Saturday, December 10, 2022

Wenger: no danger of complacency

Arsene Wenger says there’s no chance of his team being complacent in the cup final despite the fact they’re favourites.

The Gunners have beaten Hull twice already this season, but the manager says being tipped for the trophy makes no difference, and that his team have to perform on the day

“To be favourites doesn’t guarantee you anything,” he said. “It just means if you turn up on the day of the game with a good performance you have more chance of winning. So let’s focus on turning up with a great performance.

“I don’t believe we need any warning. We know that a final is a final, that Hull are a Premier League team, they can pass the ball, they can create chances. It’s just down to us to perform well on the day of the game.

“I honestly don’t feel there is any danger of complacency. We know the difficulty of the task.”

Wenger pointed to the difficulty of the games they’ve won on the way to Wembley to prove his team won’t be taking anything for granted.

“If you look at our run in the FA Cup, we’ve had a hard run.

“We played against Tottenham, against Liverpool, against Everton, Wigan in the semi-final. Coventry was maybe a little bit easier, but overall if you look at the run we had it was very tough. We have done all this and we want to finish it now.”


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Double D

Random question… What’s happened to Gnabry?

Just A Gentleman

The thing that happens to players at Arsenal..

Turn down for what?



Knee injury, to be precise.

Runcorn Gooner

AW slightly correct we faced tough games against Everton and Liverpool……….as well as the easier matches like Sp*ds


As the week has gone on i really feel like the fa cup is the big trophy this year that everyone wanted to win. More so than the league and champions league. Everyone will be sickened when we win it. COYG

Just A Gentleman

“More so than the league and champions league”

I’m going to be over the moon when we win the FA cup, but the FA cup over the league or CL is pushing it, especially the CL in our case considering we haven’t won it before.


people need to stop worrying about this stuff and just enjoy the football. sheesh.

Runcorn Gooner

Feel it could be a win by our favourite score 2-0


Right now, the thumbs for this post are 2-0. No-one thumb this post any more!


I’m absolutely confident, this isn’t even up for a discussion. we are bringing that historic cup to London. North London!


That’s how I felt when we played B’ham City in the Carling Cup final.

In other words, don’t take anything for granted. We have a habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…to coin an Arseblog phrase.


Que sera sera…

Trex d Gunner

I’m calm and confident about us winning. Owen and co would change their favourite anti-Arsenal phrase to ‘…..only won a trophy in 10 years’.

Jap's Eye

And we equal the Mancs with 18 finals and 11 wins…..

No complacency? Please don’t fuck it up again like the other cup….


billybobjojo are u on crack mate ?


Not everything written on the internet is sarcastic. as the week goes on, im getting more and more excited about this match. Its the most important trophy available to us, and it would be to ithers too. its what I’m telling all my Chelsea, united, spurs and Liverpool fan mates. Its the big trophy, and we are gonna win it.

Ant Lester

Oh man. I am so buzzin’ about Saturday.
4-0 win. Diaby to grab a sweet one late on.


It will be tough. A fight. A hard day’s graft.

But it will come home. COYG.

12th Man in The Clockend

I think the slip up in the Mickey Mouse Cup a few years back is what’s keeping everyone grounded. I love the FA Cup – the fact it’s the oldest footballing trophy and the fact every player in England wants to win it.

She wore…

Springbank 1965

Nervous? Excited? Nervous and excited?

I’m just glad we haven’t played our last game of the season yet.

There’s one more game to go. And we get to play a part in its outcome.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Samir Nasri has!

Pacific Gooner

COYG bring IT home!!!


fa cup win can only fix my heart which has been broken for last 8 years, COYG !!


I’ve screenshoted this so that when we lose I can stare at it as the hose pipe pumps exhust fumes through the window filling my shit French made car.


IF we lose, yes? Or are you going to kill yourself in any case?

Kay Tyma

Come what may…this will be our 11th FA cup…i trust the boss and the players will do everthing to win it…COYG


“Wenger: no danger of complacency.”

Sorry, but there’s every danger of complacency. If you’ve been supporting this club for as long as I have then you’ll appreciate that this game is a classic banana skin. Ipswich, West Ham, Luton Town and Birmingham City all spring to mind. And the fact that we easily beat a rubbish Hull only a couple of weeks ago will only add to the feeling among the players that they only have to turn up to win.

We should treat the Cup Final as if we were playing Barcelona. Then we might just sneak it.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If you’re going to be properly negative you have to mention Swindon Town as well. I have to tell you Fatgooner that I have noticed a tiny sliver of optimism in your post. You must try harder mate.


Swindon was the worst, it was going to be the first cup of my life, it really affected this 14 year olds life. Don’t ever forget that was 16 fucking years with NOTHING. Most of you lot could not comprehend that! COYG

Arsenalized JH

How about the match with Bradford?
It was terrible,too. I’d never forget that match.

Springbank 1965

“We should treat the Cup Final as if we were playing Barcelona”

… How do you know we’re not?


what do you expect him to say


Arsene, maybe you are the person to answer the question that every one ,it seems ,wants the answer to:



Errrr iz eet a ribbon of some colour?

arsenal man

Ctrl+del Complacency


rather, shift+del


I can’t bare to think of what losing will mean in terms of rivals banter. Life will be unbearable working with a dirty Spud. He’s already saying “come on Hull” the swine.


Really Ian?
Sounds like you wouldn’t need the excuse of us losing!
Cheer up lad!


The FA cup belongs in the gunnery cabinet hehe


If we win, it’ll be a great feeling and I’ll be celebrating for days.
If we lose, I’ll take the view I always take when Arsenal lose (wether it be 6-0 or 1-0) which is “there’s more to life then football”.


Granted, should we lose, I’ll be taking that view sitting on the floor in a corner of whichever pub I’m in, hugging my knees, rocking back and forth and repeating that phrase over and over again, but you get my point.


Cannot believe GLR Radio Fucking London running a trailer for the game, with a northern bird hooting about how Hull are going to do us, used to think it was a good station. The cunts!

Clock End Mike

It seems only a couple of weeks since I was cheering for Sunderland, plucky underdogs, in their League Cup Final against the overwhelming favourites Man City. You know, don’t you, that pretty much everyone who’s not a Gonner will be cheering for Hull? And if we win then, for a few months at least, they’ll hate us for beating dear little Hull and denying the world a repeat of last year’s “cupset”? Yeah, I know, I could easily imagine being one of “them”. I think I’ve watched about 50 FA Cup Finals, at least on TV, since I was a… Read more »

Springbank 1965

Rather like Benfica last night … aren’t we the thinking-man’s underdog.

Which leaves Hull to be the bookmaker’s underdog.

Which, statistically, is rarely as romantic as it sounds.


but you also have to account for the fact that many neutrals were not supporting Wigan athletic because they were underdogs, but because of the unfair way Man city have built their team. So, in that regard, we have something working in our favor.


So we are being complacent about not being complacent? DOOM!!!


am confident we gonna lift the trophy this weekend and would wish players to use the confidence they used when playing wigan on semi-final


Birmingham, Bradford and Blackburn, 8-2, 6-3, 5-1 and 6-0 haunt my waking hours.


The truth is I have knots in my stomach. I know that we are way stronger than Hull. But I want/need this trophy so much. Winning the Cup will be a great boost for next year. When the new season starts, our players will know that we can win a trophy and it will bring a lot of confidence in our team. I want to roar from happiness this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay look fact is we have had some shockers over the years BUT! We’re coming in with good form and a fit Aaron Ramsey who I think will get us over the line no matter what. We always make hard work of any game but I think we will have too much for them. Still got butterflies now though. Love it… Come on you gunners!

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