Thursday, December 9, 2021

Draxler plays down chances of summer Arsenal move

It’s well known that Arsenal have a long standing interest in Julian Draxler, and reports about a bid for him were an everyday occurrence in January.

However, it seems that a summer move for the German international is on the back burner with the player himself admitting he’s probably going to stay in the Bundesliga.

Speaking to BILD, he said, “I have absolutely no transfer thoughts. It is guaranteed there’ll be speculation but it’s very, very likely that I’ll play next season here [at Schalke]”.

It’s obviously early in the summer, and much can happen between now and August 31st, but it does seem as if Arsenal’s interest has cooled.

That said, it’s unlikely we’ve heard the last of his name mentioned alongside ours, and it remains to be seen if Arsene Wenger sees him as somebody who can improve the squad in a significant way this summer.

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January was the time to buy a top talent, the gunners were top of the table, which is an attractive position. Now its just the same old Arsenal


United making a move for Shaw. Liverpool likewise for Lallana. What are we doing?


Jesus, you two are going to have a dreadful summer if this is how you’re starting!

Why is my name required

What are we doing you say?

We’re on the way to lifting a trophy and after we won it, Arsenal will be on the front pages of the news and obviously players from other clubs are gonna read the newspapers and think ‘yea im going to join a great club im gonna be playing alongside Ozil and Ramsey next season’


Me thinks jayjay and zung are the same person.


And a Spurms supporter to boot.


Don’t go out tonight children there be TROLLS a lurking in these here parts COYG Cup final this week and these two aren’t going to affect my mood happy happy gunner, that’s me

Springbank 1965

No, you’re absolutely right … we should have got ahead of both of them.

£27M for Shaw (when we’ve got Gibbs, Monreal, & Vermaelen) and who-the-fuck-knows-what-over-the-top-amount for Lallana (when we’ve got Özil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky etc.)

We should be in for everyone just like the media tells us we are.

On the one hand we just got snubbed by Shaw and Lallana and on the other we just saved ourselves over 50 million quid.


But Lallana and Shaw are English! That automatically makes them the bestest best players in the whole wide world, ever!


According to Wenger you can’t bid for players until after the World Cup, this is quite clearly a lie.

The fact that they’re English has nothing to do with, we should be moving for our targets as soon as possible, whoever they may be!


Both Shaw and Lallana are good players. That doesn’t mean we should get them though. But if we don’t get them it’s not ’cause they’re no good. Don’t be bitter.


Congrats John, you don’t follow Arsenal news. Now get the fuck out please and don’t come bacck.


Anon, no I follow Arsenal not Arsenal news, not Arsene Wenger, not Abou Diaby, not a whole host of things. I’m not a lemming and I don’t just believe what I’m told and I find listening to that disingenuous and lying manager of ours an insult to my intelligence and wish he would fuck off. For him to come out and say that transfers will not be conducted until after the World Cup is a slap in the face to the fans! The league season has been over less than 48 hours and United, Liverpool and Chelsea are all looking… Read more »


Wenger actually said: ‘In my experience, in a World Cup year, the transfer business does not get done early.’ So not: it cannot, won’t happen, but opinion it doesn’t happen. So why that opinion? The season finished Sunday, so that is when the clock started. Most players are on holiday this week, and most are probably not even answering their phones. Next Monday they start turning up for training camps for the world cup, so their focus is on the tournament at the exclusion of everything else. — The national teams don’t want any disturbances, to the point where last… Read more »


Of course if you are suggesting we are going after players not good enough to make world cup squads. well……


Transfers can be done whenever you want if you want to do them, Bayern signed Gotze last season before the season finished and Lewandowski this. I’ve been an Arsenal fan long enough to see how Wenger operates and for me his excuses have long since worn thin. You can’t buy players before the world cup, you can’t buy players after the world cup, there’s no value in the market, we didn’t win the league because of injuries etc etc the list goes on. There’s always an excuse, it’s all nonsense and yes, it is an insult to my intelligence I… Read more »


In 2007 we could have said: ‘we’re skint, and will be for a few years’ Last summer in mid-August it could have been: ‘Nothing for sure, but we may have Özil’ (and if you think he was a last-minute buy you are insulting my intelligence). Imagine what would have happened in either situation. No one knows the truth, except a few people inside the club. People get the perception of the truth, largely from the media, and that’s mostly bollocks. Part of me hates the secrecy, but most of me understands the need for it, especially when dealing with clubs… Read more »

