Thursday, July 7, 2022

Atletico want Vela as Costa replacement

Cesc Fabregas isn’t the only ex-Gunner with a buyback clause that looks set to be ignored by Arsene Wenger…

Spanish newspaper Marca report this morning that Real Sociedad’s Carlos Vela is a target for La Liga champions Atletico Madrid who are stepping up their hunt for a replacement for departing duo Diego Costa and David Villa.

Arsenal are entitled to snap up their former striker, who moved to San Sebastien permanently two summers ago, for a fee as small as €4 million (a snip given his actual market value) but it appears our own quest for a striker is focused elsewhere.

There were suggestions we might pocket a tidy profit by signing Vela, 25, on the cheap before selling him straight away, but it’s since come to light that the Mexican’s contract stipulates he’d have to spend one season at the Emirates before he could move.

It’s not all bad news, thanks to a sell-on clause inserted by Dicky L, Arsenal will still earn some cash if Mr Chips moves to Atletico with a possible fee of €10 million mooted.


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“It’s not all bad news, Arsenal will still earn some cash if Mr Chips moves to Atletico with a possible fee of €10 million mooted.”

Care to explain this? I didn’t know we had any clauses other than the buy-back.


It was explained the phrase before it. “thanks to a sell-on clause inserted by Dicky L” lol


Wasn’t in the article when I commented


Corse bruv


Arsenal have a 50% sell on clause.

Someone buys him for €10m, we get €5m.


Neat, didn’t know about that


Didn’t we a similar clause in Cesc’s as well? Too lazy to look at stories when Cesc was sold!


Clause in Cescs was 50% of the profit. So if we sold for 24(I think) and they sell him for 30, we get half of the 6 profit, so 3.


‘If Arsenal were to refuse that option, they would still be entitled to half of Fabregas’s next transfer fee.’- Quote from the Telegraph

So perhaps that’s another reason Wenger’s happy to let him move; he can fund the move for another player that we actually need. (Not saying we don’t need Cesc, but clearly Arsene doesn’t see it that way).


More money for Stan! FUCK YEAH!


how much will we earn?

jack p

You know all these strikers that weve been linked with or whatever are rapidly declining lol. First benzema. Thats gone dead then morata who tweeted himself in real madrids hideous pink away kit…vela to athletico ( if he goes) I do wonder who we will end up with….


Could be a pipe dream, but I think Cavani. Reports are that he is unhappy playing second fiddle at PSG and they just splashed out on Luiz. Cavani to Arsenal could help bring them back to be more in line with FFP. You might say I’m dreaming but in my mind it seems logical. Time will tell.

Bould's Eyeliner

Don’t think Cavani is the type of player Wenger likes to invest in… not sure but I really can’t see it happening.


Wow! Is he really good enough for Atletico?

Master Bates

He has really good numbers! even a ‘number don’t tell the whole story’ person would appreciate

Springbank 1965

Someone I know (not all that well it must be admitted) who regularly watches RS matches reckons that Vela has been “just as good as Messi” this last season.

He also reckons that Athletico have the best scouts in La Liga.


I think he’s good enough. I’ve always loved him and am delighted Atletico think so too. With their manager he could soon be a big star. I wouldn’t want him back, though, as he wasn’t that happy – said he didn’t enjoy the training – and it looked like Wenger didn’t much value him, so no point repeating the experiment and leaving him to moulder on the bench once again. Hope the fact that Sociedad are losing Vela won’t make them unwilling to sell Griezmann who’d suit us better, though it’s bound to put up the price. Hope too that… Read more »

Kall Me When You're Sober

Excellent analogy, Miranda — never would have thought to compare Wenger’s philosophy toward transfers to shopping for tomatoes, but it actually works surprisingly well.


Cheers. I predict a rush on the Griezmann tomato and a big hike in the price come July. Now Ribery’s out of the France squad, Griezmann will be first choice and he could do very well. Buy now to avoid disappointment.


