Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Fabregas confirms Arsenal turned down chance to sign him

It’s pretty gross but Cesc Fabregas is a Chelsea player now. We’re not linking to any of their nonsense or the rest of the stuff written about.

But, in a statement, the former captain confirmed the news we brought you last week, saying, “Yes, everyone knows that Arsenal had the first option to sign me. They decided not to take this option. It wasn’t meant to be. I wish them well in the future.”

Arseblog News doesn’t need to tell you how much we wanted him back and the idea of him celebrating goals with that pack of racist, piss-drinking, goat-felching cuntbusters is thoroughly unpleasant. As is him being managed by that man.

Let’s just hope that our manager has got his plans in order this summer, because this could be a decision that turns out to be a big regret.


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Kill me now…


Don’t waste your life. Take the Twattish One with you.


If Arsenal would’ve said yes, all of us would be going ga ga over it with ‘Welcome home Cesc’ and shit

And now ‘Traitor, dead to us’

Fine line I tell you.


That’s not a fine line?


It’d probably be much better if he went to some other club than fucking Chelski when he first didn’t go to Arsenal. The fact that he’s going to play in blue under one of the most despicable men in the history of the world probably angers a lot of Gooners.

Also, John Terry is a cunt.


Where is wenger? He is a commentator for world cup. Where is other club managers? Working on next season plan.

good assassin

Cesc has joined the Lannisters. Dammit!


Thats football for you though isnt it? Just shows that most players will say anything to be a hero to the fans at the time, but when it comes to it, their word doesn’t really mean very much. Personally not gutted he didn’t come back to Arsenal, just gutted he went to a rival. Im sure he had offers from all the wealthy clubs like PSG, Monaco, Juve, Bayern etc, so the fact he decided to go to chelsea is what stings. Bit of a dick move on his part to be honest. I didn’t get why Mourinho sold Mata… Read more »


How is that a fine line?! If he had come home to us, yes we would’ve loved it. For all he said about Arsenal, and Wenger and how much he loved us, that Wenger was a father figure, blah blah blah over the years, he would’ve been welcomed back with open arms. But instead, he chose to go to the enemy. THE E-N-E-M-Y. I’m sure there would’ve been other offers from other teams, maybe even in other leagues. If he respected his history with Arsenal, he would’ve considered those. But he didn’t. He might as well have went to Real… Read more »


I likeTyrion Lannister.

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

I’ll set the ball rolling, then.


A girl ditched at the altar

Hey, I was supposed to marry that other guy but he did not show up. No problems, you seem rich. Will you marry me.

If I was a Chelsea fan, I wouldn’t exactly be amused with the signing either.


Are you people seriously pissed off at Fabregas? What is wrong with you? ARSENE WENGER chose to pass on signing him. He would have come back in a heart-beat.

Jesus Christ some of you should just keep your mouths shut and just keep on pretending to support Arsenal.

Dr Baptiste

“Jesus Christ some of you should just keep your mouths shut and just keep on pretending to support Arsenal.”

You mean like they are doing, by showing Arsenal are bigger than wanting one player to return?

Spurs are Shite

Calm down guys. It’s all part of the plan, we’re going for Draxler and one can only have so many attacking midfileders in the squad…
Having said that, them Chelsea folk are a bunch of twatheads and Barcelona should get relegated and Mourinho is the biggest turd the world has ever seen. Fabregas could’ve chosen better too. Goddamnit. It hurts.


You know what’s the worst part? This:

Everything we do next season
How we play every game
Every game we drop points
Every game Chelsea win
Every bad game Ozil has
Every trophy we fail to win
Every trophy Chelsea win

EVERYTHING will come back to Arsenal not signing Fabregas. Unless we get a world class striker. A Falcao.

But even then, it’s going to sting in the tail every time you see Fabregas in a Chelsea shirt and think, ‘We let that happen.”

Third Plebeian

That is absolutely true.


Every 6-0 defeat against a rival we suffer..


When we’ve gave 42 million for Mesut Özil and Chelski get Cesc for 30 million you’ve got to call it a bargain by the latter..