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

LOL John … Wenger insults your intelligence – a self-made millionaire who revolutionised football and brought you Emirates stadium, Henry, Pires, et al, but you go one step lower than what you berate Wenger for by flat out insulting him and telling him to fuck off. He’s way classier than you mate, even a simple man like me can see that. Classic trolling bro, classic. You’re just another of the endless average men who can say what they think freely and without much thought behind the anonymity of the net.


lol to you Arsene Wengers Penguin suit, you have no idea who I am whether average or otherwise, your comments are a refection of you, as its you who’s got personal not me!!

I’m perfectly entitled to voice my opinion on somebody who’s profession brings him into the public domain and I’ve only ever spoken about his professional behaviour and I have not got personal at any point. If you don’t like what I say come up with an argument beyond “classic troll” because that isn’t one!


Rufusstan, what’s wrong with telling the truth? The football World knows the truth, agents know if teams have cash or not so why not just tell the fans.

You might be happy to be lied too but I’m not and I don’t understand why I should? he could just not comment it or say I don’t know, what does he try to achieve by coming out with comments like there’ll be no activity until after the World Cup?


We can’t sign players until after the World Cup, Wenger said so!

Springbank 1965

Since it’s only Arsène Wenger who knows the players he’s after and who’s actually doing the signing, I think you’ll find he’s right.

Both Liverpool and ManU are setting down early markers that they’re (still) big players in the transfer market. Liverpool because they’ve been out of the CL for so long, and ManU because they aren’t even in Europe (yet have to show ambition). If either has a decent amount of money to spend then this is how they announce their intentions.

Not by actually buying anyone before the WC, but by leaking the notion that they might be.


Haha Arsene Wenger doesn’t have a clue who his targets are otherwise he’d be trying to buy them.

He’s going to do what he did last summer and wait and see

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Crazy concept I know but have any of you transfer gossip beavers thought that Arsene might be concentrating on the Cup final as a priority this week rather then bidding on Shaw and Lallana ?


I don’t want Arsenal to sign either, I do however want Arsenal to identify and sign who we need as quickly as possible and I don’t want to hear the lies from our manager about how players won’t be traded until after the World Cup


Errrr Rosicky standing there like *awkward*


“We can’t sign players until after the World Cup, Wenger said so!” And I say “You can’t be so simpleminded as to take this literally” Sometimes the use of “you can’t” doesn’t necessarily mean something’s impossible but rather something’s a) hard to do b) a bad idea You get that, right? Also Arsenal don’t have unlimited funds, it doesn’t matter how many billionaires own the club. If they won’t / can’t spend, that’s that. So the reason Arsenal are in the strong financial position they are, is because Wenger (that guy you hate) did a brilliant job in recent years,… Read more »


Give it a rest


Uh-oh, low comment rating. I’ll have to reinvent myself under a different guise now. Don’t get me wrong. I hope I’m horribly wrong, and the club buys a top talent


Shalke came out publically to say we had made a big bid for drax which they felt wasn’t enough. What more could we have done. Spent 38mil on a player we still need to develop? We have money but that’s crazy. For 38mil we can buy a proven player


He’s either the player you want or he isn’t, what he costs shouldn’t make too much of a difference. If you’re prepared to pay £30m why not pay £38m? I can’t really see the difference myself as Arsenal have the cash

Andy Mack

John, 8M is a serious amount of money. How many lifetimes would it take you to earn? The team requirements change year to year with the development of the existing players, their ages and (as with Sagna) when they leave. Spending 8m for a player you may not need is stupid and spending 38m is unbelievably stupid when the money can be spent in the areas the teams really needs upgrading. Only AW knows what he wants to do to the squad and I’m sure he still feels Draxler is a class player but he will only spend what he… Read more »


You have to look at it over the course of a career, he’s 20, he has 10 years at least ahead of him so it’s about 800k a year over that period. He’s either the player you want or he isn’t, if he is you buy him, if he isn’t you don’t. No player is good value at £30m but bad value at £38m, to me that doesn’t make any sense.


