Friday, June 2, 2023

Wenger planning for next season

Although his own future is still in doubt, Arsene Wenger says the club are planning for next season, and that he’s determined to ensure the club remains in the Champions League.

Arsenal face an almighty scrap with Everton to secure a top four spot, and playing at the top tier of European football is of obvious financial benefit to the club and to the players themselves.

“It’s vital to me to make the top four,” he said. “I want this club to play in the Champions League. What will be an advantage is our desire to play in this competition because we love the Champions League and just to imagine how much we love it will help us to achieve it.

“I would like them rather to concentrate on the pleasure to be in it rather than the pain of not being in it. It is vital for the young players as well.

“You learn more by playing against Bayern or Barcelona or Real Madrid than if you play in the Europa League, that is for sure.

“You don’t go backwards, but you want to play with the top teams.”

And although the focus is on the here and now, the manager referred to the plans being put in place to rework the squad ahead of the new campaign.

With reinforcements needed anyway, and replacements likely to be required for the departing Bacary Sagna and Lukasz Fabianski (not to mention others like Thomas Vermaelen and Lukas Podolski whose futures could well lie elsewhere), Wenger said, “We do spend time on next season, we are really focused and working very hard.

“Every day we spend time on that.”

Arsenal face West Ham on Tuesday night, knowing they need three points to keep the pressure up on Roberto Martinez’s side, but with many players facing late fitness tests it remains to be seen what kind of team Wenger can field.

There was good news as Mesut Ozil, Abou Diaby and Laurent Koscielny returned to training today, but their participation is not yet assured.

Youngster Isaac Hayden could be called up to provide cover

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Yoyo Sanogoals

I hope we do our business before the World Cup. I don’t think I can wait till the end of summer for a signing, tansfer deadline day almost killed me last year.


sign da fucking ting…ignore stupid fans and media

Austin peavy

Time to walk away, Arsene.

We need someone else who can bring fresh ideas, and new approaches.

Thank you for transforming this club into what it is today. But now is the time to step away and let someone else to take this club forward


how utterly embarassing that a chelsea fan can get it and arsenal fans dont from f365 ++++ What Were Wenger’s Targets? Not a Gooner but this is one that is starting to get me. Many people have contributed recently saying essentially “Arsene has not performed, therefore Arsene must go”. Quite rightly, people are saying that in business, people in high managerial positions have (usually) clear targets and if they don’t reach them – it’s goodbye Sir. Personally I am not in a managerial position, but I also get targets every year. I try to achieve them, and often slightly exceed… Read more »

That Genius Bergkamp

My perception of what I see is Arsene was tasked with ensuring we achieved champions league status for a period of time as the club faced strict financial contraints. He’s target was top four with the means available to him hence why there’s a lack of pressure from his paymasters. Despite the obvious limitations he’s had to deal with he has faired well. As the environment changed with the entry of billionaire money into rival clubs, Arsene has maintained consistency in performance. I although feel a change would actually a positive way of dealing with the new change of environment… Read more »


we are not talking about his longivity though ….

but the fans perception that he has “failled” …”taking us backwards” ” wont spend cause he is stubborn” when in fact he was overachieiving all these years ….


that targets and objectives come from the very top of hierarchy ! its not wenger’s call whether arsenal goes for the big prizes or not….


he is not THAT old… he is simply fed up with being so disrespected even by the fans who are meant to support him……

Dick Swiveller

However, the Chelsea fan doesn’t seem to understand the concept of being unable to spend that amount of money required to challenge and so not spending indiscriminately, hardly surprising! It completely misses the crux of the matter, that Wenger couldn’t compete at the top so aimed to keep us going whilst hoping that we could do something special; we couldn’t and now we’re in a position with a glass chin but we’re readying up a heavyweights punch (incidentally, I don’t think Wenger knows how to solve the glass chin so that’s why I wouldn’t be devastated to see him leave).… Read more »

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

Nonsense. Arsene would never play for 4th.


