Thursday, July 7, 2022

Wigan 1-1 Arsenal (2-4 on penalties): player ratings

Ok, so it wasn’t much fun over the course of the 120 minutes, but we got there in the end and that’s basically all that matters (as the first post of the live blog today said).

Anyway, here’s how the players rated. Please note we are still in joyous with relief mode and essentially we want to enjoy the fact we’re in the final despite the fact we played like a bag of cat sick. Remember, you can leave your own ratings and comments too.


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Fucking come one! So happy, so tired. Great effort in the end from the players, even if they were mostly lacklustre. There’s going to need to be some rotation for Tuesday no doubt!

Diaby's ankles

Fab has been fabulous tonight!

Goon-unit Zappa

Come on Sheffield Utd!!


If we let Fabianski go at the end of the season, we need a kick in our collective nuts!
I personally think he should be our number one, SZCZ is good, but I just think Fab is better.
Even if he isn’t, at least pay him silly money to sit on the bench!

Saved the first 2 pens in a shootout, like a fucking boss!!!!


10/10 Arsene’s career with Arsenal was 10min away from being over, tanx to the guys for stepping up to save the boss.


Gibbs and Giroud both changed the match when they came on. I have a feeling Oli’s contribution today will be overlooked, like much of the good stuff he does often is. He gave us a whole new dimension, and Wenger made the right substitution.

Daft Aider

I’m not convinced Giroud did much that was that good or bad to be honest,
I think we need to plug him in and recharge him for a few weeks (in a monastery perhaps).

Gibbs was awesomesauce though


I think the fact that we had two strikers on the pitch at the same time made us more dangerous, but Giroud certainly put the work in once he came on.

Bould's Eyeliner

He certainly holds up play better than Sanogo, which is what we needed in the buslot of wigan players. And by what we needed I mean, the most viable fix to the immediate situation. And since he contributed defensively with some good headers I can’t really complain. That one breakaway though with Ramsey, he really should’ve taken a touch there… that should’ve been a goal.


Sanogo was well above a 5. Your opinion is wrong

Turn down for what?

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.


I don’t think opinions can be wrong. That’s really the whole point of them…


You’re opinion can be wrong. In my opinion 1+1=1 so therefore I’m wrong.

However you are always entitled to your own opinion.

Player ratings are subjective unlike, 1+1 though. So opinions should differ without anyone being right or wrong. In my opinion.

Fuck it we won. What pisses me off more than giving a player a rating of 5/6/7; are other fans saying the better team lost! In my opinion, and when looking at the stats, the better team went through!

We were the most under performing team no-doubt, but we were not outplayed.


I was a little poor with my example but there is a proof where 1+1=1

Anyhow, fuck it we won.


Don’t know about a proof that 1 + 1 = 1, but here’s a proof that 1 = 2. Start with an equality: x = y Multiply both sides by y: xy = y^2 Subtract x^2 from both sides: xy – x^2 = y^2 – x^2 Factor both sides: x(y – x) = (y + x)(y – x) Remove common factor from both sides: x = y + x Remember x = y: x = x + x And …: x = 2x So …: 1 = 2 Obviously 1 does not equal 2. Who can spot the obvious flaw… Read more »

Daft Aider

John Terry’s opinion is wrong 100% of the time though

teddy salad

and if thats wrong i don’t wanna be wright.


I never realised John Terry thumbed downed on this message board!

But I think that cunt is the exception that proves the rule, everyone is entitled to an opinion – apart from that exceptional cunt.


Seven people are confusing facts with opinions…


5 out of 3 people are useless at maths


I think a 5 is about right. He gets high points for effort, but loses some for profligacy.

That said, I’m excited about him. He gets in all the right positions, and makes chances for himself. He also shoots.

I can remember us moaning about Ramsey doing much the same thing before this season. He was always in good scoring positions, but wasn’t putting them away. Once he started, though, he couldn’t stop.

Think Sanogo could be quite a striker. Can always hope.

Clock End Mike

I thought Sanogo did as well as Giroud, and for 120 minutes, too. I’ll be interested to see how many shots we had on target, and how many of those were by Sanogo. Though I admit he missed a few too, and his touch can be wayward at times. He’s a bit like a young lamb still learning to control his legs — when he gets them sorted out, he may be really quite good. I hope he makes it.


Game time and getting off the Mark will do him some good. Shows a lot of promise in that he does seem to know where to be.


well said! very unfair to give sanogo a 5 when he battled manfully all day, held the ball up well, linked up well with the guys around him and consistently got himself into good goalscoring positions. yeah, he snatched at his chances and needs to add goals to his game but for me he’s got huge potential and is a bit more dynamic than giroud. go yaya!