John, had it occured to you that perhaps Draxler will be or will not be the player you want? Because, you know, he had poor second half of the season and as always, the management makes guesses and takes risks. And some risks are worth the price and some are not. Unless you don’t have unlimited resources, that is.


Why would you bid £30m on a player you aren’t sure on? £30m is a reasonable risk but £38m unreasonable? I can’t see the logic.


@John, try this: Firstly, its risk management. How much can the club afford to lose if it does go horribly wrong. The higher the fee; the higher the risk. You have to decide where the sweet spot is. Clearly for Arsenal, that was (is) £30 mil in this case. Its also a bit down to the idea that clubs have unlimited money (other then the usual suspects) and there is no perspective of what the figures actually mean. As an example: Season ticket holders are going ballistic (correctly I think) at the rises this year. Averaged out, they will charge… Read more »


If it was down to risk management they would pay £38m because to pay £30m would indicate you don’t think there is much of a risk, otherwise you wouldn’t pay that either. Not having the strength of your convictions will cost you more. Arsenal are the 5th biggest team in the World, the largest club in the riches city in the World, owned by 2 multi-billionaires and have more cash in reserve than every other club in the league combined and quite possibly any other team in Europe. Lets not paint Arsenal as a poor provincial club struggling to compete.… Read more »


Risk management isn’t just about a player in isolation. The chances are the ‘A’ List has 2-3 strikers on it, all are of the right quality, and will work. The decision will come down to a bunch of factors in: price, age/experience, how well its felt they will adapt. At £30 mil, Draxler may be the best balance. At £38 mil, we might change the balance where we could spend around the same on a older player (Benzema?) or another striker at £25 mil suddenly looks the better option. Equally, they will have to be balancing across the squad. Odds… Read more »


One quote I always remember is from GBS “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”


Rufasstan, please read what I wrote, instead of just arguing for the sake of it.

IF, yes IF, he believes he’s the right player who’s going to make a difference you buy him. IF you establish that £30m for a 20 year old is good value because he has exceptional quality then £38m shouldn’t be why you don’t get him.

It’s a false economy to buy Gervinho for £11m if you can afford Eden Hazard for £30m.


@Highberry. You are right.

— gets coat —


At this time of year most players always confirm that they’ll stay at their clubs for next season just so they can avoid the constant speculation on their future. I think if we put an offer in he’d jump at the chance to go. Lars Bender said the same thing and I think the same about him.


Yes but the club might not want to let him go. What your saying is ‘if we have the money, and we do, why dont we just buy him’, as if thats all there is? You forget ‘there are three parties involved with any transfer’ (see i can quote wenger too!) Our club, the player, and the players current club. All three need to agree fee’s, contract structure, payment plans, all sorts of financial and contractual stipulations and they all need to be agreed by the three parties. Even then, meeting a clause in a players contract doesnt garuntee anything,… Read more »


sorry, most of that was aimed at ‘John’ not you.

Chaillah the Gunner

No matter whom we sign,next season I see us doing a treble


Keep Ramsey fit, have Ozil build on a very good first season, get in some defensive reinforcements and alleviate some of the pressure on Giroud with a nice signing and I reckon we could really be going places. We’re not far off, you’re right there!

Arsene Nose


My summer wishlist

1- Reus/Alexis Sanchez- A quick forward that can play anywhere in front

2- Mario Saurez/ Schnerderlein(?)- Young and quicker version of Arteta.. Technical and good passing range

3- Aurier/Chambers- Can contribute going forward and competition for Carl


No Remy, Hangeland, or Barry? You wanna get with the times mate.

Gunner in Ghana

I’ll prefer Pedro though. Cos the guy has speed, skills and can score. And on top of that, he’s not comfortable playing from the bench at Barca.


The interest in Chambers is real, but it’ll be interesting to see how Southampton handle their business this summer.


Thoughts on Micah Richards? Out of contract, only 25 and a self-confessed Arsenal fan. He was starting to look the real deal before injury and Zabaleta took number 1 spot. Know we don’t need another injury prone player but does anyone think he’d be worth a go?


Richards isn’t out of contract for another 12 months.