But we’ve got to move on now. I’ve already disliked Cesc on facebook and now I hope Balotelli will soon be a Gunner! 😀

Toby C

Very bad (and strange) decision by Wenger. We have an option to sign a world-class midfielder who loves the club and the club love him. Does Wenger seriously not think that if you’re trying to win 4 trophies there’d be enough games to go round?

Not to mention the large chunk of the season Ramsey missed. Let’s hope Ozil or Cazorla don’t get injured. Very unhappy. Another decision (like not signing a top striker in the summer OR January transfer window) that I think we’ll live to regret.

Kos->Bendtner->Jack->Cesc->Nasri->Arshaviiiiiiiin! Dream Goal!

Then again! May be there’s a method to the madness!

May be he’s to score the last-minute winning goal against Man City (for Chelsea) on the last day, that allows us to leap-frog Citeh to win the league, following our 1-0 win against Sp*rs (when some Chelsea fans will celebrate the false news of an equalizer: 1-1 at WHL)!

A man can always dream!


You have to say well done to Wenger.

Obviously saving his pennies is far more important than saving the face of the club.

I wish he had gone after the FA cup.

Nothing changes..


Yeah, it’s not so much that we opted not to take him, it’s that we opted not take take him knowing full well where he would end up. If the situation were reversed we all know Jose would take a player just to keep him from us. We need to grow some fangs if we’re going to compete….gawd!


Say what you will about Wenger (and there is plenty to say,) the man has class. That’s why he didn’t sign Cesc just to spite Chelsea. Only “racist, piss-drinking, goat-felching cuntbusters” do that. I really can’t believe how many of us seem to simultaneously hate the worlds highest-paid bus driver, yet want Wenger to be more like him. It stings, sure, and will continue to, but it’s a done deal now. I do wish Wenger would have thrown us some kind of a bone before the WC, and so help me God if they let Santi go for 22M after… Read more »


Right and the history books will leave a special mention for Wenger.. the classiest manager. Give me a break.

This is football not cricket do fans really want the “classiest” or most successful manager?

“No deals done before WC”

Classy Wenger.


Cesc is good, but Özil was miles better every season in La Liga when they both played there. He created more chances than anyone in the world and he he got an unbelieveable 36 assists in his last season for Real Madrid before joining us. Next season i will bet Özil will be a contender for player of the year just like Wenger Said. Özil had a crap season for Arsenal compared to his usual standards, and he only played 26 games vs Fabregas 36 for Barca. But özil still created alot more chances than Fabregas. 76 chances to Cesc… Read more »


“Everything will come back to not signing fabregas”. Only in the one eyed, biased, agenda ridden minds of the scum press. It is within everyone’s choice to think for themselves and see it for what it is. fabregas was poorly advised by the Deins. He could have waited until now and gone to Barca with a reputation intact and Xavi and Iniesta 3 years older and with a rapidly running out contract. He chose to listen to The Orange One and his mini me son and now he has to pay the price. Also, Chelsea now have the vipers in… Read more »


When we’ve gave 42 million for Mesut Özil and Chelski get Cesc for 30 million you’ve got to call it a bargain by the latter..

But we’ve got to move on now. I’ve already disliked Cesc on facebook and now I hope Balotelli will soon be a Gunner!


I’d rather have Ozil. His passion for the club will grow and married with his impressive technique and ability, he’ll be an Arsenal legend.


It hurts.


With Cesc at Chelsea and RvP at Man U not to mention Nasri and Cliche at City there should be plenty of silverware for ex Arsenal players next season.

Whether there is any for current Arsenal players rather depends on whom the ‘Dear Leader’ decides to sign.

But if he does his usual trick and waits until 11.50 pm on August 31st – not a lot will be the answer.


I believe Arsene is alive and knows clubs can sign players even b4 d worldcup!.Dont wait till d last minute boss, there are players out there wanting to be taken . Rap d sh*t up early and get on with it…

Tommy Gunner

If Arsenal fuck up during this transfer window now, I believe both the Manager’s and the Chief Exec’s position to be untenable. We have just turned down the chance to buy an Arsenal hero, a truly world class player, at a very decent price. Also makes me even more annoyed when we hear Wenger say how hard it is to sign anyone before/during a World Cup. I’m truly gutted 🙁


No player is bigger than the club. We don’t need him right now anyway. It’s easy to react emotionally, rather than with logic, to these things so soon after the event – but come the start of the season/end of next, I’m confident we’ll see that we didn’t need him. If he was playing for us last season and THEN he moved to Chelsea that would be a problem, but he last played for us years ago and we’ve moved on since then. And we have Mesut Fucking Ozil – he’ll outperform Fab next season!

