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Wenger slams ‘diver’ Robben

Arsene Wenger has admitted his side didn’t do enough over two legs to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League, but also took the time to castigate Arjen Robben for his light-footed antics.

The Arsenal manager was unhappy with the Dutchman for his part in Wojciech Szczesny’s dismissal in the first leg, and was reduced to laughter on the sidelines when he went down in the box late on to win another penalty last night.

If there’s some small measure of justice both penalties were missed but the manager was determined to have his say after witnessing one of the dives of the season earlier in the game – for which Robben inexplicably escaped a booking.

“He’s a fantastic player, I would not deny that,” said Wenger. “He’s one of the best players in the world. But he gets in front of a player and then he slows down and goes down.

“He gets the free-kicks. That’s where we spoke about yesterday that the referee, if he gives him a yellow card on the first one when he goes down, he will not do it again. He’s a great player and as well a very good diver but it’s part of him.”

And referencing the first game, he said, “I felt it was not a red card, it’s as simple as that. Any foul in the box is then a red card. Even Uefa has come out and said that they have to re-think that problem.”

The manager was keen to praise his team for their efforts against a very good Bayern side though, and said, “I have to congratulate the players for the heart and the effort they put in tonight. They have been absolutely outstanding on that front. We wanted to come out of that tie tonight qualified and with pride.

“We did the second part, not the first part.”

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phil collins

where’d you get that pic of robben on his hols?


Thats him at work, mate.


Hopefully he dies soon, the cunt looks like he’s 90

Joey sixpack

Normally, I would say you’re being harsh, but Robben flops around like a fish on land. 1000% pure cunt.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

When he was a Chelsea he tried to get the Captain’s armband off of Terry.

“Don’t you fuck with me, you Dutch git”, said Terry.

“Why not?”, sayeth the scumbag

“Isn’t it obvious? We’re both Cunts”


Really mate, that’s just wrong. yes robben is one of those footballers that has to be hated but saying he should die soon (have some class) and I cant believe this didn’t got so many thumbs up.


sorry for the typo you spelling and grammar Nazi’s…… ‘I cant believe this got so many thumbs up’ *



Merlin's Panini

BillyBatts, heh.


…and don’t forget the apostrophe police!


Patience my friend, we all die eventually…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Why? He’d be dead and only his family would suffer.

Better to curse him.

May his sperm turn carnivorous and eat their way to freedom.


That is the greatest curse I have ever seen. ∞ thumbs up.

the outside of rosicky's boot

I genuinely think robben is more suited to olympic diving

Though he’d probably find a way of cheating at that too

Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

He’ll probably end up playing football in a diving arena.

North Bank Gooner

From what I hear he is taking over presenting Splash from Tom Daley, the producers felt he was that bit better qualified 😉


Although we were not quite good enough over two legs, we made a good game of it when it was 11 v. 11 and i’m happy about that. The bookies had even had a draw at 6 or so /1 ridiculous.. We did well considering how good Bayern are.

However Robben has been a diving c*nt over both games, diving persistently, and twice to win pens.

From what I can remember he was the same in the premier league when he was at chelski. Hated him then, hate him now. One of the worst.


Defenders know that they have to commit to a different type of tackle whether they are in the box or out. Especially against Suarez and Robben/plus others.

If we had 2 converted penalties over the tie we may have gone if we had a diving C*nt or otherwise. We may hate Robben but who now plays in the CL?

FA Cup trophy, 3rd place in the league, major summer striker signed and I feel (expect nothing less now) a good season to be bettered in the next.

Arsene McLovin

Blaming defenders for diving theatrics is like blaming a victim for being raped.

Secondly, I don’t want no serial rap…err diving scum in our team.


Photoshop level: Robben diving.

Great job Blogs!


Absolute disgrace that he got away without a booking after seemingly treading on an invisible land mine.


I’m going to muff dive he’s girlfriend, see how he like’s it


Judging by him you’re a brave man.


Think when you’re called a diver by someone whos been around the game nearly half his life (and trust me he has many divers in his time)… just have to fucking take it, you robust cunt!

Oor Wullie

Pep The Inheritor was called the best coach in the world tonight


He basically inherits the best and richest teams in the world and tells the players to pass the ball until the opposition dies of boredom, I’d say he’s one of the luckiest guys in the world because he gets paid for this.