Yeah sorry, but he appears to be leaving as presumably they’d rather command some transfer fee for a player that doesn’t even play than lose him for nothing. I think he’s a great option; he’d certainly tick the ‘physically imposing’ box that we’re slightly lacking. Think Hangeland is worth a punt too- reckon we could get him for a minuscule fee, and irrespective of the last two seasons he was a very good player for a couple of years (not to mention always bloody scoring against us), and I’d imagine he’d be happy as 3rd/ 4rth choice. Him, Richards and… Read more »


Not a bad shout, premier league experience, big strong presence too. can he play centre back as well?


Some of Richard’s statements of late (thanking the City fans and saying how much he’s valued his time at the club) seem to strongly hint at an imminent move. I’m fairly sure that he can indeed play in the centre, although someone might want to fact check that.

Merlin's Panini

Yep, he’s played at centre back a few times. I wouldn’t mind having him come in. He’d fill the dual role that Sagna has in the last season or two reasonably well, though I’d prefer to have separate players for each position because we can’t be as lucky with injuries at right back and centre back as we were this season.

Finsbury Park Gooner

The fact that Micah Richards is:

a) an Arsenal fan
b) out of favour at Man City
c) adaptable and competent at either RB or CB

..means he exactly the kind of player we’ll overlook in the summer.

Andy Mack

Has Richards grown out of his ‘I wanna be a DJ’ phase?
At one time he was concentrating on nightclubs/music and his form really dropped and he had some injuries (a bit like ‘Dench’ but without Denchs horrible injuries).
If he’s now concentration on Footy then he would be a good buy.

non flying dutchman

I think Jenko should be given a shot, we can always buy in January if its not fully working out, but every time I saw him this time round there was definite improvement on the season before. I’ve stated my preference which is to get a versatile cb who can do a job when called upon at right back, much in the same way we get from TV5 on the left…. A centre back who will get chances to play with out secretly hoping for a mertsecker injury… Trying to think of a good example from the premiership and the… Read more »


Do we really need an attacking midfielder? If he’s gunna cost 30m+, surely that money needs investing elsewhere in the squad.


maybe wenger is looking for upgrading the left side, podolski is good but not great. same with giroud

Injured Gooner South Africa

I would have us go after Marco instead then…


Sorry? Podolski is vital for this team, his scoring capacity is exactly what we need. He is way more effective in front of goal than any of our players, ramsey might be evenly matched in this aspect..

Woolwich Peripatetic

Draxler is one for the future, if we’re buying German now, then Reus or Müller ought to be top of the list. The latter compliments Özil very well. He might not be able to dribble but he puts in a shift every game and he finds space where there wasn’t any moments before.

Vieira's Telescopic Legs

Would love Muller. the ‘space-finder’ would be a great option up front, him and Remy would be great additions (yes I know Remy is not an incredible player but would be a good option for those games where giroud looks like he wouldn’t get into Nante’s reserves)


Ignore the papers. Muller’s going nowhere.


Reus could be the best option. Clinical goal scorer with bags of pace hard to get him though as a lot of teams seem interested in him. We have the advantage of a few lads being able to tell him and Drax how wonderful Arsenal are during the world cup.

Woolwich Peripatetic

And Tomáš Rosicky is his idol.


This rumour was floating around a couple of weeks ago I think. I believe the concern from Wenger is that Wenger won’t be able to convert him into a striker.


Latter part of that makes no sense, too busy watching the Pistorius trial and not concentrating properly.

*The concern from Wenger is that he won’t be able to convert him into a striker.


No more attacking mids, especially not at £40million odd. We have about 23 so far. Striker and DM and RB and CB (cover)


But the attacking mids are our strikers mate 🙂


Yeah, well, didn’t want you anyway mate.


We don’t need attacking midfielders so we’ll probably get one

Edu's Braces

Is this guy fast? Also, is Gary Medel a viable option for us?

Merlin's Panini

Haha, Gary Medel. No.


Don’t hold your breath for any major signings this coming season.
Fourth place secured and and if we win the FA cup that will be seen as justification for keeping the squad as it is. With maybe a replacement for one or two that leave.

Andy Mack

You’re wrong. There will be a major signing, but not necessarily the ones, or as many as the fans want.
AW’s not afraid to spend when he has the money and he sees the player as improving the squad.

Using the old lines that were relevant when he didn’t have the money is just lazy.