Should have made plans in January and maybe we wouldn’t be fighting for 4th spot yet again


Maybe he already did. Maybe he has a top, top, top secret deal to land PSG next year, with an eye on retirement after that. It’s not like the English have made his contribution to the game easy over the years, and who could blame him for wanting to spend the last few years unencumbered by financial stupor. He would probably find time to unearth the next great French striker as well, having lots of reasons to see it succeed. I hope he does do it. For Arsenal’s sake, as I believe Rogers and Guardiola have shown the way forward.… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

“I want this club to play in the champions league”….
Anyone else reading that a million different ways.
No matter what happens the man is a legend and at the age of 28 it’s crazy for me to not really remember anything but Arsene. He was there for me on my first day of secondary school and I’ll always remember his encouraging words as I lost my virginity.
He’s my French Dad


Were his words when you lost your virginity like this by any chance?

“we pushed forward and were left exposed at the back, they came in and thats where they hurt us the most”


“I’ll always remember his encouraging words as I lost my virginity”

Not sure what to make of that tbf.


He probably said ”You were jaded a little and need to get back to basics. You ate the caviar and didn’t want the sausage. You lacked desire and that is a worry. You came fourth and that’s better than nothing. I was a little worried when Seaman came dribbling out of the box after I saw that hard tackle.”

Wish I Had Charlie George's Hair

“When it doesn’t come when he asks he tends to get confused and nervous.”

suker 4 punishment

did you lose your virginity with your handbrake on by any chance?

Goonsterham Lincoln

That’s not a handbrake.


I’m going to go in dry on the next ‘fan’ that wants Wenger out.

Let Wenger have this transfer window at least.


“Let Wenger have this transfer window at least.”
I wonder where I’ve heard that before…

2014-2015 = 2003-2004

Why all the thumbs down? In 17 years Arsene has not once had the opportunity to “spend big” like Chavs & $hitty do year in, year out. Yes last summer was a farce with the Suarez contract uncertainty, but it came down to cigar-puffing Lpool owner failing to respect the laws of England. With all his experience and knowledge of the players out there and of our weaknesses which need to be addressed, I’d be curious to see how Arsene goes about spending GBP100mm this summer. Looking at it from another angle, I don’t think Mesut Ozil would’ve come last… Read more »


What laws did he fail to respect?


Sign up, announce it, get the Champions League spot and make sure the board finally opens up those coffers!


yawn. Nothing to do with the board. they will always back the manager and especially a manager that has given 1000 games to this club.
If the CL was so important why is he playing a knackered center forward and a french 2nd division rookie in the side.
If its the same Wenger of the past 9 years we get next year then he can go with our best wishes and compliments.
Nothing personal but I love my Arsenal dearly.


There has been money available to Wenger for at least the last two years. Gazidis confirmed that in his ‘warchest’ speech and I think Hill-Wood also made a similar pledge. No, sorry mate, Wenger wont spend it.


They also claimed it when there wasn’t. Without being privy to the conversations behind the scenes we’re all just a bunch of idiots speculating. None of us ‘knows’.


The person who negged my comment, I’m going to fuck you.


You’re going to be really really tired….


It’s very encouraging for the youngsters to shit their pants knowing they willl play Bayern or Barcelona without having a proper team that could fancy a chance of going through.


Sign da ting!!!


Okay now I’m gonna lick your mum’s clit. Why the fuck are you guys negging my comment? Wenger’s finally under no financial constraint whatsoever and will be even more boosted by the Puma deal. He should be allowed to spend the money he got for the club. If he doesn’t use it wisely then I can understand your point about Wenger not being up to the job and looking for a replacement. Right now, we have to support him and the club in their push for 4th place. We’ve certainly made progress on last season and some of you seem… Read more »

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

It might be your super-pleasant attitude.


far more pleasant than morgan’s orphan bastards moaning all the time……..


You are being a cunt about it.

Mental strength

All you fake supporters calling for wengers head can suck it. What makes you think we wont turn into a mid table club like Manure if he leaves.


What makes you think we won’t be challenging for the title till the end like Liverpool right now?


congratulations on your straw-man argument

there are, of course, other possibilities. nobody at liverpool wanted king kenny to go, now look at them.


