Sunday, November 28, 2021

Arsenal related person does something

An Arsenal player, or a person vaguely related to Arsenal, has done something.

That person then posted a picture or a video on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and now it’s become a story even though that something they did is freely available to anyone who chooses to follow that person on their social media outlets.

The something in question may have been posted with a vague headline, such as: “What is this Arsenal player, or Arsenal related person, up to?”

Reports suggest that the something may have been a routine, every day occurrence, such as:

  • Training
  • Sitting beside a teammate at training
  • Laughing during training
  • Not laughing during training and looking quite serious
  • Getting some treatment for an injury
  • Doing a thumbs-up or a V for victory or any other more elaborate hand signal

However, it may also have been something less ordinary, such as:

  • Posting a selfie with a dog and/or celebrity
  • A picture of an event at which they received a corporate gift bag
  • Another really boring thing that has no goddam relevance to anything

Reports suggest that as many as some of these Arsenal players, or Arsenal related people, will continue to do things throughout the week, and of course we’ll make sure you don’t miss a single one of them by posting them within minutes of them being posted by the Arsenal player or Arsenal related person who you can follow if you so choose thus making these articles redundant.




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Just keep us updated!

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

This is the fault of the medical team. What’s the point of having them at all?

(highly relevant comment)


so, if you are doing nothing, then are you doing something? and if nothing is in itself something, then maybe when you are doing something you are actually doing nothing…. but then again, as the saying goes, there’s never something for nothing….

I need to go and do something…


Even though I didn’t pay a penny to read this, I still feel I am entitled to better reporting than this drivel.
I am so frustrated by the minutes of my meaningless life that reading this article has wasted that I am going to waste twice as many minutes by commenting on it.


Micheal Owen wrote it


John Terry proof read, the bastard.

Fest Arse

and it seems Roy Keane published it.

Wenger's Wallet

Well I just wasted two minutes of my life searching for some inner meaning in this absolute waste of cyberspace #aha

Android Gooner

I’m going to keep reading this article over and over until i find the hidden meaning that is surely in there somewhere

The Only Olivier is Giroud

So what you’re saying is that some Arsenal player or someone loosely realted to Arsenal is probably doing something right now? OH GOD WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!

Diabys ligaments

WTF is this.


That does it! Wenger out!


I know it’s all very frustrating but at a time like this we all need to stick together, whether you are in the ‘Wenger Out!’ or ‘Wenger In!’ boat! we need to support the team, no matter what!!! and when this Arsenal related person has finished what he/she has been doing we can talk about what’s the best way forward. for now, our team needs us all behind them! sorry for the rant.


Wenger in/out

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Plot twist: Wenger in AND out of Mourinho’s mum.


Rumour has it that Wenger is prepared to shake it all about


I am definitely going to read this article, unless of course I choose not to.

Stuart Steele

HATE the captions that appear on the Arsenal social posts.
‘What is so and so saying to the other so and so?’ ‘What’s going on here?!’
I don’t know, stuff?

James Harman

I like bacon sandwiches with brown sauce.


I like turtles

I love Lamp.

Daniel New

I like fried egg sandwiches with brown sauce.


Arsenal player plus social media? Must be Poldi.


Or is he in Syria being a terrorist?


Christ you must be bored


Seriously though. If any of them post a selfie with a dog AND celebrity, I wanna read about it.


Blogs, you’ve had many things to post today, are you bored?


Daniel, add bacon to this sandwich and then we’ll talk


Might as well want to shit on the bacon

Winner Sperm



This wouldn’t have happened if Wenger had signed a world class striker/defensive mid/Chris Samba. Pull the finger out etc.


…or if Walcott weren’t out.


I want us to win the F.a cup. And keep on winning things…
So all these Cunts in the media end up jumping of a cliff. Sometimes i can’t believe the hate that we get.
Arsenal is a Football team based in England, the way the press is against us is astonishing.
I can now imagine how much this media is involved in propaganda, Iraq. War on terror etc.
My eyes have been opened.


Still better than an article on transfer gossip


…But what about Sagna?


Article needs more pace.

el bahja

John terry is still a BIG cunt


I can’t cope, should this posting make me feel Wenger should be in or Wenger should be out!?! Help me think what my brain should be thinking……


Existential crisis. If I end up thinking for myself I’ll be seeking compensation.

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT and IN at the same time

The problem with Arseblog News is, they always try to walk it into the cyberspace..

I love that name, man


anyways let’s keep our hopes up high and our heads down low. Or is it the opposite?

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

slow news day

Android Gooner

I’m an Arsenal related person and i just took a wee!

Android Gooner

The price of rice in China just went up.

This is a major concern because there are Arsenal related people in China


An arsenal player or a arsenal related person.
Spy mode on.


Top, top reporting.


I vow my loyalty to this blog and promise not to follow any Arsenal player/Arsenal related person.
In Arseblog we trust, ALWAYS!!!!

gooner bert

Oh no! I just did a thing. I hope it doesn’t get out!!

Naija Gunner

Junk! U almost blew up my brains into bits, me trying to figure out this article or j***!?!!#


Comments are absolute Fucking gold on here today

Yankee Gooner

I’ll admit that in the past I’ve been someone’s harshest critic, but someone’s come good and I have to give credit where it’s due.

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