At Barca I rated Pep as a man and as a coach. It was hard to tell how much of a role he had in their success, because he was at the club for a while. But with Bayern, he inherited a treble-winning team, and made them Barca-esque in style. So the ‘inheritor’ tag is very hard to shake. He did himself no favors moving to Barca – he chose certain glory over a challenge. Man Utd, Chelsea, and City would have all been good challenges. Unless things change in the next few years, it will be interesting to see… Read more »


Premier League referees do not officiate games the way Pep needs them to be officiated in order for his “tactics” to be effective.


Well maybe he can just pay them, then.


I had the same thoughts while watching the game… The cynical fouls and diving reminded me of our previous matches with his Barcelona. The best manager? In my mind the best manager in the world wins by fair means, skill, and by being better. His team is very good, but we were playing without 9 injured 1st teamers, putting up with shoddy decisions (as always), a heavier fixture schedule, and constant cheating by the Buyern players to deceive the referee. It is obvious to all now is you have to cheat to win in football, especially in the Champions League… Read more »

Squillaci is king



I still don’t understand why the ref didn’t give him a yellow card for the first dive? It was disgusting. As for Arsenal… I’m just a fan, so I don’t see the players day in, day out, and I’m obviously not as qualified as Wenger, and I know it’s a cliché, but Arsenal have been lacking a tough tackling midfielder since Vieira. Arteta just isn’t mobile enough. I just wish we had a strong, tall midfielder who could just sit in in front of the back four and play simple balls to the attacking midfielders, a young Gilberto would be… Read more »


Diaby had that kind of presence… but he’s never present.


Diaby is a myth. He was never a robust, physically aggressive player. He’s big but he’s dainty. He looked bulky once upon a time, but it didn’t last. A fully fit Diaby would not get into our midfield.


I have my issues with waiting on Diaby but if his leg had not been destroyed by a disgusting incident you would never have thought of writing that. Identical? No. He would have been his own beast. Tired of people slagging a guy with shit luck.


What you say is true, but the fact is that the player he’s been after injury has not been a world beater. Perhaps before he was injured he would’ve developed differently – we’ll never know. I’m not slagging him off, just saying he’s not our savior.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Whenever he’s fit he does get into our midfield. Always has. He’d get as much opportunity as any of them.


ZDR, you’re completely wrong about Diaby. Early last season he showed his brilliance. His game against Liverpool was one of the most complete I’ve ever seen.

Chris Robinson

Flamini? (minus the tall part)

And Ramsey fits everything you mentioned until “who isn’t interested in attacking.” We really have been missing that tough tackling midfielder—but only since Ramsey went out.

Fatboy Gooney

Once a cunt… always a robben.


Robben joined my list of unforgivable cunts the moment he failed to score against Chelsea in the 2012 UCL final. The balding selfish bastard.


*The balding selfish diving bastard cunt.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

*The ugly balding selfish diving bastard cunt.

Stern Des Suedens

No doubt Robben should of received a yellow today, but the sanctamonious whining here is rich. Two seasons ago Arsenal put a statue in front of the Emirates honoring one of the biggest cheats in recent football history. Get over it.

Joey Sixpack

Piss off! Name me a flopper comparable to Rotten or Dively Young?


how dare you…

That was hilarious. He did the world a favour as Ireland ever had any chance anyway of doing anything.

Bould's Eyeliner

Because obviously the statue was put there just to piss of the Irish, and it had in no way any relation to his entire career.


You’re not worth addressing.

Merlin's Panini

He wasn’t an Arsenal player when he handled against Ireland, he must have picked that sort of thing up later on from Pep Guardiola. Funny that…
He also pleaded for a replay after the game as he felt so guilty about it. Ok, he didn’t do this immediately but not a lot of footballers would have done any different given the opportunity and if you think otherwise you’re totally wrong.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Bollocks. We’ve never put up a statue of Ruud van Nistelrooy.


Made me think about robben island, and then rottnest island, and then rattface robben left to rot, in a nest, on an island

Fatboy Gooney

Robben’s mother has confirmed that,
he was born premature and came diving out holding his knee.