Remember the invincibles

Imagine the lift it would’ve given fans if we had signed him back. But. No. This club is not for the fans. Sheesh.


They had better be buying a world class striker or a world class player to have given up on our hero, because if at the end of the transfer season all we have is an average player and telling us that it was hard to find world class player i would, am just lost my strength, dinner would sure not be going down tonight

Kos the boss

I think it says a lot about cesc that both his previous managers wenger and pep showed absolutely no interest in him. Although it isn’t completely cesc’s fault , you have to hate anyone playing for chelsea that too under Maureen

Toby C

Unless Mesut Fucking Ozil get’s injured of course. Then, guess what? We could have done with a player like Cesc!!!


I wish i could have disliked this comment fifty times.

No ambition at all.

Are you Arsene Wenger by any chance ?


@ Toby C Yeah!! And Cesc would be satisfied with the bench until then too! Too bad we don’t have any young midfielders with huge potential waiting to get their chance to play either.


It’s not even about how badly we may or may not need him. It’s about keeping Jose’s mitts off him. Truly, I could have stomached him going to City better. At least Pellegrini doesn’t appear to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


You cant judge a manager based on a transfer window.


What about based on the last ten? Remember when we lost 8-2 because we sold our best players and failed to replace them? This is hardly an anomaly, season in and season out we fail to act decisively enough in the transfer window and maybe end up with some good players, but never enough and often not of a high enough quality.


@Pooner Yeah, in the last 3 years we’ve only signed Mert,Arteta,Podolski,Giroud,Cazorla and Ozil.. This wenger guy is so stupid to have turned off his emotions to make a logical decision.

Toby C

@idk I think most arsenal fans are a bit fed up with having a squad of youngsters full of potential! Why can’t we have a squad full of world-class players???

And Cesc wouldn’t have to sit on the bench until someone gets injured – it’s called ‘rotation’ so you can keep your team fit and fresh throughout the long season! You numpty! Do you really think the best 11 can play in every game and have a chance of winning 4 trophies?

You’d have rather have a squad of untried youngsters? Wierdo


Who doesn’t like watching youngsters grow and develop with their club? Isn’t that almost the ultimate aim of every club? to bring up their own players? and we are one of the best clubs who do that effectively! So far we’ve ended up selling most of those players and it has been frustrating, i agree but i hope we won’t have to sell anymore. If i remember well, some of the arsenal fans were bashing wenger for buying Mesut Ozil (!!!) instead of going for a striker. How is this any different? Don’t we all want to invest our money… Read more »


Don’t we already have enough midfielders for ‘rotation’? I know having more players doesn’t hurt but it sure does take a 30 million out of an already stubborn Wenger’s pocket.


Idk, as I said we have ended up with some good players, but there are always glaring weaknesses in our squad depth. For instance going a whole season with one experienced centre forward, or relying entirely on Theo for pace going forward. I love Wenger and he has brought in a great many quality players BUT every transfer window is a grinding, miserable mess of incoherence. I hope I’m proved wrong and we end up with the quality additions we all want but recent windows suggest that we will acquire a few, but not enough. meanwhile the teams above us,… Read more »


The lack of depth until last season could be put down to lack of funds due to our stadium deal or atleast thats what i think to console myself. All i’m saying is the transfer window hasn’t even started yet and we’re all bashing wenger already. Only time will tell.


Yeah, patience is required. It’s just I have very little confidence our patience will be rewarded. Once bitten, twice hysterical or something.


Does IDK stand for I Don’t Know?
If so you need to change your name to IDHAFC,the C is for Clue


oh why? because your views don’t match mine?