You get used to it Aye blogs loves giroud and Schez, there two replacements today were excellent today.


I don’t understand the Sanogo rating either.

He worked hard, made good runs, probably had more attempts at goal than anyone else, and he was involved in our equalizer. But somehow he gets a 5… Implying that he was as bad or ineffective as Podolski.


I agree. Out of his depth against a championship side? Very harsh. Did more than Giroud has been doing in recent games.

Az Ahmed

He played far better than Giroud, who just stood around impersonating a lamp post

Denilson's back pass

Sanogo tried so damn hard that I don’t even care that he was pony. I like him. He’s got the right attitude to make it someday.

Denilson's back pass

And he did really well for the first goal, controlling the ball and getting it to Ox (or was it Gibbs?)


Yes he tried his all. But whatever opposition we play in the final, for me Giroud all the way.

Fabianski has earned his place whether there was a pre season agreement or not, Sanago has shown he tries a hell of a lot; but I wanna win.

Sanogo will hopefully have many more opportunities to win trophies at Arsenal. But he should not start next time round.


I just think Sanogo needs a goal, once he gets that I can see him kicking on from there. I thought he played very well yesterday and was prepared to run in behind the Wigan defence and i thought his hold up play wasn’t too bad but could do with some work.


are you serious?


Does anyone remember how bad Drogba looked in his first few games for Chelsea? As long as Sanogo’s working hard and getting into the right positions, the goals will start to flood in.


We made it… COYG!!!!!!!! Up the Arse!


Where is the 11/10 button for Fab?


To think Fabianski got us to the Final!

2014-2015 = 2003-2004

So please don’t go, don’t go
Don’t go away
Please don’t go, don’t go
I begging you to stay

So please don’t go, don’t go
Don’t go away


Get down tonight (baby)?


Last time, Kim got Ryo’s thumbnail; today he was at least a Bendtner


God gave Kim Källström to you,
gave Kim Källström to you,
gave Kim Källströööööm to everyone!


Well, I never would have imagined anyone would manage to get a 70s Argent song in to the comments here! (or were you thinking of the Kiss cover version?) “Hold Your head up (Gooners)”? Wonder if I could do the same with anything from ‘Yes’?


Sanogo is incredibly raw but has potential to be great… Interesting to see what will happen next season *if* we do bring in one or 2 strikers… But enough of that, Fabianski is a LEGEND!!!

Wish I Had Charlie George's Hair

Perfect 10 for Fabianski (as for that adventurous jaunt in the second half, he was just stretching his legs!) Credit to Sanogo, he put in a good effort and while technically he’s not there yet, he looks promising. Also, playing Giroud alongside him up front brought a whole new look to the team. They actually looked dangerous with two targets to aim for. Excellent game for Ox as well.

Also Kim K still faceless, but at least he’s not Ryo this week.

My Name is Difficult to Pronounce

You saved me a lot of typing. My sentiments, exactly.

with the left and the right

If you had asked Man City whether they would have taken a win in a shootout they would say yes. Tired of all this critics saying we sneaked through against a lowly Championship team. 9 out of 11 for Wigan were playing in the cup final last year, and they put up a performance today worthy of a cup semifinal: resilient and tough to breakdown.


and that my friend is exactly the point. Wigan are a class act and Rosler is a very underrated manager imo. In a couple of days time nobody’s going to give a rat’s ass how we got to the final. OK this time the strikers didn’t score in normal time but with our BFG and Fab doing the business……legends
What counts? We’re in the final. end of story. COYG


Super excited…we are off to the final!!!!! it wasn’t easy, but the boys got the job done! #COYG ….. not a popular time to say it, but #WengerOut still


I hate to see how pissed you’ll be at Wenger should we win the bloody cup!


lol…why would i be pissed at wenger winning the cup? that’s the dream for everyone associated with this amazing club! I absolutely love and adore him….i love some of his principles, his demeanor, class, charm, intelligence….i can go on…. the fa cup is the least this wonderful visionary deserves…………however, for the club to move to the next level, we need a new manager and improved backroom staff (After we lift the FA CUP with wenger of course)


I’ve been to the mountaintop. And in order for Arsenal to reach the promised land, people like you must stop talking.


Bit harsh on Sanogo IMO. Yes he had some horrid touches and missed a few chances but he also drew two good saves from their keeper and was looking to get into good positions. Can’t really complain when a player gives his everything.

