Thursday, June 8, 2023

Podolski: Arsene needed a drink

As the man who began the soaking of Arsene Wenger on Saturday, Lukas Podolski has joked that the Arsenal manager needed a drink after seeing his side lift the FA Cup.

We all know how long it took us to win again, and the thirst for success was finally quenched with the famous old trophy at Wembley. It was obvious from the way the players clebrated with the manager that they wanted him to share in the joy and, of course, the champagne.

“He needed it,” said the German international. “After nine years, he needs a little drink, of course. When I played for Bayern, I won the league title and the cup.

“When you win something you must celebrate. You celebrate, then you focus on next season. When you wait nine years, especially for the fans, it’s something special.

“Everywhere there was pressure about Arsenal winning nothing, the newspapers were crazy. Now we have this done. Nine years is done and we have the cup.”

Meanwhile, Lukasz Fabianski has admitted that the Wembley win was probably his final game in an Arsenal shirt, and revealed he didn’t know he was playing until Saturday.

“Probably that was my final game for Arsenal and I am really proud of that final game. We will see. In the next few weeks, I will know more.

“I think my decision is made on playing regularly. That’s the main case for me. This club has been fantastic, I love this club. It’s purely a sporting decision.

“I found out I was playing on the day – none of the coaching staff had told me. I’ve shown – especially in this FA Cup run – each time there was a need to step up, I did that, so I think I deserved to play in the final.”

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Thanks Lukasz Fabulous-handski, no matter where you play next season!

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

I’m glad he got his chance yesterday and he truly deserved it.

That being said, I also think he showed late on towards the end of the game (when he came charging out of the box like Almunia haha) why Szcz is still first choice in Arsene’s eyes.

But who cares now, we won the cup!!!



I don’t think that’s why Szczesny is ahead of him. After all, that is Szczesny’s main weakness. Rushing out of the box. He has got caught many times like this although seems to be getting better. This is the first time I remember Fabianski misjudging a rush out of the box. So I wouldn’t say Szczesny is superior in this area.

Adam Richards

It’s so tough to say what which keeper might have done. But what a fond farewell to Fab. He saved out skins a few times more than I would have liked!

And I hope Szczesny is ready for next season. Next time Szczesny deserves another final no matter what.


he showed late on towards the end of the game

I hate posts like these.

First of all, the BFG slipped so he is at least partly at fault as well and secondly, Szcz makes a lot of cock-ups as well so I don’t think clliched frogs like the abovementioned are relevant.

But I’m totally agree with you on this one:

ut who cares now, we won the cup!!!

Jungu Beans

Part of Arsene’s thinking may have been to showcase Fabianski ahead of any impending sale, thereby raising his stock and market price. After all, an FA Cup winning goalie will fetch far more than someone you dropped in favor of your true #1. I guess Arsene never expected him to up and flee his goal, leaving it gaping, in the last minutes of extra time.


shame he is out of contract now and leaving on a free! 🙂


Um… he’s leaving on a Bosman. We don’t get a transfer fee


what f-ing sale, he’s out of contract!

Daft Aider

You can’t sell someone whose contract is about to expire


Unless your name is Nigel De Jong & moneybags city are after you.


It’s just a wonderful thing to look through all the pictures from Saturday and yesterday. Such happiness!

This one is a belter too!


Seeing Arsene smile again, properly smile, with joy in his eyes, was almost as good for me as watching us lift the cup. He looked a new man. Forwards, eh?




Off topic sorry I know, was a bit out of it and just in the moment for a lot of Saturday does anyone know where I can watch the match in full?

Chairman Meow
got every game from all the leagues and MOTD too, took me months to find it lol

the only sam is nelson

I does rather look as if Lukas is about to bottle poor old AW, albeit in a very smiley fashion


I’m still getting drunk. I’ve just downloaded a re-run. It was BT Sport’s coverage. Fuck me, what is Neil Warnock’s problem? Almost smashed my TV up, but then I realised that he must be really pissed off (like Maureen) and it made me warm. I am warm.


When The Boss was climbing up the stairs of Wembley stage to claim the cup, literally I saw a few lines gone missing from his face. No joke. Suddenly he looked 9 years younger. That accursed 9 years have seen the lines growing ever tighter.

Now that the vigor is back. High time for a remake of the Invincibles yes?. COYG VCC!


He grabbed my dad’s hand on the way up. He didn’t just slap it, take it gently or simply pass it by – he took a firm grip and it was awesome.

suker 4 punishment

Lukaz FlappyBirdski almost did an Almuniaski in the dying moments of the game, our gooseski was almost cookedski
just sayinski


The comment above is so funny because it was written by John Terry.

suker 4 punishment

why is John Terry included in this discussion? he’s a fucking idiot!
if that Goal had gone in I don’t know what I would have done.. i didn’t have anymore nails,hair or alcohol left
I just had a vision of Almunia vs West Brom at that time..

Dr Baptiste

I wish you hadn’t


I seriously doubt the the thirst for success has truly been quenched but this FA Cup. It is just the beginning!


Lukas-fabulous handski !!! Well said mate … Shows how much he has improved and matured last couple of years. Won us the game vs pool and wigan. Good luck to him for future wherever he decides to go.

Fuck My Name! Am a Gooner!!!

Poldi: After 9 Years of not Winning… Arsene Needed a Drink…
Me: Can You Add a Sexy, Hot Like the Summer, Gooner-ish Babe to that Drink to ‘Ride’ Him From the Fucking Monkey Era to The Glorious Era…?
Next Stop…
Get That Fucking Shield from City!