True. Remember everyone saying Kenny wasted all that money on Carroll (true), Henderson (looks decent now) and Suarez (Missed a trick there).

If I was Kenny, I would get a megaphone out when the fans started singing Brenda’s name and shout ”Hello? Hello? I signed Saurez! Not him! Hello!”

But that’s just me.


If Chelsea won the champions league does that open up 5th place in the PL for Champions League?



Just A Gentleman

I get that it doesn’t open up 5th position for CL but why downvote a guy asking a simple question like he insulted Arsenal?

(inb4 downvotes on this as well)

Mox Fulder

Because of stupidity.


Great precedent to set for what could be a 12 YO or someone who doesn’t waste so much of their day on this stuff (as I do) but still loves The Arsenal.

Don’t be a twat.

Neddy Boo Boo

From what i’ve read and understood :
Before this season, if chelsea won the UCL and finished outside the top 4, 4th position would not get a UCL spot.

From this season, if chelsea won the UCL and finished outside the top 4, 4th position would still get a UCL spot.

Steve F

Sagna & Fabanski going? Is this fact or opinion?


Just rumors so far, but Sagna still holding out on signing an extension, and Fabianski not to my knowledge in talks to renew.


One signing on deadline day again it is as there wasn’t the super top top quality we needed. Plus buying doesn’t always solve the problem

Just A Gentleman

I’m a Wenger fan, I want him to stay but it was a poor transfer market. If we had gotten a half decent striker, even someone like Berbatov, it might have solved nothing but it might have fixed the problems. Or someone like Pato. In fact, Berbatov was released by Fulham which if I’m not mistaken would have cost them, so I’m sure they would have been open to loaning him. We did try other strikers, but a couple of hours before the window closed, I mean who in their right mind would loan their main striker without any chance… Read more »


We needed pace up top. Berba can’t beat his granny in a foot race. One season of Remy would have been a lot better.

Just A Gentleman

I’m not sure if QPR could have recalled him and sold him to us from Newcastle.

For pace, I did mention Pato, who was also available for loan (and is incidentally currently on one now).


I think Anonymous could be right there. Getting rid of Arsene after this season could be suicide because I don’t think there is anyone available right now to take Arsenal in another direction yet keeping to the same policies as what he’s done for the board. I think if we win the FA cup, build on that, get some bloody good reinforcements this summer EARLY and smash the fuck out of everyone next season and win the bloody league!!! Hopefully the win of the cup will give the players a valuable bit of experience and that winning mentality again to… Read more »

Just A Gentleman

We’ll get an early chance right at the Community Shield! If we can manage to win it, boy oh boy, it would be great seeing the players finally realise how winning is like and play with their hearts out! It’ll be #LNS (Like New Signings 😛 )


I do not understand only why when it comes to Arsenal replacing or buying someone we always give an excuse “there is no one available “. To me that’s some real BS. Any coach or player with real quality shouldn’t be readily available anyway, so go the fuck out to get ur man as other clubs do. We give too many lame excuses for our failures. Between martinez and Rodgers would have done a fantastic job with this same crop of Arsenal players. The point is Wenger needs to leave. With all due respect and appreciation. I don’t even trust… Read more »


but all this time you couldnt just go out and take/purchase whoever you wanted….you had to make due with youngsters and bargains due to financial restrictions.

martinez and rodgers wouldnt know their arse from their elbow of how to handle a club with our expectations, let alone european nights and games every 3 days ….and of course a schedule that included …

just cause you have lost your trust dont mean wenger is a bad manager…maybe its your judgement that is wrong…..


thisis the problem…weak minded fans losing their balls due to media and rivals taunting you and then you come calling for wenger;s head.

arsenal and wenger are doing nothing wrong.

when you have to sit on a table and play poker with players who have unlimited stack and can blow you out the water, you dont go all in like a muppet with your 10 J off suit…you sit and wait and grind it out and hit them when the time is right…i.e when ffp kicks in or when your opponents fuck it up from bad calls (their financial mismanagment).


You are accusing us who question the validity of Wengers statements regarding transfer budgets and expectations…. as, being deluded? or being unfaithful to the arsenal?

