Thursday, June 1, 2023

Gibbs and Gnabry doubts for Everton, but Ramsey is back

The injury gods giveth, and the injury gods taketh away.

After yesterday’s encouraging news about Aaron Ramsey and Nacho Monreal, Arsene Wenger has revealed that there are doubts over Kieran Gibbs and Serge Gnabry ahead of Sunday’s trip to Everton.

The England left-back is struggling with an ankle problem “that he has had for a while now”, while Gnabry has a knee complaint.

However, there appears to have been an update from yesterday’s ‘hopefully’ regarding Ramsey and Monreal, as Wenger said both will be in the squad for the trip to Everton.

It’s good news before what’s going to be a very tricky game. The Toffees have won their last 5 Premier League games, and know that they need to beat Arsenal to have a good chance of finishing in the top four.

And the Arsenal manager is not taking them lightly, saying, “Everton are a good side and that’s why they are where they are. It will be a very interesting game.”

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Hate this giveth taketh business.


God damn it!
Leftback in Leftback out.
Midfielder in Midfielder out.
Looks like the injury gods are under some kind of contract;
Clause 1: Arsenal must never have depth.
Clause 2: Arsenal must have no less then 5 players injured at any point of time.
Clause 3: Fuck with Arsenal for the heck of it.


these gods I would giveth them biscuit but then when crunch on biscuit I taketh away legs with swift chop of my mighty cutlass


So long as they hath giveth me Ramsey, they can taketh away from me whatever the fuck tickles their fancy!!


They did taketh away RVP again, that’s always good news

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Why? is always like this, ALWAYS! one player or two comeback from injury, one or two get injured!WHY? 🙁
But i hope its not something serious and we hope they’ll be back soon. 🙂

Trex d Gunner

Can’t we ever have a break. A fully fit squad would be wonderfull.

Cazorla's smile

aaron ramsey is wonderful

Why is my name required

Give us a break. All we ask for is to have a healthy squad.

Are todays generation of players fragile or is the game getting more aggressive and tougher?


No the fact Wenger dislikes rotation is why we have so many injuries.


I would take a half-fit squad at this point. We will be without a 100% Ramsey (even though he may be back, he can’t go long in the first game), Gibbs, Ozil, Wilshere, Walcott, Kos, etc. That is six normal starters plus you’ve got Gnabry out and Monreal just coming back (possibly). If we qualify for the top 4 and win the FA Cup it could be Wenger’s greatest coaching job. Of course, his other responsibilities like making transfers are a totally different story.

Stuart Steele

Gibbs turned into Mr. Glass all of a sudden?
Every time, gain one. Lose one. Gain one. Lose two.
So frustrating.


You obviously haven’t been paying enough attention to Gibbs’ Arsenal career.


So Gibbs and Gnabry were sacrificed for Ramsey and Monreal. Can’t we have a player back from injury without losing another? ArsenalFC never ceases to amaze me.


I guess Monreal starts then, and the Ox probably comes in for Podolski with Ramsey on the bench.

What a tricky situation it is with Podolski. Our last 3 goals have been created/scored by him but in terms of retaining the ball he is somewhat of a liability. I think the boss will go for the Ox this time after he raped Everton last time around.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

We did not rape Everton last time round. We beat them 4-1 and it was great fun. Whereas rape is a sick and violent crime that leaves victims in deep trauma and doesn’t really belong on the comments section of a football blog.


Read the rules dude


ohh no… .. sigh


If it really is a give and take business can’t we trade Bentnder for Walcott?


wud av loved to seee the gameplay with gibbs and gnabry as an option (sub)….. that being said, a fit Ramsey and a Monreal will still do against evrtn. COYG


gibbs first eleven, gnabry as an optional sub…. why no to that? ..


Tbh gibbs has always been a bit glassy. Hope theyre all back soon enough


I remember when when we used to have a squad without injuries, pleasant times indeed.

glory Hunter

Really!!! When?
Highbury days im guessing 🙂


good old days… please visit us again nxt season. cause am sure without injuries the trophy will b ours to take

Ramse'ys spirit

Is it just me, or is all our fabled medical center is capable of is sticking plasters over players injuries? Diaby Wilshire etc, i get the feeling were plastering over the cracks there needs to be a summer overhaul and an improvement in physio sports nutrition and some specialts, having a doc is all well and good, but a specialist in each individual area etc and surely we can improve our injury fortunes?


thumbs up for your post. i said in this blog a year ago, so that our a medical staff is just not up to the standard of a top club. it’s been ridiculous for years now. just look at the player who left like cesc or other except for RVP they are less injured.for me it will be the best transfer move this summer if we change them.

Dick Swiveller

Well, there’s obviously something up with our treatment, no doubt there, but I don’t think it’s quite as simple as sacking a few doctors and hiring some different ones; hopefully we will look into improving things but am I alone in thinking that Wilshere might have less niggly injuries and little chips and fractures if he was kicked a little less?


More injured players more shitty situatuon.



To try and understand more about our injuries, go over to Goonerholic and read the piece from a professional guy regarding muscles and development. Very interesting.


The injury gods have god their admin all messed up. The arsenal page must be stuck ontop of the Liverpool one so it dosent get accessed.


Is it the medical staff or is it the way we train? One thing I do know is we are a team that loves to hang on to the ball and take that extra touch which invites tackles which can lead to an Injury.


It’s not like Wenger would play Gnabry anyway..

Hereford Gooner

Personally I think our priority has to be getting to the bottom of the injury problems that we experience at this club. I would rather see time and money spent investigating this matter than I would scouring the world for new talent. The club is responsible for the welfare of its staff and they are undoubtedly – somewhere along the line – contributing towards the ill health of the squad. I’ve stated on here before that I believe it has little to do with the medical team, nutritionist or the training techniques. We have been top of the injury table… Read more »


Surely we can scout players and look in to the injury cluster F at the same time?

Naija Gunner

Major transffer or Overhauling, next season, the medical team!


You put your left back in, your left back out, in, out, in, out and shake Ramsey about.


Next time we see an opposition physio on the pitch, chants of “Sign him up!”


This whole thing about us having arse luck with injuries is a bit of a myth. 1) We have had no serious injury crisis in defense this season. Gibbs is out but Monreal is back. Koscielny is now out but Vermaelen has nary had a chance to come into the team this season. 2) Whilst we are lightweight up top, we have been extremely fortunate with Giroud being relatively robust injury-wise. 3) Again, we have been lucky in the DM area where Flamini and Arteta have covered each other, and Wenger has added insurance with kallstrom (injured as he was… Read more »

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