, Liverpool, City all dropping about 6 – 9 points in the last 6 or so games.

Obviously it is possible, and we do have a great track record from this point in the season to the finish.. but I just don’t think the other teams will drop that necessary amount of points for us to catch them…. nor do I believe we will take maximum points from ours.


You don’t have to shut up, but the league is pretty much gone–it would be one thing if you only had to have one team fail, but I think you actually need all three to fail. We could win all our games, get 82 points, but you have to imagine the league will probably be won with 85-88 points, unless something bizarre happens.

League is a bridge too far. The biggest regret is not getting 6 points from ManU. We’d still be in it…


The best we could hope for would be to finish 3rd and see one of the “Top Three Teams in the Universe” finish 4th!


That is by far the biggest regret of the season, not losing the 3 away games to the top 3.

Man City and Liverpool both got 6 points off United, while Chelsea got 4.

If we had got a minimum of 4, as you said, we would have been right in the mix.

So disappointing.

Az ahmed

Quite a few matches we have dropped points, which with hindsight, we could have gotten or rather SHOULD have gotten something more from: Man Utd – 5 points Villa (H)- 3 points first day of season Southampton (A)- 2 points Everton (H) – 2 points Stoke (A) – 3 points West Brom (A) – 2 points Thats 17 points Then our results against City, Chelski and Liverscum would not have mattered too much. Losing Ramsey, Ozil and Walcott have had a definite effect. And my last point, please, OH GOD, do not allow Liverscum to win the title, I will… Read more »


We are 7 points behind, potentially 9 and 30 points GD if City win the games in hand. It is well and truly out of our reach. Even when we won 10 on the trott last year and spurs fucked up week after week we only JUST managed to beat them to 4th.. I only see Chelsea fucking up. Liverpool are scoring goals as if it’s a 5 a side comp and their team is Mignolet Gerrard Suarez Sturridge Coutinho. Man city have too many winners and strong characters in their team that I’m sure Arsenal fans will welcome with… Read more »


You know, I envy your optimism. I truly do. Honestly, I don’t believe we can win the league this year. Not with who’s ahead of us. However, if for some God given miracle we do win the league I give you every right to stick it to me and brag about how you were right. (Not sure if I have that right but I’m giving it anyway.)


Had we won on Saturday I’d have still held a little bit of hope, what with Chelsea still being in Europe and the top 3 still playing against each other at Anfield.

Think the gap’s just a bit too big now, unless we win all of our remaining games I can’t see it happening.


It’s going to be a cracking game this weekend. Can’t wait, 3 points a must.


If Chelsea can keep losing to teams,like QPR, perhaps there is such a thing as karma in this world. And if there is, I say we have a small savings on the karma account, with all the injuries and that.

I was definitely not looking forward to the game last weekend, but what a second half. So I will refuse to lose faith until it is mathematically impossible.


Let’s put not losing at Goodison Park as the priority this weekend and if we win its a bonus. Same strategy for away games next season v ‘top ‘ teams. Achieve draws at Liverpool,Chelsea and Man City and the league table looks totally different. Park the bus if necessary!

The Panther

Shut up Szcz, each time you talk you jinx the team’s performance.


April is upon us and I have to say that it’s been a way better season that the last few years.
We were in contention in the league for a very long time. The last league games to play are all winnable and we can beat last year points tally. We should not have to sweat too much to qualify for the champion leagues (remember last year?) and we can still win the FA cup. Still plenty to look for.

My Name is Difficult to Pronounce

Now we’re firmly in ome game at a time territory. Plan for each game to win it. We’re on 62. 6 games to go. IF we can get maximum points (not impossible), we’ll be on 80. We’d be bloody close to the champions. And that’d be a decent end to the season. We could nick second or third place with 80, because the other top teams have some games amongst themselves. It’ll be interesting, for sure.


actually we are on 64


no hope for the league title…
just want the boys stand firmly at the 4th spot. thats it.
p/s: anyone think that Fabianski deserves to be in the goal post?


Shut up and do your talking on the field!


We played brilliantly against City at the weekend. The tempo of our passing was about as good as I’ve seen this season. Rosicky and Cazorla especially were outstanding, but we’re going to have to repeat that against Everton because they will be going all out to beat us no doubt.

I hope none of the players will be resting on their laurels having salvaged some pride against City, we need to maintain this level of performance until the season ends.