They always had money, Arsene is inherently frugal and indecisive

Ozil for 42M was to appease the fan base that was about to explode after the opening game last season


Also could have been because he’s quite good… of course, he wouldn’t have cost so much if he weren’t… but then again he’s also quite good… still, wouldn’t have cost so much if… my head hurts. We have Ozil and I’m happy.

Andy Mack

neutral, I guess you’re a new’ish supporter. If you’d been a supporter in the late 90s when AW first joined us then you’d remember that he paid a lot of money for some players (the pub talk at the time was ‘is he throwing too much cash around’!). 8-12m then was easily equivalent to 30-40m now since the player prices rocketed. Obviously it’s not in the RM ‘galacticos’ level but he certainly wasn’t thought of a ‘frugal’!

Al Gilmore

January is a rubbish time for signing anyone – and that has been shown time and again and not just at Arsenal. Other than Mata + Cabaye (neither of whom were on our radar or problem positions) – there were no big signings this transfer window, so let’s put that nonsense to bed once and for all. Clubs don’t want to sell, many players don’t really want to move mid-season, players are cup-tied and, if it takes most players 6 months to settle on average – they wouldn’t be any good to us this season past anyway.

Vieira's Telescopic Legs

might be controversial but I reckon Yannick Bolassie (spelling?) would be great for us. Great pace, very direct, something different. Inconsistent but also young and very talented

i’v been impressed by him as well, except you cant say he’s much better than Puncheon and Arsenal got rid of him ages ago didn’t they?

Who the F*ck are Sp*rs?

So long as we’re careful about fees doubling between now and after the world cup. Don’t dilly dally, Arsene. COYG.


£10M offer the day before the window closes. Can say we tried then. Takes 3 parties to make it happen after all


Al gilmore

How about signing him in jan in order for him to be firing next season? Few months to get settled know his teammates and used to living in a new country? Seems like great preparation for a player likely to be going to the world cup.


Hope we don’t miss out on javi martinez because wenger thinks that Diaby is LANS.


martinez is going nowhere. entirely invented.

Lucky Luke

30-40mill is likely 80% of our Budget this window. Dont see why we would spend so much on another attacking midfielder.


I would say it’s at least 60m, maybe 80m – last year we had 40, this year improved tv deal kicks in and maybe 15m was saved on wages by the squad cleanup last year (Djourou, Mannone, Arshavin, Squillaci, Denilson, Santos, Chamakh).


For this price tag on an attacking midfielder we might as well bring back Fabregas. Draxler is a really great player but, truth be told, we don’t need him. We need to invest in a striker or two, a CDM, a RB and probably a pacey winger to fill the gaps in our squad.


In what position do you think Draxler plays exactly?


He’s an attacking midfielder who is two footed, so he can play RAM, LAM or CAM (although mostly LAM). He’s netted just 2 goals and got 6 assists in 26 appearances in the Bundesliga and from having seen him play I really don’t understand why there is a £40 million price tag on his head. He can dribble but I wouldn’t say he’s particularly pacey, which is what we need down the wings. He’s basically another player of the type of Ozil, Cazorla or Rosicky which is what we don’t really need right now.

Andy Mack

He’s a bit quicker than those guys but not as quick as Theo.
That would make him ‘Pacey’ but not lightning.
The story in Jan was that AW wanted to train him like the dutch skunk (who wasn’t particularly quick as a winger) before moving him to the striker roll.

Al Gilmore

Once again we are seeing genuine anger from AFC fans over nothing. Already angry about players they want but (they know) we won’t sign. Already angry about players (they think) we’re going to sign that they don’t want. Wtf is wrong with people? The season hasn’t even finished yet! Just wait and see what happens, stop being lead by the nose by The Sun, Give Me Football or whoever it is that is stoking these rumours. We’re becoming a bunch of effing moaners who cream themselves over a transfer dependent on the fee. Just remember how few of our best… Read more »


You’re wrong, fan’s are angry because Wenger has got his excuses in early. Players can be bought before the World Cup it’s just a question of putting your money where your mouth is. The World Cup isn’t for a month and it goes on for a mouth so he’s trying to say for 2 mouths he can’t do anything, this is clearly bollocks.

Andy Mack

Few players want to move before the WC because if they have a good tournament they get a bigger salary by moving after. That’s especially true of the bigger players that AW is now looking for.

It’s a bit different when you offer an 18 year old the biggest salary for a teenager in the PL and offer his club silly money, but as we’re well covered in that position, it’s irrelevant.

