Monday, July 4, 2022

Foul-mouthed Gooners thwart BT broadcasts

In rather hilarious news, BT Sport have had to cancel their plans to broadcast from outside grounds after games, following a rebuke from the media regulator, Ofcom.

After Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Liverpool in the FA Cup this season, BT thought it would be a good idea to present their post-match reaction from a platform outside the ground.

Presenter Jake Humphrey was joined by Jens Lehmann and Steve McManaman, and was forced to apologise after Arsenal fans adapted the Per Mertesacker song for the former goalkeeper as he too was a German of impressive size.

Ofcom said that such language was “a clear example of the most offensive language being broadcast before the watershed”, while BT responded by saying the presenter had acknowledged the swearing “at the first opportunity.”

It was the second such incident involving BT Sport who, although trying to do something different, were clearly stupid to think that being outside a studio or pitch-side environment would be anything other than a recipe for disaster.

Naturally, this blog takes a very dim view of swearing. It’s not big and it’s not clever and … pfff … sorry … can’t keep a straight face.

However, in more worrying news, it appears as if Ofcom have allowed BT to get away with aural torture of viewers on a weekly basis as there has been no mention of sanctions over the continued use of Michael Owen.


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Big Al

WE’VE GOT A BIG FUCKING GERMAN!! Seriously hope they sack Michael Owen for this…


I agree. I can’t see how they can blame anyone but Michael Owen.


If he would only make an intelligent comment now and again I woldn’t mind that his voice sounds like a cat trying not to slide down a blackboard or that he’s got a face like a dead badgers arse. Definitely that muppet’s fault. Sack Owen


Oooohh Robin you’re a cunt!

AN Other

Owen is a di*khead. Owen is a di*khead. Lalala lalala


Sheer brilliance!

The article that is…
I can’t condone swearing, hence the asterisk in sp*rs.

Almunia Djourou Squillaci Santos Quartet.

Phuckine class! Brilliant!


haha can’t believe they thought that was ever going to work..


So they were alright with ‘She said no Robin’ and ‘Jacob Humphrey, we know you’re a cunt’ then? Thats good to see.


The BT Sport exec who thought broadcasting from amongst the fans was a good idea must be the same one who thought Michael Owen would make a good commentator. Owens voice could do with a generous helping of auto-tune.

Kenyan Gooner

Quick!..someone saint Arsical..”Owens voice could do with a generous helping of auto-tune”…can already see him in one of Kanye’s videos…

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Much like the pitch-side broadcasts, I really enjoyed this feature, much better feel of atmos/crowd negativity/positivity.
Nice idea, but surely they must have seen this coming..?

All Owen’s fault.

Canadian Arsenal Fan

They could’ve just put a camera outside and green-screened. In the US for handegg, the prematch show is outside for the superbowl. This was just poorly executed


I find it incredible with all the money that top-level football is awash with that they cannot find someone better than Michael Owen to commentate. I look forward to the day when technology/thinking has evolved to the point where we can select who our commentators are, or maybe there will even one day be an option to only have the sound of the stadium and no commentators.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

I’ve watched a few games without commentary (mostly european pubs)
It’s pretty strange I have to say, felt more detached somehow – anyone else had this? Just me?

Almunia Djourou Squillaci Santos Quartet.

Dour, low key affair. No thrill. I agree.


I woder how a team consist of Almunia, Djorou, Santos and Squullaci would fare in the PL?


I used to love watching Arsenal gaes on Gerry Telly. Used to have me in bits when the commentator was saying something about The hairy En Rie. Had us rolling over round on the floor laughing (mind you I’m easily amused me)


Sky used to offer that facility on the red button along with the ability to pick one of their dedicated cameras (they had a playercam that followed a specific player for 10 minutes rather than follow the ball plus 2 or 3 fixed POV cams so you could watch the whole game as if you were perched on top of the Clock End)


Is this still possible at all? Would love to give it a try.


We should all be a’fuckin’shamed of ourselves!


I wonder how many complaints OfCom get with the chants during the actual match as its not difficult to make out the words to some of our ‘spicier’ songs..
MOTD and other highlights shows can always replace the chanting with more family-friendly noise if there is a segment they want to show but, with the live matches, I guess there is not much they can do than other than perhaps reduce the volume on some crowd microphones when certain chants come up..


Went to anfield a few yeaes back w my pool supporting friend when owen was playing for Newcastle. Me and 1 other guy tried to start a chant of “owen.s a wanker” in the kop. We shouted for about 2 minutes until some 12 year old turned round on the brink of tears and said ” hey mr, leave him alone” Lol..good times

Toure Motors

Michael Owen is the commentators version of waterboarding


I’ve got the waterboarder’s union on the red courtesy phone for you. Something about their good name and you dirtying it with that statement.


