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Vela: I’ll do things differently at Arsenal if I return

Carlos Vela says he’ll do things differently if he’s signed by Arsenal for a second time as speculation continues to grow that Arsene Wenger could take advantage of a €4 million buyback clause in the striker’s contract.

The Gunners only sold the Mexican striker to Real Sociedad in the summer of 2012 but with the 25-year-old excelling in San Sebastian it has been suggested he could return to the Emirates at a price considerably below his market value.

Speaking to El Diario Vasco (translated by Vela touched on the talks between his current and former club:

“We will try and reach an agreement in which we all win, Real [Sociedad], Arsenal and me. We must see what can be done. We will decide what will be my future, it is all about finding the best way to be happy.

“I did not have as many chances as I wanted [at Arsenal] and I had to try something new. If I have to return to London I will do things in a different way. What happened in the past will not be repeated.”

Notching 16 goals last season to finish as top scorer at the Estadio Anoeta, Vela admitted he’s been pleased with his form.

“[Being topscorer] makes me proud. I do not play for these awards, but I want to say that not just I was happy with my work, the fans were also left satisfied.”

Despite being one of Mexico’s hottest prospects Vela won’t be playing at the World Cup this summer. The player remains in dispute with his country’s football association after his off-field antics a few years back earned him a ban which he’s ever since deemed unfair.

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Why not eh?


For 3.5m a player who can play as a striker and as a winger, has improved massively and is performing well even when he has played against the top teams in Real Sociedad. He wasn’t given a chance at Arsenal before and yet he still wants to join, which shows that he’s matured a lot at least mentally. And since he’s the one that wants the move so bad you can’t blame Arsenal if we buy him and he doesn’t get a lot of playing time in case we go for another striker.

Seriously, why not?

Finsbury Park Gooner

The fact that it makes perfect sense leads me to believe that it’s never going to happen.


I agree. At that price we would be stupid not to bring him back. We need reinforcements in attack but Arsenal never do what appears to be the sensible option. Then again, if Wenger had no intention of bringing him back one day then surely he wouldn’t have installed the buy back clause. Also, Arsenal love a bargain and even if it doesn’t work out then his sale value would ensure a tidy profit.


Vela’s quick and we need to get quicker. Unfortunately, he’s small and we don’t need to get smaller. If he’s upfront by himself how do we hold the ball up?

Does buying him back negatively impact the development of Joel Campbell who is also quick, small, and good on the ball? Campbell’s time may have come. He looked really good during the second half of the season at Olympiakos. Perhaps his future rests on his World Cup performances.

I am ambivalent on bringing him back.

Jack's Right Foot

Fingers crossed. You don’t get named in the team of the season alongside Ronaldo and Messi for nothing (I think he was in 2012/13 anyway).


He has been named in’s team of the season for this season as well.


whoscored ratings sucks rat balls. aaron ramsey doesnt make it to top 5 of their top 100 list. he is placed 16th.


Not sure what you’re looking at, I’m seeing him ranked 3rd in the PL.


Maybe they were just looking at squad numbers.


im talkin abt top 100 in europe


Not to mention that Fabianski had a score of 5.8 for his performance against Wigan in FA Cup.


maybe that’s just his squad number


Wonder where lord bendtner will end up??

But yeah id take him but I still want benzema or manzudkic or someone world class


Maybe he’ll end up as a commentator on TV, surely he could do the job better than Michael Owen.


Welcome to BT Sport, with me, Mick Bendtnooorrr!!

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

The greatest commentator that ever lived


I honestly don’t get the fuss about Mandzukic. He ain’t world class, he’s just in a world class team, that makes him look good. I don’t really think that he’s much different than Giroud. There, i said it…
Also, Vela is a no-brainer for me…


Mandzukic looked really, really good at Euro 2012 in a non-world class team. He’s big, good with his feet, shifty, and lethal in front of goal. He was a huge upgrade over Mario Gomez for Bayern. Maybe not world class in the same way as a certain Dutchman, but a definite upgrade over Giroud in my mind.


Luka,honestly,wtf you talking about man?? So Bayern is world class club with non-class players? What is your criteria to be world class then?

Black Hei

Mandzukic is a pressing monster that harass the hell out of anyone holding on to the ball.

See that plan Wenger used when throwing Sanogo against Hull, imagine if that was Mandzukic and you get the general idea.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Benzema won’t come, he’s competing with Giroud for France’s no.9 role. Isn’t that one of the main reasons Fabianski is leaving?

