Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Vermaelen: We want the boss to stay

With his contract still unsigned, Thomas Vermaelen says the players want Arsene Wenger to stay in charge of the team for the foreseeable future.

The smart money is on Wenger signing if Arsenal lift a trophy this season while doubts will grow should they fail to take the chance presented by the FA Cup, but the captain has backed the manager to stay on.

“Everybody wants him to stay as long as he can. He’s been incredible with what he’s done for this club and for the players as well.

“We would be really happy to see him signing on for a few more years.”

Vermaelen touched on tomorrow’s game against Chelsea, as the Gunners look to become the first team to taker a win at Stamford Bridge while Jose Mourinho is manager.

“I think Chelsea are quite disciplined as a team and they have a good shape,” he said. “They defend very well and have a lot of experience in that team, so they are used to playing in big games.

“But we have that as well at the moment, we’re quite balanced and the team is very disciplined defensively as well as score, so hopefully we can perform.”

The manager has called it the most important game of the season, so let’s hope the team can perform.

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does that mean he will sign a new onr. oh and a win today please.


Boss will stay if you stay captain! We need everyone for next seasons treble


Wenger is irreplaceable. When you think of potential candidates you need someone with the same level of class, maturity and stature. The most like for like replacement is Pellegrini (but that wouldn’t go down so well – city), Ancelotti (again, won’t go down well – chelsea) and Hiddink.

Klopp is a nutcase and wouldn’t be able to handle of the class of Arsenal (yet). Who else is there?


Pellegrini nor Ancelotti nor Hiddink have “within the same level of class, maturity and stature.” Those were horrible examples, you should’ve stopped after “Wenger is irreplaceable.”

Also, we want you to stay too Vermaelen!


Yes Wenger is a better manager than all of them and none have achieved what Wenger has. But they are on the same level as him in terms of managerial ability, patience and good characters. Both Pellegrini and Wenger dealt with Mourinhos games the same way!


Tone of this makes it sound like Vermaelen also wants to stay.


Wenger is a wise man, and signing a contract now when Arsenal’s position both in the FA Cup and the Premier League still remains uncertain would only bring about a wave of criticisms that Arsenal’s board are constantly rewarding “failure”. To be honest I think it’s just a smart move from Le Professeur and I’d be very surprised if he did actually leave.

mr arsenal

If there is a God, we will get the luckiest, jammiest victory tomorrow, Mourinho will offer his handshake, and Wenger will respond by unzipping his fly and skullfucking that portugese cunt, for all of Stamford Bridge to see.


woah now! that seems more needlessly intense than jovial, and besides, I assume arsene is much too sensual a lover for that kind of carry on


You just made my day/night! holy shit! LOL


It would be strange if AW left now – he is assembling the strongest team he’s had in years. And finally has money to spend on transfers thanks to the fruit of his labours.

mata virgo

blogs, please reserve a spot for the boss on arseblog when he retires 😀

kamer kid

No other coach in the world has a name that sounds like Arsenal… except Arsene Wenger.See! He’s irreplaceable


AW and our captain are real CLASS. I cannot see another player like vermalen to be calm and not to make headlines by complaining to sit in bench for a player of his stature. We salute your professionalism and attitude Mr.Verminator.


I think he’s looking at whether the squad will have the resolve to run the table by winning both the FA Cup and the League before he signs which explains why Sagna is reticent with re-signing with the club. If AW leaves, Klopp and Martinez will likely be the favorites to replace him. And you never know, one of the Invincibles or Bould could also be considered. But I really hope he stays.


I have a whole lot of time for TV5. He is the epitome of understated class. To hold up under such trying circumstances without giving a clue as to what he really is going through is nothing short of remarkable. Full props to you hombre. Won’t begrudge him a move as he deserves to play. Top,top man.

AN Other

We want both of them to stay.



Fatboy Gooney

Arsenal DNA…
We have to get wenger cloned,


I just want to see john terry the cunt (I will not capitalize his name) fall flat on his scrawny ass again while ARSENAL races off to score the fourth goal in a thorough thrashing of the Chavs.

Okay, that’s not all I want. I also want to see Moronho going bonkers on the sidelines after his team gets their third red card of the night. And I want to see him sent off again. The prat.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but really fantastic interview of David Dein on BBC. Loved the part about Arsene acting out a Midsummer Night’s Dream in poor english on the first night meeting Dein. Worth a read/watch.


Finally some positive coverage of Wenger in the English press

A to the HA

And we want you to stay Verminator !

Naija Fan

I will love to see AW and Vermaelen stay, will be good for the team and club. However would like to see Wenger use Vermaelen in some other tactical positions. Just like lahm in munich. Wenger’s team currently lack fast forwards who can both dribble and shoot.Our counter attacks have not been deadly and productful. we could have mantained a comfortable lead by now.


For me, Wenger only stays when we win something else i rest my case.

Me So Hornsey

Isn’t Moron banned from the touch line along with bans for Ramierez and Willian?


No, Mourinho’s on the touchline but he’d be wise not to commit further aggro today. I’m sure he’ll be smarmily charming to Wenger.

I really want Vermaelen to stay and hope he can be persuaded to asap. Top sides have strength in depth, and we need him. Especially as Sagna is likely to leave sadly

samuel Igburu

i love you mr arsene i love you too vermaelen, please mr wenger involve TV5 more in games because i love his determination

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