I genuinly hate Michael Owen


For fuck sake fuckety fuck feck fuck fuck.

Eternal Bottlers

Blogs, I think it was gary mcallister, not steve mcmanaman who was with Jens that time..just as an aside.


Ya cannae even say Bumbarass on the box nae more!

PC gone maaad.

Sack Owen and get that bloke who was kicking off on Arsenal TV after the Villa game in. Jobs a good ‘un. Bosh!!

Wenger's rain coat

Clearly this was Owens idea such incompetence from a simple minded individual, and to think he’s still employed as a pundit, what a fool perhaps he’s related to john terry


Or in a relationship with John Terry

Remember this game and being outside after and seeing a huge platform with which Jens was perched upon. There certainly was some bad things said! On a similar side note, I remember also being told off by a block behind me during the for giving Sturridge the wanker sign, he had a kid sat with him. Also after Gerrard scored his penalty to make the score 2-1 another guy behind me started going mental, he was a pool fan sat in the clock end! I took offense to this naturally and reminded him that he was sitting in the wrong… Read more »


I can sympathise with that. The clock end is more often than not dull as fuck. Some people need to remember they’re at football matches and not church. It’s often the only place people can shout and scream and say the words cunt fuck and shit as loud as they want, plus a lot of the people (not all) actually have a huge emotional investment in what’s going on. If that means it’s necessary to make a wanker sign at Daniel Sturridge then so be it. I went to a lot of scottish football matches with my dad when I… Read more »

My thoughts exactly. I recall another time sitting in the clock end upper. Arsenal had just scored and I had got up to celebrate with my matchday programme in my back pocket when I sat down I noticed it had gone. I looked around on the floor and told my mate who was sitting on my other side. He said that the guy next to me might have took it. Arsenal score again would you believe and I see a programme in his side pocket. As we all sit down again I ask him if he’s picked up my programme… Read more »


That is a bizarre story. That guy could have been sat anywhere though.

Yeah I suppose your right but I try and get tickets for the standing corner now when I go to the Emirates, im a red member so there hard to come by anyway.


I enjoyed the Crystal Palace fans’ rendition to Liverpool last night of “3-0 and you fucked it up” just before BBC Radio 5 Live returned to the studio.




Michael Owen,….really should never be allowed to comment on football, especially about Arsenal. Him and Tony Adams (sorry), and Paul Merson


I’m so fucking glad those livercunts aint gonna win it. We’d never hear the end of it. Brenda this brenda that how brenda is a fucking genius. Fuck off liverpool. U aint winning nothin for another 20 years. We fucked yous real bad back in 89 yeah? Cum in ur fucking arse….livershite

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit






Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

More sanctions until they stop this aggressive posturing putting Owen as their frontman.


FFS Charlie Adam, your giant, venomous cock has ruined BT Sports!


FFS Charlie Adam, your giant, venomous penis has ruined BT Sports!




Haha yeah fucking ay right, take that you corporate money sucking scumbags.


Whose more annoying? Owen or Carragher?


I almost had to get a new TV when Owen said last week ”Like I said earlier in the season, Arsenal will fall short.” Nobody likes an ‘I told you so.’ He forgot to say the bit about Spurs getting top 4 over us. Smug, squeaky git.

And now this! Seeing as he works for BT Sport, he should be sacked after our fans swore on TV. The man is a disgrace.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Good job the game wasn’t on BT sport last night. I hate Michael Owen so much that had he started crying when Palace equalised I would have attempted to lick his tears through the TV screen. This may have alarmed my wife who has a habit of walking in the lounge on a monday evening when some weird shit is happening on Game of Thrones which is always really awkward to explain.


”I hate Michael Owen so much that had he started crying when Palace equalised I would have attempted to lick his tears through the TV screen.”

I actually did laugh out loud at that.


Good to see the media getting taught a lesson. The recent trend of Sports channels turning into ‘Liverpool TV’ has annoyed many non Liverpool fans. And all those bloody scouse pundits all over the place? Ridiculous! The thing is, I knew the game was up for them after the City game. You could tell that the fans, players and media all thought they’d won it already. Gerrard crying tears of joy (perhaps I’m being harsh as it may have been due to the date). Rodgers comes out with ”It’s a shame Jamie Carragher isn’t still here to enjoy out title… Read more »


Ha Ha Ha! To Sammy Nelsons Arse

Adam Richards

I truly hope their next bright idea is to set up camp in the goal mouth; and that Podolski is firing them in on that day.


everytime I watched an arsenal game on BT sport we got bodied heavily. I hate BT sport!

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