I am one of those “reads regularly; never comments” sorts. But this ^^


Great stuff ha ha! I can see him pacing and muttering to himself with a scowl on his face. This one will be in my head for a while!


Everyone knows that Athletico are best when it comes to scouting strikers. If he’s good enough for them why aren’t trying to bring him in instead of selling him on a profif?


Because it makes more sense to do it on your own steam. Otherwise you end up like Spurs who buy everyone the tabloids arbitrarily link us to. Fat lot of good that did them.


Because a striker that might be very well suited to the Spanish league may be less suited to ours for various reasons. For example, Diego Forlan had a terrible time at Manure but did very well indeed in the Spanish leagues.

glory hunter

why must our summer transfer activity be so painful?
Cant we just sign 1 player in July, just to appease the fans and we can spend the whole summer watching Youtube compilations of the player instead of constantly reading speculations 🙁

3 Billion Dollar Stan

Yeah, but it’s early June and people are losing it. Calm down.

Master Bates

I agree with Glory Hunter , I should pe playing our new player on FIFA right now.


Transferring Fabregas to Chelsea this very afternoon, if only so I can spend all evening hacking at him with the fouls and cards turned off. Boooooooo.

Master Bates

Be sure to transfer Morata to your team

Mallu Gooner

Ya man, I already signed Neymar, Fabregas and Thiago Silva on my Fifa.


I’m really struggling to see why we haven’t signed Aurier at the moment. He’s had a good season in Ligue 1, clearly wants the move, is young and relatively cheap and will provide a valuable cover / competition for Jenkinson. Seems sensible from where I’m sitting but then again in Wenger we trust.


Yeah him + Vela + Cesc and we’d be about done, at least take our time with the less high-profile positions like back-up keeper. Then we’d have the preseason to work with them. What a concept.


I think we should sign him…
Reason : He looks great in Yellow!!!!!!!

Indian Gunner

So does this mean if we buy him and don’t let him got to Athletico, Costa wouldn’t be sold to ‘Moan’inho?

Mikel Artekkers

Why don’t we tell Sociedad: gives us Griezmann at £10-12M and we will cancel our buyback clause on Vela. If you don’t give us Griezmann we’ll take Vela for £3M. They’d probably go for the money to be honest.


I’d rather have Vela than Griezmann though


Everyone’s been begrudging the need for a DM, but to be honest, I think we could do with some back up for Theo and Ox. We were always at a disadvantage last season, because of a lack of pace on the counter. Arteta’s got another season or two left in him, and Flamini’s a goddamn soldier; someone like Griezmann and a top striker, along with a backup GK and a new right back would fire us to title contention surely?


If, and a big, big if, Diaby stays healthy and plays well throughout the next season in its entirety, that transfer move will be a stroke of genius by Wenger. I somehow sense Wenger is still putting his faith in Diaby. His unyielding faith in his players is well known to us Gooners. Griezmann, this mysterious top striker, a solid backup GK, and a solid RB + healthy Diaby will be a summer really, really well done by our club.


This transfer window is starting fucking great, thanks arsene for making your transfer strategy obvious once again.


Obvious? I’m not sure any of us having a frigging clue what he’s up to.

Apologies if you’re being sarcastic!


I am refeering to the depressing fact that we have no idea what is going on and who we are gonna sign etc.


Why should you have any clue. With the greatest of respect, it has absolutely nothing to do with you?


Arsene said to tell you that he tried phoning you to have a personal run through of his transfer strategy, just to make sure that you approve, but your phone went through to voicemail.


If we are passing up on the option of Cesc+Vela for £33m then I can only assume/hope that we have some serious awesome signings in the pipeline!


I really hope so too, or this will a summer of regret. The summer of “what could have been”.


Correction: this will be a*

Bloody sausage fingers.


*Another summer of “what could have been”.


Fourthsenal 2015. Just make peace with it now.