Third Plebeian

I can guarantee not a single signing we make this summer will be as good a player as Cesc Fabregas. I would love to hear Wenger’s justification for this: “We don’t need a player who will make this squad better and who is better than anything available this summer and who is offered to us well below market value.”

Sick to my stomach.


If we sign Cavani he’ll be better than Cesc.
If we sign Bender or any decent DM he’ll be better than Cesc.
If we sign a good right back, he’ll be better than Cesc.
If we sign Casillas, he’ll be better than Cesc.
If we sign good back up CB, he’ll be better than Cesc.
If we sign a winger, he’ll be better than Cesc.

Third Plebeian

Wow, that’s assuming a lot. Given our penchant for doing absolutely fuck all until the last day of the transfer window, do you really think we’ll fill the positions we need? Do you really imagine we’ll sign Cavani and Bender? More like Remy and Gareth Barry.

Ozil was a one-off. We’re not spending that kind of cash again for a long time. Cavani? Forget it.


Last season, we couldn’t sign Suarez but we ended up signing Ozil and Flamini, who helped us win the trophy Cesc and RVP failed to deliver. Now, I’m confident we’ll sign the players we need.

Third Plebeian

Well, I wish I could share in your confidence. I really do.

Cyril Washbrook

“I can guarantee not a single signing we make this summer will be as good a player as Cesc Fabregas.” I’m sure that’s correct, as far as it goes. But in my view, you’re asking the wrong question. The question isn’t “who is the best quality player we can sign?”, but rather, “who will improve the squad the most?” Individual quality is only one thing to keep in mind. I fully accept that it is unlikely that we’ll sign somebody who is “as good a PLAYER” as Fàbregas. But I think it’s quite possible that we’ll sign somebody who is… Read more »


Didn’t he take a penalty against Barca with a broken leg? I’m not going for this line. Cesc is a great player who’s been fucked over by “more than a club.” Amazingly so. Chelsea is the only team that would take him. JT is going to be banging his wife next year. He’s a millionaire, sure, but you have to feel for him at some level. He’s living a football version of “Motorway to Roswell.” I see Wenger’s logic. Another CAM is not what we need. And don’t go telling me Cesc can play false 9, not in the Premier… Read more »


Oops, wrong thread. That was for animal.


Arsenal Hero my big hairy arse. Cazorla and Ramsey are Arsenal heroes, but Cesc?

Toby C

You’re forgetting that Ramsey was injured for a large chunk of last season. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have another world-class midfielder in the squad who could have come in to replace him.

Someone like, um, Cesc Fabregas maybe?


True, but where was Cesc when we lost to Brum in the COC final? Oh yeah, he was injured… or he was pretending injured or he refused to train to force a move to his favourite team.

They were injured but that doesn’t mean they’ll get injured at the same time again.


you are absolutely right, if I do not see absolute world class signings turning up at Arsenal during this transfer window now then I will not be a happy camper! If Wenger can turn down the quality of Fabrigas then he must have some unbelievable signings in the pipeline. I need to be seeing the best goalkeeper, rightback, defensive midfielder and striker in the world turning up as he’s felt able to turn down one of the best midfielders in the world at a below market price. The FA cup gone now this has left an unbelievably sour taste in… Read more »


Unfortunately for you, what you need is not on the managers priority list. He is looking at what the team needs.
Just saying….


I really hope Wenger has a plan … HAHA, absolutely devastated at the moment! 🙁

Fergie the Gooner

Another replica shirt for the bonfire…


Oh dear lord. Both the Arsenal shirts I wear are Fabregas.

Time to buy a Mert Cup final winning shirt I guess.


Buy a shirt without a name already and save yourself some money.



If Gotze or Iniesta were available for 30m to Arsenal first, would we still have let him go to Chelsea?

Don't forget, we have fuckin' Ozil !

Cheers for not putting up the picture of Cesc in that shirt blogs. Can’t bear to look at it.


Wenger clearly has a plan.

If he ends up signing Vela, Remy and Shneiderlin the Emirates is gonna be hell!

Master Bates

Gareth Barry and Grant Holt!!




New 4 year contract for Diaby LANS

Third Plebeian

Signing Fabregas would have killed Diaby!



