Friday, December 8, 2023

Boss confirms he wants to stay

Arsene Wenger has, it seems, confirmed he’s going to stay at Arsenal and sign a new contract.

Speaking to French television, Wenger was asked about his future and said, “Look, I have said that many times already, I have given my word to this club and that I want to continue where I am.

“That means to stay.”

While it’s clear that the manager’s intentions are to sign a new deal and continue with the club he’s been with since 1996, the fact he hasn’t signed yet is an indication that he knows his future is dependent on what happens between now and the end of the season.

Arsenal are chasing a top four place and the FA Cup final gives them the chance at their first trophy since 2005, and it seems Wenger’s decision will be influenced by what happens there.

The Frenchman has gone on record to say he would assess his situation based on whether or not he feels the club have made progress. A trophy and a top four position would provide that, anything less is open to serious questioning.

And The Times are reporting that Monaco are seeking to take advantage of his contract situation by offering him a massive deal to replace Claudio Ranieri in the summer.

It doesn’t look as if anything is cut and dried at this point.

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Hope on balance that he 1) Stays and
2) Strengthens

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

Point 2 is vital if we’re to challenge next year. For that to occur point 1 must happen. Not to say that Arsene is the only man to move arsenal forward, but there’s no way this summer we can replace the manager and source the extra quality we need. We struggled to sign even one forward last summer ffs. So as much as I would have accepted (not called for) a change at the top, it’s way too late in the day in a World Cup year for it to happen now. Arsene needs to set a retirement day well… Read more »


Are you having a giraffe?

Chelsea brought in a new manager and strengthened in one summer.

Honestly I saw this on BBC Gossip and hoped it was wrong. Same old tired shit for another season or two. Frankly I’ve sat on the fence for that long and tried to remain objective but now no, it’s about time he was put out to stud.

Mickel's New Tooth

Look where their “strengthening” took them. Looking at third in the league probably 2 points ahead of Arsenal that has been dogged by multiple injuries? Fair enough they’re in the UCL semis, but I don’t fancy them to beat Athletico tbh


Still ahead of us dude and they’ll do more in the summer. Don’t get me wrong I hope you can all say ‘I told you so’ but I’m highly dubious.


@mikel’s new Tooth: Chelsea drew at athletics and I wouldn’t put it past mourinho to sneak a 1-0 win at Chelsea. Its what he does best. But on the whole, yes I Agree with your point and I don’t fancy them against Madrid or Bayern. Also, @Northerngoon: mourinho isn’t what we can exactly call a new manager at Chelsea. And people who call for wenger to be sacked need to seriosly consider would they rather have. It’s not like the nighties where we can pluck an unknown guy out of an unknown league. Couple of years ago, so many people… Read more »

Az Ahmed

Wenger needs to set a date and allow the board to bring in Guardiola after 2 more years of Monsieur Wenger. He needs to leave a young squad for a new manager to have everything in place rather than the catastrophe at the Theatre of Nightmares. Just remember what happened to David Moyes. Ferguson knew the team he was leaving was past it and he knew it had to be rebuilt, thats why he got out, but Moyes should have said from the start that the team needs rebuilding and its going to take at least 2 seasons. Also Ferguson… Read more »


Strenthen !! What as in spend some money ?

You seen how the man operates. You should know by now that that ain’t gonna happen.


Ozil 🙂

money needs to be spent

Özil was signed after massive pressure from the fans on wenger to spend..


Ozil would appear to be a one off. Wenger didn’t pursue the Draxler deal to the end.

Wake me up if a similar deal happens again.

That Genius Bergkamp

Ozil was bought out of fan pressure. No one can stand there and say we were negotiating his signature since the window opened. For fuck sake I hate how short term form clouds the judgement of fans. We’ve been having consistent injury issues for the past 5 years until we fashioned a phrase for players coming back LANS. Where in the world do you find people missing for such lengths only for the fans to call them new signings. We’ve been thrashed by the rest of the top 5 by high ass figures. Leave alone this season, you just have… Read more »


To think, Özil was bought because of pressure from the fans, is deluded. So is the belief, Arsène sealed the deal in one day. Go play some football manager games.

Big Al

I hope Arsene has the opportunity to move us into a new era of silverware, cheap tickets and fancy hats for all (although the first two will suffice)

non flying dutchman

And that he finally beats that twat Mourinho. Almost as important as a league title to me.

