Monday, July 4, 2022

Video: Wigan v Arsenal Tunnelcam

Behind the scenes action from today’s FA Cup semi-final. Watch SZCZ bouncing at about 6 minutes in.

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Mikel Artekkers

That physio at 29 seconds in though…


Good thing she isn’t one of ours! Can you imagine how many injuries giroud would “pick up” with her around to nurse him back?


Chambo looking a bit chubby there at about 6:35…

Them tits!

Robust Associations of Massive Baryonic Objects

Funky ball of tits from outer space!


Look at them. Walking in looking all suave in their suits. And Wenger looking like the boss that he is. Suits are awesome


I must say, Sanogo really knows how to wear a suit!

Gunner From Another Mother

…I need a suit…with arsenal crest cufflinks. Shit I’d feel so cool.


I really love this team. The bastards.

Arteta's hair

The team looks so badass showing up in The Arsenal suit.


Vermaelen looks so focused! Love this guy!

Arse Wonga

Good job boys. Now let’s finish 4th and win the FA cup.

Atletico Islington

For a 21 year old, Sanogo looked completely emotionless going into the tunnel after that penalty shoot out. Focused on that trophy.


Yeah, l kinda like how intense he is all the time. I swear we need someone with intencity and a bit of devilish streak in the team.


It would be even better if he could also score goals.


Let’s not get crazy now.


He’s pretty much a kid in the scheme of things., still developing. The likes of a young Fabregas aren’t all that common. It will come- give him a break FFS.


That’s what I like about Poldi. He’s so focussed and competitive. As important as it is to have players like Santi who are friendly and fair at all times, I like how Poldi always has a steely look about him and never apologies for anything or shakes anyone’s hand after a foul or a coming together. It might sound unsporting but I think he just tries to play the game fairly and when it doesn’t happen like that (either way, for or against) he just wants to get on with the game.

Matthew Bradford

Was that Pat Rice in the tunnel at the end? And, Giroud giving his jacket to the Ox for a tv interview!


Hey, where can we get one of them arsenal suits?

Mikel Artekkers

Just had a look on their website – can’t see anything that looks anywhere near as good as the Arsenal suit, and even then all the suits are upwards of £2,000. *gulp*


Them Arsenal suits are by Lanvin – one of the sponsors.


Those warm-up kits aren’t shabby either!

ATLeast we're The Arsenal

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I’d love to get me one of them suits though.


That noise from the stadium coming down into the tunnel before kickoff… neck-hair tingling! Oo to be a goonah!


I love this off-the-pitch videos,……when we are winning ☺


This was really quite moving. With so much drama on the outside, one can only imagine what it’s like on the inside…

The Mullet

This is more entertaining than the entire match!


We are Going Back To Wembley..
F.A cup is ours..
It was hurting enough yesterday.


Loving the low number of thumbs down this morning you lovely, positive bastards.


theres only one FABIANSKI one FABIANSKI rolling along singing a song were going to Wembley to win the cup


In the cup-run Fabianski been by far our most consistent and important player. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t think of a thing he’s done wrong so far for us this season (outside of the FA Cup as well). If we win, it will be in no small part down his professionalism and ability and much like everyone else on here today and yesterday I’ll be sad to see him leave.


17th of May 2014. The Norwegian national day and the day before my 17th birthday. Nothing more I want to have for my birthday than to see Arsenal win!


Wow, what a different perspective – while as fans, we are lead by the media hype & pressure, these are certainly in another world – an hyper bowl, calm & focused.

For all the ridiculous critisism for the show of emotion on the pitch after the match, the players all walk through the tunnel relaxed, like do after most other games (that they win).

Emmanuel Ndiokwere

I love Arsenal Football Club


Haha Santi thinking about pulling a legger at 1.58. He almost got away with it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!

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