Fergie the Gooner

I read that we were unwilling to sign Grant Holt because our catering facilities at the training ground aren’t big enough.


Oh man….just spit my coffee out.

Big Chief from Antarctica

There are no excuses anymore, in my opinion. The stadium-argument has been my foremost way of explaining Arsenal’s recent years. Not anymore. I expect players coming in, otherwise Fabregas going to Chelsea is a farce. I think, I’ve mentioned for quite some time that I’m a staunch supporter of Wenger, yet if there no investments made before the season starts and preferably right after the World Cup, for the first time I will have no reason to defend him. Not necessarily Wenger Out, but it doesn’t take much to understand that our season has been derailed for reasons that can… Read more »

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

The feeling in my stomach now is similar to the feeling I had few years ago when I first joined Facebook and found that an ex-girlfriend whom I’d totally adored… had married an abominable, nauseating, odious, repulsive, repugnant, revolting and sickening cunt… who happens to earn way more than me.

this. A million times this


He clearly does, although, the plan might differ a bit from where supporters believe we deserve..


Somebody find out if Kalou and Frey are available??

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

And Chris Samba!!! We really need him that Mertesacker and Koscielny can’t defend for their life 😉

Captain's Armband

Don’t knock Schneiderlin, he’s good. I would have liked the club to sign him before the start of last season.


I literally feel sick to my stomach right now.


Yeah, what’s gonna make you more pissed off is when we are standing in the last week of August with still no other signings than probably a right back and some Goalkeeper from France.


traitor and cunt. he can fuck off we have rambo anyway

Springbank 1965

Is this how you respond to everything you disagree with or don’t like?


How’s it Cesc’s fault that we didn’t want him?


He dumped us for his boyhood club and then, after we had finally pulled ourselves together with Ramsey, Carzola, Wilshere, and Ozil, he wants us to take him back. We pass on him and then he goes to our direct rival. Clearly Cesc is the asshole.

Mario Balotelletubies

Ya good luck replacing David Luiz as the new defender and part of the bus. That’s barca football I’m sure.

No More Sprouts

No, Wenger is the asshole and always has been – Fabregas is clearly far superior to “Rambo” seeing as all “Rambo” can claim to have won is a fortuitous FA cup win over a piss poor Hull side and Fabregas can claim Primera Leagues, A champions League success and a World Cup to his CV. Arsenal fans doing what Arsenal fans do best and that is finding excuses to excuse Wenger’s lack of ambition. Chelsea sign two world class players. And what have Arsenal signed yet ? In this “busy” summer what has the french cunt done? FUCK ALL is… Read more »


@No More Sprouts, – Ramsey won us the fucking trophy Cesc and his likes failed to deliver. – Ramsey gives us 100% every time he steps into the pitch, but I can’t forget his assisted Barca goal when we lost 3-1 at Camp Neo. – Ramsey, a Manchester United fan, turned down the chance to play for Manchester United and instead chose to play for the Arsenal. – Ramsey can defend, can play in the wing, can play at right back, can play as deep lying midfielder and as No. 10. Cesc is silly boy who gave away a silly… Read more »


Agree with you. I don’t know why so many fans can not see a few facts – 1. Cesc left us when we clearly needed him the most. The entire team was built around him and yet, he left because he wanted to play for his boyhood club 2. Arsene told the press last year that Cesc was staying with Barcelona for at least one more year which means that he was in contact with him. Why did he not return to us last year then? Or were we supposed to wait for him for another year and not sign… Read more »


@No More Sprouts,

You may not have noticed this while writing internet screeds, but football is 11 vs 11, so comparing two individual players on the basis of their teams’ success is very clearly not dispositive in terms of identifying which player is better at the sport.

Also, it would be way better for everyone if you rather than Wenger would eff off.


Traitor and cunt?
If anyone is a traitor and cunt, it is Arsene Wenger. Fabregas wants to win the league and CL, and has done the right thing. Wenger seems happy about qualifing to CL, and give Chelsea the title and CL trophy.

Master Bates

we don’t need , yes we rejected him , we have ozil

*get in fetal positions and cries*

No More Sprouts

We have Ozil ?

You fucking muppet.

