Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ramsey eyes unbeaten finish

Aaron Ramsey is confident Arsenal can win their four remaining fixtures to secure Champions League football for next season and a first piece of silverware in nine years.

The Welsh Jesus international picked up Sky Sports’ Man of the Match gong for his goal scoring performance in the 3-0 win over Hull City and was quick to praise the professionalism of his teammates as they despatched Steve Bruce’s side in a dress rehearsal of the FA Cup final on 17 May.

“I thought it was a very professional performance from the lads,” Ramsey told Arsenal Player.

“It was important to come here and get the win to keep our position in the league. I thought we did ever so well today.

“It was always going to be a tough game coming here. Any result away from home in this league is good. We were professional in the way we went about things but we got the job done. We stayed quite tight at the back and we got the job done on the break and made them pay.

“Our objective is to win every game until the end of the season. We’ve beaten West Ham and now Hull today, we’ve got a few more games to go and we’re quite confident we can do it [finish in the top four].”

Ramsey was nothing short of superb today and it’s hard not to think what might have been had he been fit between January and March.

His movement, his willingness to charge forward, his predatory nature in front of goal (today’s strike was his 14th of the season) and his bite in the tackle have been sorely missed. His return appears to have galvanised belief in the team and coupled with Ozil’s return and Podolski’s goal-rush we appear to have rediscovered our swagger.

Better late than never…

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hmm.. gunner on swagger.

Me So Hornsey

This is the most “oh what could have been” season I can remember. And we’ve had a few of those.

Just A Gentleman

The 2007-08 season for me, had we played even 1/4th of how well we’d played in the start of that season we would have won the league cup and the league. Unfortunately we stumbled after December in everything! :/


And we were leading against United close to the end of the season, only to end up losing 2-1. If we had kept the lead (and assuming other results would have stayed the same), we had won the league. That’s how close we were


that game was just a few days after liverpool cruelly dumped us out of the champs league but we were better than united on the day and they got a free kick for absolutely nothing right on the edge of our box (i always remember sky never showed the replay of the foul afterwards) which bloody owen hargreaves stuck away. grrrr….

Emmanuel McGrath

It would’ve been nice had we spent that extra million pounds to sign Griezmman and Morata in January window. As I understand we didn’t sign them because — we were put off by the asking price for Griezmann (25-30m) and Real wanted a buyback clause for Morata or pay 20m. As usual Arsene felt that we will get them on a cheap in the summer. I thought that even a Loic Remy in the squad who can run behind defenders would have put us a in a good stead….. Anyway hoping for the best and most importantly I’m happy that… Read more »


i think we would have been okay and still be in it had ozil not got injured. losing him on top of all the other injuries was really critical. any squad would suffer with three guys as important to us as ramsey, walcott and ozil out…


He is something else this boy.His absence played a part in us slipping the way we did, the other factor was giroud……hehe im kidding im kidding!!. Finish strong lads coyg!


I feel for Moyes…poor guy is such an AMAZING manager that he created a team at Everton that even he can’t beat. Now that is some managerial class. Ha jk…it is real fun to watch them flounder, but typical Man U can’t even get a win when we want them to. Oh well, let us win out.
On a more relevant topic, Ramsey is the freaking MAN.


worst united team in decades and they took 5 points from us. i can’t get my head around that…


I just can’t get enough!

AN Other

Me too. Anything less would not be good.


I think if Ramsey and Walcott had stayed fit we would have won the league


I think if the entire team had been fit the whole season there is no doubt we’d have placed 1st or 2nd. But it’s unrealistic to think a club will go a season without injuries, especially Arsenal. This is why we need greater depth and should look to strengthen in several positions this summer.


TBH though, i thought we were well stocked except in the striking department. Oh what if’s…


No doubt about it…Ramsey is the dogs bollocks! Can’t see anyone stopping us now.

Atletico Islington

Enough of the “what if”-ing guys, you’re making me well up.


Everytime team have their Rambo’s! Chelsea is Harzard, City Yaya, Liverpool Steve G! Now, if these 3 were missing since Boxing Day, surely they would have drops more points. Ramsey, Theo, Whilshire & Ozil 4 big guns. No team could have coped missing 4 big players. So credit to our remaining players got us this far.


You were closer to Charizard than Hazard, in that situation, im thankful they only have the latter.


The problem Arsenel face is the slender squad size. We have plenty of quality but a few injuries and the over playing of players has shown us up.


