Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Podolski out of Algeria clash

Lukas Podolski is out of Germany’s last 16 match with Algeria on Monday.

The forward posted a message to his Facebook page to say, “ Hello Fans. Unfortunately, I must take a time-out because I suffered a little injury in the game vs. the USA.

“I must keep my head up and push the lads now. Hope to be back in the Quarterfinal. Poldi.”

The Arsenal man was taken off at half-time in the game against the Americans, replaced by Miroslav Klose, and the reason is now pretty obvious.

German coach Jogi Low admitted it would be a ‘big risk’ to consider the former Cologne man but said he’d be back in contention ‘if we manage to advance’.

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Unrelated but that James Rodriguez goal.. If I saw an Arsenal player score a goal like that against chelsea/spurs I would legit cry tears of joy.

Runcorn Gooner

What a team goal for the 2nd .Goodbye Uruguay you bunch of cheating,diving,biting losers


Aha uh oh


Like rosicky against the spuds!


Sad to see Poldi (Who’s my favourite player) Iut. On another note, this Is one exciting world cup!


James aka Hamez may be beyond our reach, but I would love to see Cuadrado in an Arsenal shirt!


Looks like a Gervinho to me. Be careful what you wish for…


If we can’t find room even for Cesc it seems unlikely we’ll go for a Colombian who may easily not adapt well to Arsenal or the English league. It so often happens that players who have brilliant world cups are failures elsewhere. Look at Jara, not considered good enough for a Championship side; look at Ruiz. I absolutely agree he’s been terrific, though. Colombia have been my dark horses from the outset. Them and France.

If Wenger gets round to signing anyone for midfield, surely Schneiderlin is most likely?


So far Ozil is having a reasinably good world cup canpaign. So is Metersacker 🙂


tinted glasses


Off topic, but as per today’s blog, I’m suprised we’ve been linked with the chillian Vidal so soon.


gooner odst

i see it!


Lol, fans still seems to expect we are close to signing any world class players are clearly misstaken. Arsene Wenger is chilling on the beach in Brazil.. xD

Sure we might get Loïc Rémy and Serge Aurier/Debuchy, interesting players etc.. But we are not gonna get an world class signing like Vidal so close in on the window. To be fair it appears to me we won’t get any WC player this window, and if we do the media would be talking about more than just rumours 😛

TR7 > CR7

Lol, fans still seem to expect us to not compete in the transfer market despite us being in the best financial position of our history. If they say that they know for certain we are not close to signing any world class players they are clearly mistaken. Arsène Wenger is currently in Brazil, the only place in the world where there are currently world class players playing in competitive matches. Sure, there are some very good players we could get with relative ease, but since the two month long transfer window has yet to even open, there is plenty of… Read more »


I am not expecting us not to be able to compete, I am simply doubting the will of competition from Wenger/Gazidis etc. If you expect an Arturo Vidal (£50m+ in value) then you can kinda only end up with disappointment cuz that’s something that will never happend. Juventus will want to keep him etc, so cashing him away would take more than £50m. Be realistic and realise that the signings this summer we’ll most likely end up with are good players but NOT world class.


Vidal is a decent player, but is he world class? I don’t believe so.

Do we need him, when we passed on Cesc who plays the same position. I think not.

Hopefully these secret signings will be announced July 1st.


History leads me to conclude that signing any ‘world class’ players is dependant on the outcome of the playoff game for the chumpions league.


Your post is a load of nonsensical bollocks, but I gave you a thumbs up because I like your use of ï and é in Loic Remy’s name. Nïce oné.


Cuadrado and Sanchez would tear the premier league apart


We should sign Chris samba and Gary Cahill.

Gunner From Another Mother

Nice one, made me giggle. What an annoying summer that was. Was that the summer of the CDM as well? With M’Villa seemingly completing a medical for us nearly every week?


It was fun to see Poldi, BFG, and Ozil together on the field on Thursday. It felt like it had been a lot longer than just a little over a month. I just hope it’s not one of those minor injuries that seem to inevitably stretch out to Boxing Day. He’s great for an occasional start and/or change of pace off the bench. Get well soon Poldi, hope to see you in the quarters and beyond!


Sanchez is pure World Class. Perfect for Arsenal


Only problem is he seems to prefer RW as do Walcott & Ozil, hopefully one of them could convert to LW

Cesc Bane

get well soon poldi

winterburn 87

Don’t think we’ll sign any players before the puma shirt officially release, wouldn’t mind Martinez, Remy n Aurier for starters, then try to get a world class dm n keeper.

Springbank 1965

On their world cup showings alone …

If there’s one player that’s been an overblown disappointment it’s Jackson Martinez. If there’s a second … it’s Remy (who can’t even get a fucking start).

If these two plus Aurier are topping your wish list then thank-the-fuck you’re not managing the club.


Jackson Martinez has scored twice so far this World Cup in two starts. You’re obviously fucking retarded if you genuinely thought Remy would start over Benzema, even Giroud can hardly get a game and he’s France’s second choice.

Springbank 1965

And yet Jackson Martinez still remains unimpressive.

As for Remy, by your own comments you put him behind Giroud. Aren’t we seeking a striker better than Giroud? Or are you happy with his understudy.

And yes, I’m “fucking retarded” which is why neither Remy nor Martinez is good enough for Arsenal, but obviously good enough for you. Nice analysis.

El fabuloso

Unrelated but did anybody else see that nasty Aranguiz penalty? ROCKET…

The Panther

Cesar did not even move an inch! Best I have seen ever

New guy

Absolutely right. Next time somebody tells you penalties are a lottery, direct them to this one on youtube.


Not much of a run up either. He just pulled his leg back and gave it some welly!

Mills (the other one)

On completely unrelated (but hysterical) news, it seems the joking between Ian wright and lee Dixon went to new highta with a holding of hands, yet continuing without pissing themselves laughing during the half time analysis last night

Tony Hall

I am unimpressed by Martinez at the moment. He hasn’t exactly set the world on fire this world cup like Sanchez, Benzema or Rodriguez

El Fabuloso

He took that penalty like he was saying “fuck this shit, I’m blasting it in.
Let Charles Aranguiz’s penalty for Chile be a lesson to all the dancing, prancing penalty takers. Laces straight through it. Superb.


Watching Dirk Kuyt be incredibly average in this match. He still has it.

How about Sanchez! He played terrifically against Brazil. Though he seemed a bit leggy in extra time.

I’ll see myself out, thanks.

Tony Hall

I see the bald twat Robben up to his old tricks. He can’t just fall down can he, has to throw himself to the ground like a dying swan. Wanted Mexico to win as well!

Black Hei

Robben and RVP. What a pair. Right up there with best pals John Terry and Ashley Cole.


speaking as an Algerian Gooner, I’m glad to hear Poldi is out of the game, COYG!

Tony Hall

Some great goalkeeping talent in the world cup. No excuses for not signing a keeper this summer

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