Just A Gentleman

That too at Stamford Bridge! Would be brilliant to watch!


If fans have any love for Wenger we’ve got to let him get revenge on Maureen. I would pay a lot of money to see him smash Maureen 7-0 and laugh in his face. Nowadays, I hate Chelsea more than I hate the Spuds and that’s saying something.

Nice Nazi salute by their fans vs Atletico by the way. Keeping it classy as always. Not the first time this season.


Neil, I hadn’t seen that article before but it does not surprise me, they have the studiest fans on the planet. I was on a flight back from Valencia after they played Chelsea, just a coincidence I guarentee you all. There was one beligerent ass spouting all of this anti-semetic shit and also focusing it on me, not that I am jewish. I then pointed out how amazingly stupid he was to be doing that as at the time, Chelsea was the most semetic Team in the Country. Abramovich, Benayon, Avran Grant, Ben Haim and Ben Sahar. That fans, Team… Read more »

2014-2015 = 2003-2004

Beats him at the Emirates, beats him at Stamford Bridge, and most of all beats him with a fucking baseball bat!

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

And brings standing sections to the emirates.


I wish they’d get rid of that crap beer they sell at the Emirates…we are Arsenal, we have class (and we pay for it through the nose) why should I only be served Carlsberg, when I never drink that cat piss? why not Tribute or Doom Bar? and why is it that CL nights are dry (sponsored by Heineken, that’s a laugh)? yeah that and strengthening the squad and pissing all over the Spuds and the chavs…COYG!


I only drink the half time cider. Not cidre, cider!

Daft Aider

Can’t pretend i’m happy, i’ll support him until the end of the season though, after that not so much

Whispering Whippersnapper

A lot of us have mixed feelings about this…

It doesn’t mean we start singing ‘one Arsene Wenger’ just yet but for crissakes if he does stay we have to get behind him and the team

He gave you more than a decade of intoxicating attacking football if nothing else. Appreciate the fact that we would never show up at a CL game and play out a 0:0 draw under Wenger at the very least


you must of missed our run to the 2006 CL final, IRC, semi final was 0-0 and 1-0, as was the quarterfinal.

just saying


We played for a 0-0 at Dormund and Napoli just this year.


All these people that gave you the thumbs down were probably the ones that before we beat Hull said the same.





let’s just win the cup and finish fourth and we won’t have to worry about losing him. he’ll sign da ting, and off we go

le prof is gonna make it rain this summer!

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

Truly grateful for all this man has done for this club. Would love to see him have one final crack now that the financial shackles are off, and once and for all prove all those doubters wrong. There’s no way this man achieved what he did in the first half of his 1000 games with us by fluke, and I sincerely hope all gooners will afford him that one last chance to finish off what he started. In 3 years’ time when we’ve swept everyone aside and sent the Bayern players pissing in their shorts we’ll be grateful for having… Read more »


He had a crack at it, but thanks to the injuries sustained throughout the season he couldn’t achieve what he and the team were capable of. The manager, players and fans were let down this season. The staff who led to players missing months instead of weeks need to go.


You mean the financial shackles that have been off for many years? Don’t you see that Wenger never will spend the money required on the best players? If so, why did he not during the last few years? Özil was nothing compared to what he has available. This is a nightmare. We need at least 5 top class players this window. TOP CLASS. And do you honestly believe, deep inside, that Wenger will ever in a million years accomplish that? According to very credible and professional estimations done by SurferX on yesterday’s LeGrove post (check it out, well worth a… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

Do you think the money all just sits in a room somewhere losing value? We don’t have a savings account at fucking nationwide.

you’re right that was extremely “basic economics”


So who do you want as a replacement. Klopp? He pretty much has the same faults as AW. He has only one style(the high press vertical football) and never varies it, hardly rotates and his squad always has a big list of injuries. What he did in 2009-11 was exactly what AW did in 2007-08(only Klopp didnt have a thug break the leg of an important player. Luck is important if the team in question a young team which has never won a trophy before.) Martinez is not proven at the top level and Simeone is not someone who will… Read more »


One example is Frank de Boer. Seems a great, hungry manager. Also, Pochettino has done wonders with Southampton.

