Friday, June 2, 2023

Everton defeat seals fourth place for Arsenal

Manchester City’s victory 3-2 over Everton this evening means Arsenal have secured fourth place in the Premier League and with it the opportunity to play Champions League football again next season.

We knew a win against West Brom tomorrow would have been enough to seal the deal but with one game remaining and a four point gap on the Toffees we’re now able to relax when the Baggies visit the Emirates.

It’ll be interesting to see if tonight’s result – one which takes City top and seriously puts pressure on Liverpool’s title challenge – shapes Arsene Wenger’s team selection.

On the one hand the boss certainly doesn’t need to take any risks. On the other he’ll be hoping to maintain the good momentum we’ve built up in the last four weeks.

Interestingly if we beat the Baggies and Norwich we’ll end up on 79 points, the fifth highest total of the Wenger era and a point more than the total that secured the league title in 1998.

No trophy. But with the FA Cup final on the horizon we’ve a chance to rectify that.


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OMG.. so fast

Runcorn Gooner

Will miss the last day nerves and worries……..not

Springbank 1965



Damn you’re quick.

And that’s not a compliment, well not according to my wife anyway..

Just A Gentleman

It’s funny cause your username is theo as well.

Yes I know I’m stating the obvious. 😛


The Double is on.

non flying dutchman

Not quite 71, 98 or 02 but alright then.


He will rest Bac for sure now I think, a shame as I was hoping everyone could sing ‘we want you to stay’ to Bac for the full 90


“We want you Bac for good”

non flying dutchman

St Evington’s day


Never in Doubt.
Let’s hope he brings Bac on in the 88th minute.
For a massive, standing on hands and clapping with feet ovation.
He deserves it.


Bac deserves a testimonial.


I hope Sanogo starts tomorrow.

Trapped in Wenger's basement



ST Toffeeinghams day.
Now to hull and back


We can still sing for Bac and he will hear from the bench or stands.

Not sure if it will make a difference in his decision. However, we can only cross our fingers and everything crossable and Hope.


Forget momentum, rest everyone!


Honestly if I were Wenger I’d actually play the U21 team, Diaby and all.


Still really want to win the last two games and get 79 points. Mostly so I can complain to myself and other gooners throughout the summer that we were only x number of points away from winning the league.


Yes. Winning the last two games in the league is important. In fact: Arsenal winning all games is important 😉

Seriously though, a better points haul in the league compared to last year is important. That is progress. And that is what I want for Arsenal FC.


Play a strong team and play to win. The team would’ve been selected before the citeh result anyway.
Plus we could get third.
Plus I’m going to the match. No one wants to watch a loss.


one down, one more to go!!!


The day when it is impossible for Arsenal to finish lower than fourth should be called St. Arsenigham Day



That should be reserved for the day when no other club can catch us for first.



I want to cinch 3rd so badly now. A nice comfy seat to take a massive shit on chelski…specialists in failure.


We never need help nor accepts any body’s cause we r going to Be 4th team to for champions irrespective to what happens to Everton.


We need to buy a good striker please can someone tell wenger why is he stubbone like this..we need two defender we don’t want big defeat like 6 nil next season I hate wenger when it comes to transfer market..late business isn’t good look at chelsea they are talking about costa not useless giroud

Canon Fodder

Roy, perhaps if you wrote more clearly we would understand what you are trying to say


May be you should take note of his point rather than his typing! Fact is wenger is never gona make you a happy fan when it comes to transfer issues! Already heard he said we should not expect major signings, worldcup bla bla bla.. Absolute disgrace!




Maybe if he stayed on topic, instead of randomly bashing the club and Wenger, then I’d bother reading that drivvel.



m a gunner

Champions league next year a few good additions to the squad and no more groups of death and we could go far !

Clock End Mike

We have an ECL qualifier to negotiate first, let’s remember. But we have a pretty good record there, and we don’t have to worry about that yet, so let’s celebrate the team tomorrow at the Grove, and rest everyone next weekend. Probably neither team will have anything to play for except pride at Norwich, anyway.


Wenger’s treasured 4th-is-a-trophy secured…someone booked the open-top bus yet?

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

Yeah, cool comment, totally agreed. Super-reasonable sentiment. I really wish more people would be contemptuous towards our team finishing in a CL spot for the 17th consecutive season. It’s shit playing against the top teams in Europe. I fucking hate it. Bet United players and fans are relieved. They’re thinking”Jesus, we could have finished in the top four and qualified for the Champions League. THAT would have been shit. MUCH happier finishing sixth or seventh.”