Ox, Fab top drawer today.
Gibbs very good.
Mert, Sagna, Arteta (yes he passed sideways A LOT but he did his DM job very well) good.
Ramsey (coming back from injury), Verm, Sanogo, Giroud, Kallstrom positive.
Monreal average
Santi (penalty aside), Poldi below average.

afolabi ademakinwa

One more hurddle to cross.Finish 4th n lift d FA cup

Wish I Had Charlie George's Hair

That’s two hurdles.


That young fella of the Ozils would have destroyed wigan. Not to mention that walcott fella. Does everyone forget that the injuries we have would cripple any team. Oh, by the fucking way we are in the cup final. Fuck the haters


I’m having 2nd thougts on Fab starting the final. He did well and deserves to be there don’t get me wrong, but he’ll be off in the summer and would the experience of playing ina final (and potentially winning it) be better for our actual number 1?

Mexican Gooner

I disagree regardless of whether or not Fab leaves in the summer he deserves to start in the final; he’s been a huge part of getting us there, it’d be shitty to bench him for the big event just because he’s not our number one.


Yeah I get that part where he’s earned his right to play but I’m thinking along the lines of Alex Hleb in Paris. Wenger sacrificed Bobby of all people instead of Hleb (a decision Wenger has admitted to regretting) after Lehmann went off. And how does the git repay us? Moving to Barcelona 2 seasons later. I’m thinking these sort of chances should be given to those who will be with us in the long run or those who’ve proven their loyalty with us. If Bobby stayed on I honestly think we could’ve done more. Why develop someone by giving… Read more »


Fabianski has earned his place in the final. End of.


Agreed, but I feel for Szczesny a bit. His time will come though I’m sure.

GAS - Giroud And Sonogo

I’m on my knees begging Fabianski to stay


Fabianski is a legend
Enjoy being in the final but it’s concerning that we just managed to scrape through

Top Gunner

If Sanogo can sort out his finishing, he could turn out to be quite an asset. There’s definitely some quality in the lad.

I’m not sure if I’m worried or excited about the final, we all know it won’t be straight forward!! As unfortunately doing things the hard way, is the only way we know

2014-2015 = 2003-2004

Yaya Sanogo = big physical presence / good header of the ball / decent hold-up play… PLUS he has the pace to outrun defenders. Somebody please rub some Dutch God essence on him to sort out his FIRST TOUCH. Loved that 4-4-2 thing, hadn’t seen it in ages. Wouldn’t mind seeing Theo Walcott as part of a 2-striker formation from time-to-time next year. If this 4-4-2 thing works we might not even need to buy a striker in the summer (ie the Aguero/Suarez type which we really need might not be available). Theo could go up front and Gnabry/Ox could… Read more »

Az Ahmed

Agree with some stuff, such as 4-4-2, but we need TWO world class strikers in the summer and we need to get rid of the deadwood.

Podolski is poor most of the time. He needs to go. Giroud needs to go and impersonate a lamppost in the French league somewhere. I think Cazorla is coming up to his last season next season. He has been quite poor this season in all honesty. Arteta needs to go.

We need to bring in:

Diego Costa
Jackson Martinez

Gary Baldy

I agree, if one of those better chances he had today had gone in, then I think he might have got another . . . I am thinking of the one in the first half where he just failed to stretch his leg dfar enough to graze his studs on the ball, on a cross in the six-yard box. If he had skimmed that one in, then he might have had more confidence to gamble for a similar chance to the one at the end of the second half when the ball missed Giroud and landed a yard away from… Read more »


I really do not want to jinx it, but he does look like he has everything Giroud has in his toolbox + pace.

That said, a 22 year old signed on a free being an improvement to the current first choice striker tells its own story.


I still see some considerable potential in Sanogo, so wouldn’t be too harsh on someone who hasn’t had too many opportunities, and will surely improve with experience. He drove me nuts at times, but he was trying.


I know Giroud can be frustrating but that’s a ridiculous statement- he’s stronger, has better ball control and technique, and is a better finisher.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Fans only giving Fabianski a 9.73? Tough crowd

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Marked down for going way out of his area and getting nowhere near the ball in the second half I expect. Two excellent pelanty saves though.