Looking like Wenger will stay, however. In that case I wouldn’t mind promoting Jonker after two years or so. Really like what I have heard of him.


And Don Cazorleone,

Please explain to us how it works then 🙂

Hereford Gooner

“Now, as I said: it is not in any way a responsible tactic to pile up the money. He has made the club worse off, and that, combined with 9 years of failure is not enough to offer him a new contract. Too bad the unambitious board, as well as a majority of you do not feel that.” To suggest he has made the club worse off is laughable. Sixteen years of champions league football and a stadium capable of generating huge commercial revenues thanks to AW. Would we have these cash reserves if it was not for him? And… Read more »


@abfp I’m pretty sure, they have a certain amount of cash reserves and operate with the major part of it in real estate, fonds, etc. as all big businesses do. Easily more revenue than interest on savings, very probably more revenue than prices of players rise.

He certainly deserves another crack at it if he is going to spend. The club need to change there method in the transfer windows though. It is becoming harder and harder to get champions league football and next season will be tougher still. I’m sure Arsene has some targets in mind for us next season we have to move fast and sign them up ASAP give them time to blend with the squad and start the season strongly. Manure, the bin dippers and the spuds will probably spend big in order to get in the top four. Arsenal will have… Read more »


what makes you think he has targets in mind, he didn’t last summer?


He had no financial shackles last summer or in January, he still managed to bollocks it up.
Have been a massive fan of Wenger’s but don’t you think it’s about time we stopped making excuses for him?

I know there’s the nostalgia and 17 years of service but isn’t it about time we put the club first?

Az Ahmed

“The problem was the (new) stadium. They didn’t have the money to buy the players. Arsene is a straight guy. He can see into the future.

“He didn’t want to be penalised by Financial Fair Play so he wanted to stay by the rules and not living by debt. This year everything has been paid. He’s just paid €50m for Mesut Ozil. In the future, he will do it.’’

– Samir Ca$hri

Paul S

I actually think the new stadium costs aren’t quite the issue many believe. Gate receipt income from the Emirates is much higher than from Highbury, which has surely offset the cost by a considerable amount by now. I’d be interested in seeing an accounts sheet comparison showing counterfactual net balance assuming we stayed at Highbury. My guess is there wouldn’t be much in it. The big thing which happened since 2005 has been the huge inflation in wages and transfer prices. Our current annual net spend on players (wages and transfers) is more than double what it was in 2005.… Read more »


Mixed feelings about this one to be honest. We fans certainly don’t want another painful transfer window & a season of “what could have been” if he doesn’t sign the world class players we need

Just A Gentleman

[sarcasm] Yeah, just hate it when he doesn’t sign. I mean, only Mertesacker, Arteta, Gervinho (who was a good signing but unfortunately a misfit, been great at Roma, scored tonight as well), Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud, Monreal, Flamini and then ended up going after Suarez (got robbed out of that by John Henry) and then got possibly the world’s best attacking midfielder in Ozil!

Damn it man. Why doesn’t he ever go after good players? [/sarcasm]

non flying dutchman

He got robbed by John Henry. the guy who spent £35m on Andy Carroll… That’s kind of the point Ozzigun is making when saying we don’t want another painful transfer window.

Just A Gentleman

Nothing we can do if they decide to not honour a player’s contract, we did activate his buyout clause. Chances are we wouldn’t have gotten him even if we bid higher.

Rocky Rocastle

Arsenal could have taken them to court and signed Suárez that way. But Henry gambled that we would not do that, and he got it right. But on that list of players Wenger has signed lately, few of them would be tempting to sign for United, City, Chelsea, Madrid, Barca, Juventus or Bayern Munich or any other top European Clubs fighting for trophies.:) But our Budget have not been great in the last decade, and we have not been able to choose players from the top shelf, But Wenger did sign Özil when the money was available to do so,… Read more »

Paul S

Arsenal could have taken them to court and signed Suárez that way. But Henry gambled that we would not do that, and he got it right.

We would have no grounds for taking them to court – we didn’t have a contract with them. It was only up to Suarez to take legal action.

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

I, for one, welcome the retention of our cheeky French overlord.