I’m not even gonna give a detailed response here, which, by all means I could. I really don’t think it would matter anyways…. you seem to have been raised to worship le Boss.


yes i do. not my fault you needed a special seminar/class by arsenal/wenger/board to reailse that things were going to be quite shitty after the stadium move, combined with the influx of tycoons distorting the market to the point making you unable to compete for your first targets. you are weak and have allowed media and rivals taunts to turn you against your club and manager. and of course im embarassed we have such myopic fans in our ranks….. anywhere else you go in the world and tell them that arsenal fans want wenger out they will all laugh at… Read more »


damn fucking right i worship fuckign manager in arsenal’s history..henry vieira doubles unbeaten champions league final, new stadium, scouting, academies ,medical, training …all via his thinking and transfer activity

fuck you and your weakness to support through thick and thin….

you are too small in the mind to comment on Arsene Wenger …tosspot


and fuck you again for trying to make every fan who respects and appreciates Wenger as doing something wrong

lets see now…

do i trust a manager with proven ability on a world class level ?

or do i trust the daily mail and the chelsea/manure/spud trolls calling him inept and not fit to manage?


EVERYBODY has their price.
Quit with the fucking excuses.
Identify your target/s.
Go and fucking get him / them.


Yup. Torres had his price. And Carroll.


I don’t know how much it’s worth, but at this point in recent seasons, it’s always been stated that preparing for the next one will happen in the summer. The fact that there might actually be plans being put into place now, lead me too think shit might just get serious… Forever an optimist I guess.

Just A Gentleman

But in all seriousness, 2 years ago, we were planning on getting Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud who were 3 decent signings. Then RVP had to do his crap and leave us stranded. Then last season, Suarez and Higuain were 2 very realistic targets, with 1 Liverpool did their crap, and with the other Napoli came and bid so high for him, bidding more than 32-34m was a bit too high for Higuain. We did however reinforce the dmf position with Flamini as well as buy Ozil. So we have been improving, hopefully if we manage to keep our main players… Read more »


“we won’t have any excuses and the plans might actually work this time around”

I was an optimist for many years, but I’ve heard this line (and typed it myself) many times from fans in the past transfer window or 10. That said I don’t trust this board to get the right man for the job


Giroud and Poldi were replacements for RVP, Wenger has come out and said so.


The way I am reading this is plans to prepare for a season without CL football. It will be tough going but perhaps for this current team that is their level. Not CL level.
Our standards have dropped. Motivation has dropped.
When we aim at No. 4 it happens we end up at 5 or 6.


In 16 years we have never finished below 4th, in case you weren’t paying attention.


Mental strength

What makes you think that with a progressive manager who is tactically astute we wouldn’t improve? One who continually doesn’t make excuses for his players who obviously have a super spirit and want to do really well! Heard that too many times, you don’t get handed your arse on a plate away from home as often as we have this season if that’s the case


Give us a name, then. Tell us who this “progressive manager who is tactically astute” is that we should bring in to replace Wenger. And make it someone who is available. If you say “Jurgen Klopp” we’ll all know you’re either dreaming or just taking the piss.

(To be perfectly clear – Klopp would be a marvellous manager for Arsenal. But he’s NOT AVAILABLE. He just signed on with Dortmund for five years. So please be realistic with the list of names you’re going to produce to back up your argument.)


I’m available. Call me.


By this logic, we’ll only be able to sign a sub-standard manager available at the time Wenger chooses to leave, or we’ll have to sack Wenger to get his successor. Ergo, Wenger stays forever. Nice.

Just A Gentleman

Klopp was the one that said something along the lines of ‘No one should call until 2018″ when he signed a new contract. He won’t leave.
Rudi Garcia? Nope.
Diego Simeone? Nope.
Pep? Nope.