I’d also guess he’s concentrating on our one remaining game of the season so we can stop the twats referring to the ‘no silverware since…..’!


If you put the right offer in front of a player they are available whenever the time. It’s also possible players will have bad world cups or get injured, so they are also taking a gamble not accepting the best offer in front of them.

Andy Mack

John, Imagine you’re a football player that’s just about to join the national squad for a world cup where your nation expects (all nations expect). Do you grab a few dollars now by changing clubs and worry about how you’ll fit in, where you’ll live, what your wife/latest shag will do, will they be happy (no mention of kids!), let it possibly effect your form at the WC, OR do you wait until after the WC when you can consider it all in a relaxed position. If you got injured, no problem as you’re insured and have a team paying… Read more »


There are so many what if’s with your post its ridiculous, anyone in business will tell you if someone puts a big bundle of cash in front of your nose, a bundle that’s twice as big as the one you’re currently getting and says take it or leave the chances are you’ll take. Players have agents to advise and tell them what’s realistic, they know the market and would tell them what’s good value. The risk is 2 sided and in my experience of agents they’ll advise them to sign if the offer is a good one. And again, in… Read more »

Andy Mack

‘uncertainty over your future generally doesn’t lead to anything but anxiety’. Uncertainty doesn’t disappear by signing for another team. It disappears when you start playing for them (you may have the same if you’ve every had to relocate for a new job). Agents want the best deal but they work for the player. Every player thinks his next game will be his best, so he knows 100% that he’ll be sought after post tournament. If they get a good offer before the WC, it should be pretty easy to hold the offer until after the WC with the line ‘he’s… Read more »


My honest opinion is that I think you are wrong regarding players and agents, the only obstacle I see is clubs waiting to drive up the price and potentially create an auction.

Mr Agent only gets paid if he transfers his client or agrees a new contract, so the idea of him turning down a 6 or 7 figure sum in the off chance his client has a good tournament seems like an unnecessary risk in my eyes.


Excuses for not buying, because what he actually does is byuing. Totally makes sense. (Just look at these ‘excuses’ and ‘not buying’ for the last two years.)


Arsene Wenger hasn’t had transfer strategy for years, you only have to look at the last two transfer windows to see that.


It is truly shocking. We’ve got an FA Cup final coming up and a chance at silverware and I have been reading the most insane stuff from “fans” lately. That includes: (i) if we win the FA Cup it is not a real trophy and doesn’t count; (ii) if we win the FA Cup, Wenger will stay (which is apparently the worst thing that could happen ever); (iii) if we win the FA Cup, Wenger and the Board will be content to not spend money; and of course the most bizarre (iv) why haven’t we signed anyone yet, despite the… Read more »


Fans who won’t celebrate the FA cup are no fans at all, it’s like they enjoy our failure and hate when we have success.. Although I understand the reactions about us not spending enough money to give ourselves fairly chances in the upcoming season, competition is tougher than ever. I have hard to see this team without any signings as potential champions. Therefor the inactivity is depressing..


Javi Martinez, Seamus Coleman, and a decent striker would be an ideal summer for me. Doubtful any of those will happen, but you never know.

Andy Mack

I can’t see Martinez moving anywhere.
Not sure Coleman is the quality we want moving ahead (a good player but is he good enough?).


Coleman, Remy, Drmic, Bender and Chambers would be my choice.

Sir Humpalot

Ronaldo, Messi, Suárez, Alaba and Pogba would be mine :p i forgot Ribery to fill in when Walcott is not fit.


Drmic just signed for Leverkusen mate.


How? didn’t Leverkusen get the memo that players couldn’t be signed until after the World Cup?!

Andy Mack

Which Bender?


Lars “Ulrich” Bender…

Cornish Gunner

Do you think 40,000,002 might get Suarez this year?!!!