Why can’t we sign Adrian Lopez of Athletico ? That guy is quality from what I’ve seen . He has got the link up play like Giroud plus he is quick, two-footed and he dribbles.
But I’m no scout or manager so maybe he is not that good but I really wish Arsene sees something in him which others don’t.

My Name is Difficult to Pronounce

Yeah, I’m quite impressed by him as well, but I doubt Atletico would sell him after losing Villa and Costa.


Vela, Fab and Aurier, along with a dm would be wengers dream no? All affordable, 2 at a discounted fee?


And then we’d have a tidy 15m left to spend on that world class striker! Good thinking.


You are underestimating the amount of available money by some 30m+.


Vela £3.5 million, Cesc £25/30 million (depending on who you read), Aurier seems to be universally reckoned at £7 million (which seems criminally low, and it’s probably more).
If we do actually have about £100 million, that leaves the majority of it -some £60 million- untouched. That’d buy pretty much anyone!

Not, of course, that any of those figures mean anything, cos none of this will happen.


so are suggesting to leave fabregas elsewhere in another club in london?


Nothing to see here people, move along, move along!

The big signing we’ll get is most likely Loïc Remy from QPR. We’re not getting Di Maria because Real Madrid won’t sell him lol. While our opponents signs players like “Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas”.


hmmmm it hs started again,wenger is runnin commentry n all dat,when teams r already gettin players for their team for new season..what is wenger waitin for??d worldcup starts n all d players fees will triple,then wenger may start lookin for free agent player world wide…pls wenger start d work now,


Giving up on Cesc was bad enough but now we’re going to miss out Vela?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!


After the FA Cup win I was really pumped about this summer. Now? Not so much. I honestly don’t think Vela is the answer to most of our troubles, but I’m already getting a feeling we’ll end up with Remy, that french right back and a half decent back up keeper, followed by the excuse that finding top, top quality is hard. Of course, Wenger could end up buying Falcao out of nowhere and completely blow me away, but I consider that somewhat unlikely. Speaking of which, why aren’t we trying to get Costa? 30-35M for such a world class… Read more »


He’s a GREAT striker, however he wouldn’t necessarily fit into our team.

Firstly he has massive attitude problems, and then second of all his playing style is much more suited to Chelsea than to Arsenal. Ibrahimovic was quite possibly one of the best strikers in the world, and Barca got him. It didn’t work. Sometimes a good player that suits your system is better than a great player who doesn’t.


You do realise there’s just short of two and a half months to go before next season starts don’t you?


I find people underrate Benzema a lot. If you watch RM play you’ll see that every attack goes through Benzema. He’s the one who sprints into the oppositions half before laying it off to Ronaldo or Bale. He’s also great in his positioning and ball control (an area where our strikers struggle) and a clinical finisher when called upon. I would be very happy if we managed to secure him or Di Maria from RM and I think they’d both complement the team hugely.


We are probably gonna scramble to sign players late in August after everyone else has been already signed.

I want to be wrong but that’s how it’s been for the past 3 years.


2 years ago we had signed Podolski before the season ended, then we signed Cazorla and then in early August we signed Giroud.

Last year we had signed Sanogo before the season ended, then signed Flamini and were in negotiations for Suarez, Higuain (which failed) and were in for Ozil a long time before deadline day, it was just a matter of Bale finalising his move to RM.

Which past 3 years are you talking about?


Thank you. All to frequently forgotten or conveniently ignored.

Peanuts Peanuts

Yeah, we are the nuts when it comes to transfer windows.


So last year we basically had two free transfers (good free transfers, but free transfers nonetheless) which required only personal terms, and one deal which relied entirely on another transfer between Tottenham and RM that could have easily bottled. To be honest considering the length of the transfer window I consider this pretty terrible transfer policy, and lets not get started on the January transfer window.


Starting to get a bit depressed now. Best cure time to watch the FA cup final again.


Another transfer window, another omnishambles. How did we let it get so bad that we need 4 players (GK, RB, CDM, ST) just to maintain our level, not to worry about improving us?

