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Report: Arsenal 3-1 West Ham

ARSENAL: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Rosicky, Arteta, Podolski, Cazorla, Kallstrom, Giroud
SUBSTITUTES: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Bellerin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Sanogo, Akpom

WHAM UNITED: Adrián, Reid, Tomkins, Armero, Demel, Jarvis, Noble, Diame, Downing, Nocerino, Carroll
SUBSTITUTES: Jaaskelainen, McCartney, Johnson, Taylor, Cole, Vaz Te, Cole

Arsenal needed all three points to overtake Everton for fourth place and despite conceding an early goal overcame a rather weak West Ham resistance to get the win and add two goals padding on the Arsenal goal difference.

Extra time in the FA Cup took a toll and Arsene Wenger was forced to make five changes from the team that won on Saturday. Kim Kallstrom got his first start and looked good in midfield shielding the back four when needed and distributing to the more creative players up front. Vermaelen started at left back given injuries to both Monreal and Gibbs and played solidly even remonstrating Podolski on several occasions for slack defending. And Rosicky added pace and directness in midfield.

Podolski and Giroud nearly hooked up for the opening goal in the 14th minute when the German’s wicked cross flashed across the goal but the Frenchman just couldn’t get on the end of the shot and the cross went harmlessly wide. Arsenal had the best chance of the game in the 31st minute when Cazorla played in Giroud one-on-one with the keeper. Giroud struggled a bit to collect the ball but was wide open and tried an audacious left footed chip which was saved by Adrián at full stretch.

Meanwhile, West Ham were exactly as advertised, playing Jarvis wide down the left and bombing in crosses to Andy Carroll coming in on the right. The Hammers blew an early chance off a corner when Jarvis crossed for Diame who was left alone right in front of goal. The West Ham man scooped his shot well over when any shot on target would have probably scored.

The lively Jarvis would prove to be the danger man for West Ham. Nocerino broke into space while Kallstrom was sleeping and took a shot from a very tight angle. Szczesny parried and the ball looped up over Koscielny’s outstretched boot and Jarvis headed bravely home.

Arsenal haven’t been very good at come back victories this season having gone behind 11 times in Premier League play but only notching one win and four draws in those matches. Arsenal’s only win from a losing position this season came against West Ham on Boxing Day. In that match, Podolski came on in the 65th minute and scored the third goal.

Operation Save Our Season kicked in after the Hammers goal and Arsenal seemed to find another gear, linking passes effortlessly and keeping the ball deep in the Hammers area. After a failed clearance fell to Cazorla the Spaniard played a splitting ball to Podolski who simply took a touch, turned and fired in to the far corner. A much needed goal at an important time in the game.

The rest of the half saw Arsenal the more creative of the two teams but unable to find an opening. As a result, the two teams went in to half time all tied at 1-1.

Arsenal came out in the second half livelier than the first and immediately took the game to West Ham. A series of corners tested the Hammers’ set play defense with Cazorla playing in dangerous crosses that were only just dealt with. When West Ham did finally clear their lines the ball went to Vermaelen who was playing as last defender for Arsenal. The Arsenal captain played in a huge long ball to Giroud and the Frenchman, despite Andy Carroll shoving him in the back, plucked the ball out of the air as if it were a dandelion seed and powered a shot between Adrián’s legs.

Arsenal were now well stuck into this game and started countering with real pace. In the 64th minute, Arsenal cleared a West Ham attack and Rosicky played a lovely one touch ball to Cazorla wide on the right. The Spaniard nearly capped his man of the match performance with a goal as he jinked in from the right to set up a venomous left footer that just sliced wide of the post.

Arsene made his customary 70th minute sub in the 72nd minute and put Aaron Ramsey in for Tomas Rosicky. Ramsey took three minutes to show what he’s all about and after a few well worked passes got himself into space 20 yards out and had a crack at goal. The ball sailed harmlessly into the stands but it was a signal of intent. Two minutes later he was in the same position when a Giroud cross was played behind him but the Welsh wizard stepped back and headed the ball softly to Podolski. The end result was never in doubt as the German simply smashed the ball over the keeper and into the roof of the net.

As the game wore down, West Ham brought on their two lumps of Cole, Carlton and Joe. Carlton immediately got into the act and took a dive on the ball in order to set up a free kick from a long diagonal. If you’ll indulge me, this type of dive is perhaps the most pervasive in the Premier League but is the one that is never talked about. Teams like West Ham and Stoke have big players like Cole who tend to fall over onto the ball at the slightest touch from a defender. It’s clearly a tactic on the part of these hoofball teams and why there hasn’t been a coordinated effort to stamp out this stultifying form of football is one of the great mysteries of the sport.