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

In that case, Giroud would be the one doing the leaving as there’s no competition there.

Mesut's Kisses

Not the answer.. but a solid depth add for the right price.


Flaminesque signing?

Jake the Cake

I like Vela. He seems grown up now more mature. If he can score for us then why not ?


It’s excellent business getting a player that good for so little money.


Vela would be a good option from the bench for sure, problem is that’s not enough to keep him content.

Bould's Eyeliner

i’m sure our wage packet is slightly more desirable than real sociedad’s


We had a good laugh about Nasri joining City for money didn’t we?


Except Vela isn’t clearly licking Real Sociedad fans’ asses before hopping on to the next club with more money and prestige.

I’m not terribly bitter about it although it’s fun watching fans wind him up and then he rants about it in some newspaper while still saying I like Arsenal etc when he could have apologized and just shut up about it.


@Anon I was referring more to the comment that was made about Arsenal being more attractive to Vela because of the higher wages even if it meant Vela would still be on the bench when we laughed at Nasri for doing the exact same thing ie move to City to be on the bench for higher wages.

In any case if I was a Real Sociedad fan I would be disgusted with Vela’s behaviour right now with him practically whoring himself to us to take him back.


Sometimes it takes players a little longer than others to develop fully. Look at Lallana at the Saints. Vela has got absolutely bags of potential and I’d be bloody excited if Wenger pulls this off.


Why be reactionary, there are alot of great strikers out there.


Because he has the added bonus of being cheap (for us.) Which makes him maybe…just maybe…realistic.


What about a double deal with griezman aswell, I know Wenger likes him.

Andy Mack

The price would be a minor issue for AW, the real interest would be that he knows the club set up and AW knows his technical ability, so he shouldn’t need a season to fit in.
Personally I’m not sure he can make it in the PL as a striker due to his build and I don’t know if he’s interested in being a winger…. maybe we’ll find out.


we’ll have to offload any too, right? Bendtner is one of course.

Imagine our bench IF we sign a main striker and DM.

Arteta, Rosicky, Diaby, Flamini, Ox, Podolski, Giroud, Vela, Monreal, Goalie.



… Centre back sub may be an idea…


All of them fit and healthy at the same time? That’s highly implausible, let’s be realistic.

Edu's Braces

4m is worth it for just one vela dink


Cheap as chips…


Would love to see him back, and for so little money. Mandzukic may be available too. Aurier at the back. So just a DM needed.

Question for gunners – would you like Fabregas back? Would he fit into the team? Is he necessary? I’d personally like see him come back rather than go to Utd (if the papers are to be believed, which they aren’t).


I’d take back Fabregas even if we have to play him as a striker.

But that’s just me.

Si in Galway

I’d take him back even if he has to play in goal.

Dressed as Hitler.

Waving a huge flag of Sam Allardyce which says “OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR” on it.

Don Cazorleone

There aren’t many players in the world that would make me as happy as if Fabregas came back


I’d take back Fabregas in a heartbeat but it’s not a priority for me. We have tons of midfielders. I’d be happy this summer with:

young CB
solid backup GK


I’d rather have Bony than Remy, but I’m pretty much in agreement with you otherwise.


I think both Bony and Remy aren’t big enough upgrades at that position. We were pursuing Suarez last year–I want somebody of that calibre coming in.


I reckon Bony could be, Remy not so much.

If we can’t get a ‘wold class’ striker then someone like Bony would be a great pick-up, goalscorer, lone frontman, foil, tank, he can fulfill all those roles.


people seem to have forgotten all about ignasi miguel..he is a young centre back

Black Hei

He didn’t do too well on loan


Anyday! Bring me Fabregas anyday!


If we signed an absolute monster striker and Vela (along with the other positions needed) then I’d be smiling


Cos hes cheaper than any other option at equal quality


This is one of the most common sense signings I think I’ve ever seen. I don’t care if he’s not exactly what you want. Do it. He knows London, has enough pace and skill to offer an alternative to Giroud, and clearly has more confidence after a cracking season in Spain.

I think the purchase of a very good winger as well as him and our attack could be potent next year!

*fingers crossed alexis sanchez*


Doubt Sanchez will leave after such a successful season at barca, also with the fair play rules coming in soon on transfers, i can see barca tryign to hang on to him.


