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Hull 0-3 Arsenal: The Guff

A comfortable away win at Hull yesterday, here’s some of the reaction from the media and the blogs. It’s a bank holiday weekend so there’s a shortage of guff. This is beyond our control. Blame the lazy non-bloggers/guffers.

It’s been obvious how big a loss Aaron Ramsey has been, and after his performance at the KC Stadium, questions need to be asked about why he missed over three months with a thigh strain. Who is overseeing the rehabilitation of these injured players and are they qualified to do the job? The absence of Ramsey and soon after, Walcott stripped the team of a great deal of its drive and pace, although Ramsey’s contribution at Hull demonstrated that Arsenal can play some very good football without Theo. – Online Gooner.

It was the return to prominence of Aaron Ramsey that inspired them to a valuable victory at Hull. Ramsey contributed to all three goals, with Lukas Podolski scoring either side of half-time after the Welshman scored his 16th goal of the season to keep Arsenal in the Champions League positions ahead of Everton. – Guardian.

Almost everything good Arsene Wenger’s team did in the game involved [Ramsey] in some way. Having him back is too little too late in terms of the Premier League, but with regard to what Arsenal have to achieve between now and the end of the season, he is sure to play a big part. – ESPN.

The Welshman was also involved in the second and third goals on the day and was rightly awarded the Man of the Match gong. All the superlatives used to describe his transformation this season were exhausted before Christmas but this game was a reminder, as if anybody forgot, of the kind of influence he has on our play. It’s pointless to waste words on the ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’ because if you expend energy wistfully wondering what might have been, you won’t be able to appreciate what he has contributed when he actually has been fit. More performances like this over the remaining fixtures will almost certainly mean we will achieve the aims we have in that time. – Arsenal Vision.

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Disclaimer: Arseblog News is not responsible for the content of other sites or any of the stuff they might say in the bits that we haven’t picked out that you might not agree with.

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Arsenal without Ramsey is just a completely different side – his energy affects the whole team. Also nice to see Cazorla finding some form as well as Özil making a nice contribution.

4 more finals to go…

remember the invincibles

what an outstanding talent….and to think I doubted him last season. oh the shame is to great to contemplate.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So the answer to our problems of this season is for Wenger to find a second Ramsey so that we have a real alternative when the real Ramsey is out of the team. Wish I knew who the hell that player is, especially considering that he shouldn’t get upset if he only plays once a month.

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Diaby. He’s really good, actually.

And I think once a month will suit him just fine.


hughes from derby play similar to ramsey a littles raw ,english and young he wont take place to 25 squad to bigger signing

Clock End Mike

(Very hesitantly)… Cesc Fabregàs?


Back page of The Sun today, ‘Barca £40 million swoop for Ramsey’. The powers that be at Barca reckon Rambo could replace Xavi. They do both play in midfield. And in the centre of midfield. God it must be fun to write for tabloids, you don’t need facts or a basic grip on reality. I’ve come up with a few headlines myself “Corner flags diving header provides telling evidence at the levison inquiry”, “Gareth Barry’s face used as general anaesthetic in Merseyside hospitals”, “Moyes looking to invest funds shrewdly”, “Sherwood to be replaced by Dionysus, the Greek God of the… Read more »


Ramsey for captain


The guff isn’t buff


All i hear is Ramsey, Ramsey and more Ramsey!!!!

Just A Gentleman

You say that like it’s a bad thing.. I think we all want Ramsey, Ramsey and even more Ramsey! 😉

Weatherspoon Head Barman

As long as it’s the Aaron kind & not the Gordon kind…

Let's Find Hleb!!!

Ramsey is key.

Just A Gentleman

Ozil is door.

I.. I.. I’m sorry..

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Don’t be…

*cue make out scene*


Yesterday’s performance proved to me that the first half of season wasn’t just a fluke, Aaron Ramsey genuinely is a world class player.

He always seems to pick the right ball. Incredible decision making and execution.

Edu's Braces

I’m sorry but I have to say, I think we’ve missed Ramsey.