I know. We should all celebrate the 17th time that we have qualified for the CL with 1 final to show for it. Not a bad record at all.


Better than NOT qualifying for the CL 17 years in a row and getting to the final once surely? Bet Everton – and flavour of the month Martinez – would be celebrating if they’d got into the CL.

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

A. Qualifying for the Champions League is, in and of itself, a significant achievement. Not only would every other club below us in the Prem and Football Leagues love to be there – it is the gold standard club football competition in the world. EVERYONE else would love to be there. B. The alternative to the celebrated fourth place trophy is fifth place. It’s not third, second, or first. That’s reality. You can be churlish, but I’ll be pragmatic. Rather than continually getting pissed off that my team haven’t won the league or CL, I’m going to celebrate their accomplishments.… Read more »


I am merely pointing out that Wenger has seriously underachieved in the CL because to win it, typically, you need to be tactically astute – which we all know that he isn’t.

He’d rather turn his nose up at things like parking the bus (read his latest comments) when he is getting shelled in a game. So expect more of the same for the next two seasons and more big losses to our rivals. Yippee! Can I please have more of that shit sandwich? Of course!


Yes we’ve booked it, but you’re not invited.


the bus was destroyed few days ago by athletico madrid, you could always use my old metro


I’d have thought there’d have been a lot less negativity seeing that we finished above sp*rs for the 19th time in a row and got into the CL places for the 17th time in a row, are in the FA cup final and John Terry is still a cunt . Oh well, tis better to have loved a short girl than never to have loved a tall


Lets us try to finish as high as possible by doing our part. 3 more wins please to finish the season on a high..COYG!

Satnam Singh

Well said son . Nothing much to add .
Just to say the haters can fuck off u cunts


Don’t be diplomatic Satnam tell em straight 🙂


Fuck.. now we have nothing to play for tomorrow with me having traveled all the way from Sweden to watch my first ever game at the Emirates. Oh well, still buzzing to see the Arsenal live. Come on you Gunners


It will still be special. I can promise you that 🙂


special!!!! so diaby will be playing then


Welcome fellow Gooner , it will be awesome and you will love it, welcome to the best family in the world!

Double canister

This is real progress this season.
Not as much as some had hoped for, but tangible nonetheless, a few fuck ups apart, we could have still been in the title race but a cup final will keep the team on their toes.

Double canister

Lucky break for Norwich.


I can’t remember a game in which I’ve had experienced such conflicting emotions during more-so than the city vs everton game today. Obviously a guaranteed qualifier for the champion’s league is the positive that is drawn from the result, but I believe we could and should have achieved this regardless of today’s result. In terms of who wins the title however, there is a side of me that resents the notion that Liverpool win the league against the oil-rich clubs, if only because it means that it is possible – yet Arsenal were unable to achieve it. For this reason… Read more »


That is actually an interesting perspective. Out of the remaining clubs in the title race I would prefer Liverpool ,partly because my GF is a fan, partly because it would show that petro dollars are not required to win the league (yet)


You can’t forget even Liverpool have outspended us 10 to 1 the last 10 years, but I get what you’re saying. I mostly root against them because all my friends are mugsmashers and what a buzzkill it would be if I had to listen to their fanfaronade all summer long.


I’d like ro see us steaming over the finish line, more as a fuck you statement we could very easily have won the league type thing.

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Well, good. Now we can make the “quadruple” if you know what i mean… 😉 , we already got 4th place, now lets get the FA Cup, Emirates Cup (I know, i know) and the community shield!COYG!

Wenger's Zipper

I guess my owner won’t need me much after the next 3 games 🙁


Champions League, we’re havin’ a laugh!
Champions League, we’re havin’ a laugh!
Champions League, we’re havin’ a laugh!
Champions League, we’re havin’ a laugh!


That’s 60m to Liverpool is what it represents to that club having been out of CL for so long.

CL …laughing your way to the bank is what is.

Want to buy Ozil type players? Better qualify. 42.3m + no CL = No Ozil.



So what is Athletico’s excuse then? What about Dortmund? They must not have read that manual and actually have a manager who knows something about tactics.

Double canister

Happy Saint Quattro’s day everyone!

Double canister

Angolan girl?
I like you’re way of thinking!

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Thanks mate! 🙂


Plenty of time now to get our business done early now that CL qualification is sorted.
I think we could raid newcastle a half decent right back up there and maybe AW might look at tiote who i think would improve in a good team. good engine on him and pretty tough which is no harm either. would love to see us get cesc back think that would seriously drive us on. and a lot of loose talk from AW re podokski which makes me think he could well be open to offers. any thoughts?