Rocky Rocastle

His pricetag is abit much considering the other signings we could use. Like RB, CB, Keeper, Cdm and Striker. Taking into consideration that Sagna, Fabianski and Vermaelen all might leave. I doubt we will spend more than 50-60mill on transfers this window. So any 40+ mill signings i do not think we will see. If im going to guess i think Jenkinson will become our New RB, and Bellerin moved up as backup. If not maybe we will sign Sebastian Jung to fight for first team spot with Jenko. Lars Bender is a likely CDM signing. Josip Drmic a massively… Read more »


Drmic officially signed by Leverkusen…. Back to the drawing board then


Come on guys!! Do we really need him? i mean really need him now.. cause last time i checked we need a CDM and a World class striker possible defensive cover at CB and RB now a Draxler who has been very poor this year i may add.


he’s far from the finished article. but i think wenger wants to avoid an eden hazard-like problem: he wanted him for years, but once he reached his potential, he was out of our price range. the thinking is that he’s a rare talent so better to nab him prematurely than not at all.

Injured Gooner South Africa

Great point there mate, by far the best Iv seen here in a loooooooooooooooong time. Truly..


Per, Mesut, & Lukas (if he makes it) will tap up Draxler and Bender.

End of story.


Who needs Draxler, we are getting Cesc back.

Team for next year:



weirdly, i think he’ll sooner go to united. wenger made it clear last summer that he didn’t really fancy any approach for him with the players we have, nor would he stand in his way. and obviously desc did bat his eyelids in united’s direction, though i think he did so to secure his position at barca,


The thought of him playing for manure is just too depressing arsenalista!!!!


i don’t think he ever will. barca won’t force him out and why would he leave his hometown club? but you do get the feeling wenger feels a little spurned,

Merlin's Panini

Yep great idea… flood the team with midfielders and Diaby in goal…


Why must you toy with my heart Draxler?

The summer months are cruel for Arsenal fans. I’m glad there’s a World Cup this year to keep my mind occupied.


I admire draxler a lot. I think he is top drawer but he is not a striker and it would take time to Mould him into the role. I think he has what it takes to become a world class striker but we need someone who can be straight out of the blocks next season. I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if we signed him but we have so many players that can play in his position. We need a Costa or a zlatan ( I know he’s a bit old, I am just using him as example) to win the… Read more »

gooners n roses

Ahh, why not… i want to have bit of that dream too. ST Muller, DM Bender, RB (Sagna) Coleman, CB (Vermaelen) Caulker, GK (Fabianski) Marshall


More media bollocks. When have they ever sniffed out an Arsenal deal besides the best kept secret that is Podolski? We would have Mvilla, Gustavo AND Wanyama by now if you went by media flavour. Seems now they think we need attacking mids neglecting the fact we will have to spend to replace a RB, GK and Cback. not to mention we need and out and out striker. prob allocating 10-15m for the RB, 10m for CB, 5m max for back up GK, on a 70m budget (for arguments sake), that leaves us 30-40m. That money has got to go… Read more »

Andy Mack

The club keeps quiet to avoid the Willian to spuds…. Oh, now it’s Chavski! situation and our fans whinge about the silence…. Embarassing


Hector Bellerin will be moved up and be a reservee for Jenkinson, we’ll offer Lord Bendtner a new 5 year old contract #LANS.

Just kidding, but…

Why does all our deals have to happend in the last day of the window? I mean why not give them a pre-season, why do we have to hold on to the last minute panic buy tradition?


THE last 3 summer we have been after Kalou according to the media !! exept we never bid for him ….


He looks like Tintin


“Yes, overall I believe that Draxler’s mystery solving skills are of exceptional quality…”


He really does aha

Just curious...

I appreciate this player is something special, and I for one applaud the fact we went after him in January – and I’d imagine we’re going to do the same this summer. As good as he is though, why are we continuing to build on the strongest part of our team? Between midfield and upfront we’ve got Ozil, Rosicky, Cazorla, Podolski, Walcott, OX and even Wilshere has played there at times. Don’t confuse my words with distaste; I’d be delighted if we signed Draxler, he looks pretty special, but if we’re looking to make a marquee signing, maybe we should… Read more »


Javi Martinez – Wanted by half of Europe. Diego Costa – According to SkySports it’s deal done and he’ll move to Chelsea in the summer. Gundogan – Great player but will cost a lot of money to bring here, I’d rather see someone who can give us a lift right now. You mention Benzema and Cavani but neither is gonna go unless those clubs get’s fed with replacements who are even better. Can you see Liverpool letting Suarez go? Can you see Man City letting Agüero go? I personally can’t. I love this club but during the transfer window I… Read more »

Black Hei

Javi Martinez is wanted by half of Europe. But Arsenal is right up there at the top of the food chain as far as a deep lying playmaker/stopper is concerned.