Fabregas is proven

Ozil is a joke..

Third Plebeian

@No More Sprouts: If only you could manage to make a point without insulting fellow Gooners and existing Arsenal players (here and above). We’re all frustrated, but come on.


I think we have finally found it gentlemen! I present you the least intelligent comment ever to be seen on Arseblog! Please do come down and collect your prize No More Sprouts!


No More Sprouts, that may be the single dumbest thing I have ever read on the internet. Indeed, it may be the dumbest thing in the history of the world, nay, the entire universe.

You would do well to remember that it is better to remain silent and merely be thought of as stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.


Oh, my … it’s not the dumbest comment any more, there’s one from some twat called “paa tomy” down below that’s even worse!


Mourinho went mental when we signed Ozil , no wonder he wanted to get back but what was the with first refusal clause in his contract , was it there or not? if yes why the fuck did we let this transfer happen then. Remember last season how that cunt from that chel shit football club signed willian and Salah just so Liverpool doesnt get stronger. Well we have done the exact opposite. Sorry Ivan and Arsene but this was a big blender on your part a guy who could have fetched 60 million was sold for half the amount… Read more »


We don’t need to emulate Mourinho. We haven’t been best in the transfer market but most certainly we don’t need to act like Chelsea does.


Guess I won’t be watching Chelsea matches anymore. Will not be able to watch him play for that team, under that manager.

We better have some quality business lined up.

Also, what’s with all the fucking abuse Cesc is getting from Arsenal fans on Twitter? He wanted to come back, we refused. How is he to blame?


you were watching chelsea matches? why???


Why were you watching Chelsea matches in the first place?


He could have gone to Italy.

Why is my name required

or stayed in Spain


I think that his family is in London.


His family was in London too when he was at Barcelona. Clearly he has put his own gains ahead of anything else always. He was not a gooner and I am ashamed he was once a gunner.


Yea but who the fuck wants to play in Italy or France or even Germany – the quality of their leagues is terrible compared to England and Spain. If he didn’t want to end up in some uncompetitive, one-team, league he had the choice between staying in Spain or coming back to England. Given that meant he had to be disloyal to one of the clubs he loved, he obviously was going to choose to betray us rather than his boyhood club.

Ed Warren

The abuse, as silly as it may be, is happening because he, and he only, decided to join Chelsea.


Surely Arsene is to thank for turning down the offer to bring Cesc back?

Toby C

He only joined Chelsea coz we turned him down and he wanted to play in the premiership and live in London. Not a lot of choice after we rejected him.


Are you that thick? The anger is that for years he professed his love for Arsenal and it all turned out to be a lie. A real fan would never even consider playing for a hated rival.


In his point of view, if we’ve rejected him, he’d only look for the next best offer on the table.There is no point in considering the feelings of a club that have just rejected you.If he had loved arsenal that much, he wouldn’t have refused to train so he can join barcelona anyway.


Premier League is the best league in the world and if you had made it to that level of football on a professional level, you’d want to play in the best league in the world. Given that the club he did want to play for and he does love didn’t want him, what the fuck else was he going to do. I don’t give a shit how much of a fan you are, if your team doesn’t want you but you are given another opportunity to play at the top level in the best league in the world you’ll take… Read more »

Neddy Boo Boo

No – we should have bought him back and loaned him out to everton…

Bobby the beast

I have no reason to watch next season tbh. Just like rvp going to united the whole season just sucked balls. This is a thousand times worse.
We need the best signings possible to make up for this shit.


Sad, say day. I feel sorry for Cesc having to swallow his pride and play with that lot and for that odious Moaninho. Let’s hope he fairs better than Mata. Only time will tell if Wenger’s right and we just don’t need him anymore.


He plays for Chelsea now. Let’s hope he fares worse.

Third Plebeian

I don’t think we should feel sorry for him at all. Besides, I’m sure all uncertainty on his part will be wiped away when he picks up that trophy in May. That’s the worst part of this for me. Not only have we stupidly passed up the opportunity to sign one of the best midfielders in the word, but in doing so we’ve effectively handed Chelsea any number of trophies in the future.


What!? Why should he fare better than mata? I’d prefer he sucks and moves out to another non-english club next year.