And in 15 years time, I’ll be walking up to Ramsey’s bronze statue outside the Emirates and smiling

Loop A Hole

Okay, that’s beautiful. Welled me up, how I missed our Rambo 🙁

The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse

This Ramsey lad looks handy. Wenger should have played him more often recently. Walcott should be playing a bit more too. Can’t understand why he’s not even in the squad. Good to see Ozil getting a game. Amazing how Wenger has left him out for so long. And Wilshere and Diaby are good players that Wenger refuses to play. Ridiculous. Wenger out.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

I feel this is sarcasm but I don’t want to rule out the possibility of it being a BT Sport pundit


I thought Michael Owen was barred from Arseblog


Great sarcasm.


Its been à while since i felt this comfortable watching our match. no doubt injuries dealt our league title hopes à huge blow. but still lets gun down the rest of our opponents. COYG!!!


Can’t believe those scouse fucks are going to win the league. What we could of achieved if Ramsey did not get injured…


*Could have

This kind have grammatical error needs to be fixed.

Yes, I know…

Lord Nicki B

Welsh Jesus, please dont be tempted away by money and other sins. What a lad. He deserves the league title next season more than Stevie G ever did 😉 Up the Arsenal

12th Man in The Clockend

It’s like he has never been away? No real rustiness, doesn’t look off the pace. Whereas Jack always seems to come back looking like he struggles and isn’t up to speed


Aaron Ramsey you beauty. You fucking beauty!!!!

Sammy Nelsons Arse

When checking the Liverpool result on the BBC earlier so many people were tweeting how Sterling is a shoe in for Young PFA player of the year ! The guys got talent but Welsh Jesus is on another level in my opinion. He’s had a long layoff this season but in the games he’s played he has been the most complete midfielder i’ve seen for many a year. He’s got it all Goals, assists, tackles, interceptions and covers more ground on average than any other player in the BPL. The way he’s hit the ground running on his return makes… Read more »


Ramsey is something else. I simply have no words for how highly i rate this boy. He has the potential to be best in world as he has it all and more importanty he is humble and likeable. Gem in our hands is what we’ve got! Absolute fucking gem!

Tazmanian Jesus

I hope Podolski stays, dont wanna see him leave in the summer..


Better late than never indeed. Lock up 4th and trophy, please.




Ramsey’s energy in midfield affords us the option of going 4-4-2 and getting something extra out of an angry and efficient Podolski.

Lots of haters dissing the fourth spot trophy but I’d imagine this win is also an audition for another trophy the FA cup.;)

It’s back in our hands again with the extra creativity from Ramsey and Ozil (plus a 100% commited Poldy with something to prove)

Arteta's Smile

It does afford the option, but then where do we play Ozil? With those two in the middle Ramsey would essentially be DM in role, which means less runs, less goals, less Ramsey at his best everywhere. With the midfield talent we have 442 should be only when necessary by available players or last ditch chasing a game. When the left back and DM are adapting to Poldi’s role on the wing like in the last two matches, he’s basically freed to be wing and second striker anyway. It seems to me less an issue of paper formation and more… Read more »


On another note, was watching the Everton United game with a friend today. Amazing how similar United looked against Everton to our defeat, a lack of confidence breeds lack of movement going forward off the ball as the United players were weary of a counter. Moyes did not ensure he had anything to contain the double threat of Baines and Coleman on either flank with the Toffees breaking out wide impressively. Once we got a handle on the midfield with the added verve of Ramsey, we are again lethal on the counter with bodies pouring forward (and the bonus of… Read more »

sh gooner

I think that the next 4 months are crucial for the club. If we get it right we will be a world class side for the next 5 years and no we are not “a million miles away” like that idiot Scholes said. Firstly, it is very important to win all the remaining premier league matches and the FA cup. It will take off the pressure and the players will finally realize what a great feeling it is to lift a trophy. Then in the summer, a thorough investigation has to be made regarding our injuries. Now I’m not saying… Read more »


The battle of top four is gonna get tough id prefer us to b fighting for the title till the end.. that way we dont risk falling out… cause with liverpool back, chelsea city and us with our resources and man u as well with their finacial muscle…

I feel theres always gonna b a struggle for any team in that top 4 having a bad season to stay in that champions league spot you got to admit it seems to get harder every season… dont forget Everton to boot…

Sir HumpAlot

I just hope We can hold on to our best players this summer. Or atleast not give them away for free. Persie for 25mill was a joke considering he was hands down the best striker in the Premier League. 4th place is worth more than that, which we risked by selling him and only managed to save by sheer luck and an incompetent self destructing Spurs.Nearly ended up basically giving away Persie for free since he would have guaranteed 4th place. And to think even Carrol was 36mill. Cesc for 30mill was also a bargain, or Nasri for 22mill when… Read more »

m a gunner

Amazing how different the squad looks after a couple,of Weeks ! Well done to the players who stayed fit n battled through the last months ! let’s get a trophy and champions league