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I hope this makes Arsene and the rest of the gang ‘thirsty’ for more.

This sure as hell beats ‘celebrating’ 4th-place at Newcastle last year!


Was Born a Gooner

Poldi, Add a Sexy, SummerLike Gooner Babe to ‘Ride’ Him From the Monkey Era to the Era of Greatness!


Arsene Wenger’s abs, he wears a magic hat.
And when he saw Ze Germans with champagne,
He said what the fuck is that?!

alinaitwe paddy

Thats true he was in need of it because the game wasn’t easy


Just happy we end 9years waiting


Just read the live blog from Saturday. Absolutely awesome! Petition for Mrs Blogs to become official live blogger for 2014-15 starts here. All in favour, thumbs up!


Yes, wanted to express the same thought. Go to more games next year, Mr. Blogs. And take Tom. Love you both but Mrs. had a certain panache.


Lava lamp hahahah

Brian Mendoza

I thought it was beer instead of champagne? Because of the whole Budweiser FA Budweiser Cup sponsored by Budweiser.



What’s the similarity between Budweiser and making love in a canoe?

They’re both fucking close to water.




FAT SAM, TONY PUBIS, LWRO, HANSEN, SHEARER, BASTER SUN NEWS PAPER, THE DAILY FAIL, THAT KNOB ADRIAN DURAHMA AND ALL THE OTHER TWATS AT TALK SPORT – WE HAVE THE TROPHY YOU Anti Arsenal muppets. Thanks God that we won just to shut these idiots up. I sincerely hope Wenger strenthens well in the window and we can rise up next season.

Fireman Sam

Don’t forget that fat twat Adrian Chiles.


good times

Al Gilmore

Well said Erwandy. I thought the ITV interview before the match was intriguing. Those fans who think AW is content with 4th and is no longer a ‘winner’ should re-evaluate. What AW isn’t is a ‘win at all costs’ manager like Mourinho who will stop at nothing to win – be it, spouting sh*te in the media, poking a fellow professional in the eye, accusing refs of bias etc. He is also not a ‘win at all costs’ manager in terms of spending, and this is why he has always looked after ‘our’ money carefully. And while we all want… Read more »

tariq Khan

Well put mate!! We have been 1/2 quality players short for a few seasons. He keeps this lot together and adds the 1/2 players we need – or just a WC striker – and we will challenge without breaking the bank. look no further than Ath Madrid to see how.

gunnering mouth

After what I went through over the weekend made me realise that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes good. sometimes bad but its really up to you to make the most out of it. I was watching the final from a bar and I was there an hour before kickoff. I was really hopeful and maybe so certain that we were gonna walk away with the trophy. so you can imagine how I felt when Hull scored first.( I know all of felt the same way) I thought one goal down inside five minutes isnt that bad. we had 85… Read more »

Kiddleton Fan

That was beautiful…. “Then I imagine what went through the manager’s head in those ten minutes and he has never walk away in any match. win loss or draw. That man is Class.” 🙂


I was at church by then just decided check online,find out only to notice we were 2 goals down. I scratched my head and said to myself not today again. So I went around and was still following. On the winning I was driving through town and it was sweeter like first sex with the the girl you are dying to have. I just told myself only Arsenal can do me that. Bravo all gooners we deserve it.

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

You know what I can’t believe? How star struck I was seeing Bloggs coming out of the loo at the Tollington. I was so awkward, and the most hilarious is Bloggs was just as awkward.

Love your work Bloggs. I’ll buy the book when I get paid. Promise.

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

So happy seeing Le Boss smiling again, a really really happy smile, he deserves it so much. And the haters just hating on us, is so funny especially chelshit fans. Oh well, Forward Gunners!COYG!

The Alsacien

I would like to suggest Blogs write a post on how cool Mrs Blogs was on the liveblog.

The woman needs to get some praise from the arseblog faithful!

Let me be the first to say..Pure Gold!

James Wamai

I have waited for this moment for 9 years and it was totally it. It was perfect with Wenger at the helm..the crap this man has taken for the club is enormous


A day and a half without a trophy. Wenger out!

Seriously, I doubt this will get media off our backs. The tune will just change to “Only one trophy in 10 years”.
The media will always be on our backs.


its just so surreal

Antony Joseph

I had promised the wife, I’d take her to the beach on Saturday. For some unknown reason I thought the game was on Sunday. When I realized the mistake, it was too late to change the plans. Moreover I thought that it would be bad Karma, so I set the DVR for the game and for 2 hours extra and off we set to the beach. I live in the US now, so at noon, while driving, I told my wife, “the game just started.” I was feeling quietly confident that we would win the game, but about 12:13 my… Read more »


Eric Wynalda is possibly the worst commentator ever. I completely agree, fire away.


Get me lehman mehn(just saying) or lehman-like-character atleast as a backup gk.


Just caught up with Mrs Blogs’ Live Blog (that has a nice ring to it). My favourite bit was in the first half….
“Livermore threatens. Threatens like a kitten.”
I doff my cap to you Ma’am.


I love watching Podolski act like a teenager. The picture of him on top of Gunnersaurus will be one of my favorite memories of this cup. Players like that are important for the club. Good to balance on Wenger as he gets older and comes across as more stoic. Certainly looked lighter after Saturday, didn’t he?

Fabianski scared the hell out of me in extra time. Wherever he goes, he’d do well to remember that those absurd 30 yard charges out of the area were what put him on the bench to begin with. You’re a goalkeeper. Keep the goal.


From the way Podolski’s holding the bottle, seriously looks like he’s gonna smash it on Wenger’s head! :O 🙂

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