Should I be happy by this news? We had an opportunity to win the league and he threw it away. Do you think somehow he wouldn’t do that again? I would love Wenger to stay but a Wenger who has WAY less power and control over the club than he has now. Seeing as that is not possible I wish him the very best as he is a legend but it’s time to part ways.

Just A Gentleman

Oi mate, mind telling me who got us to the top of the league in the first place this season?

Was it, by any chance, WENGER?! Exactly.

Besides, can we stop these ridiculous consipracy sounding theories? Why on earth would Wenger purposely throw away the title, I mean he is stubborn, but if you think any manager let alone one that loves this club so much would just throw away the title, you’re delusional.


Actually it was the players on the field more so than Wenger, obviously I know that Wenger bought the players but there is only so much a manager can do then it is up to the will of the players.


The fixture list. I know matches aren’t won before they played, but we’ve basically reverted to a pattern that’s played out over 5 years now. Wenger gets us to fourth at the end of every season. There is very little to indicate that it’s going to improve.

Hereford Gooner

What, other than the fact the gap between us and the leader was 25 points last season and 7 points this season?

bergkamp's hooped sock

Arsene twisted Walcott’s knee and screwed up our title challenge. Wenger out!


Nope the cunt who’s shite at football even playing at LB did. Wenger however, did not replace adequately.


Look we all know he needs to employ several people who can openly disagree with him on player welfare, drills, fitness and mentality and that stuff…that stuff is a fucken given. He should know that, and act on the missed opportunity this season laid bare. If he does, and I say if, hell yeah give him two more years. If he did that – and also spent what is in the end not even his money, and let other people assist valuations etc – why shouldn’t we all want that?


But deep inside, do you really think the club will do anything about it? Why not the past 9 years?


Win the FA Cup for the Le Boss!


Win it for the fans.

Toure Motors

I feel Strangely neutral on this news..

Just A Gentleman

Why man? Be happy, it’s good for your health as well. 😀

Toure Motors

In general I agree with you and Pharell Williams. Happiness is for me. However I will be unhappy if I have to see another January to April collapse next sreason and have to look at another really good opportunity being wasted…

Petit's Handbag

You & your misleading titles Arseblogger! Having known Arsene for so long we know by no means that means he’s confirming he’s staying!

Brian Mendoza

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports of Fatgooner exploding in furious outrage.

More to follow.

Just A Gentleman

If only he runs his legs as much as he runs his mouth, he wouldn’t have to call himself fatgooner.. :/


You seem to be giving him a run for his money


1000 thumbs up if I could




He better not fuck it up then. Go all out for success experementing is over. Go all fucking out and leave on a high, thats what we all want for you Arsene. Legend! Coyg

non flying dutchman

Not necessarily, wouldn’t want him doing a fergie and winning the title with a team set to fall completely to shit the year after.


Le Fraud will not change… A new contract for keeping the club in permanent stagnation, total lack of ambition and shocking negligence. Disgraceful


So what exactly has he done to merit a new contract?

In what ways has the club progressed in the past few years?

In what ways has he improved upon the weaknesses in our squad which get highlighted every season?

Is having Giroud, Bendtner and Sanogo as the 3 first-team strikers a show of ambition going into a season where we had a chance to challenge for the title?

How many more thrashings do we have to endure against the teams above us?

It’s not Arsene FC… Seems as though most of the fans have some form of Stockholm Syndrome

Just A Gentleman

Keeping us in the champions league after getting Arsenal to build the Emirates. Most clubs get relegated or go into administration let alone finish in the top 4 and challenge for the title. We’re in the FA cup finals this season and look favourites to win it. In what ways has he improved our weaknesses? Ermm, our weakness was a lack of solid defence and now we’ve got one of the best in the league, sure they’ve taken hits as well but on their days their unstoppable. Sure name those 3, but he did go after strikers didn’t he? Suarez… Read more »


Exactly. I seriously don’t know why most fans don’t understand this. The likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs will have to go through the same process that we did very soon and it will be very interesting to see how they cope with it.

stiff upper lip

we’ve improved by…
1. increased commercial revenue (puma, for example)
2. actually making world-class signings (ozil, ever heard of him?)
3. attempting to sign other world class players (suarez, higuain, I know they didn’t happen, but in my opinion its a promising sign that we are pursuing players of that caliber)
4. much fewer absolute cock ups (4-4 vs newcastle from a few years back comes to mind)
5. player retention