But more probable is a fallout with the specialist in failure and a move in January!! That’d be amazing!


We better have the best fucking summer in the history of transfer windows now to appease the bitter disgust i’m feeling seeing him holding a blue shirt.


In what looks like a pay-by-the-hour hotel room. Real classy Chelski.


I feel physically sick.
What do I do with my signed shirt now….

If we do not buy a £30m+ striker now I’m going to be angry as hell!


Could not agree more.
Wenger better have a master plan up his sleeve after turning down Cesc.

In other news people sending him abuse on twitter, fuck off you mugs.


My shirt has just gone in the bin GunnerMark it’s just to much that he has joined them chav twats. Good job I have my Ozil and Ramsey shirts to fall back on.

I don’t want to hear a bloody word from that prat Ivan until we make a COUPLE of huge signings to make up for this terrible and devastating news!!!!!


Confirmed: Fabregas was not held at gunpoint when he signed the contract.

Who cares, he hasn’t been an Arsenal player for three years. We’ve had better players in the past and we’ll have better players in the future. He didn’t care about the club when he took a pay cut to leave, and he doesn’t care now. Ce la vie.

He doesn’t care for Arsenal, Arsenal doesn’t care for him. Done, he’s just another player now.

Third Plebeian

Your comment is a soothing balm.


More importantly, we have better players now. Both of them in his two positions.

German Gunner

dream on

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

I am really really trying to be mature about this. I get why we didn’t sign him. I know he wants to play at a top level club and that he *should*. I know why both sides did what they did, rationally.

Why oh why oh why Chelsea? They’re a genuinely awful club. I’m fucking gutted. Our Cesc playing next to John fucking Terry. Heartbreaking.

Steve Bound Legend

Fuck-a-doodle doo… Just when I was looking forward to the World Cup… Everything’s ruined now.


We do not need him right now, but he just made one of our biggest rivals infinitely stronger.


Not sure about ‘infinitely stronger’.

Sure, he’s a quality player and he’s probably given Chelsea some kind of psychological upper hand (imagine the look on Mourinho’s face right now, the cunt), but they’re midfield was already overloaded with talent so he probably won’t make a huge impact on the pitch.


I’m sure they needed a psychological upper hand against the arsenal, the way we handed them the smack down last season.


So Arsenal and Barcelona don’t want Cesc Fabregas. Why did we spend so long squabbling over him then?


We *did* want Cesc at the time. We have moved on now. As to why Barca did what they did, I guess simply because they could. Now they need the money and they are not going to sell Messi, are they.


Sorry, but Cesc who?


Four years, a champions league title and a premier league title from now we’ll be able to say “Cesc who”, but for now it’s still too raw


I don’t get the outrage. He was a great player for us three years ago and we have other priorities now.

Chelsea, City, Utd, Spurs can all sign who they want, I simply do not care. I only care about the players we sign and in that respect nothing has changed since this morning.

Going to enjoy the world cup and start to focus on Arsenal again around late June. A few people in this comments section would be wise to do the same I think.


Just about every super talented young player we’ve nurtured over the last five years has left and tarnished their name by joining a rival. Even after Fabregas fucked us over when we needed him and left for Barca he said he loved the club, now he’s gone to Chelsea. The outrage is understandable.


He just HAS to have a plan…those cunts will have Costa and Fabregas, add to that players like Hazard (who I hope is off), Matic and the rest of the cunts and they will have a ridiculous team. Wenger must have BIG plans, he just has to! This news has devastated me, and I agree you can’t have too many world class players, but if the money is spent on an actual DM (Fabregas is not, and will never be a DM), a world class striker (not Remy, not Vela, not Mandzukic) and a solid right back, then we have… Read more »


Why we haven’t signed Vela as backup / versatile forward and Aurier at RB yet is beyond me. Most likely could have done deals to secure both for around £10million.


vela was a flop here. aurier is unproven


Wenger made this decision. Now we have the rest of the transfer window to see him justify it through his signings. You have the floor, sir…

Arsen Wenger

We will make some profit over Chelsea signing Cesc for more than £30mil. It was in the clause. With that, we are capable of signing a world-class striker, where I thought we needed the most. I will prove you I am not wrong on this decision to pass Cesc by


We made nothing. Apparently it was 27m he sold for, so they did that so we wouldn’t get anything, of course.