And on a side note to Scezesny, less of the long balls when possible please.

joe shmo

The injury situation seriously hampered our fight for the title. Lots of attention is hopefully being given to the reason as to why we’re so injury plagued. There’s definitely something very fishy about the amount of ‘setbacks’ and how long they are (often longer than the initial injury). However, I still think the main reason behind injuries is to do with lack of squad depth and players simply playing too much. The injuries may have hit our midfielders, who happen to get the most rotation, most, but that’s probably because they’re mostly quick and nimble players playing in the most… Read more »

Drink your milk or the big bad Wenga will come and SACK YOU

Why eye a strong finish when you lost the league that was just within reach for the first time in years?
It was there for the taking; and we went out disgracefully and replicated an earlier undignified thumping without learning our lessons.

We will finish in the top4, that’s what we always do, but this season we could have taken it to the wire.


SZCZ had a really good start to the season but since Xmas it seems he’s been back to his old self. Not sure if his confidence took a hit at Liverpool, it wouldn’t be a surprise but whatever the reason I would love to see us keep hold of Fab. He’s looked the better of the two recently and his handling in particular has looked exceptionally good. Offer him parity, or something approaching it, with SZCZ and tell him he can be our No.1 if he keeps up the performances and we’ll have the best choice of keepers in the… Read more »

I want a world class striker

Listen everyone how can you be happy with this season when we went from first to challenging 4th with Everton whose first eleven has cost less than Ozil, Wenger does not have the hunger to win otherwise he would have bought a world class striker and also if City were not knocked out by wigan would you lot be confident as you are now???


I understand fans’ pessimism. To have led the table for most parts of the season only to see us struggling for the traditionally fourth position can be downright discouraging. But I strongly believe it’s not over until it is over. Who knows something supernatural can happen? But for me FA Cup triumph and Champions League Football (without play offs) would make our season a Success.


We should make a double bid for Lallana & Rodriguez, these two in a team like ours I feel would really push on and become top top class, Lallana would fit in perfectly & Rodriguez seems to be everything fans are asking for (minus the world class tag which is used way to often anyway), he’s quick, makes good runs and his finishing is much much much better than Giroud’s


Torres is quick, makes good runs and his finishing is much much better than Giroud’s.

April fool!

monkey knees

First thing’s first, focus on the Everton game. They’re bang on form and are playing some excellent stuff as a unit, with some extremely average players. We are playing some. Average stuff with some excellent players. Let’s turn it around chaps!


1- Take a look at our current strike force.
2- Watch this video.
3- Lie down.
4- Try not to cry.
5- Cry.

Tony Hall

Trouble is we were spoilt rotten when we had TH14, and every striker/forward we get now will always be compared to him which isn’t really fair because Thierry was a one-off and it is highly unlikely we will find another player like him.


Smith – 20 goals a year
Replaced long term by….
Wright – 25 goals a year
Replaced long term by….
In Steps…
Henry – 30 goals a year man
Replaced long term by…

So the next striker we have will be a 35 goal a year man… YEY!!!!


Could happen that we’re in a closed loop and back all square to Oliviier Giroud aka Alan Smith, 20 goal per season man 😉

Tony Hall

If we win the FA Cup I can cope with not winning the league as long as that odious cunt at Stamford Bridge wins a big fat FUCK ALL and then makes a twat of himself whining about it before getting sacked again 🙂

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

I believe we can win the FA Cup, thus ending our trophy drought. I pray that we don’t have any more injuries this season and next, and next and next…


In 1987 we won the league cup, which set in motion 13 trophies in 18 years. Hopefully a win in the FA cup will kick us off again, like then. However in 1988 we lost to Luton, so until its 96 mins and 3-0 in the final, we haven’t won it yet. I think we will, but i don’t want to jinx it.

palace gunner

Fabianski has also played in brave goal, sczny had critics last 3 games 9 goals 3 scored you check chavs out luiz goal reminded me of flamini a proper accidental flamini’s was proper wanting to clear tha ball but sczny was wrong side of player when he went to clear it v swansea. Coyg anything can happen at a game, a strong finish will be nice f.a cup & position in prem watch these opposing critics like the team has injured players but whole heap of nonsense in some media plus betting scams oi did you see how many onside’s… Read more »

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