1. I’m wondering what that increased commercial revenue is actually worth, sat in the bank earning a paltry rate of interest. Perhaps we can build another stadium with it. 2. Yes, heard of Ozil, but not seen much of him. He looks as miserable as sin. Maybe that’s just his natural demeanour. Maybe he’s homesick. 3. I set out this morning with the intention of buying a brand new Rolls-Royce. Unfortunately myself and the salesman couldn’t agree on a price. But the intention was there on my part, I **attempted** to buy the car. It’s a promising sign that one… Read more »

stiff upper lip

1. I highly doubt our ‘war chest’ is earning the same miserable interest rate that your and my savings accounts are earning. However, I just plain old do not have access to the actual finances, so must plead overall ignorance. 2. so terrible, ozil has 4 goals and 9 assists in the premier league. are you seriously saying he is a bad player???? take a few deep breaths, its ok we all make mistakes. 3. no you didn’t, and no you can’t afford one. arsene, however, actually did make contact and try to buy higuain and suarez. and we can… Read more »


Stiff-upper, mate, I don’t mind you abusing me, I mean knock yourself out, I really don’t care, but when you comment on my points have the decency to quote me correctly. 3. At what point did I say Ozil was a bad player ? None. With the twist you’ve put on my comment you should apply for a job at the BBC, or The Guardian, or The Daily Mail. Very poor form chap. Very poor indeed. That’s below the belt. I merely question Ozil’s demeanour on a football pitch. Where it often looks like it’s the last place he wants… Read more »



Google our average goals, points and wins with Özil and without Özil. You’d be surprised how much of importance his appearance is. I get that he often seems timid and sometimes lacklustre on the pitch, but don’t judge the book by the cover. He has quite some impact in his first season in the Premier League already, obviously more than you think and that IS something.

Hereford Gooner

Regarding Ozil’s demeanour – I think this is more to do with the players he had around him at the time. When Walcott and Rambo were injured his creative role in the team was pretty obsolete. He had no one running beyond him so his primary role in the team was ball retention – and as a top level footballer paid to create chances understandably this was not enough for him. His options were slip one though to Giroud to not be able to latch on to due to lack of pace, or pass across the pitch to one of… Read more »


I fucking love you dude. Half of these lot were coming on here under a different name a few weeks back saying Wenger out.


Monaco monaco mancity psg fuckin chelsea fucking cunts put them in a bus and send them to fucking Mass.pris!


Look i always believed that Wenger is a footballing genius. Superior in almost everyway compared with other Football managers except for one. Tactically he is not the best, he is not that strong in that area. He is yet to trully outsmart a manager of a big club tactically to his advantage. One of the few matches i remember him setting up his team tactically the best was a champions league tie against Real Madrid which we won. He has lacked that tactical nous that is really required when two equal sides meet. All big teams like Man utd and… Read more »

Just A Gentleman

Awkward moment when the comment is longer than the article 😛

Jokes aside, agree to most part except him not being tactically good enough. He needs to start keeping and implementing a plan B no doubt, but when our team isn’t off injured and all of our starters are available his tactics work perfectly, even against big teams. Examples would be the 2-0 wins against Napoli and Liverpool this season.


But might it more prudent not to have a cavalier approach when we have half the team out injured as you said. Isn’t it a sign of great manager to make do with what he’s got and adjust his tactics accordingly. A team with half of the first team choice out should not have been that gung-ho at the bridge, eithad or anfield. I’ve read somewhere and I might me wrong, that the manager does not look at the weak points of the opposition to exploit, but rather always will only continue to focus on the way his team want… Read more »

Why is my name required

ohh i know alright…same shit different season. That’s Wengers philosophy


This is my one issue with Wenger…


I am not reading the article, by virtue of the headline I say Yupee! 🙂


If he stays, it’s fucking good news. He’s negotiated some tricky waters and this year was fucked by injuries. He’s made some mistakes but some of you lot that wanted him out were plumping for Moyes not that long ago. He has some money to spend, I feel Arsenal are on the cusp of another special era.


I am absolutely sure NONE of us were plumping for Moyes. Gave us a great season this year and proper two fingers up a certain dutch skunk.


Thank fuck.

Fuck off to United the cunts that hate Wenger.