So, Van Gaal and De Boer? Good managers, but Arsene with money is better 🙂

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

If Arsenal can’t identify and sign a manager to to take over from Arsene we may as well all go home now. Just naming managers and saying “nope” they won’t come doesn’t make it so. I would love Wenger to redeem himself and come back and win the title next year but I’ve have had enough if the “one more transfer market” line. We failed to sign Suarez (and made ourselves look a bunch of cocks in the process) and failed to sign Higuin as a matter of principle. If this was a one off aberration of a transfer market… Read more »


Mertesacker. Koscielny. Ox.
You only seem to credit tabloid names.


Oh, the usual “give us a name” defence. You obviously don’t know anything about managers’ tactical sense, approaches and personalities. Tuchel or Garcia would be perfect – or not. Just like it was with Wenger. It’s not just about planning, you need a bit of luck.


well…….instead of counting on luck id rather go with the tested and experienced and proven ability of the current manager.


Diego Simeone!!! Ring a bell???


Anonymous made me piss my pants!

Hoosier Gunner

Is it just me or were his comments kinda sorta “detached”? Anxious.


Its vital for younger players to play in CL’ how many times has he used our younger players in the CL though?


Maybe he means the way spots open up for the young players in other competitions while top players are committed to the CL.


Szczezny, Gibbs, Jack, Ramsey, Gnabry, Ox, Jenks, and of course Sanogo.. Off the top of my head. That’s just this season.

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

I had this little daydream earlier that Arsene and the board have a mammoth summer planned and he’s just gonna be like “OK, bitches, THIS is how it’s done” and then we play like a mob of absolute football gods next year and Arsene is borne aloft and crowdsurfs all the way down Holloway Rd on the shoulders of gleeful Gooners, after winning the double (no treble, I like to have realistic daydreams). Arrrrrgggghhhh, I just want him to stay and I desperately want him to know what we have to improve and for him to go the fuck out… Read more »

Mental strength

@greg the least we could do is allow him to leave on his terms, we have to remember what he’s done for the club both on off.


no, the board should do what’s best for the club, not what’s best for Arsene Wenger


Mental strength

Im sorry but has he done all this for free? He’s paid over £7m a year. It’s sad to say but rodgers and martinez have further highlighted how one dimensional he is

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

Massive mistakes this season, not signing a forward when it was so obvious we needed one. Playing into the hands of City Chelsea Liverpool and Everton away and getting duly humiliated.

I Wenger stays, and I’m not totally against the idea, it’ll be the first time his credit with the fans is in negative balance.


His credit with the genuine fans of arsenal will never be in a negative balance….

the egos with self entitlement issues who want their old arsenal back of shameless alcoholics and neanderthal kickrush can fuck off back to their caves. the club dont need them, they have damaged us enough with their “democracy and opinions” …cunts…..

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

I love Arsene Wenger. Actual proper love as if he were my own relative. I just love arsenal football club more. I’m not sure having a different opinion to you makes me a cave dwelling cunt.


wasnt specifically referring to you per se, but in any case the reason you love arsenal football club more is because of how he transformed it for the better in all departments.


Yes winning several league titles, FA cups and going through a season unbeaten is so one dimensional AND shows how tactically he is complete crap. Great arguments by you all on here.


JT – you’re talking ancient history from nine years ago. Live in the past, blindly kissing Wenger’s arse if you want, but the club’s future is more important.


Ancient history = 9 years ago? thank god i didn’t go to the same school as you


Whether you’re a wenger fan or not,you’re an Arsenal fan COYG! Can’t let two merseyside teams finish above us.


Let me say this. If we get rid of Wenger after the season’s over, we’re not gonna get any manager we want i.e. Klopp, Martinez etc, because they’re loyal to their clubs.

It’ll be like Charlie Adam shoving his veiny penis down our throats. We’ll be royally fucked.


Charlie, why do you keep showing up here talking about your penis? Insecure about the reality?

Is that why you’re such an angry, dirty, cuntish player?


Wenger should leave us and return to Nagoya grampus, maybe he will again become young and return to us 17 years younger and chuck us up a title or 4.

Just A Gentleman

You try too hard man..


you’re wrong, I dont even try. thats the problem.


The worst thing about Arsenal are the negative fans. Completely toxic to the club, players and Manager. If football is so important in your life that you punch women and spit on supporters, maybe you should find a hobby or a real job. You have a 2 inch cock but a 12 inch ego. Sort it out, give up your ST and let real supporters take your place.