Kaba Diawara Ressurrected

Arjen Robben is a complete c*nt ref was out of his depth seen the goblin dive and didn’t even flash a card and then rewards him for more theatrics toward the end. Playing Bayern is hard enough but playing Bayern with 2 refs on their side is impossible, hopefully justice will prevail and the goblin and his team mates fall in the next round. ATWD


The referee had an absolute shit game! Can’t believe the inconsistencies in his calling of fouls. Have to also say we didn’t close down or press at all in the first half. We just didn’t do enough knowing we needed two goals. Great heart shown in the 2nd half and over all I’m proud of our boys for grabbing at least a draw.


Ok here’s a tough question for all of you:

All other things being equal, which one would you rather have on your team: Arjen Robben, Robin Van Persie, or Ruud Van Nistelrooy?

Mark The Spark

No cunts in The Arsenal team thanks Gregor. I’d rather just put out 10 men.


Not fair, you gotta pick and play one of the cunts!


All the talk about how good the morale is with the team this year says No Cunt is a Good Cunt. I’m with Mark. Ade, Nasti, skunk; got rid of ’em and where are we this year? Challenging for league and FA.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

A fit Abou Diaby.


Midfield is calling out for WANYAMA!

Merlin's Panini



Would just love to stud robben on the face after he allegedly got shot absolute diving c+nt

Rocky Rocastle

When it was clear we were going to lose anyway, someone should have tackled Robben with both feet straight, studs first in knee height. Red card be damned. We should have kept Frimpong on the books and on the bench for just this kind of occasion. It would be doing the game of football a favor putting Robben on the sidelines for awhile. He is a disgrace to the game. We could do with a Roy Keane type in the Squad. Someone who Bears a grudge and will bide his time, Even if it take years, and plot his Revenge,… Read more »


The only solace I take is that Robben knows. He knows what a rotten stinking cheating cunt he is.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It doesn’t bother him in the slightest, because he’s a rotten stinking cheating cunt.


Unfortunately you’re probably right.
If he weren’t a footballer, he would be wearing leisure suits and running insurance fraud scams or selling faulty (fallty?) vehicles.


He didnt trick the system. Methinks the system played along. Otherwise he wouldnt have gone unbooked after dive no 1. Heck, he wasnt even reprimanded. Its a conspiracy in my book.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

The ref would say he wasn’t sure if a dive had taken place but he was sure there was no deliberate contact. That’s how refs justify not booking rotten cheating diving cunts.

dink arnold

All I can picture is Wenger actually bodyslamming that half cunt WWE style.

If Robben was a WWE entertainer, he’d be the worst kind, y’know the one that can’t even act, some half wit no no with a stupid shirt.

Wenger would be Le Professeur and would old school the shit out of that cone headed double cunt with a chair to the knees. Then walk off wit the Queen or somthin;

I’m on drugs atm

Louisiana Gooner

Proud to be a Gooner!! 11 v 11 we held our own against the worlds best. Ox and fab played like beasts in the spotlight. I don’t understand how a the diving cunt like robben doesn’t get booked on any one of the three dives. When it got tough all they could do was dive. Time for NLD!!


U fucking cunt young wenger, paddys day is coming up, And I will do the world a favour and fuck u up, don’t fuck with my island, got it


Henry cheated against Ireland and admitted it. But he was never a serial diver and selfish wasteful one trick pony who would always go down no matter what.

Robben literally dives in every game he plays.


Robben cheats more in one match than Thierry did in an entire legendary EPL career.


I submit that Robben has officially earned JT (cunt) status. What say you?

North Bank Gooner

JT is a special one, like his boss. His cuntiness had no worldly boundary.

But Arj is a VERY close second!!!!!




Mpls, I submit he earned that level of cunt status in the first leg. But like a true cunt, he tried his damn hardest tonight to out cunt that john terry cunt just so he could be the top cunt.
Football has been full of cunts for a long time. “chopper” harris. cunt. gary lineker. crispy cunt. david ginola. long haired cunt. sheringham. cunty cunt. ruud van nist. horsed face cunty cunt cunt. ashely cole. mobile up his arse cunt. terry, rooney, robin van persie, robben, lennon. All Cunts.


Wenger’s reaction is why he is NOT a cunt.


Uefa and fifa etc could easily release a statement saying instant retroactive ban for simulation not spotted during the match. 3 match ban??? Everybody stops diving, simple.