Ive never heard a serious AFC fan say they hate him,but theirs plenty to disagree with him


Ok Pedro, just because some people disagree with you means their views are invalid & they should fuck off & go watch Welback, Evans & Cleverly every week.

Some people’s opinion is that Wenger should stay, some think he should go. No one is wrong or right, it is an opinion not a fact.

Your comment & the fact that 13 people thumbed you up proves that even Arsenal aren’t as classy as we are lead to believe.

ArseCast Administrator 2_3

you do realize that other fans visit our site right? wenger in or out is a side issue. but arsenal and AW is definitely one of the classiest set ups in England right now. When do you see a Ramires elbow when arsenal plays? Or maybe the Suarez style of biting people? Our ‘roughest player’ flamini gets booked but at least he doesnt try to put footballers out of commission and destroy their careers. Are you srsly telling me that arsenal isnt that classy? Go to Stamford Bridge and youll realize that were one of the most gentlemanly set ups… Read more »


I love self righteous fans like these. What an absolute idiot. Just because you don’t agree on something about the club, make you love the club any less.


I would love nothing more than for Arsene to win us the league again. I’m just not sure he can.

AN Other

I’m don’t want him to go without leaving a long lasting legacy and the only way he can do that is by winning the title again.

Stay Wenger and show everyone how good you are.


He already left a legacy, the two doubles the unbeaten season. No other manager has ever done that.

non flying dutchman

First we need that silverware and CL place. Yoiuve got to worry about just how wet that board is where Wenger seems to have been to set himself that minimum requirement and they haven’t. Despite those horrible heavy losses this sealon I still rate Wenger as a coach, especially as a developer of young talent. But he has been so shit in too many transfer windows so I do worry. However I lean towards supporting him staying on. He must know that if this team gets the monkey of its back at wembley next month then it can push on… Read more »


Buy players pronto Mr Wenger..gracias


This summer players will look that we have had a really good most part of the season and they know we have been struggling with injuries and only had 1 striker for the most part of it, we have Arsene Wenger, Mesut Özil, Aaron Ramsey, Laurent Koscielny as world class players and plenty more fairly young high quality players people want to play with. In other news i think this still would be a really attractive club to join for any player and le prof will do the best to improve the squad this summer, but still dont expect were… Read more »


If your an ok manager but not amazing you won’t be in the top 4 consistently on a small budget.

Look at Moyes he couldn’t even get Europa.

Liverpool, spurs, fuck pretty much everyone has outspent us and we finish in the top 4.

If that doesn’t show a fucking amazing managed I don’t know what does.

He just needs to get back to his old ways of splashing on that final little bit of quality and depth and we can challenge like we used to, I’m convinced of it.

Or, we can get Moyes now he’s free, your choice…


exactly this

Cyril Washbrook

“I wouldn’t be so negative about David Moyes taking over as manager. […] If appointed, Moyes would hopefully immediately deal with the yawning problem which is our defending. And in the long term he would almost certainly sort out the disastrous shambles of a squad that he would be presented with.

“All these Wenger-worshippers are going to look stupid when the new boss comes in and clears up The Nutty Professor’s shit.”

— Fatgooner, 11 March 2013.


A little naughty that one.


Not really sure on your point here.

What you should do is now go away and research Moyes stats against the past United managers, including Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson and then when you realise that his were the best by far cut yourself a nice slice of pie and taste how humble it is.


“He just needs to get back to his old ways of splashing on that final little bit of quality and depth and we can challenge like we used to” That just isn’t going to happen. The Moyes saga has nothing to do with Arsenal’s future and is in no way the defining model of how managerial transitions pan out. When Wenger came to the Arse people were saying “Arsene who ?”. And look what happened next !! Gooners have to get out of this ridiculous “the sky is falling the end is nigh” mindset and look to a future without… Read more »


Sentiments apart and regardless of the outcome of the remaining league matches and the FA cup game, in my opinion, Wenger deserves a fresh start somewhere in order to keep his legacy at Arsenal in a decent shape.