He’s planning how to fail even more spectacularly next year


hallo mou….just stop with the voyeurism already…

Mental strength

He is not without his faults i agree with you on that. But it’s easy for people to call on wengers head but honestly who would you replace him with. Martinez ( flavour of the month) it wasn’t long ago that the same people were calling for the appointment of laudrup and where is he now. And what about Klopp, he recently signed a contract with dortmund so he won’t leave. The bottom line is if wenger is sacked there no guarantee of success. I would rather get rid of that tool by the name of Ivan gazidis


I’m not sure about Martinez either. He did get Wigan relegated. I also saw his pre match tactical analysis of the Liverpool vs City game. He basically said he felt City were favourites as Liverpool can’t play the 4-4-2 diamond against City as they’ll be overrun and all sorts of tactical guff. He pretty much got it all wrong. We can all do that, of course. But we’re not being touted as the next Arsenal manager. The only tactical talk I’ve ever seen from him was proven wrong. And his eyebrows move too much when he talks. That would soon… Read more »

The boss has been brilliant for Arsenal for years and years, seems a great man, and deserves a trophy before he goes. However… It’s clear his transfer tactics run counter to the rest of world football’s. He also cannot manage a squad when it comes to injuries (seriously, does anyone still not believe this?). Therefore, we need a change. That’s the only way we’ll advance beyond our annual title collapse and/or fight for fourth. The FA Cup run has been excellent, but if we do end up killing the Trophyless Monkey, what positives do we truly have to look forward… Read more »

Tough times

Wenger out!
Out-dated and an awful tactician.
Same team selection and game plan everytime.


I love Mr Wenger, but, I really think this should be his last season. This season was the best opportunity to win the league in years, as shown by Liverpool now being in the driving seat. That shouldve been us. His inertia in the transfer market and poor handling of his squad’s fitness has seen us repeat what we’ve done for the last few seasons. He has gained so much power at the club that there is no one else to blame, the buck has to stop with him. He has done so much for the club that I love;… Read more »


I’ve heard the words everyday we are working hard many times before… Just do what’s best for Arsenal


It’s easier to blame gazidis than swallow the bitter pill and accept that aw is to blame. You can’t say we have to keep him out of fear of what’s next. Ild like us to try. We’re in the champs league but so what? Are we going to win it? No. Look at simeone at atletico, great things can happen. De boer with denis from ajax, van gaal. There are options. Look at Liverpool this year. Playing great football but rodgers still changes the team and tweaks how they play depending on the opposition. Aw plays players out of form… Read more »


If the Wenger Out people had their way a year ago we would have Moyes as our manager. Careful what you wish for!


Won’t have had Walcott, Fabiakski or Ramsey either. Both would have been indicted as Sanogos, Jack or Girouds.

Fans are generally short term. Can’t see past their noses.


And there is no defence of his socialist wage structure where the likes of denilson and bendtner were on excess of £50k a week yet players like sagna are on £60k. The young players are far too handsomely rewarded before they have proven themselves or earnt it


There is some merit to this argument but I believe you are harping on an old issue that is already in the process of being re-adjusted.

next you’d be arguing that the fans built the stadium.

If it weren’t for Wenger’s success in his early reign and his frugality in the market, there won’t be those extra fans to bring in revenue in the first place to move upwards.



Wenger was the first manager to give fair pay to full-backs on par with the rest of the team. As usual just concentrate on the negatives…


Changed is required even if he stays. Playing the the Champions league should be to win it. Not to bred young players. The players learn their trade at Arsenal and then leave when they’ve matured. He just confirmed that we are a feeder club. Don’t think he was genuinely upset that they left. Must have been the transfer fee that upset he.


When will you guys realise that if he signs on and stays… he is NOT going to change and NOT do anything different to what he’s done in previous seasons. He is stubborn to the point of negligence. He has managed over 1000 games and is 65… he is NOT going to change his ways. We’ve been fooled too many times by him already


I think this was easily the most pathetic Arseblog comment thread in recent memory. The “negs” were the only redeeming feature.