Not to put a dampner on the hyper pitched screams of ectasy… @people who advised (as many times before) to rate the team at the end of the season….what do you think about our team…is it nice to be chearing onthe team again for the 4th place Again..+ potential FA cup… Is this more of a missed oppurtunity to win the league or a case of any cup + 4th again is ok.. Personally I rather have us out of champions league and then win the premier league again as we NEVER have a fully/fit/capable squad for all the cups… Read more »


So a lot of down votes which I expect and accept..but no genuine views..
says a lot about our blinkered views ..no ?…just a bit dissappointed is all..


We need to get our pace back along with Ramsay box to box desire. If we can get diary fit it could be huge, but it’s looking up, Gnabry, ox theo pace with energy and drive from Rambo along with ozil creativity. We just need a beast of a holding mid and a top class striker and perhaps a rb and or a cb. I pray sanga stays he’s an absolute warrior. Maybe tv5 at DM ?


You can think what you like about Arsene wenger… but you cant deny we have had hell of a run with him… many trophys, to a league unbeatteh, to consistant champions league football, to building a new ground and im sure we will win more with him…

Compare this to tottenham who are always changing Managers, who are a similiar size club in a similiar area who havent won nothing compared to us..

Rocky Rocastle

Sorely missed both Ramsey and Özil. But We really need a bigger Squad of quality players. Especially with our injury history. It is not IF we get injuries anymore, But When. But perhaps more injuries could be avoided if we could rotate the team more. Preferably without making it distinctively weaker. But i Guess it is a matter of funding. I doubt we could afford two-three 30mill players for every position like City or Chelsea. I think with a thin Squad like ours, we really need to get our priorities straight. It is impossible to try and win every single… Read more »


Anyone else think it was a dick move subbing poldi after such a good performance especially when he has already expressed how much he’d like to play a full game for once


Up 3-0, Hull playing dirty trying to injure, vital games remaining, closing minutes of the match, Giroud off with a knock. That is quite possibly the most logical time ever to sub off your most in-form goal scorer.


Im quite surprised no one agrees, I just feel sorry for Podolski but I do understand your point.


Ramsey or Ozil, who is more like a new signing?

I kid, I kid. Great game by all! Aaron has been sorely missed and fantastic to have Mesut back too.

COYG! Big finish!

Koscielny's pocket

Plenty of time after the season to think about how we let the league slip from our hands, what we should do better next season, what reinforcement there need to be, etc. But for now let’s focus on the task at hand, win all remaining games and secure CL spot and the FA cup.


oh well…i dont mind liverpool winning the league just cause I hate chelsea, shitty more..
win the FA CUP boys!!!!..first of many for sure..
btw..giroud played resonably well today, ramsey was just being ramsey..and kudos to Sir Schzesny, kept us in the game at the start

Bendtner's ego

If anyone asked the fans at the start of the season if they would take a guaranteed 4th and FA cup, I think a good majority would have taken it.

There were quite a few teams with CL aspirations and most knew that this season would be tough. If anything, we over-achieved a little during the season. That might be the frustrating part for many fans.

Watch next year. Liverpool will find it a different experience having to deal with European football. SAS will tire at some point during the season.

Injured Gooner South Africa

Thats if they manage to hold on to SAS for next season.


Well. No point in having an inquest at the moment chaps. We’ve got a job to do. Oh, bugger I’ll have one anyway. At the end of the season, it may hit us hard in the face that we threw away a great chance this season by not adding to the squad. City and the Chavs were not all that. Utd were appalling. Somehow, Liverpool sneaked in unnoticed. No offence, but I can see them really struggling next season when they have the CL to contend with. Not buying enough in January (and the summer) cost us the title. This… Read more »

m a gunner

At the start of the season I think we could see it was going to be open for anyone to win with all the other big clubs apart from us n Liverpool changing manager , I thought we had a real opportunity to win it but injurys took their toll , with our squad there is no way we could realistcly win the league , champions lg ,fa cup, look at Liverpool after we knocked the out the cup they only had the league to concentrate on with no injurys or European football to worry about they have looked fresher… Read more »


Ironic that the Welsh Jesus was resurrected on Easter weekend. Eerie.


the title is wrong, should be “Ramsey eyes 100% finish”, we could go unbeaten and draw our last three league games…which would suck




We have a fantastic back up to Ramsey in Diaby. I would like to see him on a pay as you play contract as when he does play, damn he is good but we can only ever think we are gonna get 10 games a year out of him.

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