Errrr i think we will lose wenger to united hes what there after ticks every box makes clubs loads of money knows how to win thing even if its for a few years till bayerns manager fancies a change think im stupid ask yourself wenger at united makes so much sense share prices back up able to make good players world class jones rooney cleverly nani just to name a few. Even if its only for a few seasons it just makes so much sense and hes outta contract so hell be cheap hell bring the best out of uniteds… Read more »


Yeah. And then there’s the fact that Arsene will have a word in choosing where to go, too…


Arsene Wenger brothers.
Arsene fuckin Wenger.


You’re not Hulk Hogan.


we were ahead of liverpool by seven points not so long ago, now were behind by 10,

Koscielny's pocket

The only thing that can trump my desire to see Arsenal succeed, is the desire to see Arsenal succeed with Wenger as the manager. He deserves to finish what he has started. Sometimes I knee-jerk and after bad results want him out, but he is the one who got us here and if the first part of the season is an indication, we’re well primed for another title-contending run next year. My visions of Wenger raising another PL trophy, getting a good run in the Champions League, the pundits and cunts such as Mourinho proved wrong, and the team clicking… Read more »


Disappointed but not surprised.

What’s with all the one last chance shit? January seemed like a perfectly fine last chance, and he botched it like he has every window for the last few years.

What about his recent performance leads any of you to think he roll do anything different than the same stubborn, old fashioned penny pinching again.

Do you really think we have a chance to win the league next year with him? If you do, you’re nuts.


While January could have been handled better, the expectation that we could somehow sign a world class player was ridiculous. We were never going to get anyone good. So no, it wasn’t really a “chance”, was it? Maybe to strengthen the depth of the squad, but certainly not to improve the quality in the team. And you know what, he bloody well delivered the time before. Not many of us thought we needed a player like Ozil but after less than a season it’s almost impossible to imagine Arsenal playing optimally without him. The thing people don’t get is just… Read more »


Re your point about van Persie – maybe the solution is to fight to keep your best players. Sometimes it doesn’t work, like Dortmund and Lewandowski, sometimes it does, spectacularly – like Liverpool and Suarez.

I just can’t believe a club with 100 odd million in reserves pretends like its a pauper. What’s really being done is taking fan support, turning it into balance sheet numbers and sitting on it in anticipation of making a profit on the eventual sale.


Juan Mata.

Wenger's Glasses

Yes!! Arsene is frustrating sometimes, but my love for him will never wavered. He is class. Let’s do our best to win the FA Cup, finish in the top 4, & then strengthen the squad for next season.


This guy loves the club, you can see it in his eyes. He made this team from scratch. Ramsey, Wilshere, Sczc, Gibbo, Ox, Gnabry, and most importantly the fucking stadium. All that while keeping us within the top four of the most competitive league. He made it all. So, all you “WengerOut” lot should feel ashamed, because Arsene is more of a “fan” of Arsenal than you’ll ever be. In Arsene we trust.


We won’t be where we are without his success in early tenure. There would not have been the fan base or extra money and we would not have been bankable for the stadium on a loan had we not secured consistent showings in the CL. Nor would we have had a stable foundation finance wise had we not had Wenger’s acumen and general frugality in market. Part of the reason of course why Spurs have a hard time building a stadium. Those ingrates that gripe on about how the fans built the stadium and Wenger has mismanaged funds really ought… Read more »


Just about everything you’ve written is nonsense

merde bag




Like a new manager.


“I wouldn’t be so negative about David Moyes taking over as manager. […] If appointed, Moyes would hopefully immediately deal with the yawning problem which is our defending. And in the long term he would almost certainly sort out the disastrous shambles of a squad that he would be presented with.

“All these Wenger-worshippers are going to look stupid when the new boss comes in and clears up The Nutty Professor’s shit.”

— Fatgooner, 11 March 2013.


A sad day in recent history of the club however people try to put a positive spin on it…

Some suggested giving wes ‘…a final crack’ as if the club owes him. Wenger’s top 2 best paid football manager for years. And please read the our financial statements to understand how poorly wenger leverage our resources (ie what we already have).


You haven’t got a clue. If our resources (meagre to begin with) were poorly managed, we would not have built a stadium. This is the result of : 1)Fans 2) Wenger building and growing the fan base through his success early on 3) Frugal management of spend with players. We did not throw money away and burden ourselves being a self made club. Sure he has signed duds but they are generally comparatively low spend. 4) CL for 16 seasons ensures extra revenue and stable fan base. This is a high minimum finish for ANY club year in year out.… Read more »


“I wouldn’t be so negative about David Moyes taking over as manager. […] If appointed, Moyes would hopefully immediately deal with the yawning problem which is our defending. And in the long term he would almost certainly sort out the disastrous shambles of a squad that he would be presented with.