Mikel Artekkers

Not only is this guy a great footballer, he’s also a model professional. Takes a horrendous injury, comes back struggling for form and keeps his head down and works hard, despite all the abuse from the fans. I feel ashamed that I wanted him out until about March last season, but I’m so happy for him (and us) now he’s succeeding. He’s worked for it and he deserves it.

Chaillah the gunner

I always feel ashamed when I remember how I used to say Ramsey should be sold
Am sorry Ramsey
Am sorry Wenger
Am sorry to all the arsenal family


ramsey should open up a pie shop, and serve a house special ‘humble pie’ that all gooners must eat with a slightly abashed look on thier faces, gazes averted to the ground.

Just A Gentleman

Everyone makes mistakes. You’re not from the bad people, the bad people are the ones that kept insulting Ramsey, now love him, then don’t learn and go on to insult players like Monreal, Ozil when they perform bad saying they were bad transfers..

I saw someone saying Cazorla is terrible and should be sold asap, like mate, go lock yourself in a room till your brain starts functioning properly again. *smh*


I awake this morning to find myself shocked, shocked at the collective brains of the press not commenting on the collapse of Chelsea, that their world is over etc etc just as they do to us whenever we lose. We approach the end of the season and find ourselves 5 points behind the Self Important One’s side. So, to reiterate, 5 points behind after 35 games. To put it another way, Chelsea have gained, on average, 1 point more for every 7 games played this season. Yet they are fantastic and we are terrible blah blah blah. Just another reason… Read more »


Or maybe just not paid at all perhaps.

Let’s face it, their collective product is mostly abysmal, worthless drivel designed not to impart information but to pursue their own variety of pencil-dicked favouritism.

What is so desperately sad is that there are so many fools (supporters of all clubs) who join in without realising how they are being manipulated by media trolls of little talent.

santi's panties

The press has fixed narratives for every club. It’s easier to sell their papers and page views when they can just recycle the same story with different headlines. When something happens that confirms their narrative, they splash it all over the headlines. When something doesn’t fit they just mumble it out and wait for the next thing. Or worse, twist it around somehow and shoehorn it in.


There’s a very real chance that Liverpool will beat them next weekend, which could leave us only 2 points off 3rd place… Wouldn’t it be so hilarious if we won the FA Cup and finished 3rd, while Chelsea won nothing and finished 4th! Then we’d see who the specialist in failure is…

bring back dein

listen the criticism people made of ramsey early on in his carer was arsenes fault and i can prove it why did we not criticise ces in the same way, becaus he was not thrust into first team action for long periods whe he was not ready, he was alowed to mature on the sidelines and watch the likesof thierry, vieira, pires, freddie etc and got occasional game time to assist his development ramsey was not allowed that luxury, arsene sold fab and nas and just expected ramsey to take their place, so when he struggled it was our frustration… Read more »


I whole heartedly agree. But you forgot to add that Wenger is also responsible for global warming, AIDS, cancer, third world poverty, taxes, shingles and Miley Cyrus.

Ramse'ys spirit

you forgot his pivotal role in world war 1 and 2


Bring Back Dein,
Just what we need. Someone who can utterly fail to develop our commercial income at a time when Man United were developing theirs while seeking to ensure that we moved to Wembley to become tenants of an organisation which managed to spend £800m on building a football stadium where formerly there had only been a football stadium, the pitch of which took 5 years to approach anything like the standard required.
Still he must have been very busy developing that lovely tan of his.


I remember last season I told a mate ramsey would be more important for us then wilshere. He was like naaahhh you’re crayzee!


We also rushed Eduado and forced him out.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

That’s not how I remember it at all.


That Ramsey is so hot right now… so hot.


We wouldn’t have missed Ramsey and Walcott so much if Wenger had done his job properly and strengthened the squad when he had the chance.


Ramsey to be cloned NOW – cast your vote here!

Weatherspoon Head Barman

As long as Wenger doesn’t use the same cloning machine he used to clone Paddy V

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

LOL @ Arsenal Vision:

“It’s pointless to waste words on the ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’ because if you expend energy wistfully wondering what might have been, you won’t be able to appreciate what he has contributed.”

Says not to use conditionals and say “if” then immediately does exactly that!


Please don’t forget Ozil – he is so smooth it’s easy to not see his contribution.