Hope City win it.

Liverpool would be unsufferable. They are like a cult and the media is packed with their ilk.

City are nouveau riche but I suppose we can at very least say they have the unfair advantage of not getting punished for over spending and not conforming to FFP.

Chelsea have drawn blank this season. Much rather be us with a shot at the FA cup.

the Quadruple is better than 3rd and …well nothing.


I’m in pain agreeing with you there Santori ;-).

I hate them all with only Pellegrini making City the one I hate least.

Belfast Gooner

Flying over from Belfast for the match 2moro. I think he will play a pretty strong team 2moro. With 4th place assured we still have a slim chance of finishing 4th. Getting a win over West Brom will put pressure on a hung-over Chavski to beat battling Norwich!

Belfast Gooner

Sorry I mean slim chance of getting 3rd rather than 4th! Doh!

sh gooner

Now that we have guaranteed Champions League football, I hope we can try playing 4-4-1-1 with Podolski behind the main striker. We should at least try it as it could be a very efficient Plan B. Also I think if Wenger plans to play Fabianski in the final he should start the next two league games.


Arsenal qualify for the champions league again and people moan about it, if Everton or Spurs had qualified it would have been an orgy of joy and gloating. We really do have some miserable cunts supposedly supporting our club.

Really easy to take it for granted and forget just how important it is, well done Arsenal, AGAIN!!!

Podolski's left foot

Now there is only one more game that really matters this season… Let’s get this duck off our back!!


Guys stop focusing on Mourinho he only saids what he does cause we bight… besides this whole specialist in failure comment has been taken personally by a lot of fans..

Guys his early success and his consistant champions league finishes funding our move to our new ground is not failure,, so stop taking his comment literally he doesnt mean it.. Also Chelsea havent had the injuries we have so a top 4 finish and FA cup is already a better season that Chelsea.


thanks god . people say they prefer liverpool winning the league, i woud hate it. i hate liverpool . their fan are as bad as MU fan .

for month we would have to listen gerrard the greatest,rodgers the genius, see hansen and MOTD crew witha big smiles and how liverpool back where they vre belong bullshit
hope city win the title


I hope that playing the last two games without pressure doesn’t leave us rusty for the cup. There’s always a danger of that. The best possible preparation for that game is to play proper football in the two league games we have left. Really hope Wenger is keen to instil that in the players.


The talk about Balotelli disappeared somewhere. I’d love to have him at the Emirates in a 4-4-1-1 with Giroud playing behind him. He is a good anchorman and plays some nice flicks and passes for others to score, and Balo is a decent finisher.
I’d still love to see TV5 playing DM allowing Arteta to roam like all our other midfielders.
Is Gnabry fit? He could be given a runout today.


Balotelli is a liability both on the pitch and in the dressing room. No thanks. We need to keep the spirit of the dressing room healthy. Balotelli is a time bomb, granted talent is there. TV5 has not been proven as a DM. We already have Arteta and Flamini who are good for at least one more season. Kallstrom could be got for cheap if necessary. TV5 will not hang around to play third or fourth fiddle in midfield when he can’t get games at the back. Goes to illustrate the flip side when we bleat on about needing depth…how… Read more »


arse2mouse a bit clueless if he thinks Ozil purchase is a knee jerk to fans’ upset over the Villa defeat start of season. The Ozil purchase needed ground work. Do you honestly think we were the only party to be interested or able to pay for him. Rather we needed to work channels behind the scene and keep it quiet, waiting : 1) For some of the oil rich team to have their fill buying 2) For Madrid to conclude on Bale This affected our ability to commit beyond 40m mark for the striker as we had to keep another… Read more »

Tony Hall

I am very pleased we have secured CL football, very pleased we have an FA cup final to look forward to and very pleased we have improved our points tally and are closer to the top. However Anfield, Goodison and Stamford Bridge was a shambles that should never be repeated. A world class striker is an absolute priority and Bac, Fab and TV will likely all need replacing. These are an absolute must and there is no reason why our transfer business cannot be done before the world cup. The players are available and we have the money to spend.… Read more »


@Tony Hall,I don’t mean to sound negative but we haven’t quite yet secured Champions League football. Due to the fact that Arsenal has a 100% record in the 2-legged playoffs, we often take 4th for granted as qualification.Cos if we draw teams like Atlethic Bilbao or Real Sociedad, Roma, Napoli, etc, you can’t afford to assume CL qualification is already in the bag.

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