“All these Wenger-worshippers are going to look stupid when the new boss comes in and clears up The Nutty Professor’s shit.” fatgooner is a bastard.

— Fatgooner, 11 March 2013.


Moyes was lauded in the ‘progressive manager with modern methods’ category not one season ago. That was what landed him at United.

Ditto Harry Redknapp, AVB, Brendan Rodgers, all progressive and none of whom landed in CL consistently.

I suppose if you take the press for face value, that’s what you get, a bit of thickness in the thinking.


Great news. Signing off the official announcement with an FA Cup winners medal would just be the icing.

If we are finally at a stage whereby we can afford to back our team financially then it should be with Arsene at the helm.


I feel he will still time it to the FA cup win and fourth spot.

Anything less is really an indictment of obsolete methods otherwise.

So no pressure.


In arsene, I trust. Always. Period.


I won’t go that far…not tactically anyway.:P


I mean its a mixed bag isn’t it. A fourths pot finish with an FA cup is a reasonable finish and represent modicum improvement. OTOH, the fact that we were so close and but Stoke, Swansea and Everton away from 8 points and still in the title equation is frustrating considering we could not add the one element (in the striker) that could have tipped the balance in our favour. Arguments in favour of change ring hollow without suitable successor. It’s one thing to want change but who you bring in is equally important. Moyes is a prudent example in… Read more »


Why I oughtta.. you fickle fan!!! 🙂


Wonderful another Summer of brinksmanship in the transfer Market awaits us. Followed by a good league campaign for a few months, only to be followed by a fight for fourth.

A lot of you gooners have very short memories. If you think being humiliated by top teams is a one off for this Season, then your love for Wenger is skewing what is the truth.

I want us to be a top club again, not one that only cares about qualifying for the Champions League. Rather wanting to win it.


You are confusing minimum standard with ambition. The minimum standard is CL finish. Ambition is to win the league. This season if we win the FA cup and seal CL, we are effectively at very least the most successful PL club after of course the eventual PL winners. The two teams likely above us will count for nought (unless of course one is Chelsea and it wins the CL) Yes we have had a repeated issue with performance with big teams but that does not mean things don;t change Your argument is tantamount to axing Walcott and Ramsey because there… Read more »


…but yes, let’s hope he can rectify the groundhog day.


The results prove that Wenger can’t compete against the top sides. He doesn’t have any idea how to get results against them apart from sending the team out and hoping for the best.

You can give him all the money in the world, with the same training methods and tactics he still wouldn’t win the league.

He couldn’t even get a win against one of the worst Man U sides in years.

Wenger won’t change, and he can’t. Time to move on.

Arseblog gold fish

Most people on here have very short fucking memories. When we lose it’s the end of the world, when we win, you are not allowed a single line of critique, everything is rainbows and daisies. To ‘Santori’s argument that fourth is the minimum requirement and not the ambition: OK, are you still considered a top performer (football manager or salesperson, or otherwise) if you keep achieving the bare minimum for 10 years? Answer this simple question honestly please? Second : we had different teams, players and squads these past 6 or 7 years. What is the thing they all had… Read more »


Some people automatically assume that Arsène is now going to spend and buy the players we need to compete for the title. We needed a striker last year and failed to get one. We have arguably been 2 players short of a great team for years. We are about to lose probably at least 3 good players in the summer add those to the players we about ready need to compete. Not sure why people are so optimistic about us getting the players we need. History tells us different. With or without wenger we are shit at transfers and this… Read more »


Come on Monaco,make that big offer. Then we can do the same for Pochettino.


We don’t need to sign a new manager.What we need is a world class psychologist.


From what I read here and there, he more than has the backing of the players and it only takes a quick glance down the table to see what’s happening at clubs where the players aren’t behind their manager.
I hope he does stay for at least another year and that the eventual transition to a new manager is gradual, planned and not a last minute ‘I’m retiring, here’s David Moyes’.


Pochettino? Wow, that would be exciting. We’d be odds on for the champion’s league with him at the helm.


Overrated manager.

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