Getting Vela for 4m was a no brainer. Getting Cesc for 26m is a bargain. The idea that we’re saving for world class quality will be shown to be a joke- come on- we’ll get a cheapo goalie, an unknown RB (it would kill Jenkinson!) and an 8M QPR striker. Do me a favour.

Bring on the Cup!

To be fair we need a backup keeper and a great right back to “maintain our level”. A CDM and striker sees up push on.

And a great thing about our squad is that a lot of them (Jack, Ramsey, Theo, Gnab, Jenks, Szcz, Gibbs etc) are still at an age where they are hopefully improving…

Previous transfer windows have been about losing massive quality that is next to impossible to replace (especially with our funds). We can replace Fab and Bac relatively easier, and from there it is up and up.


That’s how it’s always been.. We’re losing out on Fabregas, Carlos Vela, Serge Aurier (most likely), Griezmann, Costa. So my question is, who the fuck remains? Loïc Remy? Might be a good signing but he won’t offer us anything else than a different playstyle than Giroud lol.

Why does this club not make performances on the pitch as a main priority?


How can you lose out on something you were never in for?

Oor Wullie

Jeez, are we really that arsed about not getting Vela? He didn’t cut it first time around and now he’s playing in a league that is far less physical and doing well for a smaller club in that league. It would be EXACTLY like signing someone like Grant Holt. Seriously. Look at Soldado’s stats in Spain before he joined Spurs and then look at his Spurs stats. I know we’d get Vela cheap but would he be any better or different than Joel Campbell?

monkey knees

Hate to state the obvious, but surely the main point of a transfer is to improve your squad? Cesc would improve our squad hugely. No 2 ways about it. Surely 30m for him cannot be turned down? As someone has said – 33m for Cesc and a hugely improved Vela sounds too good to be true, but isn’t. We MUST have something huge lined up if we’re not looking at this seriously?! Or is that wishful thinking!?


I can’t cope with Arsenal transfer windows anymore, i think im going to hibernate til the opening day of the season


That’s a fine idea. You may want to take a few of the other contributors here with you.


Why is there so much bitchiness online

Peanuts Peanuts

I know. It’s a bitch.


Does anyone have any idea of what striker we are actually interested in? All I’ve seen mentioned is Remy and maybe Mario b


The media simply look to the most obvious targets out there. As we know from past experience- and the Ozil arrival last year – that is not how Arsene operates. Costa is obvious to whore clicks because he had a stellar season and could make more at a bigger team. Balo – well, he’s always looking to move, and has phenom skills, so that’s easy to talk about. But Arsenal just got rid of most of the head cases (and are chasing out the last one or two) and pot stirrers. Do they really want to pick up new ones?… Read more »

Finsbury Park Gooner

Whatever “deep transfer conversations” our negotiations team are allegedly involved in really need to have a positive outcome.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

OK that does it. I will be ‘fasting’ from all Arsenal-related transfer news until about 10:30pm on August 31st.

Let’s enjoy the World Cup to make time go faster. With Ronaldo/RVP/Suarez injured and Messi not in optimal form, I got a sneaky feeling Giroud might win the Golden Boot!

Canadian Gunner

Well, one thing we know for sure, it won’t be Na$ri winning the Golden Boot, lol




Plus we need cover for Szczesny. And Wenger never spends the full available funds we’re always quoted


Because they aren’t quoted by the club at all?


We’d better fucking have Marco Reus, Angel Di Maria, Edinson Cavani, Juanfran, Javi Martinez lined up for turning down Cesc Fabregas and Carlos Vela for £33m…


The true great news in this is the incitement to watch Atletico again (picked up on them, when they had Merida, but lost interest after he left…)


Three weeks….it didn’t take long for the gut churning to start. Why can other clubs do their business early and not us? Why aren’t we on top of exactly who we need and the signings lined up? The Fabregas thing just fucks me up….Ozil gets a bad injury, then what?! Fucked.