How could it be Arsenal without having to have me bite, claw, go on my knees, cry, shout etc…

99 problems but being a GOONER aint one

Fabianski is leaving yet he shows the heart of a ture gooner gotta respect the lad. Good game. Back Four was decent for the most part. The difference between monreal and gibbs was there for all to see. Arteta was Arteta. Ox and Rambo were bright most of what was positive came form them but they still lack match fitness, all things considered they had good games. Podolski was shite and his ability to finish hides the fact that he does absolutely nothing every game..BUT he is not a wide player and its wengers decision to play an out and… Read more »


As stated before – Källström is my second favourite player for the national team of Sweden (after national icon/treasure Zlatan). He has always been critised for not becoming the player people thought he would become after emerging as a super talent at Djurgården (his nick-name being Kongo Kim as the last time they won the league before he joined them, they had two Kongolese players who led them to triumph). Because of this, it makes me so happy to see him fighting every second he’s on the pitch. Despite criticism and never really being a guaranteed starter for Sweden, he… Read more »

Ronaldo's Paunch

i see your batman reference


I couldn’t help myself. It was too fitting.

My Name is Difficult to Pronounce



I loved the way he came on as if he had played for us week in week out. Stepped up took and scored a great pen no fuss.

I can’t admit to knowing too much of him prior to Jan, but very happy to have him as a strong option in an already strong midfield.

Midfield Tick, now please tick the other boxes AFC.


It is funny, when he was at Lyon (back when they were regulars in CL) it was the same, the player to be most doubted / lambasted in the press, yet he ended up with the most minutes played season after season… And OL kept being in the CL season after season.

This is/was a quality piece of business – I am sure most Arsenal fans will think so at the end of the season.


God gave Kim Källström to you,
gave Kim Källström to you,
gave Kim Källströööööm to everyone!


I remember buying him in championship manager 2001 when he was like 17. absolute match winner

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

My first actual thought after Santi scored (after the incoherent jubilation) was ” I hope blogs give Fab a 10″ 🙂


I wonder how we as fan would had reacted if we had lost this game. What are your opinion in regarding that.


Just the opposite of how we are reacting now. That’s a part of being a fan. We were dire but that doesn’t take away the thrill of victory.
Critical analysis (And who we are going to play against Big Sam) can wait till the cold light of the day. Right now just enjoy a (howsoever scrappy win).


It is an interesting question – My guess would be that a loss in the game today would have meant the end of Wenger’s reign…


Sanogo, sure, he’s not the most elegant player and is liable to injure someone with those sharp elbows and knees but I like him.

Gary Baldy

No criticism here, Wigan beat City last time out, in the cup. We have just beaten Wigan (heh – only just !) . So, by that logic, we should beat City next time we play them.

What is not to be happy about ?



I love the logic!

Gunning from Denmark

Really happy to be in the final, obviously. But cannot help but feel somewhat disappointed and concerned. That it came to a penalty shoot out, and that our performance was at the level it was today, is really a terrible sign in my view. I’ve not been one to moan about Wenger and have always felt he is the right man for Arsenal, but this has changed in the recent month or so, and today did nothing to change that. No matter the explanation, it all falls back on him: 1) Our players were not up for it – manager’s… Read more »


Roy Keane is a bigger cunt than John Terry.


No. No he is not.

True Red

They are equally cunty. Terry is more racist


That makes Terry the bigger cunt.


Racism Vs deliberately breaking legs; tough calll…….


I want Charlie Adam to shove his large veiny penis up Keane’s arse. What a cunt Roy Keane is.

Wish I Had Charlie George's Hair

There’s a visual I didn’t need.


…how exactly do you know the size of Charlie Adam’s phallus?


And how veiny it is….


He/she was on about it yesterday too. Odd thing to be preoccupied with, I’d say.


No. Roy is not a bigger cunt than terry. That is not possible


No one is a bigger cunt than John Terry


Jesus what a match. I don’t see it going to penalties as a lack of our own quality (though we know we can play better than we did today on our day) – that is simply nature of Cup games. Ask City. Think Blogs got it spot on – Fab didn’t have much to do, but as he has done several times this season, stepped up when he really needed to. Really wish he wasn’t leaving at the end of this season. Oxlade had a hell of a game as well, very positive moving forward, especially if he was carrying… Read more »


Am I the only one surprised with Ox winning so many plaudits online for today’s game?

Sure he got behind the defence alot of times. But a lot of the runs he made were driven by the passes to him, i.e he didn’t seem to be actively making runs and exploiting space like Theo would have done. Sagna was always looking for him, but he always seem a tad slow/static.

And obviously towards the end, he was a ticking time bomb whenever he got the ball.