Dave Gooner

And Podolski…2 goals, not too shabby, he knows where the goal is.


A sad sad day for football. Manure are going to sack moyes. It’s all over internet, even sky are bragging about it.
Ohh well, guess we won’t get to see moyes guide manure to league 1 title.


Just think, if the WOB’s had got their way a year ago, it could have been Arsenal announcing the sacking of Moyes today…


I’m sorry Ramsey

m a gunner

Ramsey world class needs to stay fit and not overplayed he could be the best ! With some good strong additions to the squad we will be a great team . I do think our flair players need protection we need to find big d mf to counter dirty tactics from opposition players .


Someone says Ramsey is on steriods and must be examined. I said NO, he’s not, but he’s an Alien cloned in human form, a natural Machine with massive turbo charged engine built from another planet.


Missed? Yeah…others too! Too much hype here and there, let him finish the season first sofar, it’s best for everyone.


Moyes to be sacked it seems. Damn. They’ll probably get Klopp. If Wenger quits it could be too late to get him. I hope Wenger stays to be fair, but nobody knows what his plans are.


I have many Ramsey is a “C***” tweets and comments in my social media history file for prosperity
Its great that one or folks on here say they are sorry
Some of the comments were and still are sickening to
Especially the ones on his twitter feed from the 2012-2013 season
Now its lovely to read all the good stuff.




Maybe maddo is monetizing them.


I understand that you’re “not responsible for the content of other sites” and all that, but they should give that bloke from ESPN a raise.

Dial Square

I think we were all well within our rights to say the old Ramsey was crap. Because let’s be honest: he was. His turn-around has been like day and night, however, having gone from “Mr. Can’t Pass For Shit” to #WelshJesus. He has, without a doubt, become our best player, and I hope he stays a Gunner forever!


Does put some perspective on views on Wilshere, Sanogo, Giroud, etc. huh?


Dial Square
April 22, 2014 at 6:39 am

No! you are not within your rights to debase or insult a player who is going through a transition.
It’s uncool. (Death/injury/loss of captaincy/losing form). I’m pleased others have voted you down.

Human beings suffer, they feel pain, they make mistakes, even the ones who earn vast amount of money per week.

Tolerance is needed, and you have it from me.

I hope your day was a success and you achieved all your goals without reprimand from your boss etc


Wenger out, Moyes in!


Fatgooner OUT!

That’s it, just ‘fatgooner out’,

Dave Gooner

Robin’s nobility has been stand out, hasn’t it?

The selfish fucking prick.


Moyes. Should be a parable to the Wenger out crowd who think they know better. As much as fourth spot isn’t a trophy it is stagnation but a minimum finish at a very high standard. Think of the clubs that would give an arm and a leg for CL qualification year in year out. Spurs, Everton, United even Liverpool recently. So we are ambling again to our common minimum finish of fourth and the spoilt fans are moaning about the usual ‘trophy’. Guess, what? We are also in the FA cup finals. Had it been Hull beat us, there would… Read more »


I amit we all miss Ramsey as he’s only midfielder looking to make a run in behind giroud podolski just realised that too with 4 in two showing good form


Ramsey’s energy levels are simply incredible. It has allowed us to play 4-1-4-1 with (the recently derided) Arteta holding (superbly) and the extra man constanly around Giroud to add threat near the box. If it wasn’t Ramsey supporting, Podolski was found in the box (as for 3rd goal) or indeed Ozil and Santi (switching flanks constantly) This is the Arsenal built around the two reference points of Giroud and Arteta that we want to see. Podolski has thrived as a a result of the better energy in midfield. I think we miss largely Ramsey but to a degree jack’s forward… Read more »


This just goes to show how stupid most fans are with regards footy. Think you know better than Wenger? Just a season or so ago, most fans criticised (myself included) Wenger for keeping on Ramsey. Wenger was clearly clueless signing him on to a new deal. A season or so before that most fans wanted Walcott sold on. Wenger was clearly a big twit buying Theo for so much money. Koscielny was a big unknown bought by Wenger where he should have ‘spent money and bought quality with grit” Metersecker was derided as a panic buy. Wenger was bemoaned as… Read more »

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