I agree, if this is truth, the Fab deal looks a huge future regret.

But the club may very well be on top of who we need and are lining them up. Arsenal just doesn’t use the media as a transfer negotiation space.

Red Cannon

What other clubs are you talking about? The only transfer that has occurred at any of the big Premier League clubs is Lambert to Liverpool. Other than that, all of the other clubs have only been letting players go & causing speculation. Seems pretty similar to what we’re doing.

ramsey's spirit

id rather take cesc and vela remey and a right back, renew viviano for cover and call it a day, total spend? cesc 30 vela call it 4 remey say 12 (im unsure) and 10 for a solid right back choice so 56 or so well under the 100m mooted and if any1 dosnt like the vela remey approach to strikers rem its depth and alternatives . id take that over say benzeema at 30-35 rb at 10 and say 15 on a wanyamma type dm/mc the idea of ramsey and fabregas in center mid with ozil above sounds glorious… Read more »


BIG NEWS in the transfer market, looks like we are getting the greek youngsters “Elias Chatzitheodoridis” as our first signing of the summer. !!! Thank you Arsene for your wise move!!


Now there’s just 3 signings to go!


So you mean because we should sign 4 top players, we should reject a youth team signing? Brilliant.


Where did I say we should reject a youth signing? 🙂 We’ve now gotten our first signing of the summer, just 3 to go..


The point is that is a Youth Team signing, not one of the however-many-we-need-according-to-whomever-thinks-their-opinion-matters first team signings. The club let go of quite a number of the youth squad and those whose ages have pushed them on and now need to replenish it.

Yes, it was sarcasm, I get it. But it’s also needlessly negative bashing at this point.

Hoosier Gunner

Deary me, the comments section is full of moaning and complaining. Why don’t you all peace out, enjoy the world cup and then comment again on Sept 1, if what you’re moaning and whining about has come true? It will do you and me a world of good.


By September 1st we’ve already played FA Community Shield + Champions League qualifier + 1-2 Premiership matches. We should have a squad settled and ready to head into pre-season by the end of July at the latest, or the start of the season might end up being rubbish.

Hoosier Gunner

I agree and I would prefer the squad is bedded in before the season starts too. I mentioned Sept 1 just cos the transfer window closes then. Our star player was signed on that very day last year. I don’t know about you mate, but I’m going to be chilled out this summer. I’m confident the club is making strides in the right direction. The noises so far are good and I hope they back it up with their actions. Cesc or no Cesc, Vela or no Vela, our squad will be stronger than it was last season for next… Read more »


This makes no sense to me. Sign him for a pittance, keep him as a third striker (he’d be the best third striker in the league), loan out Sir No Goals, sell him for big profit next summer if you want.

WHY would we not do that? This signing has Arsene written all over it.

Lucky Luke

4 mill for a top class player which will add quality depth to our team. Key word being quality, and not some unheard of players like Sanogoals or other kids straight out of the academy. Surely Wenger wont let that slip through his fingers?

Still early, so im sure he got a plan. Just could be Nice to get it done before the world cup. Aftetwords prices may skyrocket based on performance.


The player we should have got is Costa. Chelsea with him and cesc along with the rest they have is scary.
32 million for Costa in this era is reasonable. And with cesc and santi telling him what a great club we are the deal could possibly have been done. Of all the signings that we are about to miss out on this window the Costa cesc combination will bite us in the bollocks come August.

Al Gilmore

I checked my calendar and we are definitely on June 6th. Very few transfers have been done – even the Costa + Fabregas deals to Chelsea have not been officially completed. So why are so many fans saying that AFC are a shambles? You have no basis for this. Even the Ozil signing last year is not enough for some people to show that things are changing. Why? Because he was signed on deadline day and according to some was a panic buy cos of the Villa defeat?? A theory totally debunked by the club. It happened late because of… Read more »

Peanuts Peanuts

Calm yourselves? In your post you mention Fabregas to Chelsea: wtf gets you rattled?