With all the funds apparently being available you are still talking about making profit???


Wenger has said so many time that if a top top quality player is available for the right price that will improve out team, he’ll go for him. The fact that he didn’t contradicts everything he has said in the past regarding transfers. You can’t have too many world class players in a team.

Lets hope Wenger has a plan.


After spending several years looking on with apprehension at the possible departure of Cesc from Arsenal, I’m pretty pissed off that we just passed on the opportunity to probably keep him happily for the rest of his career.


This just pissed all over my excitement for the world cup. The price as well is a joke as for 27 mil to give them a truly world class player…

If we don’t buy several stars then my faith in the Arsenal management will finally be shaken and I don’t want to hear anymore excuses!!

FFS this is awful


Wait, you had faith in the Arsenal management to bring in transfers?


If Wenger gets this wrong, I can’t see many gooners being too forgiving. I’ve just split up with my girlfriend of nine years. This news is vying for my melancholy right now. Sad day.


Synchronicity with our trophy drought? Stay single, lad.


This could be Wenger digging his own grave. Not that it necessarily should be, but the burden on him for this season is enormous now, and maybe that’s for the best. If he doesn’t make a statement and things go poorly the fans will fully turn on him by Christmas.

Daan van Lith

Lay down try not to cry, *cries a lot*

fat Gooner apprentice

Wenger out


I should give you a thumbs up because that post is obviously tongue-in-cheek.


Had to thumb up just for the name title.


Actually, I’m pretty sure that Fats had a long, well-argumented post here about why it’s best to pass on Cesc at this point in time about a week ago.


Everything´s The Same. Nothing Has Changed at all
Changes tomorrow


Yeah, nothing has changed, only one of our main title rivals who demolished us 6-0 last season is twice as strong as they were (now with Cesc and Costa) and we passed up the opportunity to buy one of the world’s best midfielders for a bargain. Only a fool can suggest that it would’ve been a waste of money. I really really really hope Mr.Wenger has some grand plan that we’ve yet to see unfold, otherwise I’m just sad for the us, more so disappointed.


Feeling sick to the stomach


Anyone abasorving Cesc for any blame is absolutely delusional. He left us for Barca after we spent a good fucking 7 years building the team around him, this after he put up a fuss not to be here anymore. That hit us hard until we managed to sign Ozil, and finally now we seem a bit more fluent. And oh let’s see, Wenger and the board signed on behalf of Cesc for Chelsea right? That’s right, he chose to sign for them himself just as he did when he left for Barca. Utter cunt and traitor in my books now.… Read more »


Agree with you 100%!


He wanted to go to England and London, Arsenal said no, who else remained but Chelsea? Look at Arsene that’s the root of the problems.





I’m sorry to be such a cunt, but I’m an English teacher and I’m upset-the word is ‘absolve’. I apologise again and please feel free to call me a twat and all the rest of it, I deserve it, but I need to vent somewhere. And you’re quite right, Fabregas carries a lot of the blame for this whole debacle.


i knew of a gooner who spent a period of time exiled in newcastle. this wouldn’t happen to be you by any chance would it?


Not me, I’m afraid. My exile is in Yorkshire and alas, I fear it shall be permanent. About the only thing I miss about London is the football (and my family and friends, occasionally).


They didnt. They won nothing. That’s all that matters. One signing changes nothing. We still have bragging rights.

Kung Fu Panda

“Inner Peace” “Inner Peace” “Inner Peeeeace”… @#&^ Fuck this shit!!!


If there wasn’t enough pressure on Wenger’s shoulders already he’s just added another heap full on top of it. Wenger will need to sign at least 1 world class player, if not then the FA cup win will be a long forgotten memory.

I can’t begrudge Cesc going to Chelsea. What was he supposed to do? Sit outside Highbury House with puppy dog eyes holding a cardboard cut out ‘please take me back’?


What was he supposed to do? He was supposed to go anywhere else. Anywhere. Well, except Rottenham.