Please redeem this comment with negs.


You missed a belter of a thread the other day then. It was full of mum insults and everyone telling everyone else they can fuck off and support another club.

Proud of my peers at the moment. Really proud.


When you consider the players who are either certain or likely to leave this summer, and don’t even include others who might, we are already gonna need a keeper, a right back, two centre backs and at least one striker. Can anyone honestly see us getting even half of those players in, even if we make it into the Champions League?


We don’t need two Cbacks. The priorities are of course : 1) Fabianski. Can we keep him? slight possibility. I don’t think we need a Cassilas and likely Wenger won’t spend much here. Free transfer, loan or no more than 5m tops. 2) Sagna. Likely gone but there are options in the league in Coleman or Debucchy. 10m tops. 3) Vermaelen. One good Cback is enough. The 4th spot will be likely a developmental position or maybe covered by someone like Kallstrom. 10-12m tops. 4) Striker. The absolute must add on. Likely a big ticket item. up to 35m is… Read more »


Aren’t Sagna and Fabianski leaving on Bosmans?


Now proved he does not give a shit about trophies only money. If we qualify for the Europa League we can go for a real trophy and the winners of the Europa League qualify for the Champions League from next season. How about that a trophy and qualification what a novel idea!!!!


How about 4th spot and the FA cup?

Your sights are set too low.

If Wenger is concerned with money, we need to be in CL.

Gazidis and company will want to fill the stadium and get lucrative TV rights.



Europa league? That’s where Spuds play isn’t it? Oh god, please no…

2014-2015 = 2003-2004

I am curious to see how many season ticket holders would actually bother turning up to Europa League home fixtures at the Emirates.

Nah… would rather not find out. COYG let’s do this.


I’m the first one to admit a leopard rarely changes its spots (quickly enough) and Wenger has some old habits that have been detrimental to our season. OTOH if you are a bit more objective, none of the other (top 4) managers are under as much pressure as Wenger at the moment. With the press harping on about the 8 year trophiless streak and familiar ailments raising their ugly head, you can hear a pin drop at the Emirates at times. This must translate to the team’s confidence as well, they do not live in a bubble. both Mourinho and… Read more »


In the trades today (with big pinch of salt), Casemiro and Morata.

Morata apparently valued at 12m (seems a steal). Comparatively young but there aren’t too many exhibiting the sort of latent potential he has. Quick and turns on a dime.

Casemiro looks a steady enforcer in midfield with ability to pick passes from deep. Could there be more truth to rumours of a swap for Coleman with Arteta in exchange?

Doubt Madrid would give up their future jewel in Morata for so cheap let alone let go of two to us but stranger things have happened with RM.

Devil's Advocate

Let me couch this by saying I want fourth, I want fourth, I want fourth. Let me also recognize I might be rationalizing because I’m afraid catching Everton might be beyond is unfortunately knackered team. But… Would one year in Europa League really be that bad? Yes it’s considered “vital,” but it doesn’t seem to have made the world-class players come flooding through the Emirates gates thus far. And as the lads said on the podcast today, United and Liverpool brought in big players without UCL as a selling point. Finally, with Liverpool rejoining the top ranks, that means England… Read more »


Tottenham Thurspurs.

gooner love

Too much Wenger haters getting drunk on haterade.

Sir HumpAlot

With some proffesional staff around him, capable of running the non sporting part of things at the club, then maybe Wenger could spend more of his time managing the team, pursuing sporting success with Arsenal, and less time micromanaging staff and being consulted on every minor detail that is going on at the club. Bloody Hell, Wenger apparently travelled the world visiting other stadiums researching bench heights for the Emirates wardrobe’s and other stadium details prior to the building of the Emirates. When on earth did that become part of a managers job description? There are proffesionals whom specialize in… Read more »


Wenger here next season. Oh Jesus pleeeease don’t let this article be true.


for your stewardship and some beautiful memories over the years… #ThankYouArsene ….. for the club to move to the next level… #WengerOut !!!! Please leave, i will always love you Arsene, but your time is up as a manager.

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