Ramsey is proof for me that you can be totally shit one season then be resurrected as a wonderful player…maybe this happened to Vela…because he was very shit…except in the league cup!


Al. Are you seriously saying that the plan all along last season was to sign Ozil.


He is correct. Ozil was on the radar. It would be foolish for Madrid not to sound potential buyers out when they know they have to recoup money on the Bale sale. they would not leave it to last minute. Wenger moved in early and put pressure on the player. remember, the decision on a slae is not just the club. Madrid have a deal with Spurs and they sunk 100m so clearly they money. But Ozil would not go to Spurs. No 4th place pot and thereby no CL. Plus they are spurs. The club did things early to… Read more »


We are one of biggest and richest clubs in the world and should be setting the agenda not leaving our business to the last day of a transfer window. Chelsea work that way as do city it’s about time we became more pro active and acted with more intent.


Chelsea and city have plenty of money, a lot more than us.

We cannot compete with them.

We need :

1) RB Possibly earmarked 7-15m
2) CB Around 10-12m
3) Gk Free to 5m
4) striker. Anywhere from 25-40m

It needs to be timed right.

We can pursue the first 3 but the striker (and possibly the Cback) could be tricky and will need some movement by clubs with deeper pockets ahead of us.


“We cannot” compete with them, YES.AVI

We’re the arsenal and got a lot of money as well. We can afford to spend quite a lot of money every summer and what’s so fucking depressing is that we don’t seem to spend our resources in a good way.

Chelsea this transfer window has spent £10m. They’re not really spending “crazy money” atm.


Gullible fans do not understand that this isn’t like going to a shop and buying something fixed price off the shelf. The market does not work that way. There are other teams with frankly deeper pockets, the agents and the player’s own motivation to think about. We need to buy a TOP end striker. That means : 1) We may await Madrid’s decision to buy a new striker. It may precipitate a departure of Morata or more importantly Benzema 2) We may want to keep an eye on Falcao who is under the radar at the moment. But this move… Read more »


First off: Cesc and Vela do have a fixed price, due to clauses in their contracts. We could buy them today if we wanted to. There are no possible complications regarding Vela, and in Fab’s case the only potential complication would be Barca being annoying for the sake of it (which they are quite capable of). Secondly: If bidding for a player helps drive the price up, we should be entering discussions with Athletico Madrid about Costa to do exactly that. It’s much better for us if Chelsea is forced to pay 50m rather than 32m, as it will make… Read more »


Nail, head.


Amen to that, though cashing away Falcao or Cavani from those french petro clubs isn’t down to price but whether they would like to sell.. And why would they?


Vela cannot play in England. Spain suits him better.


You’re missing the point Voldemort. What major deals have currently been done by major clubs? Pretty much none as far as i can tell. The argument already being made about us leaving transfers untill late on like in previous seasons is wrong for the following reasons:
a) We generally don’t leave transfers untill late on. We bought Giroud and Podolski very early on. Ozil is the exception rather than the rule.
b) Its very early on in the current transfer window. How can you conclude at this stage that we’re going to leave transfers untill late on?


This is a disgrace. Cesc,Vela,Areola and Messi are exactly the type of players we need to end the trophy drought. Its been 20 days since we last won a trophy and I have had enough


I’d like us to make some signings this transfer window. That would be a good thing, and I’d like that.

But I realise that I may be being gullible.

George Lane

The self-inflicted meltdown here in the past few days is ridiculous you’d think we’d have lost 0-2 to Hull! Go outside and enjoy the summer everyone


You cannot and should not argue with Santori, the bloke has a excuse and long long long explanation for everything.
Bottom line is. We could and should do our business much earlier than we do. And as for the explanation of not bidding for Costa that’s absolute bullshit.


Just remember: the objective for Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke and the Board is to make sure that we have a squad which is capable of finishing fourth. So we won’t be doing anything silly like gambling on a big striker who might win us the title.

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