Implying Barca will not just get a slap on the wrist and £5m fine.


I just don’t think he is premiership quality. Always scored meaningless goals (4th goal in a 4-0 win for eg).


I’m not sure about your memory, but even if what you say is true:

a) You know he’s developed since he left us, right?

b) If some goals are meaningless, why do you think the league counts GD? That must be very perplexing for you when a team finishes above another team based on something meaningless.

Andy Mack

It does look like his goal tally against the big spanish clubs is poor, a bit like when he was with us vs the top 4. But without seeing him play out there, it’s difficult to judge his improvement.
His size would be a problem in the PL if he only wants to play as CF (Like it is for Theo) but if he’d be prepared to play as a winger it could be interesting. Pacey Vela & Theo running onto through balls from Santi, TR, Ozil etc would be really interesting….


I think its all up to wenger.if someone came in with a 12 million bid i think its byebye to vela again.

Andy Mack

If he didn’t look effective in the PL then yes AW would sell him and be happy to have made a profit, but if he plays well then he wouldn’t be for sale. As a club we aren’t short of cash anymore, but that doesn’t mean we should waste it either..


Slightly off topic, is anyone else finding this Yaya birthday story absolutely hilarious. What a bunch of piss artists! That agent couldn’t find any other way to get his client a pay rise?


It’s actually 100% true. If you think it isn’t go to Yayas official twitter page. You may be surprised.


Maybe someone could let him know we’d give him any birthday cake he wants. Can you imagine him and Ramsey supporting Walcott, Ozil, and Oxlade-Chamberlain? Might not be the strongest defensive midfield, but it’d sure as hell strike some fear into various parked buses!


Unfortunately City has sent him a birthday card… I don’t think we’ll get him.

sanogo's misskick

He could prove to be a very decent squad player and after Flamini’s performance this season I’m all for giving former gunners second chances. Well… except for RVP, I don’t trust anyone who takes career advice from little kids!


I assume Cashley is also included in that except list? I hope so!


and the chubby chinless one!!


Andre Santos?


Fans may not like the words players have used to justify leaving the club, but I think every single former player that has left the club and is now reviled by fans has won a league title at least, and earned more money doing it, while Arsenal went without a trophy. I’m sure they sleep just fine. The stories fans tell each other about why so and so left the club and the circumstances around it bear only a caricature’s resemblance to the truth anyway. Objectively, only Adebayor was a dick to fans. Pantomime villains are neat, but perhaps it’s… Read more »


That letter RVP wrote to the fans had a certain dick-ish air to it, you might agree.

Leaving for City I get: $$$. But leaving to play for United? You only do that if you’re a dick.

Don Cazorleone

Fuck that shit, RVP is a cock

Andy Mack

The other amusing thing is that half the fans shout about buying certain players who are clearly only interested in money without any interest in where they play (check some of the players that have gone to Eastern Europe/FSU…. Yeah you’ve signed because it’s always been your dream to play in XyXyXstan and win their version of the TinPot cup….)


I don’t think we’re obsessed with make-believe villains since we still have a laugh discussing Bendtner and Adebayor; maybe Bentley if we ever see him ever again. The thing was we were hugely reliant on a few of these people like RVP and Nasri.

Fabregas could have turned into a villain as well if it weren’t for him keeping himself quiet for the whole ordeal. Even now many choose to believe or ignore Cesc boycotting training to force a move, but it’s much more tame because he actually kept himself quiet and didn’t make himself a fucking PR disaster.


I’m dubious, whilst his stats are very good, I’m not sure whether his form merits us removing say podolski out of the team, and I’d be surprised if he’d want to come here to be merely a squad player.


if walcott gets back podolski would have to make way, because its either him or carzola, either way vela gives us plenty of options, he can play on the left and we rest either carzola or ozil (carzola plays in the middle or he rest and ozil plays in the middle) he could also cover for Giroud as well, he is fast and has an eye for the chip and getting a £25 million player for £3.3 it would be crazy not to


You’re assuming Vela is English, that pricetag is too high. I agree though otherwise.


Heck, for 4 million, i’ll buy him. That’s a darn bargain.


Carlos looks very Suarezy in this picture

Perry S.

Ha I thought the same at first glance. I think Blogs picked the photo on purpose to reflect a case of irony of some sorts. We might get our own bitey racist gem of a striker except not bitey or racist (I assume), but the rest is the same…kind of?