He did well, but I think he could do much better


There was a moment around the hour mark when Arsenal were playing the ball between the back 6. The camera was at a wide angle (probably because there was fuck all going on and the editor was bored) I pointed to the screen and said to my mate, who was complaining about the lack of action, “there is no movement up front, how do you expect Arteta to play the ball to if you want it to go forward” Then one player decided to move down the pitch (a run of about 30 meters) into space, receive the ball, play… Read more »


No idea why Kallstrom doesn’t get more game time.

He looks decent and we need fresh legs desperately so why play Ramsey into the ground? Still, for the time being, in AW I trust. Just.

Carib Gooner

I think the second half highlighted something that we should take some note of. When Giroud came on and we had two strikers on the field Wigan could barely cope and we in fact should’ve scored. I think Wenger should give this some thought because all of our rivals do it and I think it could work for us too.


Not a great performance today but better than some are making out. We’ve had a shite couple of weeks ( city aside) and surely getting through is the main thing. Hopefully have özil/jack/kos back soon so do the business in the final. COYG!!!


A win is a win. No matter how or by how many, this is a results business and in the end that’s the only thing that matters.
Proud to be q gooner.

Wolf Gang

Anybody noticed how poldi went straight into the tunnel after being taken off? Poldi man i got nothing but love for you, but you need a reality check. You were below par today and when wenger took you off he made the right call.


His hand was injured earlier in the match. Not why he was subbed, but if he’s off its time to take care of it.


I need to find tix for the final. No way I’m sitting through another 90mns of Clive Tedious rambling on how Arsenal are a shit club and never win anything.

Kentish Gooner

Another unconvincing performance against a mediocre Championship team. It was embarrassing watching that match and to scrape through on penalties is the cherry on top of the cake. Even team like Wigan seem to have us sussed and we never seem to have a plan B – Wenger needs to go at the end of the season and so do the majority of the team.

We’re going to finish 5th in the league this season and possibly win the cup, but we don’t deserve it.


Thierry Bergkamp

That was bad to watch, but that same Wigan team won at the Etihad. A win is a win.. enjoy it



Wenger OUT.Now!



Maybe you’re not familiar with the concept of the FA Cup but that’s alright.


I’d say 4-4-2 was a plan B if I ever saw one, Kentish.

AN Other

I agree with blogs opinion on Sonogo. I have seen few times now. Although he looks promising he is not ready it. He couldn’t do most the basic things passing, crossing, first touch, second touch, finishing, etc. He missed many chances. It is not entirely his fault. He should have been builded up, maybe by playing few mins in every game and playing some reserve games etc. It’s bit surprising to throw him the deep end and accept it play like established striker in such a big thing. It’s Wenger’s fault not to have a serious backup to Giroud. Playing… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp

10/10 for the Gooners! Wembley was buzzing! We need the Emirates to sound like that


I love you Fabianski. Too bad he’s off, on days like today you feel there might not be much between him and Sir Chesney.

He has to play the final, just because.


That was pretty fucking tense at times. And it’s a pity that the view from the first 20 rows is shit.


4-4-2 when giroud came on.
Can we please play this formation for the rest of the campain.


We’re up all night to get some,
we’re up all night for good fun,
we’re up all night for kallstrom,
We’re up all night for fabianski!,

We’re in the cup final lads stop judging individuals and looking forward to the game! I for one can’t wait!


Will be interesting to see who plays against west ham which of course is almost as important as today’s game. I would start kallstrom alongside ramsey in the middle with poldi, rosicky and the ox as the forward three behind giroud. Arteta won’t recover in time and I think Santi will struggle to as well.

Gooner Across The Pond

10/10 advancing to Cup Final. But even the most avid among us has to be worried. Every game, regardless of the opponent, seems a struggle. There is no joy, no danger, no belief. Aside from the sublime Fab, our only notable performers were AOC and Gibbs. Rambo clearly still far from match fit. Any win now brings relief, not celebration. Who among us, at 75 minute mark, was not fearing the worst? Arsene stands for everything that is good in the game, but the definition of insanity as “doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result,”… Read more »

Arsene's invisible chequebook

Was I the only one that thought that Sanogo was probably a 5/10 before Giroud came on and then maybe a 7/10 after? He looked more threatening and held it up better. If you’ve got more happening around you then you’ve got half a chance of making something happen. It gets overlooked as well that he set up the Ox for that scuffed shot that led to the goal. He’s got a lot to learn and he’s raw but let’s not beat him with a shitty stick for no reason. Also, wtf is Roy Keane talking about his “poor goalscoring… Read more »


Good on him to make up for it, but Mert’s tackle for the pen was HORRENDOUS. Must have been missing Kosc and tried to channel him!


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