City don’t play a midfield anchor type, Fernandinho is more rounded. Besides they are have the home grown rule in UCL to contend with.

Chelsea has gotten theirs in Jan.

United does not have European football.

That leaves us. And yes the transfer if it happens, will happen after the world cup.


PSG, Monaco is rumoured to be interested as well, my point being. We can’t rely on him choosing us if Bayern would let him go cuz it’s so many teams who would love to have him in their team. Great if we do get him, but we can’t rely on it and need to target other players as well..


Gundogan signed a contract extension at Dortmund a couple of weeks backs.


This is why I honestly hate the transfer window – aside form the fact that our manager gets all kinds of abuse from his own fans, you have those very people suggesting facking tripe like Bolasie, Remy and Wanyama. You probably wanted the likes of Dempsey, Sigurdsson, Roger Johnson and Scott Dann too?

This is the worst time of the season for me.

American Gooner

Come on mate, Dempsey isn’t that bad 😉


Dempsey kicks butt!


We’re suggesting the likes of Griezmann, Benzema, Coleman, Pedro, Martinez. But it takes 2 parties to agree to a deal and I sadly believe that arsenal’s lack of efforts is the reason why he is getting stick. It’s not weird that they are angry on Arsene for not spending, when they pay the highest ticket prices in the world and the new commercial deals which is coming in. It’s just realistic that arsenal should be in the market for big signings this window taken the increased competition in the league.


The window hasn’t even opened and the manager is already getting criticism. We have an FA Cup Final on Saturday, that’s realistic. I’m with you – some of the names in YOUR list would be great for us. It just pisses me off when people want players because of 10-second MOTD or Youtube clips, players who would become deadwood within 2 months if they were signed. They’d abuse Wenger for that, forgetting that they were the ones who wanted them in the first place. Of course Wenger has to spend this summer – if it comes to deadline day again,… Read more »


Well, in order to seal deals with players you need to start negotiations.. And given the silence about arsenal rumours I take it we are not very active in the market..

It’s not easy to sign whoever you want, you need to start negotiation, not many players would like to move with short notice. Arsenal need to take contact with players before the worldcup if they want some quality players…

Andy Mack

Jeremy, You have no idea if discussions/negotiations are/have been taking place (none of us do), we just see the end result.

Pass Apprentice Eboue

Micah Richards(Homegrown), Javi Martinez, and Pedro would be a nice summer indeed even if Man Utd sell what’s left of their soul to get back into Europe! Fingers crossed and metal bats ready for any Spanish team that dares to make a bid for the best Welsh footballer in the world, just don’t make him captain please…!


He looks a bit like Wenger in that picture.

The grim reaper

He looks like he’s just been given ‘chocolate’ that turned out to be poo.


No he doesn’t.

The grim reaper

Never mind replacing our second choice keeper or our first choice right back. How on earth do you replace the greatest striker that ever lived?

Danny Dolong

I can’t wait for this FA Cup nonsense to be over so we can get to the transfer season. With all that boring football behind us, we can focus on trying to spend about 150m on whoever. A penny less and the transfer off-season is going to be a very negative affair indeed.

Yankee Gooner

Drawing on my extensive non-professional football knowledge, I am already disappointed in our future signings until I decide to love them.

Injured Gooner South Africa

Best!!! Hahahaha

Double canister

Just buy Southampton. It would be cheaper in the long run 🙂

Injured Gooner South Africa



Ze germans will tap him up when his time comes, no worries.


Wilfred Bony could be our Drogba

Andy Mack

He could be, but he could also be an expensive failure…..
The joys of the unknown……


might as well take the risk as we don’t seem to be able to proven world class strikers like Suarez, Aguero, Falcao etc


You never know. He hasn’t played terribly much considering at PSG this season. If they want say Ozil, we could maybe make a swap deal take him on loan and if we say hit CL target next season, buy him for an added nominal sum. One option of many. Draxler is now 24yrs. I think Wenger may be able to mold him into another RVP type hybrid striker in time to take over from Giroud. The likes of Greizzman and Mbappe may be too expensive IMO this season. We won’t be first choice destination if we don’t make CL but… Read more »

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