Sell Podolski and buy Greizmann and Vela.

Gary Baldy

Selling Podolski would be nuts.

Brining in Vela as an option for the team, would be a good idea, he’d have to prove himself to be a starter but if he is as good as is being said here, then he would be fantastic from the bench, as would, in the reverse situation, Podolski or Giroud . . . plus anyone else we might pick up for £50m . . . !


Even tho I agree some times Poldi goes missing in some matches, he is perhaps the most clinical finisher in the club, and is worth having for that and just for the fact he loves gunnersaurus xD seriously tho, he is a mood lifter i think, and is good to have that kind of characters in a team.

Perry S.

QQ, what is Flamini’s status with the club? Has he signed on for longer than just this past season? I truly hope we’ve got him tied down for at least another season or two.


Transfermarkt has him contracted til 2015 ( but given his fitness and general usefulness I can see him getting an extension – whether it’s more than the classic Arsene over-30s, one-year-at-a-time jobby I don’t know.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I think we got him on a three-year deal but I could be mistaken.


He didn’t strike me as the sort of player to have the right temperament, first time round, but he was a kid at the time I suppose.

Also seemed like he had the potential to be a bit of a fat fuck given half a chance.

If he’s matured, then at that price it’s probably a bit of a no brainer.

Just keep him away from chips that come in a bag, rather than the 89th minute of a Carling cup game, and avoid the old Who Ate All The Paellas temptation.


I’d like vela back, think we’d only go for him as a replacement for podolski though.


Don’t know why you’re being thumbed down but yes the only way we can accomodate both Vela and Podolski in the first team is if we play 4-4-2 with Podolski and Giroud up top and Vela on the left wing but we know that probably won’t ever happen so if Vela comes then maybe Podolski goes. Don’t think either of them would like being left of the bench, which is why Vela left in the first place.


Not sure if you’ve counted our injuries this season.

Not sure if you’ve counted how many 90-minute matches Podolski played either.


So you’re saying that Arsene Wenger tells Podolski and Vela that they’ll get first team only when and if someone gets injured?

Black Hei

Yup Mos, I am in agreement there.

We already have 4 first team wide players fighting for 2 positions. Carzola, OX, Walcott and Podolski.

Vela might costs only 4M, but don’t think for an instance that he is happy being just some game filler. This is a guy that has performed for his club in 3 consecutive seasons. He is no light weight player.

not that handsome french bloke

As long as someone keeps an eye on his passport..


Mandzukic is not world class, he’s no better than Giroud. Vela 4€ would be an absolute bargain. Let’s not forget he was not bad at all at Arsenal, he’s a technically gifted forward who can also play on the wing and I think he would be a great addition. He seems to have matured at Sociedad and his work rate which I used to find frustrating has improved, Wenger sign him

Özil is a goooooner

Even if we’re not going to but him, why not cash in? Offer a settlement with Real Sociedad to remove the buy-back clause, they get to keep him on an equally permanent basis but without the threat of us swooping back in to get him on the cheap, and we get some cash? That being said, he looks a real coup for us if this whole saga comes to fruition. Could do with someone to fill that void at RW behind Theo – although in current form maybe Vela could challenge – and it would allow us to play with… Read more »


Did someone call benzema and madzugic world class? Or its me tht needs to know th proper defination of world class which apparently (at least to that guy calling em as such)means any player who plays for madrid,munich or baca.


There’s no real definition, you can call pretty much anybody ‘world class’ if you want. It has about as much use as the term ‘overrated’

That said, by most peoples definitions Benzema IS world class but I’d struggle to apply that tag to Mandzukic.

Either way, we want someone closer to Messi than Heskey.


Denilson is closer to Messi than Heskey.


I choose to trust that our scouts know which players to sign. Grimandi and them lot have a lot of influence on potential signings and more often than not they get it right


Must admit I don’t see what all the fuss is about with Mandzukic. He was anonymous against Real Madrid and nowhere near as skilful or aware as Giroud. I’m not that fussed by Benzema either to be honest.


Mandzukic isnt better than giroud, hell i Dare to say Giroud might be better than him. We already have 2 target man on Giroud and Yaya, I think what we need is a mobile, pacy and skillfull (and with better finishing) striker to complement this 2. Vela might be a VERY good deal, he can play on the wings and as striker, but im being hopefully that IF we do sign vela, he wont be the only striker we get. Would love for Draxler (even tho he isnt a striker yet, i think he could do a good job in… Read more »


He has scored one goal less than 40 mill benzema and has more assists while playing in a less star studded team compared to RM or Barca.