Despite the Hammers falling all over the place to get free kicks Arsenal closed out the game with a flourish and could have scored at least another goal but for some bad luck. But in the end Arsenal did exactly what they needed to do to win the game, they overcame an early deficit (something they haven’t done since December), and kept the Hammers quiet for 60 minutes to climb back into fourth place.


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Golden oldies.


Still! I dont think olivier giroud is good enough to lead an arsenal team! But he is a very good squad player/back up cf! And lukas? Surely now I twig why he is upset about not completing more games, he is so clinical and decisive that he can be be anonymous for almost an entire game but pops up with that decisive goal or assist that wraps up all 3points, onlu sell podolski if you give me marco reus! If not, give him a new contract! Ramsey? I Love this guy, he is the present and the future arsenal! Cazorla?… Read more »


how or why has this been given more thumbs down?

Sir HumpAlot

In all competitions if you look at Minutes played rather than appearances, Podolski have approximately 12 games played total and 10 goals from the wing no less. That is pretty sweet and by far the best in the team. 4-4-2 with Poldi and Giroud up top is something i would like to see. Yes Poldi got his weaknesses, and they become very transparent out on the wing. But as a striker his weaknesses would not be such a nuisance, and the opposition could not exploit his reluctance to defend as much. Strikers dont need to defend as much as a… Read more »


word! like to see 442 more often as it not only suits giroud but mostly Plays to poldis strength. if you look at mobile Players like rosicky and ramsey it shouldn´t expose the wings that much but offers a lot more offensively


After he scores the goal of his career, you criticize him?! Not saying he’s perfect — BUT FUCKING ENJOY THE WIN!!!!!!


Vermaelen at left back gives our defence a more robust look. He’s certainly more physical and aerially adept than Gibbs and he isn’t uncomfortable getting forward either. I don’t know if his positioning (which is his major weakness) was fully tested today, but I’d like to see that back four again.

Cazorla, blinder today. The number of times he turned well in tight spots – it was just a joy to see him in flow again.

Keep at it lads, we have faith.


Verm really is uncomfortable going forward whatever you think you saw.


he was my man of the match. for the first 30 minutes he was what was behind the West Ham team and their first goal.


he looks better at LB than CB to me.

Bould's Eyeliner

or maybe he’s just become a better player overall. CB is a paired position, it’s no doubt he won’t look as confident there since he hasn’t played regularly with merte since like what…. 1.5 years ago? Much clearer to know what to do when you play fullback.

Runcorn Gooner

Thought Kallstrom showed a fair bit of ability in his first major game


Forget ability, its the GRIT i fucking loved the GRIT!

Oor Wullie

He was taking some flak from Podolski and Mertesacker throughout. He had an OK game, nothing spectacular. Decent squad player to have, nothing more.



The mark of a professional is the ability to give & take honest feedback. I think Kim deserved some of his. He adjusted. God how I have missed Arsenal players cursing eachother out…


You have to factor in the opposition, who weren’t particularly speedy. But yes, he played damn hard and is a very decent player.


Considering the fact that this was his first 90mins since the world cup qualifier vs Cunt Ronaldo in mid November + a long winter break and being out due to injury, I think he was pretty decent to be fair.

Canonbury Gooner

This is a result and performance that would have been met with a shrug of the shoulders and a “whatever” earlier in the season.

However to have done this when everyone, including Gooners, think we’re dead on our feet and on the back of 2 hours of an unconvincing performance at Wembley is hugely significant.

Given the players still to come back/get match fit it’s hugely encouraging for the rest of the season.




Just A Gentleman

AHA! Brilliant!


Nope, its
#Clinical Aha#

Just A Gentleman

Brilliant to see the players lead through actions not words. I mean, Podolski talked about his frustration of not finishing 90 minutes, today he proved he could be a good player throughout. Giroud talked about having no excuses and he scored a brilliant goal. Cazorla talked about how Arsenal need to keep pushing, and he was Barclays man of the match. Kallstrom and Vermaelen both having their places in doubt with first team players coming back proved they can start just as well, Kallstrom did have a couple of poor mistakes, but for a first start he was good overall,… Read more »

Just A Gentleman

P.S. Loved that celebration from Giroud. He gets a crap load of hate and mockery from their (Liverpool) fans (nevermind ours) and he dedicates his goal to the Hillsborough victims. Takes a touch of class to do something like that. However he may play, that has earned him a lot of respect in my book.