He’s the sort of player who gets fouled by a blade of grass.

Koscielny has got to be a bit more sensible, Robben was going no where so there wasn’t much need to keep that tight.

That said, Robben has taken diving to new heights.

Daves Moustache

I’ve posted a few diving comments on the Bayern Facebook site (childish I know but couldn’t help myself) ,they have mostly disappeared hmmmmmmm have they dived off the page .
It would also appear the press are backing Robben sigh it happens every time, Arsene = moaner everybody else = football genius


We were effectively robben in the first leg with the ref’s decision.

We are also a tad light for this competition (given the level of the opponent) and in need of at least one top striker to fully compete. Preferably a player with pace and guile who can operate on his own where Giroud tends to require support.

As is, maybe a blessing for us as we can re-focus on salvaging our flailing position in the league and get back in the race. Also albeit a consolation prize really, we can focus on the FA cup.


I don’t know why Robben is being singled out. Everyone in Bayern was doing the same. Javi Martinez is probably made of jelly. All down to the tactics of Pep. Cheap tactics.


Pretty misleading headline when Wenger never used the term ‘diver’. You don’t get to quote yourself when you’re quoting someone else. What is this, the Daily Mail?


“it’s part of him” is the damning bit.

Sir lord comic

The twat goes down quicker than a U Boat captain.


Quicker than his wife in HFB’s hotel room.
Sorry, I just couldn’t pass that up.


Sorry Strevs, see you said the same above. Well put if i do say so!


…And i see i put this in the wrong spot. Wow. This is your brain, kids. Take note.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

I the first isn’t a penalty it’s a booking!


Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

Oops. If the first dive isn’t a penalty then it’s a booking surely? Weak ref. it also allows Robben to go down easily for the “penalty”. You can be if he wa booked for the first incident, he doesn’t go down the second time.

Fuck it. Onwards!

m a gunner

Surely when a player dives as blatant as that the whole arsenal team need to point at him laugh then throw themselves on the floor ! Mass humiliation , don’t think it will change the cheats but would look amazing !


^This AND retroactive punishment just as with bad tackles and off-the-ball incidents. In the box, 3 match ban. Takes him out of the final.


Sorry Strevs, see you said the same above. Well put if i do say so!

–There, all better.

Grumpy fan

Arsenal gave a good show against Bayern, but too little too late like last year.

Same old story. The team looks a million bucks then folds when under real pressure. Been like that for years now, and there’s one man who must take the blame.
Step forward, Arsene Whinger.


As an Irish man can I apologise on behalf of my fellow men for morons like Eiregun. Fucking moron.

Buy me, I'm a CB

Didn’t get to watch the game, but saw the dive highlights and almost puked. Then I saw this video: Faith in football players restored.


“Arsene Wenger has admitted his side didn’t do enough over two legs to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League”. Yes because he didn’t put on the strongest team in the first leg (Sanogo).
Thanks again.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Arjen Robben’s head is so unflawingly round and so perfectly bald that it could easily be mistaken for a football.

Next time he’s rolling over in the grass after the faintest of faint touches by an opposition defender, would it make the world any poorer if his own teammate accidentally mistook Robben’s head for the football and kicked the twat out of it?

Gooner in Spain

Robben will certainly go down in history….with little or no contact….

Dark Hei

Special mention must go to Lahm as well. When he gets beat, he dives and feigns a foul. It’s like he is paper. I can understand attackers diving but defenders? So too bad when you actually get fouled and the ref don’t believe you.


My first thought on Poldi’s goal.
OK, third, after giggling at Neuer and watching the replay of Poldi pointing to the crowd right over Lahm’s head three times.


Is it just me or is Ozil just not cutting it I mean fair enough I hope I’m eating my words next season when he’s adjusted and also without theo there’s absolutely no pace In the wide areas I felt theo would of got us more of a chance last night same old arsenal never got the right eleven when we most need it


Only a pitch side beheading of Robben will suffice


The only constructive thing I can say is…
Youre a cunt Robben, youre a cunt.

Who dropped Morrow

Be safe in the knowledge that he will be judged for the crime of simulation. A heinous act punishable by an eternity of watching sp*rs, with only Alan Hansen and Rio Ferdinand for company. A punishment to befit the crime.

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