Vela is considerably better looking than Suarez. Just saying.


Gunnersaurus is better looking than Suarez.


I think Poldi will agree with you


The goblin shark is better looking than Suarez, even though it has exactly the same Alien-like extensible jaws as him.


My nephew showed me that at the weekend and it scared the shit out of me!

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Vela has visited the dentist, in his life.



This has to be worth it…. and it will surely happen. The board will see it as a win win for us. He comes back for 4m, if he plays well then great bit of work, if he doesn’t quite live up to it over here again he’ll still be worth alot more than 4m to flog on back to Spain. And we’ll be quid’s in. Happy days.

17 years a gooner

take him, youd be retarded not to, even the doubters saying he only scored when it didn’t matter, doesn’t matter= no pressure less pressure is a result of greater confidence, which his season in spain will give him ergo worth a 4m pop


I like vela, although the other Mexican Chicharito Hernandez, suits arsenal better as he plays in the six yard box, something Giroud has not been doing. he can partner both Giroud and Sanogo. I also want Benzema. that’ll make arsenal more formidable next season attack wise.


Sign him up, Le Prof.

Steve Bould's Thigh Gap

Roberto soldado scored 24 goals in the league in his last season at Valencia. Heard he’s matured a lot at spurs or something like that? Might be worth a shout if we can get him for £4 million. Also, heard Ashley cole is available on a free, maybe we should like, sign him and play him up front because he’s got loads of pace (or does he? Haven’t really seen him play except doing some nice skills on YouTube). Maybe as an assistant manager to replace Steve bould. Just won the FA cup, surely we should expect a bit more… Read more »


4 mill might be worth it, even though I said a while ago that buying him back wouldn’t be worth it when someone suggested this in January.


As a striking option he’s worth another go. But he cannot be our only purchase up front. That just cannot be allowed to happen.

Tim sherminator

Vela isn’t better than loic remy either that’s ridiculous. Why does this £4million price tag mean so much? We aren’t short of cash or short of players.

If we’re signing someone to play on the wing may as well get a winger.
But is he better than Walcott, ox, podolski? Will he get in the way of gnagbry’s and Joel Campbell’s development (who we all saw rip up United, not just assumed he’s improved by watching some youtube videos were he shows ‘good skills and pace’ or whatever vela is supposed to have)?

Anthony Payne

I always liked Vela. He had similar goalscoring instincts to the pre injury Eduardo. I remember the goal in the Carling Cup v Sheffield Utd when up against Chris Morgan ( a hard defender that use to dish it out in a big way) he chested the ball and turned him in one movement before scoring a cracker. I just don’t think Wenger gave him enough of a sustained opportunity in the first team and it affected his confidence.
I would be disappointed however if this turned out to be the only addition to our frontline.

Dammit I Forgot My Old Nick

I believe you meant this match good sir. A cracker of a goal, made number 29 on the all time best Arsenal goals list.


Thierry Bergkamp

He’d be a cheap, quality signing and there’d be cash left over for others. Seems like a no brainer to me


Would Vela count towards any of the ‘home grown’ stipulations as an added bonus?

FT 3:16

Joel Campbell???


I get the impression that Vela splits the opinion of Gooners. I think a lot of us remember how promising he was playing for the U21s. He would always score the most delicious chipped goals and seemed more talented than many of his counterparts. Of course the biggest criticism leveled against him was his inability to bring that to the senior squad for club or country (I remember more than one Mexican expressing their disdain for Carlos back when he wore our kit). He also seemed a little too casual, à la Arshavin, but the technical ability was never really… Read more »


Just imagine our strike force next season
U think we need Another


All i see is quantity and no star quality.


lets be honest, there are not enough world class strikers out there and given the money we would have to pay to get them, i really do not see wenger splashing out £40 -£50 million, dont forget we need a back up goal keeper, a central defender and a right back all which will cost us to much , i would say a vela deal is as good as we may get, he is a double figure goal scorer which is good enough for me, he is fast and has an eye for goal, he has played in england before… Read more »


I would definitely take him back, especially at that price. Always rated him and thought he could have been given more chances. Probably needed a bit more physical strength, but perhaps he has that now. I’m interested to know what he would “do differently” though…

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