So much class. So Arsenal.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Agreed. Highlight for me was the grit of the lads. Considering the physicality, they got stuck in. Legitimate or professional fouls, they did it when necessary. They showed heart.


they always score first, but we always win the game. 3 precious points AHA!

Just A Gentleman

Fun FACT: West Ham have lost 20 points after scoring first in a premier league game just this season.


fun fact: Westhams manager started the season a cunt, 34 games in he still is! wow


Must be your rep around here heroldgoon, I thought that comment was hilarious


You westham! What on earth did you do to make podolski hate you so much????


Oh Westham.. Whatever you did to me Podolski hate you… KEEP DOING IT!!

Wish I Had Charlie George's Hair

See Poldi? That’s what you’ve gotta do if you want to play 90 minutes!


Giroud had a good game, it feels really good to be able to say that!


He totally bamboozles me. Misses absolute sitters like that one on one today (JUST PUT YOUR RIGHT FOOT THROUGH IT YOU FUCKING RETARD!!!) and then pulls off some of the best displays of ball control, under pressure too, and then smacks it with his right foot into the net.

The human mind is a strange place…


That’s what Podolski can do when utilized properly.
And what a first touch that was by Giroud.

Runcorn Gooner

Job Done.3 points.Pressure on Everton.Move onto Hull.Congrats

2014-2015 = 2003-2004

Step up to the plate Tony Pulis… I never thought I’d say that.

And you too Maroanne Chamakh.


As much as I hate that twat Pubis – and make no mistake, my hatred for him is second only to my hatred for Moronho – I have to admit he’s made Palace a better team. And I hope that that better Palace team go to Everton tomorrow, park the bus, and win 1-0.


think when you have a left foot as blessed as poldi the fucking “doesnt fit in the system” can eat shit.


Nice Poldi… don’t ever sub him again, Arsene.


Well, I think the reason he didn’t get subbed is because he EARNED his presence on the pitch today. And I don’t mean the goals necessarily. What I mean is…well…there was a moment at the end of the match when his legs must have been tired, and he chased and chased and relentlessly harried the West Ham player in possession, forcing him into a turnover. It’s that kind of defensive play that’s been largely missing from his game, but he certainly added it today. Long may it continue.


^^ this


Yep I had to do a double take on TV, I literally said to myself ‘typical Ramsey never giving up the press’ and then I realised it was Podolski.

More please mate


No, au contraire!

KEEP subbing him. He’ll play like he’s running from the Devil in the next game!


I really like Kallstrom

A to the HA

Poldi Poldi Halleluuuujah , keep em coming !

Nice to see Rambinho getting an assist as well.


Wow, I really liked the ‘no-shit-in-pants’ part about the ending. More of those, please. Great second half. (and btw poldi, thats how you avoid getting sub’ed! What a game!)


Aha! Well played Kallstrom


Kinda hoping we try to take him for next season as well. Probably a bit part player but very handy when injuries present.


Loved that hard tackle he made that got him a yellow… Flamini would be so proud of you son!

It Is What It Is

Wait till you see him in an advanced role. Left footed Mozart….more or less.

Good performance all round. Loved the defence….could be our strongest.

Jesus has risen. If he’s on the pitch, we’re dangerous ..


Today these players played for the badge. Determination, urgency, creativity and grit. Kallstrom is actually good and Aaron is back.


That’s much better!


Ramsey is the type to miss half the campaign but still get my vote and. … …..yours for player of the season.

different class


That pass by Cazorla for the first was sweet. Little magician, great performance and result for the team.


Had anyone else forgotten how good Ramsey is?

Oh yes



Great performance from Podolski today! I love that guy. It was a pretty shaky game all round in the first half but we came through it with 3 points, that’s good enough for me. Come on you gunners!


Forced to listen to the game on 5 live, and my heart has to go out to Martin Keown. He’s been fighting the Arsenal corner all evening, trying to combat a radio station’s worth of “yeah but 9 years no trophy” with some of this common sense rubbish. I don’t know what the main presenter on 5 live’s name is, but he’s just summed the media’s attitude perfectly: “Don’t get me wrong, all the people in journalism have huge respect for Arsene Wenger…but Arsenal’s collapse is just too good a story”
Fucking BBC

gooner odst

Well done against the minnows, hope we maintain form against Hull.

But one can only wonder, “if only”.


Where’s blogs ?


What a lethal leg Lukas has gotten!!!

Fest Arse

Five more games. We can do it. Top Four and FA Cup. COYG!!!


Thank you Arsenal.. If that second Goal was score by messi or Ronaldo, some fools wud have said World class.. Just becus it was score by giroud, its just a fluke goal. COYG.


Girouds goal was very Denis Bergkamp….on Denis Bergkamp day


more poldi


at the end of the game, when exchanging handshakes Giroud shakes somebody’s hand (arsenal player it looks like) and then seems to shout (at the player?) Fuck Off…
Any ideas?


Yeah I saw that too. Maybe they said something like “Olivier, can I borrow your hair gel?”


It was Vermaelen… Dont know if it was directed to him or some other geezer though?


“Should be a fucking red, that’s a fucking red.”

“Should have been a fucking corner.”

Always a pleasure Fat Sam.


What a performance the team played strong, with quick movement with the ball,great to see the commitment from all the players to defend and put the tackles .We were unlucky to go down,but with that spirit we kept going and scored three brilliant goals

99 problems but being a GOONER aint one

Very good second half. Santi looked back to his best tonight. Giroud and Podolskis goals where finished extremely well especially Girouds beautiful first touch. Thought his link up play was pretty good today as well,, layed on quite a few chances. Podolski proves everyones theory that he is useless outwide. Get him in the box and there is no better finisher, the guy does not miss. Thought Kallstrom was decent a few mistakes but he kept going and for his first 90mins i thought it was a good display overall. Arteta was also better than he has been recently, even… Read more »


I agree, podolski alongside giroud would make a great combination up front I think. Hopefully wenger can test that out when we’re thrashing hull 4-0


A good win in the end, was really worried during the first half, but we came through and fair play to everyone. Tonight Poldoski scored two important goals he’s a great finisher but he really needs to do more, his work rate reminds me of Arshavin.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Giroud seemed much more fluid this game, I hope he keeps it up


Poldi tracked back well and his effort was evident throughout. Giroud worked hard too. Let’s go for it! COYG


Vermaelen was excellent he had the best game of the season, Podolski clinical as always. Ramsey dominated the center of the pitch when he came on he was everywhere and great assist for the 3rd goal.

Ramseys right boot

Everyone played with grit, a good win boys thank you I feel whole again 🙂


Podolski may be lazy at times, but when we’re missing goals it’s madness not to use him. We simply don’t have enough goal scorers at the moment. When we do, I can understand putting Podolski on the bench. However, as it is I simply don’t get it, even if he is invisible from time to time.

Anyway, good performance, exactly what we all wanted to see. Keep it up!


Ah the Prince doesn’t have to work hard but majestic when needed!!!!

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Great win but I’m chuffed for Ollie. That’s no.20 for the season to build on the 17 of last season- in an enviroment where people demand progress, he’s done exactly that. Think he’s become a rather handy lightning rod to blame shortcomings elsewhere in the squad. Messi he aint, but utter shit? Naah… get in, HFB!

#Poldi #Brace #hashtag come ooonnn you Gooners!


Feels good to have a decent performance and a nice evening at the Emirates!

There was better belief from the boys and I’ve started to forget the misery that was the past month or so.


Rubbish first half; much better second. we’ll finish fourth, no problem.


Some positivity from fatgooner?


Let’s have more of these ….


I’ll try. But only if w win.


is it me or Kaldstrom looks like parlour in anti aging product ???
and he looks happy to be part of this team, nice attitude COYG


Very pleased with that, well done lads,
Now, no more mocking about all the remaining games are winnable, so go and get fourth place.

The one am worried about is the Newcastle game. So make sure you f…King take it seriously .

Canon Fodder

Taking into account the last 7 or 8 games Newcastle have the worst record in the premiership. During our terrible run they were the only team that made us look half decent

m a gunner

Kalstrom fit in well good range of passes was running the game at times , well played arsenal !


Giroud’s touch would give Denis a wet dream


It will be simply stupid to sell poldi.


That Ramsey assist! That Cazorla assist! That…Vermaelen assist!

Good collective effort once the gear kicked in. First half still had some shaky spots, tbh.

In the end, the story of this match is that Podolski took care of business and our back line solidified.

But also great role playing from Kos, from Kallstrom, Mert and Sagna and Arteta. Once there was motion and West Ham had some doubt about how to defend…even with a relatively slower Arsenal lineup…Bam!

Good to see Cazorla and Ramsey’s shooting boots. Kallstrom, too. Keep ’em honest. COYG.


Walrus:”Arsenal will tire.”

monkey knees

“faaaack saaaaaaake Wes’ aaaaaam! Rub a dub!”


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